tagLoving WivesRob and Gwen

Rob and Gwen

byJust Plain Bob©

As was my habit I stopped in at the "B" for my breakfast on my way home from my shift at the airport. It had been a hard night for me. I had to do a double brake change on a Boeing 727 and those suckers are heavy. I had to do them without the assistance of the dolly that we usually use because it was broken – both of them! Luckily I was in good shape thanks to daily visits to the gym and a three to five mile run every night so I was able to horse them into place without two much strain.

The tires and wheels weren't all that light either. Normally I would have had help, but because of one man being on vacation, two calling in sick and no one on swing shift accepting the overtime we were very short handed. As it was I had to work overtime in the morning to get the last of the overnight service checks out on time.

I was a little 'pooped' when I sat down in my favorite booth at the B&B Café. Mary brought me my coffee and I flirted with her as she took my order. I ordered the special for the day – two eggs, corned beef hash, hash browns and toast. As I ate I noticed a couple with two kids at a table near the front of the room. I noticed them because the man was being quite loud and was waving his arms and hands around as if he were trying to drive home some point or other. Then he got up from the table and stormed out of the place.

Gwen, who was the hostess that day, came by twice and refilled my coffee cup and I flirted with her even though she was five months pregnant. I told her she should run away with me and that she looked sexier pregnant than a lot of women that I knew who weren't and that got me a smile. The poor kid needed cheering up. The asshole who got her pregnant was in the wind as soon as she let him know he was about to be a daddy. I wasn't lying. She was sexy looking and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't take her up on it if she were to say:

"You think I'm sexy? Prove it. I get off at three."

In fact that were seven girls who worked the various shifts at the "B" and I flirted with and wouldn't say no to any of them.

I was at the register paying my tab when Mary came up to Shirley, who was the manager and who was in the process of taking my money, and said:

"We have a problem. The party at table seven can't pay their bill. The woman says that her boyfriend got up, took off and she doesn't have any money."

"She can go to the bank on the corner and use their ATM."

"I told her that and she said that she doesn't have a card that she can use."

"We can take her check."

"She doesn't have any. Everything is in her purse which is in the car that the boyfriend took off in."

"Then I guess we have to call the police."

As Shirley was handing me my change I asked if the woman they were talking about was the woman with the two kids sitting toward the front and Mary said she was the one. I told Shirley that I would take care of it and I handed her the money.

I was outside on the sidewalk heading for my truck when the woman from table seven came running up to me.

"Thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done without your help."

"You're welcome."

"Can I ask why you did it?"

"I've been in trouble a couple of times and someone stepped up to help. Call it karma. Paying back as it were."

"You've been so nice that I almost hate to ask, but could I get a dollar from you so I can get some quarters for the pay phone so I can call my dad?"

I took my cell phone out of the belt holster and handed it to her and she made her call.

"Hi daddy."

"Not so good. I should have listened to you. You were right all along."

"He took off and left me and the kids."

She explained what had happened and then said, "A small town in Colorado."

"No. Everything we had was in the car and I've no idea where he went."

"No. My purse was in the car. I don't know what to do daddy."

"I don't know. I'll ask."

She looked at me and asked, "Where is the nearest bank?"

I pointed and said, "Next corner. The Castle Rock Bank."

She relayed the information and then said, "But how will I pick it up? I don't have any ID; it is all in my purse."

"I got lucky. A nice man helped me."

"Yes. I'm using his cell phone to make this call."

There was a pause and then she handed my phone back to me saying, "He wants to speak to you."


"To whom am I speaking?"

"Rob Dalton."

"Thank you for helping my daughter Mr. Dalton. Can I possibly ask you for a little more of your time?"

"I suppose."

"I'm going to wire Melissa some money until I can get there to pick her up. She has no identification so she might have trouble getting it from the bank. Could I wire it to you and then you give it to her?"

"I guess we could do that. I'll take her down to the bank and she can call you from there and you can set things up with the bank."

"That should work. Is there a motel close by? She will need a place to stay until I can get there. I'm coming from Liberal, Kansas so it will be a while. I can't leave right away and it might be tomorrow before I can get there."

"Not a problem. She can stay at my place. It's just me in a four bedroom house so I have plenty of room. Tell you what. Just skip wiring money. She won't need any until you get here anyway."

"Too bad Melissa didn't meet you before she hooked up with that asshole Ben. She could stand having a nice guy in her life."

I gave him directions on how to get to my place from I-70 and told him we would see him tomorrow.

I disconnected and then had a thought. "All of your things are in your boyfriend's car?"

"It isn't his car' it is my car."

"You any idea where he might be?"

"No. We were on our way to Santa Fe. He has a job there."

"Then we have one more thing to do. We have to report a stolen car. Go get your children. The police station is three blocks from here."

"I don't think he stole it."

"Of course he did. He went off and left you here. He took your purse, your car and all your things. If he is still here in town just sitting and cooling down after the argument you had in the restaurant maybe it can be said that he didn't steal it, but if he is outside the city limits when they find him he has stolen your car."

She went back into the restaurant and got her kids. She introduced me to them as she loaded them into my extended cab pick up. Billy was ten and Mary Lou was eight and other than saying hello when we introduced they were quiet kids.

I drove to the police station on Second and Perry and we went inside. Jack Mansell was behind the desk and I introduced him to Melissa and explained her problem. Melissa gave him her information on the car and trailer it was towing and Jack picked up the phone and made a call and a minute or so later John Coleman, who was a detective, came out, said hi to me and took Melissa back to his office to fill out the report. While that was going on Jack called dispatch and gave them the information along with the information that the suspect and vehicle were likely on I-25 and heading for New Mexico. When Melissa came back from John's office she told me that she had given them my phone number as a contact number and asked if that was all right and I assured her that it was.

I drove Melissa and her kids over to my house and on the way she asked me what my wife was going to say when I showed up with a strange woman and two kids.

"Don't have one of those things."

"Not married and you live in a four bedroom house?"

"Used to be married, but the house was given to me by my parents before I married her so she couldn't touch it in the divorce."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to bring up bad memories."

"I'm over it. Been over it for almost six months now."

It was true; I was over it, but every once in a while I wished I'd been a little less civilized when I caught Amy screwing a guy she worked with. All I did was take some cell phone pictures and walk away from them. I have always regretted that I didn't beat the snot out of the asshole and then physically drag Amy to the front door, toss her outside naked and then lock the doors on her. But I didn't do any of those things so it was water under the bridge.

When we got to the house I showed Melissa where every thing was and told her to make herself at home. I told her I worked mid-nights and slept during the day so she was going to be on her own for a while. I told her to wake me up if anything on her car came up and then I went into my bedroom, set the clock for four and went to bed.


I woke up from what I thought was a wet dream only to find out that it was Melissa sucking my cock. She saw that I was awake and took her mouth off of me long enough to say:

"It is the only way I have of thanking you for what you have done for me and the kids."

She went back to sucking on me and I laid back and enjoyed it. It was going to take her a while. The night before I'd spent two hours with Dawn Marie, a girl I'd gone to school with, and Dawn had given me my weekly allotment of sexual satisfaction. Dawn had lost her husband in Iraq and with three kids to take care of she had gone into the world's oldest profession and I had a standing weekly appointment with her.

Melissa was damned good at what she was doing and I wondered if I could keep her around for a while. When the time came I told Melissa so she could finish me by hand, but she ignored me and kept on going until I came in her mouth and then she surprised me by swallowing it all. No woman had ever done that for me before. When I started to go soft she surprised me again. She had come prepared. She had a wet wash cloth and she cleaned my cock and then dried it with a towel.

"I'm not a slut Mr. Dalton, but I needed some way to thank you for what you've done and I suspect that offering you money would be insulting to you. You told me to wake you up if the police called. They stopped Mark on the Interstate just north of Colorado Springs. They told me that I could pick up my car at the gas station located at I-25 and Woodman Road."

I felt that I would have made an awkward situation even more awkward if I would have tried to tell her that she didn't have to thank me in that way so I kept my mouth shut as I sat up and then swung out of bed.

"Give me a couple of minutes to shower and dress and then we can go pick up your car. You might want to see if you can reach your dad and let him know he doesn't need to come and get you."

When I was dressed and downstairs Melissa told me she had reached her dad on his cell phone and he was only two hours away from home so he was going to turn around and go back. I called the station and found out that Melissa's purse was at the station and I also found out that her boyfriend was being held by the El Paso County Sheriff's Department and would be transported back to Castle Rock the next morning. He claimed he hadn't stolen the car and was just too mad to think straight and he would have turned around and come back in another hour or so.

We drove over to the station and picked up Melissa's purse and then headed for Colorado Springs. As we drove down to pick up her car and trailer Melissa told me a little about herself. She was twenty-nine and a widow. Her husband's reserve unit had been called up and he had been killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. She was a registered nurse and had quit her job when her boyfriend had taken a job in Santa Fe.

She didn't tell me what the argument she had with him was about and I didn't ask. All she said where her boyfriend was concerned was that he could rot in jail for all that she cared.

"You sure that you want that?"

"After the way he walked out on me and the kids? You can bet your butt that I want that."

"It won't be that simple. If you want him to stay in jail you will have to press charges and then stay around until the trial or at least come back for it. Maybe it would be best if you just walked away from it. It would save you a lot of grief and wasted time and if you don't intend to get back together with him it is about the cleanest and easiest break up you could get."

"There is that I suppose."

"Where are you going to go now? Still going to Santa Fe?"

"No. There isn't any thing for me there. I guess I'll head back home and see if I can get my old job back. I don't really want to though. Too many bad memories."

"Well Colorado is a pretty nice place to live and with all of the hospitals and medical centers being built here you shouldn't have any trouble finding work as a nurse."

We got to the gas station and I waited while she went in, showed her ID and got the keys to her car. It was a late model Tahoe and it was hooked to a mid-sized cargo trailer. When she came out we transferred her kids to the Tahoe and I made sure that she knew the way back to my place and then I headed home.

As I drove I thought about the days events and wondered if I should offer to let Melissa stay with me if she should decide to stay in Colorado. I had enjoyed the hell out of the blow job she had given me. I had especially enjoyed the part where she let me cum in her mouth and then swallowed. Amy would never do that. I always had to tell her when I was close and then she would finish me by hand.

Thinking of Amy brought back the bitterness I'd felt when I thought about what she had done to me. When I caught her in bed with the asshole she worked with he was fucking her in her ass which was something she never let me do. I wondered if she had swallowed for him also. Fucking bitch!! And then she had the gall to tell me that she loved me and that Chad was a mistake that she would never make again if only I'd give her another chance. I laughed at her and told her to rot in hell.

She told all our friends and relatives that she hadn't done anything wrong and that I was being unreasonable. After about the tenth person told me that I was over-reacting and that I should 'give the poor girl' another chance I downloaded the pictures from my cell to my computer and then I printed two dozen sets. After handing out those sets to everyone who told me that I should take Amy back I stopped hearing it from people and Amy suddenly left town. A month later I heard she'd been killed when the guy she was living with ran a red light and got hit broadside by a semi. I got the last laugh on that. I hadn't yet started divorce proceedings so I saved some money on that and I had two life insurance policies on her, one through work and one I'd taken out a year after we were married.

When I got home I decided to fix dinner for us and I gambled that Melissa and her kids would be okay with spaghetti with meat sauce and I set about fixing it. When Melissa didn't show up by eight I accepted the fact that she wasn't coming and that I was going to have enough leftovers for several days.


It was a fairly easy night at work with only a couple of service checks to work on. When I made my usual stop at the "B" for breakfast in the morning Gwen, who was waitressing that morning, asked me what had happened the day before.

"You paid that woman's tab, she ran out after you and then she got in your truck with you and you drove off."

I told her the story and then she asked, "Why did you do it?"

"I don't know. I guess it was just a case of KISA syndrome."

"KISA syndrome?"

"Yeah. Knight in Shining Armor syndrome. You know; see a damsel in distress and ride to the rescue."

"I wish I could find me one of those."

"Find one of those?"

"Yeah. I could really use a knight in shining armor."

"Things not good?"

"Not even close. I make barely enough to pay the rent on my apartment and keep gas in my car. It is a good thing that one of my benefits here is free meals or I'd probably starve to death."

"That bad?"

"It wasn't bad when Rory and I shared the rent on the apartment, but when he ran off things got really tight. My parents moved to Florida six months ago so they can't help. I've got applications in all over the place to try and find a decent job, but no one wants to hire a pregnant broad because they know I'll be leaving to have the baby in four months or so."

I looked at her and the thought came to me that if I could help some one I didn't even know I could certainly help someone that I knew and liked. The problem was that I wasn't sure I could keep my hands off of the sexy little thing, but I could at least try.

"You have a lease on your apartment" I asked.

"No. It is month to month. Why?"

"It makes things easier if you don't have a lease to get out of."

"Makes what easier?"

"Moving out?"

"Moving out? What am I missing here?"

"You said you could use a knight in shining armor so here I am. I'm living in a four bedroom house so I have plenty of room for you. You won't need to pay rent so you should be able to start saving some money."

"What's the catch?"

"There isn't any. Like I said, I have a four bedroom house and I live alone. You will have your own bedroom with a lock on the door to keep me from getting my hands on your sexy body."

She laughed and said, "My sexy body? You need your eyes examined."

"No I don't. I've already told you that even pregnant you are sexier looking that a lot of the women I know who aren't pregnant and I meant every word of that."

I grabbed a napkin out of the napkin holder and wrote my address down on it and handed it to her.

"Think about it. Stop by when you get off work and check out the place. This is a no strings attached offer sweetie. No strings at all."


I finished my breakfast and then headed on home. I set the alarm for three and sacked out. The alarm got me up and I put the coffee on and then started cleaning the house. A four bedroom house doesn't get all that dirty when you live there alone, but dust doesn't take a day off just because there is only one warm body in the house.

I was vacuuming and dusting when the doorbell rang and I answered the door and found Gwen standing there.

"You told me to stop by after work and check the place out so here I am."

I stepped aside and she came in. I took her on a tour of the house and when we got to the bedrooms I said:

"I told you that it was a four bedroom house, but there are actually only three. I've turned one of them into a den and library so you only have a choice of two. If you decide to move in pick the one you want and we will turn the other one into a nursery for your baby."

"You said no strings right?"

"I did, but there are some conditions."

I saw her face cloud over as she thought, "I knew it was too good to be true. The asshole expects me to pay rent by fucking him."

Before she could say a word I said, "I don't think you will find them too onerous. I'll buy the groceries, but I'll expect you to take turns with me when it comes to cooking. I'll expect you to help me keep the place clean. You know, dusting, vacuuming and things like that, but the big one is no boyfriends in the house if I am home. I work grave shift and I'm usually gone from ten-thirty till nine in the morning so if you can get them in and out while I am at work fine, but never when I am here. Can you live with those?"

"No problem. Especially with the last. I don't have a boyfriend and it isn't likely that I'll find one given my condition."

"Nonsense. I'm not the only guy in the world who thinks pregnant women are sexy."

"You are the only one I've run across so far. Besides, any guy that comes after me in the condition I'm in is only after one thing. He damned sure won't be looking for a committed relationship."

"So, do you think you want the room?"

"I'd be an idiot to say no. The money I'll save on rent will let me finally go and see a doctor."

"You haven't seen a doctor about the baby yet?"

"No money. When Rory split things got really tight for me."

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