tagGay MaleRoberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 02

Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 02


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Danny woke up in the Saturday afternoon and groaned.

He was having yet another amazing dream featuring the mechanic stud. They were in the auto shop, alone, talking about metallic colours, while eating from a fruit platter placed on the hood of Roberto's red car. Then Danny turned to look at Roberto. He was naked and hard. He pushed the platter off the hood and slammed Danny down onto it. With his hand digging inside the boy's white briefs, the mechanic hovered over Danny and sucked on the piece of cantaloupe in the boy's mouth. Danny gasped and came.

And then he woke up alone in his bed, warm jizz spreading beneath his underwear. He buried his face in his blanket and wished he could go back to the wet dream.

Right after he got back from the oil change three weeks ago, Danny asked his mom when the tires needed to get rotated.

"January 30, a month from now. Are you worried I'll send you again?"

"No, mom. Actually, I..."

"Danny, I should be free to take the Civic myself. Don't worry, okay?"

"Mom, it's not that. I was gonna say, I wouldn't mind going for you again."

Ms. Yeung stopped looking at the hydro bill and stared at Danny. "But, you hate the mechanic's."

Danny walked past his mom and went to the fridge. "Well, actually...it's not so bad." Ms. Yeung's eyes followed his son and narrowed. She knew something was up.

"Who was there at the shop?"

"Huh?" Danny continued to avoid his mother's stare and grabbed the chocolate milk. Suddenly, Ms. Yeung's eyebrows shot up.

"Roberto was there, wasn't he??"

"Yeah, so?" Danny stared hard at the pouring liquid.

"Oh, Danny, my son..." She walked up to Danny and tried to wrap her hands around his cheeks, but her son frowned and slipped away. "What did he do?"

"Argh, mom, nothing happened!" It was too late. As Danny made a hasty retreat upstairs to his room, his mom began her tirade against handsome, suave heartbreakers, whom she'd met her share of back in her younger days.

That was three weeks ago. Yesterday, over supper, her mother made it clear that if Danny wanted to go to the mechanic's again, it would be under his mother's hawk-eyed watch. His father looked up from his iPad and wondered what was going on.

The boy was certain that however lame he could make himself appear, his mom would only make things about ten times worse. So, he reluctantly decided not to go back to see Roberto. The wet dreams only got more intense after that, like the one from last night. They were always in the auto shop.

After Danny showered the night sweat and the jizz off of his slender, smooth body, he went back to his bedroom, turned on his laptop, and continued working on his long document assignment in his tighty whities. A few minutes later, while editing the pages he'd written, his cell phone played a Kylie song. It was Richie, his best friend.

"Hi Danny! Did I wake you?" he asked sarcastically.

"Richie, it's three in the afternoon."

"I'm doing great, thanks for asking."

"How was last night?"

"Oh, the same: the guys I was interested in didn't give a crap, and the other guys were all slimy-sleazy on me and I was like, 'Ew', One of them had to have been in his 30s...like, sorry, I'm not looking for a daddy."

"Are you so sure?" Danny remembered all the times in the gay clubs when older guys thought Richie and he were gay twins, Richie the blond, Danny the brunette. It usually got them a couple of free drinks, lots of groping, and eye-rolling proposals fit for a porn shoot.

"Well, if you're gonna be old, be hot at least."

"30 isn't that old..." Danny muttered. Richie chuckled at Danny's comment.

"Not when you're Roberto, apparently!" Richie had been absolutely thrilled to hear about his best friend's meeting with the mechanic stud. "So, when's the followup?"

"There is no followup. My life is over." Danny flopped back onto his bed.

"Oh, now what? You haven't spilt a drink or tripped in front of him yet."

"No, smartass. My mom insists on tagging along to the shop next time. I'd rather die than have her grill Roberto or extol my virginal piousness...or both. I'd rather just not go."

"But, Danny!!! C'mon!! You know you're never gonna find someone like him again."

"No, probably never..." he sighed. "But it's all over now...thanks mom, for ruining my life."

"Well, as much as I want to tell you to fight for love, I'd probably feel the same way about fighting for love against your mother."

"...Richie, take me out tonight." He got up, closed his laptop, and opened his wardrobe.

"Am I hearing this right?? You, who swore he'd never step foot in a club again?"

"Bitch is hungry and wants to get fed!" Danny exclaimed. Richie burst out laughing.


It was a little after 11pm when Danny and Richie stepped into their favourite gay club. While waiting in line at coat check, Danny noticed that Richie kept staring at someone further ahead in the lineup.

"Who's the stud?" Danny asked.

"He's probably too old for you, " Richie replied. Danny snorted.

"Oh, bitch please! Too old for me, but not for you??" They both pre-drank in Danny's Civic, parked a block away, before coming here. Danny turned and tried to see whom Richie was looking at.

"He's gone. He's with a guy anyway; Chad, I think. He knows everyone." The twosome paid for coat check and then went straight to the bar.

20 minutes later, the dance floor was packed and a round of cheers erupted when the DJ put on Britney. Danny and Richie were a bit tipsy and wiggled their asses off. The two were leaning into each other's ear to share a joke, when Richie suddenly stepped back and froze.

Before Danny knew what was going on, he felt a pair of hands around his hips. Then a voice spoke right next to his ear.

"I didn't know you could shake your ass like that, Danny."

Danny knew at once it was Roberto. He stared at Richie, whose jumping eyebrows told him the mechanic was the guy he was checking out in coat check. Meanwhile, his jaw-on-the-floor expression told Danny exactly what his best friend thought of Roberto.

"Who's your friend?" Roberto asked Danny. He kissed the boy on the neck, below his ear, and Danny shuddered.

"...that's Richie, my best bud."

"I should go say hi then." Roberto gave Danny's ass a quick squeeze and pat, then walked up to Richie with arms open. He pulled a still-stunned Richie into a friendly hug, while Danny stood still as a stone and watched.

Roberto had on a fitted black dress shirt, grey slacks, and shiny leather shoes. From the back, he was almost unrecognizable from the sweaty, rough-looking mechanic he met three weeks ago. Danny began to wonder if he was in one of his wet dreams.

Danny vaguely registered Roberto's offer of drinks at the bar, and Richie's beaming smile at his best friend. Meanwhile, Richie, who was sipping on the vodka and cranberry that the mechanic bought for him, clearly saw the effect Roberto had on Danny. "Washroom," Richie said, winking. He walked off with his drink in his hand.

Danny took a breath.

"I can't believe you're here," the boy said, looking up at the mechanic, who was almost a foot taller than him. Roberto grinned and Danny was sure that he just melted into a puddle.

In one big gulp, the boy finished his drink. Roberto moved closer and rested his hands on Danny's hips. "I never thought I'd see you again," the boy continued.

"Why's that?" Roberto asked, a look of slight confusion on his freshly shaven face.

"Because it's not meant to be," Danny blurted. Then he felt like a dumbass.

"Whoa, easy there," Roberto said, chuckling. He lifted Danny's chin up so they were eye-to-eye. Leaning down, he started to kiss Danny.

Watching at a distance, Richie hollered as they shared their first kiss.

Danny's eyes were closed as the mechanic's tongue probed all around his mouth. Roberto sucked Danny's bottom lip and pressed his body against the enraptured boy. The boy knew the cologne he smelled on the mechanic would forever be burned into his memory.

When the kiss ended, Danny opened his eyes. "Was that okay?" Danny asked instantly.

"That was great," Roberto replied, moving in for another kiss. This time, his hands moved all over Danny, groping, stroking every body part he could reach. Danny felt the mechanic's hands reach up under his neon graphic tank top. He quickly broke the kiss.

"Where's Richie?" he asked Roberto. The mechanic shrugged, his mind focused on one thing only: getting Danny naked. He knew he had to move slowly with this boy; he was obviously an anal virgin, maybe even an oral virgin. He would have to spend some time making Danny comfortable around him. As long as the boy kept blushing and checking him out when he thought the mechanic wasn't looking, Roberto thought, he'd actually enjoy the process.

Danny's eyes scanned across the club. "There, by the tables," Danny said, looking back at Roberto, pointing in Richie's direction. The boy's cute best friend was being talked up by a guy with a blond mohawk.

"You happy now?" Roberto asked with a smirk.

"Let's dance!" Danny exclaimed. He grabbed Roberto's big, calloused hands and pulled him onto the crowded dance floor. Roberto laughed and held Danny tight as they gyrated to the latest Calvin Harris production.

Meanwhile, at the bar, a group of people raised shot glasses and clinked them together.

"Happy birthday, Chad!" they all shouted, then downed the tequila shot.

Slamming the shot glass down on the counter, Chad's eyes locked back to the mechanic: the mechanic whom he had birthday sex with two hours ago, the same mechanic who was now grinding up against a pretty little twink in a bright, tiny tank top.

Chad ordered another shot.


"I had a great time," Danny said to Roberto after he got his coat back.

"Me too." Roberto said as they walked up the stairs to the exit. He noticed Danny's hand was gripping the railing tightly as he took each step. "Where's Richie?"

"He went home with that guy. Slut."

"Nothing wrong with having a good time," Roberto said, looking at Danny. The boy tripped. As Roberto quickly helped him out, Danny thought that, now, for sure, his life was over.

"I'm okay, I'm okay," he said, pushing Roberto away. The mechanic smiled and opened the exit door.

They were greeted by frigid wind. For a moment, as other clubbers poured out of the club in packs, they stood wordlessly looking at each other under the streetlights. There was no doubt in Danny's mind that Roberto was the hottest guy in the club tonight. Everyone, guys and girls, was checking him out. A part of Danny still believed that the entire night was a dream.

"Why don't I call a cab?" Roberto asked, grabbing his cell phone. "For both of us." He came downtown with Chad in a white limo; that was the executive's style.

"No, I drove downtown," Danny answered. "I can drive you home," he offered, hopeful.

"You're not driving anybody home," Roberto said, placing his hands on Danny's shoulders.

"I'm fine, Roberto. I do this all the time..."

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Where are your keys?" Robert asked, holding out his hand. Sheepishly, after a few seconds, Danny turned them over. "Thanks, Danny. Where's your car?" The boy pointed to the west and they started walking that way. Roberto reached over and wrapped his arm around Danny's shoulder.

"I think Richie saw you in coat check with somebody," Danny said, looking up at Roberto. The mechanic quickly turned his face away.

"Yeah, my friend. It was his birthday."

"But you spent all night with me," Danny said, frowning.

"He had a lot of people there to celebrate with him." Roberto turned back to Danny. "I had more fun with you, anyway." That made the boy go back to blushing mode.

"You look really good tonight," Danny said, looking down at the sidewalk. Roberto was liking this tipsy, more forthright Danny.

"Do you think I'm good-looking, Danny?" At this, Danny looked at the mechanic and rolled his eyes.

"You're the hottest man I've ever met," the boy said, staring at Roberto.

"Thanks, Danny. I appreciate that."

Soon they were standing beside Danny's Civic. Roberto unlocked the driver's door. Once inside, the mechanic slid the driver's seat all the way back and adjusted the steering wheel. When he got comfortable, he inserted the key into the ignition. "Ready to go, sexy?" he asked Danny. The boy chuckled.

"I'm not sexy. Cute, maybe, but I'm not sexy."

"Danny, look at me," Roberto said. When the boy turned his head, Roberto leaned over and kissed him hard, running his hands through Danny's soft brown hair. As he broke the kiss, he whispered, "You're fucking sexy."

"Yessir," Danny breathed. Roberto smiled and got back into the driver's seat, starting the car.

For a while, they drove in silence. Then Roberto turned on the stereo, which was connected to Danny's iPod.

"Do you like Rihanna?" Danny said, grabbing the mp3 player.

"Sure," Roberto replied. He didn't really, but it was Danny's car and he respected that.

"So...did you have to work today?"

"Yeah. I'm off on Sundays or Mondays usually."

"How was work?"

"It was all right. I took off earlier cos it was Chad's birthday."

"Was Fred there?"

"Someone's chatty tonight," Roberto joked.

"Well, you asked all about me, so now it's my turn."

"Okay. What do you wanna know?" Robert asked, grinning.

"What's your family like?"

"Well, my mom and dad moved back to Portugal after they retired early. They run a hotel back in our hometown. I talk to them every week. I have a sister, Vicky; she's married with kids."

"Do you wanna get married?"

The mechanic was silent. "...I dunno," Roberto said after a while.

"Do you...do you have a boyfriend?" Danny stared at Roberto, holding his breath.

"You think I'd be kissing and touching you all night if I had a boyfriend?" Roberto asked, amused.

"It wouldn't be the first time," Danny muttered. There was a pause.

"I'm single," Roberto finally replied.

"So am I," Danny quickly followed. Roberto laughed.

The rest of the drive home was quiet, save the dance-pop playing through the stereo. There were a million things Danny wanted to ask Roberto, but he was convinced every question he thought of would just sound creepy or presumptuous.

Danny directed Roberto to the highway off-ramp and the street turns that led to his house. As they got closer to the destination, the boy dreaded the end of this incredible night.

"Nice house, Danny," Roberto said, easing the Civic to a stop in front of Danny's home.

'Thanks," Danny said, unbuckling his seat belt. "Wait, how are you gonna get home?" he asked, turning to Roberto.

"I'll call a cab," Robert answered, shutting off the engine. He took out his cell phone and started dialing. After he finished the call, he looked at Danny with a dark, brooding stare. The boy instantly blushed and looked down.

"I had a really good time tonight," Danny said. He wanted to say more, but the mechanic was already all over him, kissing his lips and sucking his tongue.

"You're so fucking sexy, Danny..." Roberto unzipped the boy's puffy winter jacket and slid his hands under Danny's flimsy tank top. The boy gasped and broke the kiss. This was already better than his dreams.

Roberto went for Danny's exposed neck and started sucking on it hard, driving the boy wild with hypersensitive sensation. The mechanic's dexterous fingers found Danny's pink, perky nipples and pinched hard.

"Oh fuck! Omigod yes!" Danny screamed. Roberto grinned and pinched again; the boy sounded so hot when he cursed. His barbarous mouth moved down Danny's neck, to the top of his pale, hairless chest. He resisted the urge to just rip apart the tank top.

If he only knew that Danny wouldn't have cared. He didn't care if Roberto decided to render him completely naked at this point; the object of his fantasies was right there, on top of him, devouring him with his mouth, owning him with his hands. Roberto lifted Danny's tank top up, savouring the view of a hairless, flat tummy and a trim waist, then dove in and bit down on the boy's right nipple. Danny screamed again.

"You like that, Danny?" he asked in between hungry swipes and bites on Danny's chest. He loved the boy's silky smooth skin and wanted to taste every inch of it.

"I've fantasized about this...since we met," Danny breathed. Roberto stopped his assault on Danny's body; he realized with delight that they both wanted this equally badly. In the next instant, Danny surprised Roberto by jumping up and pushing the older man back into the driver's seat. His shaking fingers started unbuttoning the mechanic's black dress shirt.

"Fuck yeah, Danny, do it.." Roberto whispered, the ecstasy of anticipation coursing through his groin. The boy, now on top, undid the last button and threw the black fabric apart. What he saw was even more arousing than the feverish images in his head late at night.

Roberto's chest was very broad, with firm, bulging, sharply sculpted pecs, and slightly visible veins running across them. Looking harder, he could make out the stubble all over his upper body. Danny's eyes then took in the fat, dark nipples, each with a protruding nub that begged to be licked. So lick he did. That made Roberto throw his hand back against the headrest. He didn't expect Danny to be so assertive.

The boy slid his hands down Roberto's torso, feeling his rippling obliques and hard, washboard abs that were also stubbly. He purred as he felt the mechanic's stomach flex and relax, excited from Danny's insistent tongue and lips.

"Bite them," Roberto said. Danny moved to the left nipple and bit down, making the mechanic jump off the seat. "Yeah, just like that!"

"Oh god, your body's so hot..." Danny drooled and sucked on the nipple, his fingers clawing at Roberto's ridged midsection.

The mechanic was overwhelmed. He'd had lots of sexual partners who went crazy over his sinewy body, a body maintained through no-nonsense discipline, constant research into new workout routines, and one cheat day a week. But something was different about Danny's fervour. Maybe it was the 180-degree switch in demeanor between the Danny he met and the Danny attacking his nipples right now. Or maybe it was this chemistry that was there since the first meeting, when even during the moments of silence, Roberto felt at ease around the boy.

The mechanic felt Danny's hands starting to unbutton his grey slacks. He stared up at the boy, whose sparkling green eyes looked right back at the mechanic, hooded with fiery lust. There was a loud zip, and then the mechanic felt his slacks being pulled down. "Omigod," Danny whispered.

This was the biggest dick Danny had ever seen. The black briefs that Roberto wore couldn't even fully contain the hard cock, packed to the right. Droopy, shaved ball sacs hung exposed between sturdy thighs. Danny blinked once more, then took off the briefs with one hard yank.

Roberto's erect cock slapped up against his eight-pack. Danny became conscious of the shivering that shook through his entire body, not from the winter cold but from desire, aching desire. He met Roberto's eyes.

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