tagGay MaleRobert & Patrick

Robert & Patrick

byJoseki Ko©

I'd been working a lot of hours recently and had quit my job as chief bouncer at the Party Time bar several days ago. I'd had an offer from one of my buddies to stay at his cabin for a few months. George knew I wanted to be alone to do some writing and I knew he was having a problem with hunters. All in all we were able to help each other. I got a free place to stay and he got security at his cabin.

I didn't think it was much of a cabin when he told me about it. From his description I'd figured it was a rundown two room log house, with lots of chinks in the walls that let air in. I was a little amazed to find this huge house at the end of a gravel driveway. I was pretty sure I was lost but I tried my key in the lock any way and it worked. This was the place. It was a two bedroom, two bathroom house. I admit it was a log home. But it was way to nice to be called a cabin. It had a huge porch with a verandah running around the outside of the house. For all it could have been any New England farm house you might care to imagine.

I unpacked my suburban and set about doing a little house keeping before I moved in. I dusted, washed the floors and cleaned the bathrooms. All in all a good days work. I set up my computer at the desk in the living room and got it connected to the net. Can't write without that.

I'd just gotten a fresh cup of coffee, and was heading for the computer when I heard a noise on the porch. Now I've been a bouncer for several years. I'd learned all sorts of things doing that job and one of them was being able to distinguish the sounds of someone sneaking up on you. The wood on the porch creaked just enough that I was able to place exactly where my intruder was. I know George has had problems with hunters and I was guessing my intruder was one.

I set my coffee on the floor right where I was and headed for the window I'd left open. If you slide silently on the balls of your feet you don't make any noise at all, and you can feel where loose objects or floorboards are. It allows you to almost flow across a room. I crouched by the window and waited. Sure enough he made his way to the edge of the window and I could almost feel him gathering himself to look in. It was a real surprise when his voice wafted through the window.

"Sir, I'm sorry to have disturbed you, I mean no harm. I look out after the place as best I can for George and he told me to expect you Robert." The voice said.

"Would you mind showing me your hands?" I replied. I was really surprised that I was having a conversation here. And he sounded so normal about it. Almost as if he was asking the time of day.

"Yes sir." The voice replied.

And two hands extended through the window palm's up. I decided this guy was probably ok and asked him to step around to the front door. I walked over to the front door and opening it stepped outside to await my visitor. When he turned the corner I was somewhat surprised again. He couldn't be more than a teenager. He stood about five feet ten inches tall and weighed about 190 pounds. Kind of lanky with blonde hair strung in a ponytail. Very young and athletic looking.

He introduced himself as Patrick and shaking my hand told me he was glad to meet me. I replied I was happy to be here and how did he know George. It turns out George and Patrick's father were friends, and Patrick lived next door. Though that was some 800 yards away. I inquired after Patrick's parents and found they were vacationing in Europe and he was all by himself for the whole summer. Which was when the conversation took a left turn.

"I've read most of your stuff and I find it quite enjoyable." Patrick said with a shy look at his feet.

Another surprise, this night was full of them. I only write to different types of things. World War one aviation articles and gay male stuff for Literotica. Now the odds are this kid didn't read WWI stuff. So I was pretty sure what he was reading but I thought I'd make sure.

"So what was your favorite part?" I inquired.

"Oh I just love your Leatherman series." Patrick replied earnestly.

I nodded to myself, suspicions confirmed.

"So if you know me, you know I'm a little jumpy. Why were sneaking around outside?" I gave him my best bouncer look when I asked this.

"Umm..." Patrick stammered.

"That's not much of a response kid. Do you want me to guess." I said crossing my arms.

He looked so much like a little lost puppy. He couldn't bring himself to say anything but he kind of looked wistfully at me and nodded. I figures I could spell it all out for him but it would be more fun for both of us if I just did it.

"Let me see your drivers licensee." I made that more of an order than a request.

He pulled out his licensee and gave it to me. I looked it over and got what I hoped was my last shock of the night. My boy here was twenty three not eighteen like I figured.

"Strip." I commanded.

Patrick's clothing hit the ground in record time. I knew what I'd see this time and I was right his penis was already standing at attention. I reached out and grabbed that long ponytail of his and turning him about forced him to the railing on the verandah. The railing was a stout two by four and I thrust him over it. His bottom was kind of cute and I reached out and grabbed it. Sure enough it was soft and pliable too.

"You tried to sneak up on me to see if I was what you thought I was. You're about to find out the hard way." I almost growled this as I unbuckled my belt and slid it free of the loops in my pants.

"Don't move." I doubled up the belt and sizing up his bottom let loose the first salvo.

It caught him right at the base of his bottom under the curve. He jumped and let out a screech. I laid on another and I he jumped again, this time he jumped so hard his penis hit the railing. And this was all it took he came hard right then and there. I began to spank him in earnest as he pumped hot sticky cum onto the grass. I landed another forty blows with that belt until I'd broken him and he was crying and begging me to stop.

I kicked apart his legs and grabbed his sore bottom again. He kind of jumped and cried a little harder as I rubbed his flaming red buttocks. I left off rubbing him and with a hard slap to his inner thighs to keep his leg's parted I unzipped and pulled out my own weapon. I'd become quite hard as I spanked him. I leaned over and spit on his asshole. Then lining up I plunged into him. His head came up and he let out a long scream of ecstasy as I ground away at him. Every time he wiggled to much I planted another smack on his bottom. I'm not sure how long we were there but I felt myself loosening up as I pumped away into him. When I came I really leaned into Patrick and thrust hard. As I rubbed myself across his bottom he came again. He had real potential.

I pulled out having spent myself in him and whipped my cock across his ass. I put my weapon away and reaching down grabbed Patrick's ponytail and pulled him to his feet. I bent him back like you would any slave so I could see his beauty. He tried to be good but his hands finally rose to try and loosen my hand from his hair. I grinned at the pretty picture this made. I straightened him up and marched him to the stairs.

"I expect you back here tomorrow at sunup to cook my breakfast. You will come dressed as you are. Now don't walk home. Run!" I said and then all but threw him from the porch.

He ran like a ghost into the trees crying all the way. A naked little nymph swallowed by the forest. George always new what you needed. I grinned in spite of myself. This was going to be a great summer and here it was, only earth day the beginning of spring.

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