tagLoving WivesRob and Gail Ch. 03

Rob and Gail Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

Four days before we moved into the house Gail asked me if I would mind if she had a girl's night out after work with Cindy, Bea and the twins. It didn't surprise me because I knew it was coming after listening to the bathroom conversations and I'd heard Cindy bring it up on yesterday's output from the phone tap. Gail said that she would think about it and let Cindy know after running it by me.

I gambled on Cindy not rushing into her plans and taking the time to set things up so I told Gail I was okay with her having a night out with the girls.

"The girls Gail; not the girls and the boys."

She gave me a funny look, but didn't say anything.

The next night was her GNO and she was home by eight and I breathed a little easier knowing that there hadn't been enough time between Gail's five-thirty quitting time at work and the time she got home for anything to have happened.

The next three days were spent moving into the new house and by Tuesday evening we were in the home. Gail was all for having her housewarming party on the coming weekend, but I thought we should wait until after closing and the house was actually ours. She pouted and so I gave in. In a way it was a good thing because if we had waited until after closing it would be at least thirty days during which Cindy might get around to doing something.

I didn't know if my phone tap and recorders would give me anything, but I had to hope. I hit Radio Shack and got five more recorders and by the time the guests started arriving for the party I had the living room, kitchen, all three bathrooms and bedrooms, the finished basement, the garage and the hot tub covered with recorders.

It was a fun party and I had a good time even though I did have to spend some of it keeping an eye on Cindy and her herd which consisted of the usual group of four and their men friends and it wasn't all that hard since the gas grill I was manning was positioned so everything was in front of me.

I saw Norm get Gail off to the side three times. The first time he talked to her for several minutes and I saw her shake her head no before walking away from him. Half an hour later he got her off to the side again and talked for several minutes before leaning forward and saying something in her ear. She pushed him away and walked away from him. The third time after a couple of minutes talking she slapped his face hard and walked away. I of course acted like I'd not seen a thing.

When the invitations had gone out the invitees were told to bring swimming suits in case they wanted to try out the hot tub. Several times during the party I saw Cindy and various of her cohorts in the tub soaking and toward the end of the party I saw Gail, Cindy and Mary soaking and talking. I didn't know if I would get anything from the rest of the recorders, but I was betting that I'd get a ton of stuff off the one hidden by the hot tub. Hopefully some of it would be useful to me.

The party started breaking up around ten and by eleven all the guests were gone. Gail said to leave the cleanup for the next day and she drug me off to bed and worked me until I passed out from exhaustion. She let me sleep in until nine the next morning and then woke me up with a blow job that led to a session of doggie followed by a shower. We had a simple breakfast of cereal and toast and then got to work cleaning up the mess.

Around one Gail went over to her parent's house and that gave me a chance to gather up all the recorders. There was nothing of interest on the living room or bedroom recorders (there was some on the master bedroom recorder, but it was just me and Gail going at it).

The garage had an interesting segment. It recorded Norm fucking Mary on the hood of one of the vehicles. I couldn't tell from the recorder if it was my truck or Gail's car.

There was some on the kitchen recorder. The kitchen overlooked the patio the same as the kitchen window in the condo had and the recorder picked up Norm, Ted and Jake talking. They were watching Gail circulate among the guests and Norm was saying:

"I'm gonna fuck her and make her beg me to keep fucking her."

"Let me know when it happens" Jake said. "I want more of that tight ass myself."

"I don't know guys" Ted said. "I think if she was going to cut loose she would have done it by now. She could never go three or four days without being three-holed before she married Rob and it's been what, five or six weeks now?"

Someone came into the kitchen and the three apparently dispersed.

I was surprised that I didn't get anything on the bathroom recorders, but the hot tub recorder made up for it. The first was Cindy, Mary and Martha.

"You still planning on setting Gail up on one of our nights out" Mary asked.

"I don't know yet. I'm still trying to make up my mind on whether to set Gail up, set Rob up or do them both. I'm leaning toward both. Rob is so gaga over Gail that he might just forgive her. I don't think Gail would forgive him if she caught him. If I do them both and she goes off on him hard enough it might make him pull back from her."

The talking stopped when a couple more people got in the tub.

The next piece of interest was Cindy talking to Norm.

"I saw Gail slap you. What was that all about?"

"I tried to get her to go into the house with me and give me a blow job or let me fuck her from behind while she leaned forward on the kitchen table and watched doofus flip burgers."

"I told you to stay away from her. I don't need you making her leery of being around us. We will get her back in the group, but it will take a little time to set it up. Have you found anybody you can get date rape drugs from yet?"

"No, but I found a guy who can get us knockout drops. When are we going to do it?"

"We can't do anything until we come up with some sort of date rape drug."

"I've got some feelers out. Once I get the stuff what is the plan?"

"Give Gail the drug and once she gets going take pictures and see to it that they get to Rob."

"What about him?"

"Give him the knock out drops and while he is out pose him in some pictures so that it looks like he is having a good time and then see to it that Gail finds the pictures."

"Made up your mind yet as to whether it will be with a male or female?"

"Why? You want to do him in the ass? Or maybe stick your dick in his mouth?"

"It would be a kick to fuck both Gail and her hubby."

"You stop to think how she might take it seeing you doing her beloved? You might never get a taste of her again."

The conversation ended as someone got into the tub with them.

Next up it was Bea, Mary and Martha.

"You think Cindy's plan will work" Martha asked.

"Should" Mary answered. "I don't know about the Rob part though. I think she is going a little overboard on the guy thing. I think it would work better if Gail saw pictures of him with another girl."

"Who could we get to do it?"

"I'd do it" Mary said. "I'd like to see what he's got that has Gail so sold on him."

Martha said, "Get real Sis. If she saw you with him she wouldn't have any more to do with you. The object here is to get her back into the group; not split it up farther."

"I'd tell her that I did it for her. Tell her I had to show her what a cheating asshole he was before she got too deep into her marriage to him."

"Think she would buy it?"

"Of course she would. We have been friends forever and she would know I wouldn't lie to her."

Just then Cindy and Gail joined them in the tub. Cindy asked, "How about Tuesday night for our next girl's night out? That okay with you guys?"

"Count me in" Bea said.

"Me too" Mary said.

"Why not. Works for me" Martha said.

"How about you girlfriend" Cindy asked Gail.

"Tuesday should be good for me, but I'll tell you again what I told you the last time. It is a girl's night out only. If I show up and find any of the guys there I'll turn around and leave and if any of them show up I'll get up and leave."

"You're no fun."

"I told all of you that when I got married there would be no more Gail the Wild Child. I meant it. I will not do anything that will get between me and my honey."

"What the hell does he have that makes him so special" Mary asked.

"It isn't so much what he's got, but what I have."

"What's that?"

"Love girlfriend. Deep abiding love."

The conversation ended there as Gail's mom and dad joined them in the tub.

It gave me a lot to think about. I had originally believed that all of what Cindy was saying was just talk, but I was beginning to take what she was saying seriously. The question of course was "What the fuck are you going to do about it Rob?"

With what I knew about Gail there was no doubt in my mind that if they got her going again she would keep on going. It would be a case of her thinking, "Oh well; I tried, but the horse is out of the barn now. I don't dare let Rob see the pictures. I hid it from him before we got married and I can hide it from him now." Not showing much faith in my bride I suppose, but knowing what I knew about what she did before we were married what else was I to think?

Granted that she was up front with me about her 'needs' but even though she was up front she still shaded the truth and intentionally misled me with the "No one you know" and "Never around anyone who knows us both" bullshit. I was willing to pay the price I needed to pay to get her, but was I willing to pay the same price to keep her? I knew the answer to that in a flash.

Hell no!!

She said "I do" to the "Forsaking all others" part of the wedding ceremony I was damned well going to hold her to it. The question facing me was "Do I go proactive or do I wait and see?" I made the decision that proactive was the way I was going to go.

It took me a day to get things together and Wednesday after dinner I told Gail that we needed to talk.

"About what?"

"Several things, but mainly about your friendship with Cindy, Bea, Mary and Martha."

"Is this about the way Cindy behaves toward you?"

"In a way I guess that is part of it. Her dislike of me probably has a lot to do with it. It is going to take me some time to get it all out and I would appreciate your not interrupting me until I'm done."

I told her what I'd overheard while sitting under the bathroom window and how that had made me put recorders around the condo.

"You might recall the mood I was in when I came in from hearing what I heard and found you dancing with Norm's hand on your ass. First off I'm not pleased with the way you misled me or outright lied to me about not doing anything with anyone I knew or not doing it around anyone who knew us both. The bottom line is that your friends are not mine and your friends have an agenda that if successful will ruin your marriage.

"I am not going to tell you what your friends are saying and then go through the "They wouldn't say that" or the "You must have misunderstood them" bull crap. I have put it all on this recorder and you can listen to it at your leisure."

I put the recorder down on the table in front of her and said, "The first part is what was recorded at the condo and the second part is what was recorded at our barbecue. I want you to listen to the recorder and hear in their own words what your friends have planned for us. I'm going to run down to the bar and have a beer or two while you listen. When I get back we can discuss it."

I got up and left her sitting at the kitchen table staring down at the recorder in front of her.


Harry Short and Dick Moore were at the bar when I got there and I drank beer and shot pool with them for a couple of hours and then I headed back home. Gail wasn't there so I went up to bed and sacked out.

I didn't hear Gail when she came in, but I woke up in the morning with her snuggled up next to me. She must have been awake because when I stirred her hand found my cock and she started fondling it. As usual when she paid attention to my dick it got hard and when it got hard she just had to make it go soft again. She accomplished that and I got up to shower only to have her follow me in which led to more hardening and softening.

It was a work day so we didn't take it back to the bed. As it was we didn't get to the gym until almost six-fifteen. The subject of Cindy and the other three wasn't brought up and I was going to let Gail be the one to start that conversation. She did it when we into the hot tub after our workout.

"I listened to the recorder and at first I didn't believe that it was anything but talk. Cindy was upset over me taking myself out of the group so I thought it was just sour grapes on her part. In my mind I was all set to dismiss what I'd heard until it got to the part recorded here at the house. I played it twice before I accepted that Cindy might really be planning on doing something.

"I got the feeling listening to Bea's part that she really wasn't on board with the plan and was looking for some way to let me know what was going on so I took the recorder and went over to see her. She apologized for not coming forward, but she was torn between her feelings for the other girls and me. She felt she would lose me as a friend if she said nothing and would lose the others if she warned me.

"She confirmed that it was all true and that Cindy had already set a time for it to happen. She expects us to have more barbecues now that we are in the house and her plan is to make her move at the next one. She is going with the two part plan. Knock out drops for you and date rape drugs for me. She expects that once she gets me started that I will go back to what she believes is my true persona which she believes is sex crazed cock loving slut.

"I swore Bea to secrecy about my visit with her and told her that none of the group would ever hear from me what we had talked about. I'm not all that happy with Cindy and I plan on doing something that will let her know it. Can I count on you to help?"

"Knowing what she had planned for me? You bet your sweet little perfect ass I'll help. What do you have in mind?"

"Do to them what they were going to do to us."

"How is that getting back at Cindy? She would love it just like she thinks you would."

"Cindy is a bigot. She calls Afro-Americans mud people and worse. Just imagine her seeing a video of herself with a couple of black guys. As for manly man Norm just think of what a few pictures floating around of him with a guy buried in his butt and a cock in his mouth would do to him."

"I don't give a rat's ass in Norm's case, but could you really do that to your best friend forever?"

"She lost her best friend status when I married you. You are my best everything now. She dropped to second place on the list when I got you, but even so I have to ask myself just how good of a friend she really is if she was going to do to me what she had planned."

"How do you see it happening?"

"We will invite Cindy and Norm over for dinner some evening and do it then. Your part will be to find the guys who will do the deed. You have black friends and gay friends and I'm hoping that you know some of them well enough to ask them for a teensy-tiny favor. Tell them that their faces won't show in any of the pictures. I'll handle getting the date rape drug and knock out drops."

"You sure you want to do this?"

"My so-called best friend wanting to fuck up the best thing that ever happened to me? Damned straight I want to do it."


And so on the first Saturday in May Cindy and Norm showed up for the dinner we had invited them to. They were surprised to find out that they weren't the only ones invited. There was Jason Mars along with Jefferson English and also in attendance were Gary Morris and Jerome Appleton. It was interesting to watch Cindy when she was introduced to Jason and Jeff since they were both black, but she hid her racist tendencies well. Cindy and Norm no doubt noted how 'touchy-feely' Gary and Jerome were which was not surprising since they were an openly gay couple.

The evening went surprisingly well and around nine-thirty Gary and Jerome said they needed to get going since they had an early tee time the next morning. Jason was the next to go and shortly thereafter Jeff also left. Gail asked Cindy and Norm to hang around for a little longer and I poured a generous amount of Baileys Irish Cream in four glasses and we went into the living room and settled into the couch and easy chairs.

Gail proposed a toast to "Good friends" and then said, "I have something I need you to hear."

She placed a recorder on the coffee table and hit 'play' and Cindy and Norm got to listen to the same recordings that Gail had listened to the night I had confronted her about her friendship with Cindy and the others. Cindy and Norm sat there and squirmed as they looked everywhere but at Gail or me. When the recorder went silent except for a low hiss Gail said:

"I have one more recording for you to listen to" and she put a second recorder on the table and hit play. We had taken a second recorder and had reenacted our conversation where Gail had outlined her plan for them. As they listened their eyes got big as it dawned on them what the other four males in attendance could have done to them had we followed through on Gail's plan.

When the recording ended Gail said, "You can thank soft-hearted Rob for us not putting the plan into actual play. He seemed to think that regardless of what you were going to do a sixteen year old friendship was worth trying to hold onto. All I can say to that is that we will see.

"For now I think we should call it a night."

I nursed my Baileys while Gail walked them out.


Two days later on Monday Gail met with Bea, Mary and Martha and played both recordings for them. Bea had already heard the first one, but had to sit through it again because Gail didn't want the others to know she had talked with Bea.

Gail didn't tell me the outcome of that meeting and I didn't ask, but the following Tuesday Gail did go out for a night with her four friends. Before that night out I got a surprise visit. I'd just gotten back from lunch when my secretary told me that there was a Cindy Martin there wishing to speak with me. I told her to send Cindy in.

I rose to meet her and offered her a seat and then sat back down.

"Surprised" she asked.

"That's putting it mildly."

"I don't know if it is even possible, but I am here to try and mend fences. What you did was a wake up call for me."

"What I did for you?"

"Not letting Gail's plan happen."

"And it woke you up how?"

"I wasn't thinking of Gail when I was doing my plotting. I was only thinking of me. I didn't give a thought to Gail's happiness. I was only thinking of mine. Our little group has been together for over sixteen years and you were doing something that no one else had ever done. You were splitting us up. No guy had ever done that before. Guys came and went but none of them ever threatened the group until you came along. It was driving me crazy. I couldn't let the group - my extended family - break up.

"You had to be stopped. I knew that once I got you out of the way Gail would be back with us. Again, I was thinking of what I wanted and not thinking about anyone else. I know Gail cares for me. I know she would take a bullet for me if it came to that just as I would for her. We were that tight. That she would do what she planned told me just how serious she was where you were concerned. I'm not sure that our friendship would have survived that and that friendship is precious to me.

"You had every reason to want to hurt me and yet you would not let her do it so I owe you big time and my paying the debt off starts with me crawling to you, telling you that I'm sorry for what I've done and begging you for forgiveness."

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