tagLoving WivesRochelle's Transformation Ch. 02

Rochelle's Transformation Ch. 02


*** This is chapter 2 in the series - sorry for the delay. Please be patient since this is my first time that I have written ANY stories. I am not exactly sure of the outcome of this series, but I DO know that cuckolding is NOT going to be the outcome, so I am sorry if it will disappoint some. Thank you greatly to many of you who have pleaded with me to hurry up with more... :) Please enjoy & ANY comments are GREATLY appreciated (pros or cons)***


Chapter 2

"Are you coming hon?" Rochelle called out as she passed me on her way out the backdoor to the Thomas's backyard gym.

"I'll be there in a bit"

I decided a short rest on the couch was more my liking after a day's work. Besides, it was hot outside, and I was in no hurry to go exert energy in the neighbor's clubhouse gym which was probably sweltering. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the benefits of the exercise, but right now a brief time-out was what I needed.

Our agreement with the neighbors was working out great for all of us. We were afforded the benefit of using their home gym in exchange for their use of our pool. The idea was generously accepted by the Thomas's, and our relationship grew because of it. Ron and I discovered that we both enjoyed hitting the links when a free weekend morning was timed in advance. Laura and Rochelle discovered that they both enjoyed reading and sampling different wines while relaxing poolside. Trace became our personal trainer in the gym, and pushed us to our limits when we needed it. Man that kid has drive!

I was so glad that it was a Friday, and tomorrow our calendar was clear. If I played things right, there was this cute little brunette that just walked out our backdoor that I was hoping to bed tonight. All of the sudden I had this urge to go work out and get sweaty with her before we took a relaxing swim, and hopefully a casual evening of exploring each other's bodies. I started getting stiff just thinking about the possibilities.

Ever since we started exercising six months ago, our sex life has gotten even better; if that's possible. I lost about 8 pounds; breaking the 200 pound barrier, and went from a size 37 to 36 waist. Rochelle lost 15 1/2 pounds, two dress sizes, and had much more energy now that she was right around 155 pounds. We really do contribute it to our "lifestyle" adjustment as Trace puts it; exercise, and eating better. Losing the weight fast is not the objective - making it last is.

Realizing this was going to be an interesting evening, I got up from the couch to get into my gym clothes and go workout with my wife. The outlook for the evening was taking on a life of its own in my mind. Since we've been at this for about six months, I thought we should celebrate as far as reaching an unstated goal. Maybe we could go to a concert in LA, or head up to San Francisco for the art expo; something. Rochelle may want to start setting goals that would reward us for our hard dedication to our lifestyle adjustment. I was very proud of her, especially for sticking to it, and not giving up.

As I headed out the backdoor to cross over to the Thomas's gym, I heard splashing in the pool.

"Hi Tom" it was Laura taking a cooling dip.

"Hi Laura, I was just following my wife over to your gym. As always, I'm a little bit behind her."

"Yes, I have noticed that she really seems to be motivated at losing weight. We talked about it yesterday when we were having our 'girls reading circle'. You must be very proud of her."

"I am"

"She told me that she wants to trim down and stay sexy for you."

"Well, whether she loses the weight or not, she will always be sexy in my eyes."

"Huh, can you tell that to Ron?" she said with a giggle. "That's what Rochelle said too. You are a one of a kind husband Tom; accepting your wife no matter what her weight is."

"I love her for who she is - not because of her dress size. If she wants to do it for herself, I just become the beneficiary of her hard work."

"Well, she's one lucky lady that's for sure."

"Have a nice swim Laura, I'm gonna go head over and get sweaty while you stay cool."

"Thanks again Tom."

I crossed the yard to the out building that was the gym in their backyard. I heard music coming from the building as I approached it and realized that Rochelle must be in her cardio phase of her workout.

Entering the gym was the way that I thought it would be - HOT. Rochelle was concentrating on her workout that was an aerobic kickboxing routine that Trace designed for her. She was in a full sweat when I started stretching to warm-up.

"Damn babe, you are hot when you do that exercise! I just love watching the 'girls' do their bouncing with you" I said sheepishly expecting a smile from my wife. What I did get from her was raised eyebrows and big eyes as she continued her routine. She wanted to smile, but brought her finger to her lips as to sshhhhh. Huh?

At that moment Trace came around the corner, and had the smirk on his face I was expecting on my wife's.

I immediately apologized. "I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to be here with open ears to a comment intended for my wife."

"Don't apologize Mr. Hunter, she IS your wife after all, and you didn't know anyone else was here. You SHOULD be encouraging her! She deserves it! Actually both of you do."

"Thanks Trace. We definitely have benefitted from your pushing us" we both looked on at Rochelle still bouncing away. "Gotta admit, even with you here, she's gettin' a smokin' hot body!"

"That she does!"

At Trace's comment, my eyes shifted from her 'girls' to her face, and there was that naughty wicked smile that comes when she's ready to make love.

"Thanks guys! That means a lot to me."

"You're welcome" we both replied in unison.

Trace sauntered over to the free weights to work out while I started on the stepper. Rochelle continued with her aerobics until the music was over, then grabbing a towel, came over to rest in the chair beside the machine I was on. She was exhausted and flushed, but wearing a terrific smile.

"You're going to start cooling down while I work up my routine?" I asked.

"Yes....(breath)...I need to bring it down...(breath)...and call it a day.."

"I'm proud of you babe! You are so dedicated, and I don't care if he heard me about your girls. I'm proud of my wife, and what she's done for herself." Then in a quieter voice, I said "Speaking of the 'girls', maybe they'd like to come to the party tonight."

"Party?..(breath). What party?"

"The one we need to have as a celebration (breath).."

"What do you mean?"

"For all the hard work..(breath)..that we've been putting in. I think we should have some kind of celebration or reward..(breath).."

"Awww...that's sweet of you Tom. Maybe the 'girls' would like to come out for the party tonight. Where's the party going to be?"

"I think we could start off with..(breath)..a cool down in the pool...(huff)... then transfer the preliminaries into the ...(huff)...bedroom or kitchen for the real fun."

A sexy grin crossed her face as she toweled the back of her neck and then teasingly rubbed her large globes together to force a massive crease of cleavage towards my face. Then she winked at me. My member stirred in my shorts as I looked first into her eyes, and then at her magnificent breasts. I saw that her nipples started to harden against her lycra bodysuit.

"Little help" came a call from across the room.

We both looked, and saw Trace benching some weights and needed a spotter. Rochelle had gained her breath by now, and I was in a full rhythm on the stepper.

"I've got ya" she called to him as she crossed the room. Her beautiful 'slimmed down' ass swaying incredibly as she approached him, my cock becoming longer and thicker as I stared at her.

Rochelle took her position at Trace's head being ready to help out if his extensions struggled to set the bar back on the holder. He really was in no danger; he was working with the smaller weight set, but looking to do more reps for toning. Listen to me; I actually understand some of this jargon.

I concentrated on my breathing as I hit my working level of my cardio work, and now it was my time to sweat. I'd have eight more minutes at this level before I could start my cool down. I had nothing better to do but watch Rochelle stand over Trace and be his spotter. Yeah, I think a trip to LA might be a great present to each other for our efforts. Man, does she look hot since she's shed some weight. The 'girls' are still intact and gorgeous, and haven't lost a beat where the rest of her body has started to tone up well. Just watching her from my vantage point, kept my cock in a semi-hard state; it was almost like we were in foreplay already. My cock being semi stiff, and her nipples continuing to harden and push out her outfit.....then I realized that she was standing directly over Trace's head. Wow, that kid must have quite the view; shapely legs covered by thin poly/lycra shorts just inches from his face drawing up to her enticing pussy, and 36DDD's jutting out from above with nipples rising like pencil erasers.

Trace kept going with his reps slowly, and Rochelle leaned in a little bit to ask if he was okay.

"Doing great, thanks..(breath)" he replied with a huge smile.

Rochelle stood back up in her position and started to sway her hips from side to side unwittingly, but I don't think it was lost on Trace. I noticed his eyes surveying her body like I was just a second ago. I then noticed that Trace was thoroughly enjoying her show by the sizeable bulge that was forming in his frumpy workout shorts. Granted, pretty much any guy being in the position he was in would start to get wood too. I looked back to Rochelle and saw that she was looking in the same direction I just was; at the lump forming in Traces shorts. That too would be a normal reaction for any female if placed in her position; but she was staring intently as she continued her swaying from side to side. It was only a few seconds, but she broke her stare and looked over at me realizing that her naughty eyes were caught in front of her husband. Funny thing is that we both smiled at each other, and winked almost simultaneously. Hey, it was just inadvertent happenstance brought on by sweaty half-dressed bodies.

I had about 3 more minutes left on the machine, and was working up a good sweat-and heavy breathing. Once I started my cool down, I was planning on doing some crunches for my ab workout, and call it a day.

Trace returned the barbells to their resting position without needing much assistance from my wife, and lay on the bench for a rest as Rochelle walked over to the machine to do butterflies. That machine always surprised me for the versatility of exercises you can do on it. With a bench seat, you could work arms, back, abs, legs...and pretty much anything in between.

My time was up on the stepper and I started to reign it in from the all out pace I was pushing to a slower jog just to bring my heart rate back into the stratosphere. Whew; I was wet with sweat.

Trace sat up from the bench, and grabbed a towel as he dried himself off. "I'm going to do some more stretches, and then call it a day for the gym. You guys good?"

"I'm just going to do some abs work..(breath)..and then go for a swim. It's nothing..(breath)..that you haven't shown me how to do before, so I'm good."

I dismounted, grabbed my towel and went to the padded floor area close to where Rochelle was using the machine.

"Mrs. Hunter?"

She was working the arms of the machine back and forth causing her 'girls' to really standout every time she moved. "Really? Mrs. Hunter? Come on Trace, its Rochelle. You know better than that.." came her reply with a smirk "..and no, thanks for the offer."

"Okay" he acknowledged as he moved over to the cool down area that had a full walled mirror on it.

"Do you have a big date tonight?" my wife tried prying as she kept up her workout.

"Nah, we broke up last week"

"Awwww, really? Amy seemed so sweet!"

Trace pulled off his shirt which was damp from perspiration, threw it on the floor, and proceeded to take off his shoes. "She is. It's just better that we back off and go the friend route."

I was doing my abs work by forming a 'V' out of my body and balancing to keep my torso pulling towards my legs - very exhausting; as I observed the interchange between my wife and Trace. She was on my left, and Trace was almost directly in front of us standing in front of the mirror with just his frumpy grey knit sweat pants that were cutoff just above the knees.

"The old 'friends route' is always a suspicious term. Do you mind if I ask if it was Amy's initiating this 'friends route' recommendation or was it your decision?"

Looking at his own body in the mirror as he stretched was something Trace did religiously, all the while talking to Rochelle. "Well, it was kind of mutual, but yes, I guess you could say that she was the one who initiated it."

"That's terrible! What is wrong with her?! I'm sorry for getting so personal, but from what Tom and I have gotten to know about you, I can't see why she would want to break up." Rochelle finished her work, and was just sitting on the bench toweling off.

"It's okay" he said with a somewhat defeated tone to his voice as he continued his stretches.

I wasn't going to last much longer doing this ab workout it wears me out.

His stretches and flexing caused me to really take a look at this young man. He was very much 'the boy next door' type, but for a 20 year old, had a soft side too him. Soft on the inside and hard on the outside - shredded was more like it. His muscles were clearly defined, not huge like a body builder, just very much in shape - everywhere.

I did one more extension while holding my breath - make this one burn, and you're done.

"Well, I know you say it's okay, but we feel badly for you. We'll plan something to help cheer you up for all of the advice, direction and encouragement you've given Tom and me these past six months."

A smile crossed his face as he continued to stare at himself in the mirror. "Really, it's not a big deal, you two have helped me see that I could really be a personal trainer. I would love to get into that line of work, and as I watch the two of you stick to your plans AND tone up, that in itself is all the reward I need" he said as he looked in our direction breaking his self absorption in the mirror briefly.

I exhaled and released my hold position. I'm done! Breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling to try and recover.

"Well, thanks for the compliments, and you ARE a fantastic trainer, but we won't take no for an answer young man." I saw my wife looking at me out of the corner of my eye.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, and it was quiet. My breath was coming back to normal when I heard some rustling from Trace's direction. I opened my eyes and sat up. Rochelle was still sitting on the machine bench, totally recovered from her workout, and looking first at me, and then over at Trace.

Trace was still stretching, I guess, but it was more or less inspecting / flexing for his own enjoyment in the mirror. I guess we guys have a tendency to do that, who am I kidding? We all do it, but usually in private. Trace on the other hand, seemed to either block out that we were there, or didn't care. It was very peculiar. We've worked out before, and knew that this was a normal ritual for him, but this time we were all done with our workouts, and my wife and I were just sitting there watching him expose his body in different stances. I felt kind of weird, but wasn't sure why.

Trust me, no matter what kind of person you are, or gender for that matter - when someone who is handsome or beautiful is enjoying their bodies - it's a turn-on. I'm not gay, or bi and never had any inclinations towards men, but I can honestly say that Trace has a physique that is amazing. To deny that seeing a person of the same sex who has an exquisite physique is hard to say that you are repulsed. The human body is a very inspiring thing.

My wife and I continued to sit there and watch as he did this 'dance' in front of us. I looked over at my wife, and she only looked my direction because she saw my head move. A very, VERY naughty smile crossed her angelic face as she then mouthed the words "Oh MY GOD!" to our show. She is wicked when she gets in her moods; and I love them!!

"Hey Trace, I think we're gonna go shower off, and then have a relaxing evening by the pool. If you are bored, and want something to do, we'll be having some grilled chicken for dinner, and you are more than welcomed to join us" I offered as I stood up & stretched my hand towards Rochelle to come along.

Even if he was in a trance watching himself, he seemed to have heard what I offered. "Thanks Mr. H. I don't have anything planned, and I was just going to play HALO, so is it okay if I get back to you in a bit? I'm still not sure I'm up to being 'cheered' up."

"Sure, it's an open invite."

"Should I ask my folks if they'd like to come along?"

"Uh, your Mom was in the pool right before I got here, so I doubt she'll want to come back later. Why don't we just make the offer to you? Let's pass on the offer to your parents for this one" I said as Rochelle and I grabbed our things to head home.

"Alright, Thanks. I'll give you a call in about an hour or so to let you know. Would that be okay?"

"Hey, if you don't show, all that will happen is that we'll have a leftover piece of chicken. Call if you want, or just show up, we're good with either."

Rochelle and I left and walked towards our house to hit the shower. Laura was just getting out of the pool as we came into our yard.

"The water is beautiful!" she yelled to us as she grabbed her towel and started drying off.

"No need to get out because of us Laura, we're just going in to wash the exercise off" Rochelle replied with a smile.

We both redirected our paths from the house to the pool so that we could talk to Laura instead of yell.

"Seriously" I piped in "you shouldn't get out on our behalf."

"No, no, I needed to get out. What time is it anyway?"

"Not sure; maybe around six or six thirty why?"

"Well, Ron and I have plans to meet with friends in San Francisco this weekend, and he wanted to get going before it got too late. I know it doesn't take that long, but he wants to make sure we're in our hotel before ten."

"Fantastic. I was thinking of a trip there myself for Rochelle and my reward for keeping up with this exercise stuff"

Rochelle courteously excused herself; "I'm sorry to run because I really want to get in that shower, but Laura, you and Ron have a safe and fun trip. We'll have to catch up about it when we have our next 'reading circle' okay?" as she headed towards our house.

"That's fine sweetheart, I'll let you know how the trip went once we get back"

Laura is in her early to mid fifties, and is in fabulous shape. I would guess she's about 5' 5", 130 pounds, and all curves. She carried a very respectable set of boobs herself, not quite the set that my wife has, but very nice from what I could tell. 34C's maybe?

"So, is there any particular place that you are visiting while you're there Laura?"

"Well, nothing in particular. We will definitely get to the wharf, and Ron would be beside himself if he didn't go to an A's game, so he and Fred are going tomorrow afternoon while Beth and I will more than likely go to Chinatown."

"Friends from..."

"Oh, friends from our old neighborhood in Sacramento."

"Great. Has it been a long time since you've seen them?"

"Yes. We've always stayed in touch on the phone and emails, but we haven't actually done anything together in years!"

"Well, that sounds like a great time. Let me know if there are any interesting things you come across that might interest us. Like I said, I wanted to plan a trip, but was trying to decide between LA and San Francisco."

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