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Robin Becomes Robin


When Dick Grayson turned eighteen a few months ago, his mentor and guardian bought him two new motorcycles. One for normal day riding, to and from school, going out on dates, just bumming around, the other was for his night job, as Batman's sidekick Robin.

Robin opened his eyes slowly as consciousness returned. He felt a soft surface beneath him and was warm and comfortable. This was a problem. The last thing he remembered was parking his bike, pulling out his grappling gun and climbing the alley wall. He had not felt the pin prick in his neck that had started this whole sequence.

Looking around he noted that the walls of the room he was in were done in various shades of pink. The bed he was reclined on was soft, pink very large and had a pink canopy. He tried to sit up, but his body would not respond. As his senses started to report to him, he noticed things were not quite what they should have been.

His chest felt heavy, his costume did not feel like it had before, the tight Kevlar reinforced leather did not breathe like whatever he was wearing now. His eyes darted around the room, but he could not take in anymore information from his current position. He tried to turn his head and again nothing happened.

The head of the bed started to rise, much as a hospital bed would and Robin looked around the rest of the room. There were stuffed animals everywhere, a large flat panel screen on the wall at the foot of the bed and soft soothing music played through hidden speakers. He looked down and inhaled sharply in shock, just about the only movement he had left.

His black and red costume was gone and in its place was something like the first costume he wore as Robin. It was all red; the green shorts he had worn were gone and replaced with a skirt. The tights were completely missing and the ankle boots were replaced with knee high boots, with platform soles and four inch heels. His gloves were missing and most importantly, he could see that the weight on his chest was due to breasts that seemed to have sprung up there.

Just as he was starting to panic, the screen on the wall flared to life and Robin found himself looking at three of the most dangerous women in Gotham, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harleyquinn. He tried to speak, but his mouth still would not obey.

"Good Morning Robin." The three chorused smiling. "We trust you slept well while your body changed."

Robin grunted in reply, even the sound came out higher than before.

"Don't try to talk." Ivy said. "Your voluntary nervous system has been shut down temporarily while your body changes. But don't worry; we will fill you in on all the lovely changes you are going through. You see, regardless of whatever else they have done, the Joker and Mr. Freeze are both geniuses and talented scientists."

"Mr. J. had the idea of turning Batman into a weak old man to stop him from bothering us." Harley said. "I mentioned it to Red and Kitty here and they suggested that we try something a little different. So we dropped an anonymous tip at police head quarters as to the Mr. J's hideout and let the Batman take him in."

'We then dropped a subtle hint with Mr. Freeze and left him to design a way to pull the Joker's idea off." Catwoman said. "We kept tabs on his work and when he was just about ready to implement the plan we again tipped off the police."

Robin remembered the two arrests. He and Batman had taken both the Joker and Mr. Freeze down before they could pull off major robberies, or at least that was what the tips and evidence showed. Now he knew that it was all a plan to get at him. He could remember the actual work, but it was like he was watching a video, he felt completely disconnected from the memory, as if it happened to someone else.

"Then it just became a little matter of collecting his equipment and reprogramming the tiny little machines he made." Harley finished gleefully.

"We broke into his lab and stole the nanites he created and the control computers and software to change the programming." Ivy said looking sternly at Harley. "It did take us a little while to figure out his coding, but I did get an 'A' in computer science. Then we decided to test the plan on someone we thought we could handle before trying to take on the big guy."

"We have improved the alteration program for the little devils." Catwoman smiled. "Instead of turning you into an old man, they have turned you into a young woman, a very special young woman. Now, we are going to release certain areas of your nervous system, and we want you to answer some questions."

"And you better be honest." Harley warned.

Ivy reached down on the screen and punched in a code. Robin immediately felt his mouth relax and tried to speak.

"What the hell have you done to me you freaks?" Robin screamed. His voice was almost high enough to shatter glass.

"Ah ah ah, a lady does not talk that way." Ivy chastised him and pushed a button. Robin felt his entire body lock up in pain. A wash of fire spread through his body. It ended as soon as it started but it still left him panting for breath.

"I hope it won't be necessary to explain again that you have to behave." Catwoman said, looking stern. "That was direct stimulation of your pain centers, on the lowest setting. I trust that we have made our point."

Robin nodded meekly. That was a pain like he had never experienced before, it was everywhere and all consuming. He vowed to himself that he would behave and do as he was told, until he could get loose and find a way out of there.

"Good, now some things that you should know." Catwoman said. "First, your mask is still in place and none of us have looked beneath it. You have our words that we will not try to find out your identity. Do you believe me?"

Robin nodded again. He remembered that Batman had always said that Catwoman could be trusted to a certain extent and the protecting their secret identities was one point that she would keep no matter what.

"Now, are you in any pain, other than the flash you just felt of course?" Ivy asked.

"No." Robin replied.

"Good, can you remember what you did as Robin the boy wonder?"

"Vaguely," Robin said.

"Explain." Ivy demanded and when he hesitated, she reached for the switch again.

"Okay, okay," Robin said. "I can remember doing what Robin did, but it is like it was done be someone else, like I watched it in a movie."

"Very good, now I want you to get some rest." Catwoman said.

The screen went blank and the bed lowered. Robin found that he still had control of his mouth and that he could turn his head but that was all. The lights dimmed and Robin found himself in the dark with the soft music playing in the background. He knew that it was some form of mind control, but he did not see the point. If these nanites could inflict such pain, what difference would a little music make? Although he did not know it, the music was working.

The women stood in the control room, right next to the bedroom where Robin now rested. The screen now showed a complete display of his body, showing the nanites and the work that they were doing. They were now only clustered in the brain, working on the memory centers.

"Well, that went better than I hoped." Catwoman said. "He remembers but as someone else. Have you completed the rest of the programming?"

"Yes, the balance of the changes will take place tonight while he, I mean she sleeps. By morning, thanks to the nanites and the hypno-music she will be a complete slut, ready to fuck anything that moves."

"Don't take it too far," Catwoman cautioned. "I want her a slut, but our slut. What about the fake memories?"

"They will upload that the same time as the slut program. By morning she will think that her name is Robin and that she likes playing dress up as a the boy wonder."

"Perfect, then let's get some sleep." Catwoman instructed. "Our nanites should be ready for our upgrade tonight as well."

The three women laughed and headed for their bedrooms.

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