Roberta's Buggering Ch. 01


Placing the knife on the desk beside Roberta, Harry moved around to the other side of the desk. With his fingers under her chin, he lifted Roberta's face and smiled at her.

As he lowered his face to hers, Roberta tried to pull away. She knew it was futile, but she felt as if she had to try and resist. With all her heart, she wished she hadn't protested when Harry wanted to take her upstairs to her bedroom.

As their lips met, Harry tried to push his tongue into Roberta's mouth. Defiantly, she kept her teeth tightly shut. With his lips still pressed to her, he slid one hand under her and viciously pinched one of her nipples. "EEEEE!" she screamed into his mouth as he slipped his tongue into hers. Only after she reluctantly returned his kiss did he release her nipple, but he kept her big breast firmly clutched in his hand, kneading the big tit hard enough to remind her how much pain he could cause her.

As their mouths met, Roberta thrust her tongue between Harry's lips, entwining his with her own. After only a fraction of a second, he pulled his mouth away, leaving her with her tongue still sticking out.

This time, he didn't move his face as close as before, forcing Roberta to stretch and strain to reach him. As she slid her gently sucking lips up and down his outstretched tongue, he slid both his hands under her, firmly fondling both of her giant breasts.

Standing upright again, he said, "I've got something else for you to suck on. Stick out your tongue."

Roberta sniffled and swallowed hard. Slowly, her tongue poked out between her lips. As she waited with her tongue extended, Harry removed his pants and underwear.

"First, a little foreplay," he said, smearing Roberta's tongue with pre-cum. "There. Now, some face-fucking."

As his stiff penis slowly slid between her lips, Roberta immediately began twirling her tongue around it. She was certain that Harry would hurt Frank if she didn't. Gradually, his hard-on filled her mouth to the point she could no longer encircle it. As he began working his hips back and forth, she moved her tongue in a circular motion, caressing the underside of his dick.

Harry was starting to breath hard. He was thrusting his dick into Roberta's mouth faster and faster. She was certain that any second he would ejaculate, flooding her mouth and throat with semen. But, instead, he jerked his hard-on out of her mouth and moved around behind her.

"That was great," he said, kneeling behind her wide spread legs. "I'll be back for more."

Pressing his face into her crotch, Harry stuck his tongue through the hole he had cut in her panties, causing her to gasp as he licked her vulva. Roberta was distressed. As she turned her face away, she felt Harry's tongue parting her inner labia, probing the entrance to her vagina.

Seconds later, his tongue withdrew and Roberta heard a soft sucking sound. When his tongue returned, it was followed quickly by first one saliva coated finger, and then another. His tongue retreated again, and she heard him say, "Not bad. Not bad at all. I really didn't expect you to be this tight."

Standing up, Harry began sliding his fingers rapidly in and out of Roberta's vagina.

"God damn! You're wet," he lied. "You must want it bad. You must want it real bad."

"No, I don't," Roberta whined.

"It's okay," Harry said, removing his fingers. "Here comes what you've been waiting for."

Sobbing uncontrollably, Roberta felt Harry's penis, slick with her own saliva, pushing its way into her dry vagina. She winced, her face tightening in discomfort as the lining of her pussy was painfully pulled and stretched by his short, incessant thrusting. But, gradually, his invading hard-on coaxed her vaginal excretions to flow, coating itself with her natural lubricant.

Grasping her wide hips, Harry leaned backward.

:Aaaaah, yes," he moaned, filling Roberta as full as he could. "Take it all, you bitch."

Then, leaving forward, he cupped her bra-covered breasts and began fucking her as hard as he could. Roberta whimpered loudly, groaning occasionally with pain. His penis was unusually long, but it was quite thick, and he used it like a weapon, stabbing and prodding, distending the walls of her cunt in every direction.

Faster and faster, he punched into her. He was fucking her with such force that the desk she was tied to started inching across the floor. And the harder he rammed into her, the tighter he gripped he big tits. Roberta felt the side of his face pressing against her back, soaking her negligee with his sweat. Finally, his dick jammed into her - full force - and stayed there.

"Arrrgh!!!!," he growled, savagely squeezing her big breasts as tight as he could.

As Roberta screamed in pain she felt his throbbing penis erupt deep inside her. Yanking back, Harry slammed into her again, and again. As his orgasm continued, he repeatedly released and clenched her large aching tits. Each time, she would scream, he would grunt, and his dick would spurt, all three in unison.

Eventually, he collapsed on top of her, molding her breasts gently as he tried to catch his breath. His rapidly softening penis slowly slipped from her gooey, cum-filled vagina. Roberta felt completely used, filthy and defiled.

Please untie me," she whined. "Please, let me take a shower."

Harry ignored her, and grinned.

"God damn! That was great," he laughed, getting to his feet and slapping Roberta's ass. "You're a pretty good fuck for an old girl." "Now don't go anywhere," Harry chuckled, " I'll be right back."

Leaving the helplessly bound woman, Harry walked down the hall and began rummaging around in the nearby bathroom. Finding what he was looking for, he quickly returned.

"Did you miss me, lover?" Harry grinned as he patted Roberta on her big bubble butt. With his other hand he picked up the knife..

"I'm not done with you, yet.. You've still got some undiscovered territory that needs exploring," he said enlarging the hole in the crotch of her panties. "And I'm just the guy to do it."

"Oh God! Please, no. Please don't," Roberta cried, twisting and turning as much as her bonds would allow.

Placing the knife back on the desk, Harry grinned at her, and explained, "I don't know whether your cherry or not, but I'm gong to find out. I'm going to buttfuck you."

Frank began hollering into his gag.

"Ah, I see. You're jealous, aren't you?" Harry laughed. "I guess the old girl has kept you out of her butt after all. And you wish it was your dick going up her chunky little ass." "Don't' worry, Pops, after I break her in, her ass won't have any trouble handling you.."

Standing behind Roberta, he admired her large, panty-covered rear end. Feeling his gaze, Roberta desperately shifted her ass back and forth, trying to keep it from his touch. She couldn't get away, and she knew it. "Seeing as I'm about to go where no man has gone before," he chided, "I should probably grease the track. You wouldn't want to scrape the skin off my cock, would you?"

Stepping close behind Roberta's twisting rump, Harry raised his index finger and liberally coated it with the lubricant he found in the hall bathroom. Using one hand to hold her steady, he inserted the other hand inside the hole he'd cut in her panties. She gasped and blushed gain when she felt his finger pressed against her rectal opening. She simply was not that kind of woman! . Her hips twisted trying to get away from his touch, and instinctively her asshole tightened in an attempt to prevent the insertion.

Tightening his grip upon the waist of the squirming matron, her pressed his greased finger into the puckered web of her anus, then pushed.

"OWWW!" Roberta cried out, her body tensing like a jolt of electricity had hit her. His slickened finger easily pushed past the muscle of her sphincter and rammed all the way up her ass. "EEEEE!", she screamed, as much in shock as pain. She tried to twist away, but he held her hips steady and sawed his finger in and out of her ass rapidly, then withdrawing it with a 'pop'. "That should ease the way," he chuckled.

Though relieved that the digit was no longer in her rectum, Roberta head hung in humiliation. She couldn't believe what this man had just done to her. The indignity of his actions caused her to groan and her face again blushed a deep red, understanding the purpose of his action. Again she began to tug at her bonds, desperate to avoid what surely would follow. She could feel the lubricant between her big cheeks and her asshole puckered involuntarily at the realization of what was next.

Then, moving around the desk, Harry grinned at Roberta and said, "Make me hard. The stiffer it is, the less it'll hurt going in."

"Please, don't," she begged. "Do it in my mouth; I'll swallow. Use my mouth, pl...."

Harry shoved his oily, semi-flaccid dick into Roberta's mouth, silencing her please.

"Work that tongue," he warned. "Or hubby gets hurt."

As Roberta complied, she felt his penis gradually getting harder and harder. The very thought that she was tasting her own vaginal juices made her sick to her stomach. She had to try as hard as she could not to puke.

Quickly Harry's prick began to slide in and out of her mouth. Then, suddenly, he pulled out of her mouth and walked around behind her. He goosed her big butt and she gasped. Next, he stepped close to her, and slipped his hands into her panties. .As he began to rub his swollen cock against her panty-clad ass, rubbing into the cleft between her two very large butt cheeks, he crudely spread the cheeks apart to open her up completely. Roberta groaned In shame.

"Oh, noooooo!" Roberta sobbed in despair and humiliation. Suddenly she froze as Harry pressed the wet tips of his penis firmly against Roberta's anus. Then he shoved.

"AAAAAAIIIEEEEE!" Roberta screamed as Harry leaned into her. She felt the pressure build, and then a 'pop' as the cock head burst through her sphincter and penetrated her rectum, A full inch of his stiff dick was now lodged in her plump butt.. Her entire body jerked against the bonds that held her in position as if a powerful electric current had been passed through her body.

"OWWWWW! OWWWWWWWWW!!!" Writhing in agony, she rocked from side to side, attempting to escape this humiliating impaling. Her sphincter muscles flexed frantically in a desperate attempt to expel the highly unwelcome invader.

"AAAIIIIEEEE" she screamed. He'd pushed again, eliciting more screaming as her clutching sphincter grudgingly accepted another 2 inches of his invading hard-on.

"Jesus Christ! What a tight shitter," Harry moaned, pausing with half his cock inside her ass. "Roberta, you're one fantastic fuck!." Ignoring her screams and struggles, he thrust forward again and watched as the last 3 inches of hot, hard cock disappeared between Roberta's plump bottom cheeks.

"OWWWWWW!!! OWWWWW!!!! TAKE IT OUT!," she screamed. 'TAKE IT OUT! Oh, Got it hurts!! Please, take it out. TAKE IT OUT!!" She felt as if a thick, not knife had been plunged into her rear.

Helplessly bent over the desk, her gasping lush body was convulsed by with sobs and quivers that only made the vulgar assault all the more interesting for her assailant. Now that the entire length of his hard-on was buried in Roberta's butt, Harry pulled back and began slowly stroking his rock hard dock back and forth inside her incredibly tight feminine tunnel. Each forward thrust produced fresh sobs and cries of pain from the miserable woman, who constantly struggled in an instinctive effort to escape the obscene impalement.

"Owwww! Oooooh! Please! It's too big!," she begged, as gradually her screams decreased to loud groans as her sphincter grew accustomed to the girth of this penis. With each thrust his fat dick moved to and fro with greater ease. .

"You see, Roberta," Harry laughed. "Once you get used to it, it ain't so bad."

Roberta went limp. She found that the more she relaxed, the less her anus hurt. Like a rag doll, she just laid there sobbing as Harry sodomized her.

At first, his penis moved back and forth in her clenching rectum with slow, deliberate strokes. But, with each stroke, he thrust harder4 and harder, faster and faster., each stroke bringing forth deep grunts and groans of humiliation from the defeated female. Eventually, Harry was punching into her quivering ass with such force that Roberta's entire body shook like jello.

"It's getting close, Roberta," he groaned. "I'm going to cum!"

She could feel his cock growing thicker. The pain was ricocheting between her big butt cheeks as she gritted her teeth in anguish and braced herself.

Then, leaning over her back, Harry reached under hear, grabbed the bottom of her oversized bra and yanked it up, Roberta's big boobs spilling free. His rough hands clamped down on each fat tit and squeezed, hard.

"OWWW!!!" Roberta screamed at the unexpected assault on her defenseless boobs. "Here is comes, Roberta," Harry said, pushing his filthy dick between her big ass cheeks. "Here is comes!"

Erupting like a firehouse, a boiling geyser of hot cum blasted into Roberta's rectum.

"AAAIIIIEEEE!!" she screamed, tossing her big rump from side to side in one more desperate attempt to dislodge the exploding prick from her ravaged rectum. This first hot blast was quickly followed by another and another. And with each blast of cum, Harry's hands mashed down on her swollen breasts, eliciting more cries and sobs.

"NNNOOOO!!!" Roberta sobbed, then collapsed beneath the growling, rutting male. At last his orgasm subsided, his grip loosened on her pain-filled breasts, and slowly he withdrew from her ass with a 'pop'. He grinned when he saw how thoroughly he'd opened her rectum. Then he walked around in front of her and deposited the last dribbles of semen on her lips. Roberta shook her head trying to wipe the semen from her lips. Reflexively, the broken woman licked her lips, then gagged when she realized she was tasting his semen and the juices from her own rectum.

To be continued in Part 2 "Roberta's Tit Torture"

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Hope not the ending?

The rapist should find some clips or mouse traps and clip her nipples. Next take more pictures and upload to the web.

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