tagMatureRobert Ch. 02

Robert Ch. 02


Many thanks to tangentjoker for editing this story.

All characters are over the age of 18.

To better understand this story you should read Robert, Ch. 01 first.


My Name is Eileen. I long for my lover, Robert. I would be counting the days until I could see him again if only I knew when that would be.

We had spent Saturday night together. I had found the joy in sex that I never knew existed. Robert had left me sore and well fucked. The soreness was leaving me now. The well fucked feeling made me want more. I wanted his big cock to fill the empty feeling in my pussy.

It was Wednesday. When I got home from work, there was an message waiting on my computer. "Want company?" was all it said. I emailed back "Yes, Now!" The reply was almost instant. "I'm almost there." He wrote back. He was messaging me from his pad.

I thought to myself that I should be angry that he seemed to be taking me for granted. He was almost here before I could say "yes". But the fact was I was too excited to care.

Robert rang my doorbell minutes later. I opened the door to let him in. I threw myself into his arms as soon as it closed behind him.


Eileen seemed overjoyed to see me. She smothered me with kisses and hugged me tight. I hugged her back. I stroked her hair as I kissed her softly on the mouth.

"I just got home from work." She told me. "I haven't changed or showered."

"Neither have I," was my reply. "I came right from work.

"What would you like to do first?" I asked her as I nuzzled her neck.

"Get undressed," she demanded. "I want to see your beautiful cock."

We both stood back. Both of us started stripping down. Eileen was in her work clothes; a skirted suit with a modest blouse. When she had her blouse off, displaying her almost flat tits, I told her to stop. "Wait for me," I told her. I was naked soon after. "Sometimes, I like you wearing a few clothes," I explained.

I could feel my dick hardening as I looked at her. It had already been half hard from the anticipation while driving here.

"You look luscious." I told Eileen. Taking her hand, I led her to one of the living room chairs. As she sat, I slid to my knees in front of her. I slid my hands along her thighs to her panties. I pulled them off her, flipping up her skirt to expose her hairy snatch. I pulled her hips toward me; as I brought my face to her. I inhaled the aroma of her juices mixed with the sweat of her crotch. It was an exotic and intoxicating scent. I licked at her labia to taste it.

Eileen spread her legs wider. She hooked them over my shoulders. I pulled my head back to gaze at her pussy; the lips already swollen in anticipation with dewy drops of her juices forming on them. "You have such a beautiful pussy," I told her. "So wet; so warm."


He's going down on me, I thought. I instinctively opened my legs as much as possible; giving him the access he needed. I felt his tongue licking at my labia. It was my last rational thought. He licked me and sucked me and fucked me with his tongue and nibbled my clit and made me wild. I grabbed his head so that he couldn't get away. I clasped him with my legs, my heels pressing into his back, to entrap him. My hips bucked as waves of orgasmic pleasure tore through my body.

He pulled back then, deserting me at the height of a momentous orgasm. I wanted more. He couldn't leave me like this.

Robert lay on his back on the floor. He held his arms up to me. I fell on him, devouring him with my kisses; kissing his lips, his muscular chest, his throbbing hard cock. I straddled his loins. I impaled myself; filling my empty cunt with the hard shaft of his manhood.

The soreness from the last time was almost gone. He slid smoothly into my slick pussy. It was perfect; he fit me perfectly. I arched my back, wanting all of him. Feeling his hard cock filling my willing body, I never stopped cumming. I gloried in my orgasms. I came and came again.

I leaned forward to give him my tit; for him to lick my nipples. I felt his hardness rubbing my clit. I licked my juices from his lips, from his face; I thrust my tongue between his lips to dance with his. I kissed him; wet, hot kisses. He returned them. We devoured each other in our passion.

He thrust hard into me, thrust yet again. He rammed his hardness into my body. I felt the heat of his cum as he poured his sweet seed into me; his juices mixing with mine.

He relaxed, then, but I rode him as long as I could until he had softened too much. He sucked my tits as I came down off my high. I lay on top of him until He signaled me to get off, then we lay facing each other in a tight embrace.


Maybe I should introduce myself again. I'm Robert; not Bob, Rob, or Robby. I'm twenty-eight years old. I stand 6' 1" and weigh 190. I am well built; not bad in the looks department. I've been told that I'm very attractive to women.

I have two quirks in my personality. One, I am attracted to older women. Two, I am attracted to unattractive women.

My affair with Eileen had only started a few days ago. I also had ongoing affairs with two other women. One of them was on a regular basis, the other was less often. I had told Eileen about them.

Eileen was new and exciting. She met my criteria for age and unattractiveness. The other regular woman in my life was Linda. She was well known to me, comfortable. But tonight I was with Eileen, only she counted.


As I lay in Robert's embrace, I thought back to yesterday when I had examined myself in the mirror; something I rarely did before Robert came into my life. I saw a fifty-year-old woman who looked fifty. With hips that were too broad and a fat ass. Not as bad as some I've seen but fat nonetheless. My breasts were almost not there at all. Only a couple of rounded mounds. My face was plain. Even expert makeup couldn't do much with it. My hair was nondescript and straight. All in all, I did not see myself as an attractive woman. I try to be a realist.

I had never had a really satisfactory sexual experience, except with myself, until Robert had entered my life a few days ago. Robert, the handsome young stud; hung like a horse. Who stretched my pussy to its limits, filled me with his steely manhood; with his hot cum.

Why would he pay attention to me, a fifty-year-old unattractive spinster? Should I ask him? Should I just accept what he is willing to give me?

I feel him next to me; everything is right.

I dozed with my head on Robert's chest. I open my eyes. I see him with his arm around me dozing also. I slip out of his hold to go to the kitchen to fix us some supper. I am still wearing my skirt, but nothing else. I feel deliciously wanton and slutty. My hand is constantly drifting to my crotch feeling my pussy.

I make us a couple of sandwiches, then go to wake him.


Eileen wakes me by lying on top of me and showering me with kisses. I grab her by the hair to give her a long kiss. Her soft lips opened for me. It soon became a passionate open mouth kiss with our tongues dancing around each other.

"I made us some supper," Eileen told me when we broke for air.

"Maybe I'd rather eat you," I joked.

"You send shivers up my spine when you talk like that," was her reply. "You satisfy me so well. No matter what you do."

I was feeling a little hungry so we rose and went to the kitchen.

When we had finished eating, Eileen poured us coffee. As we sat sipping it, Eileen looked at me seriously. She told me softly, "Robert, I'll do anything for you. Anything you want of me."

I put my hand on hers as I replied, "You are already doing so much for me Eileen."

I stood and held out my hand to her. We walked to the bedroom.


We lay on the bed. I fondled his cock; wanting it hard again. I wanted it in me; in my cunt or in my mouth. I didn't care.

"What would you like to do for me, Eileen?" He asked me; his lips close to my ear.

Anything, I thought. I will do anything to see you pleased, to bring you pleasure. Aloud I told him, almost sobbing, "I don't know. I don't know enough."

"What would you like me to do for you, Eileen?"

I was confused. I wanted to do for him. He didn't need to do anything for me. Aloud I said, "I don't know enough, Robert. Not about any of it."

"Would you like to see if we can find some answers?" Robert said. He was speaking, as before, softly close to my ear.

"Yes," I answered.

"Then let's see what we can find on the internet," He said. "We can probably get some books, but the web is here now."

I showed him to my computer. Then got another chair so we could both sit at it. I was still wearing my skirt, but nothing else. Robert was nude. His magnificent cock, half way to an erection, lying between his thighs. I could hardly keep my hands off it. I could hardly keep my mouth off it.


I knew what I was looking for, but I didn't know what would excite Eileen. I brought up some sites describing various sexual activities. They were a little bit clinical, but gave good descriptions; "how to" directions, too. "You can read these if you find something that piques your interest," I told her. We bookmarked them for her. I showed her Literotica. "You may like written stories better than videos. You can read any kind of story here. Try several different subjects." We moved on to videos. Searching through a variety of free sites. I told Eileen there was no sense in subscribing to a site unless they had a lot of something she enjoyed. "You might be able to find some sites designed for women, too," I told her. "Let's see if we can find one. I really don't know if they are better for you or not."


Robert brought up several porn sites. A couple of them were supposed to be for women. I couldn't see any difference but we bookmarked them, anyway. We watched two women making love. I found it to be mildly erotic. I thought it looked like more fun than I had thought before. A lone woman masturbating herself with a vibrator seemed to catch Robert's attention. I made a mental note about his interest.

The one that really made me hot was a middle aged woman sucking a young man's cock. It got me so hot I was fondling Robert without realizing I was doing it. I stared mesmerized at the screen, rubbing my pussy with my free hand, as the young stud filled the woman's mouth with come.

"Robert, it made me so hot," I exclaimed, "I want to suck your big cock." I took his hand, led him back to the bedroom. I wanted Robert to sit in a chair, but he told me to lie on the bed. "Make yourself wet for me." He told me as he guided my hand to my cunt.


I love to watch women masturbate, especially one thinking of me when she does.

"Make yourself wet for me," I whispered to Eileen. "Think of us together to make yourself wet."

I watched her finger dance over her clit. The lips of her pussy already swollen and opening. "Open it for me," I whispered to her. "Show me your hot secret." She spread the blood engorged lips showing the inside of her cunt with the tunnel leading to her womb. She showed me the redness. The source of her juices. She rubbed herself. She pushed her finger into her hole, into her hot tunnel; she pushed another finger in with it. She moaned with desire. Her mouth was slack and wet.

I reached for her vibrator on the table by her bed. I pressed it into her hand. She came quickly as she pushed it into herself, crying out in ecstasy.


I was cumming. I wanted him to see me. What a glorious orgasm. I was cumming for him as he watched.

He stood, taking my hand, leading me to the chair. "Keep the vibrator in you," he whispered. "Go down on me now. Suck my big cock," he whispered again.

I fell to my knees, my mouth opening, stretching as I slid my wet mouth over him; over his pulsating cock. The cock that was almost too big for my mouth.

He sat then. I moved close to him between his legs; my head over his manhood. His legs pressed on my side. They wrapped around my back holding me. I thrilled as he grasped my hair.

My hand was at my cunt; pushing the vibrator into me. Pushing it deep into my pussy as I sucked his cock as deeply as I could.

I was cumming. The vibrator, the thrill of sucking him, his big cock in me; I didn't care where. I'd suck it. I'd fuck it; if he would just let me have it. I was cumming time after time. I couldn't stop cumming. I felt him thrust into me; his hand twisted my hair. I thrilled again; I knew he was close. I wanted his cum in my mouth as I came, myself.

I felt the heat; the warmth of his cum as it gushed into me. I tasted it. I savored it. I rolled it on my tongue.

Robert relaxed back into the chair, but I kept him in my mouth. I wanted to taste him, smell him; the scent of his sweat, the salty sharpness of his cum. I held it in my mouth so I could keep the fragrance in my senses.

My vibrator was forgotten. It had served its purpose. I pulled it out of me; tossing it away, still humming.

He was soft, then. He stroked my hair as I rested my head on his thigh.

"That was so good," he said. A beautiful sensation passed over me.


"That was so good," I told Eileen. I thought she had enjoyed it as much as I had. She had experienced multiple orgasms as she sucked me. She was between my legs, her legs tucked under her, resting her head on my thigh as she softly stroked my now flaccid dick. She had held my cum in her mouth. I watched as she savored it, rolling it around in her mouth and tasting it, before she finally swallowed.

We stayed there for a while. I felt very tender towards her.

Eventually, she looked up at me. She said she would go make some coffee for us. She stood nude except for her disheveled skirt. I thought she looked erotic. I told her so.

"Eileen you look beautiful and sexy."

She straddled my legs, kissing me hard. No tongue; just a loving kiss. "Thank you," she said, then went to the kitchen.


"Beautiful and sexy." He had no idea how much those words meant to me. A handsome young stud had called me beautiful and sexy.

I went to the kitchen to make coffee. I kept touching myself. My tits, my pussy. I couldn't believe how good I felt.

Robert came into the kitchen when the coffee was just finishing, He was still beautifully naked.

I served him coffee. We sat silently. I was afraid to ask, but I finally blurted out, "Can you stay the night?"

"I hadn't intended to," he replied, "but if you want me to, I will. I have to leave very early in the morning, though." He paused then laughed. "I think you have finished me off for the night sexwise."

We showered together. The water cascaded over our naked bodies as we playfully washed each other. We dried each other afterwards. He gave special attention to my twat and my ass, kissing both when he was done. I dried his balls and cock in return, then turned him around so I could kiss him on the ass. I astounded myself. I hadn't even thought about it.


When I kissed her on the ass she acted surprised, but a little thrilled. She shyly kissed mine a few minutes later.

We went back to the couch and sat cuddled together. "Have you ever tried anal?" I asked her. She replied she hadn't, looking apprehensive. "I wouldn't fuck you like that," I told her. "At least, not yet. I'm too big. You couldn't take me." I looked at her, watching her reaction. "There are ways that may be pleasurable to one or both of us. It would take some experimentation, but it might be worth it."

"Do you like it?" she asked me.

"Sometimes," I told her. "Let's go back to the computer. I can show you a few things."


At the computer, he showed me toys for both men and women. He picked out a few I might like then some he thought might be nice for himself. A good lube is necessary too, he told me, but I could get it at any drugstore.

He looked at me steadily. "Your vibrator is a plain vanilla type, Eileen. It's small enough it shouldn't hurt you. We can find out tonight if you like it or not."

My heart was fluttering. I wanted to do it. I wanted to do anything he wanted. I would take his big hard cock in my ass if that was what he wanted.

I had some Vaseline, I told him I'd get it. He told me to bring a couple of towels, too, and to meet him in the bedroom.

"I'm really nervous," I told him.

He was very gentle with me, but very confident. He gave me the feeling I could trust him totally but I'd always felt like that.


I positioned Eileen on her front with her knees drawn up, spreading her cheeks, opening the way to her brown rosebud. I ran her vibrator up the crack of her ass. I circled around her asshole. I put just the tip of it into her. She seemed to feel ok with it. I wanted to warm her up; to loosen her up. I played around the ass. I could see she felt more at ease, maybe even liking the sensation. I rubbed some jelly around the inside of her rosebud. I told her to roll over onto her back. I positioned a firm pillow under her butt.

I spread her legs wide. With her knees elevated, I guided her hand to her pussy. I told her, "Play with yourself. Play like you were doing it for me." I used plenty of jelly on the vibrator, set it on medium speed and slid it into her ass.


I felt the vibrator enter me, sliding on its coating of lube. It felt snug. I had a feeling of fullness as its tip made its way into my ass. Robert put his hand on mine; the one I had on my pussy. "Don't stop," he told me. "Make yourself cum."

He moved to kneel beside my head. I could feel his knees next to me. I knew his cock was there. I knew I had only to turn my head to see it in front of me. I knew I had only to open my mouth to take it.

Robert hadn't pushed the vibrator very far into me. He was working it back and forth. It felt comfortable; pleasant. I worked my finger over my clit. I shoved my finger into myself. I pushed another in with it. I could feel the tingling starting. Even as I felt the waves of bliss start through my body, Robert turned the vibrator to high and pushed it further into me.

Whatever the spot he found, I exploded with pleasure. The sensation was incredible. My whole body convulsed with a sudden orgasm, coming out of the blue, flashing through my body. My fingers fell from my pussy; forgotten with the joy I received. I raised my hips to him. I turned my head to engulf his cock with my lips. He put my hand on the vibrator, but kept his own hand with mine. I pumped the vibrator into my ass, loving it, as I sucked his hard cock.


I was thrilled when the orgasm hit her. I was thrilled again as she took my hardening cock in her mouth. I put her hand on the vibrator to guide it. She was pumping it into her ass over the spot I had found coming back to it over and over. Orgasm after orgasm. The thrill of watching her, of feeling the thrills course through her body, brought me, quickly, to a point I had to try to hold myself back. I twisted my hand in her hair. I held her head to my cock. I wasn't done for the night at after all.


I loved it. I loved what he had shown me. I loved his cock in my mouth. I loved having to stretch my lips for him. I loved the feeling in my cunt and in my ass.

His hand was twisting my hair. I was excited with the anticipation the pain brought. I knew he was close. I knew he would be releasing his hot cum into my eager mouth. I knew the excitement in my ass and in my cunt was glorious. I wanted it all. I wanted it to never end. I wanted him to hold my face a prisoner on his manhood.

I felt the heat of his cum. For the second time tonight, thrills ran through me, reinforcing the orgasms crashing through my body. My ass felt wonderful. My cunt felt wonderful. His hot come in my mouth felt wonderful.

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