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Rob Plays it Cool


Rob shouldn't have been near his home that evening, he should have been miles away at the other side of town. He had taken his dress suit with him that morning so he could go straight to the function from the office, but the one thing he had forgotten was his speech. He was giving the address tonight and he had worked long and hard on what he had to say to the members of the local business group of which he was a member.

He had showered and changed at the office and it was then he discovered to his dismay that he had not picked up his speech. He looked at his watch. It would take him fifteen minutes to get home and then about twenty to get from there to the conference centre where the business group was meeting for their annual dinner and get together. He realised he could just make it if he rushed. The traffic should not be a problem now. Rob was feeling a little disappointed, and annoyed that he was going on his own to the dinner, but Margo, his wife, had called off at the last moment. She had said she was not feeling too well.

He made it back to his place in about seven minutes by skipping a couple of red lights, but there was no one around to notice. He was more than a little surprised to discover a flashy looking convertible parked on his drive. He wondered who it belonged to. As he walked towards the house, he also noticed that the lights were off downstairs, but they were on in the master bedroom. It looked out over the garden. He didn't know what it was, but something was troubling him. He let himself into the house with his key and stood listening in the darkened hallway. At first he could not hear a thing, and then he heard a cry from upstairs. He silently made his way up the broad staircase. The bedroom door was slightly open and the lights were on. From his position outside the door he could not see directly into the room, but he could see the mirrored doors of the fitted wardrobes, and it was what he saw in them that stopped him in his tracks.

Margo, his beautiful wife, was kneeling up on the bed clutching on to the headboard. She was completely naked. Kneeling behind her with his thick cock protruding from her pussy was a naked guy who Rob recognised instantly as her tennis coach, Victor. As he thrust into her she moaned, tossing her long red hair back and pushing her body against him. He could see Victor grinning as he caressed her swinging breasts, pulling on her already extended nipples.

Rob stood there transfixed. He glanced at his watch. If he didn't move quickly, he would be late. He needed to be at the meeting, for tonight he was to be nominated as chair of the business group, a position he had oiled a few palms for over the last few months. He could deal with that bitch later, he decided. There were more important things at the moment than a straying wife. Silently he made his way along to his office. He picked up his speech and tucked it into his inside pocked. Then he made his way quietly back downstairs and back out to his car.

He drove quickly to the conference centre thinking about what he had just witnessed. No wonder the bitch did not want to come to the annual dinner, he thought. She had other things to satisfy her hunger rather than food. At the dinner, he almost managed to forget about his problems at home and enjoyed the evening, especially the part where he was nominated as chair of the business group. As the evening wound down, he was not sure what his plans were, how was he going to tackle the problem at home. He hadn't really considered it until now. Was he going to face her with it? The more he thought about it, the more he decided that he wanted her to get her just deserts. He had always treated her well. Maybe their sex life had not been all it should be, but he was building up his business, and that had been his main priority.

She had never been refused anything. She had her own generous allowance, a company car, and only a month ago he had presented her with a company gold credit card, but obviously this materiel wealth did not satisfy her needs. There were other things she needed, things Rob was not supplying her with. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to get even with her for betraying his trust.

Chris Evens, one of the members of the business group committee, suddenly brought him back to reality. He plunked himself down in a chair beside him. "You're not looking all that happy considering you just got the Chairmanship."

Rob smiled. "Sorry, Chris, I have other things on my mind, but I'm very pleased with my position as Chair."

Chris looked around. "I see there was no Margo tonight. Is she not well?"

Rob nodded. "She called off this afternoon, said she had a bad head."

Chris shook his head. "Typical woman, no thought."

Just then three of the other members came up. "Come on you two, we're going down to Molly's to celebrate and finish the night off."

Chris looked across at Rob. "Are you up for it?"

Normally, Rob would not have considered joining them, but he thought, what the fuck, if she can enjoy herself, so can I.

Molly's was a little out of town drinking establishment that offered drinks and other delights to the jaded businessman. The bar was comfortable and friendly, the staff attractive and willing. Upstairs were several comfortable rooms where you could forget your worries in the arms of one of the many attractive young ladies that Molly provided just for that purpose.

The five of them piled into a taxi and twenty minutes later they were walking into the warm welcoming atmosphere of Molly's. Rob had only been there once before, but that time he had not availed himself of the services it provided. Behind the small bar the two attractive young ladies clad only in brief sexy underwear smiled as the group came in. There were only a few other people in the bar. Chris ordered a round of drinks for everyone. Just then Molly herself came in. She was a big woman with wide hips and large ponderous breasts that seemed to be trying to escape from the confines of her extremely low cut dress.

She greeted the new arrivals, hugging them all to her. "Well," she said with a beaming smile, "what can we get for you gentlemen? I have a couple of nice new young ladies in tonight." She pressed a bell on the bar and after a few moments a curtain parted at the side of the bar and two gorgeous young women walked in smiling at the men. Molly introduced them. "This is Anna. She is from Austria." Anna smiled. She was a tall good looking blond dressed, well almost, in a revealing see through wrap loosely tied over an attractive matching bra and panty set. "And this is Georgina," Molly said, turning to a stunning coloured girl. "She is from Jamaica." The dark skinned beauty flashed a beaming smile and stepped forward and displayed her body in a revealing red Basque with long trailing suspenders.

Chris bought the new arrivals a drink and soon they were all chatting amicably. Rob was eyeing the coloured girl. A coloured woman was something he had always fancied, but had never had the opportunity to try. Georgina saw he was interested and latched herself onto him. It was not long before he willingly accepted her suggestion to move to somewhere less public. The rooms upstairs were well situated, not too large, but big enough for the purpose. Georgina poured him a glass of wine from a bottle kept in a cooler and sat on the bed beside him. Soon her hands were doing exciting things to his neck and ears. Rob was turned on but he felt slightly embarrassed by the situation. He had never done anything like this before, but there was always a first time for everything. Georgina must have sensed his nervousness and she took charge of the situation. She took his hand and smiled at him as she placed it on the warm flesh between the top of her stocking and her panties. Then she parted her legs as she slowly eased it down between her velvety thighs.

She reached down and unclipped her suspenders from her stockings. Then she smiled at Rob as she slowly began to unfasten the hooks and eyes that held together the front of her Basque. Slowly, a bit at a time, her firm tight stomach was exposed. Soon all that was holding it together were a couple of hooks beneath her large breasts. She eased the last two hooks open and the Basque parted. Rob could now see the interesting swell of her firm breasts that were still partly covered by the garment that was now only supported by the thin shoulder straps.

She saw the hunger in his eyes as he took in the deep dark valley between her breasts. She slowly eased down the straps and tantalisingly parted the Basque displaying her high firm breasts. Rob licked his lips as he saw the twin peaks of dark flesh topped with almost black nipples. He knew then he wanted her, but he wanted her in a way to make up for the hurt that Margo had caused. He leaned forward and buried his head between the twin mounds. She held him tightly to her body. She could sense his hunger. As the warm musky scent of her body invaded his nostrils, he licked her breasts slowly until he reached the peak, and then he took the nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, flicking it with his tongue. Georgina groaned.

Meanwhile his hands were now exploring her body. Her dark skin was exciting and firm to his touch. He ran his hand down inside her panties and sought out the delights of her pussy. Slipping one finger inside her, he discovered she was already quite wet. Now he wanted her--he wanted her so badly. He pushed her down onto the bed and with one quick movement ripped off her panties, dropping the tattered remains on the floor. Then he quickly stood up and stripped before lowering himself between her open thighs. Georgina wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly to her naked body.

Then suddenly he was inside the warm wet confines of her welcoming vagina as it gripped on to his throbbing rod. Now he let his anger take over. He wanted to hurt this body under him, to punish it as a woman, for the pain Margo had caused. Georgina cried out as he thrust into her, but she took all he had to offer and more, although even she was a little relieved when at last he erupted into her and collapsed on top of her sweating body. She took him in her arms and whispered in his ear, "I think you needed that." She smiled and kissed him tenderly. Now that it was over and the anger had been released, he apologised to her for his roughness. She shook her head. "You have nothing to apologise to me for. I haven't been fucked like that for a long time," she grinned. Then she slipped off the bed and went and poured out two more glasses of wine. She came back and sat beside him on the bed and they drank.

He told her about his problems with Margo. It seemed easy talking to someone who was not involved. "You need to get rid of her," she said. "You are a nice looking guy. You would not have any trouble finding someone who would appreciate you a lot more than she does." He had to agree but now that he was thinking more clearly, he knew what he was going to do. He was going to teach Margo a lesson, a lesson she would not forget.

He paid Georgina her fee plus a large bonus. She thanked him and told him any time he needed a shoulder to lean on she was always available. He kissed her warmly and made his way back to the bar. Chris and another guy called Allen were there, but the others were missing. He got himself a drink and joined them. Chris asked him if everything was okay. "It is now," he said with a grin.

He arrived home late, 2:30 in the morning. Thankfully, Victor's car was gone. Margo was fast asleep in the bed that she had been fucked in earlier. He did not fancy sleeping with her so he made his way to the guest bedroom. He undressed and climbed into bed, and was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow.

He was up early in the morning, showered and made his way down stairs. Luckily, Margo was still in bed. She was not an early riser and he really did not want to speak to her this morning. He made himself some coffee and toast and was soon in the car heading for the office. He had a lot of plans for today. The first thing he did was to ring his bank and put a limit on Margo's credit cards. He could have stopped them altogether, but he had other things to sort out first and he did not want her to find out too soon. All their property was in his name and her car belonged to the company, so that was the financial side of it sorted. Now he needed to deal with her lover.

He rang Grant Wild, the owner of the club where Victor worked. Grant was also a member of the local business group. Rob explained the situation to him. Grant sympathised. He said he knew that Victor put it about among the lady members, and this was not the first time that he had received a complaint about him. He told Rob that only last week he had called him in to his office to have a word with him when it was reported to him by a member that he had been caught sniffing coke in the dressing room. Grant told Rob that he would give him another warning, but the news of the coke had set Rob thinking. He now knew a way of getting rid of him for quite a few years. He told Grant not to say anything to the tennis coach. He could deal with the situation himself.

He contacted a friend who he knew had underworld connections. He told him to get hold of half a kilo of high quality coke. When he had it, he was to ring him and let him know. Three hours later the call came back. The cost was high but Rob knew he could easily recoup it. He instructed his friend to go to the tennis club and to place the coke in Victor's car. He was to conceal it, but to make sure it was not too difficult to find.

That evening, Victor was on his way to a liaison with one of the ladies from the tennis club. He was a little annoyed that Grant had spoken to him earlier about his conduct, but he knew it would not make a lot of difference to him. The ladies at the club loved him. And if he had to carry on away from the club, then so be it. He was surprised when he saw the police patrol car behind him, but he checked his speed. He had nothing to worry about. Then the lights flashed and he pulled over. He watched as two policemen got out of the car, one of them holding a dog on a long lead. It didn't take them long with the help of the sniffer dog to discover the coke, half a kilo hidden in the door of his car and a small sachet in his tennis bag. A small amount for personal use was dealt with by a warning, but half a kilo with street value of thousands was worth at least six years inside for dealing. Rob was satisfied with his work for the day. He had sorted everything out. Now he only had to deal with Margo and with everything in place, that was going to be fun.

It took Margo about a week before she discovered the problem with her cards. It had not been a good week for her. Victor had been arrested for drug dealing and had been refused bail. Now, suddenly, there was a problem with her credit cards. She rang Rob on her mobile to see if there was a problem. He said he didn't know of one and that he would sort things out when he got home. She was visibly shaken when he told her that he knew about her affair with Victor, and he told her that he had stopped her credit cards. "You can't do that," she screamed at him.

He grinned at her rage. "I can do anything I want. As far as I am concerned, you have violated the terms of our prenuptial agreement and I can divorce you without a penny."

She was visibly shaken by this news. "But you wouldn't, would you? You can't throw me out and leave me penniless," she said tearfully.

Rob looked at her scornfully. "You made a fool out of me. I bet you and Victor were laughing at me. I provided the money and you spent it on that creep. Well, he won't be fucking anyone else's wife for a few years, I can guarantee you that." Rob laughed.

Margo suddenly realised that it must have been her husband who had set Victor up with the drug charge. She realised than that there was nothing she could do but throw herself on his mercy, or she could see herself out on the street with nothing. "I'm sorry, Rob," she whined. "I will never do anything like that again." Too fucking right, you won't, Rob thought to himself. "Just tell me what I have to do," she said, with tears now streaming down her face. "I will do anything you ask. Just don't throw me out. I am your wife."

"You will do anything I ask?" Rob said thoughtfully.

Margo nodded. "Anything."

He eased himself up from the chair he was sitting in and pulled down the zip of his pants. He reached inside and withdrew a semi hard prick. He looked at Margo. "Okay then," he said, "let's see if you mean what you say. Come over here and suck my cock." Margo stared at him, a shocked look on her face. Rob waited. He knew from long experience that cock sucking was something Margo hated. He had managed to talk her into it a couple of times during their marriage but it was never successful. She got up and slowly walked over to him and dropped down on her knees. Rob felt pleased with himself when he felt her take his cock in her hands.

"I'm waiting," he said. Then he felt her lips touch the end of his prick. Her mouth opened and he pushed himself inside. He felt her choke momentarily, so he eased himself out slightly. "Alright now, suck me off. I want to cum in your mouth, and I want you to swallow every last drop." She looked up at him pleadingly as she began to suck on him. As her lips rubbed over his cock, she felt it become even more erect, and soon, much to her dismay, he was thrusting into her face as he held tightly onto her long red hair. Then suddenly his cock seemed to swell, filling her mouth, and she realised he was about to cum. She had never experienced this before and the thought disgusted her. She tried to get him out of her mouth but he hung on to her. She was almost sick when his juices flooded into her. He held her tightly and kept his cock in her mouth. She had no option but to swallow.

He pushed her away. She sat on the floor, his cum still running down her chin. She wiped her hand across her mouth. "You didn't do a bad job," he said with a smile. "Maybe with a little more practice..." She looked at him standing over her. She could see from his expression he wasn't kidding. Rob adjusted his clothes. Yes, he thought, things were working out rather well. He could see he was going to have some fun with Margo before he got shut of her, but then again, if she proved her worth, maybe he would have other plans.

He told Margo that she now had two options. She could pack her bags and leave or she could stay. If she stayed, she could still have the run of the house, and she would get an allowance, not as good as she was getting at the moment, but sufficient for her needs. For this she would have to agree to do whatever Rob required of her without question. But if she refused any of his requests, she would be out on the street without a penny. He left her to think about it and walked into his den to pour himself a large drink.

Margo slowly got up from the floor. Her world was in tatters. She could still taste the cum in her mouth. She heaved, then she made her way into the kitchen and washed her mouth out with water. What was she to do? She knew if she walked out she would finish up with nothing. She knew Rob would see to that, and if she stayed, what could she expect? More like tonight and maybe even worse, but was it as bad as being out on the street with nothing?

She decided that staying was the best of the two bad options. Maybe Rob would come around. He wasn't a bad guy, and maybe if she went along with him, did as he asked, kept her nose clean, he might relent. She heard Rob come into the kitchen. She turned to face him. "Have you decided?" he asked.

She nodded. "I'm sorry for what's happened. I know it's no excuse, but if you want me, I'll stop."

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