tagLoving WivesRochelle's Transformation Ch. 03

Rochelle's Transformation Ch. 03


Chapter 3

I was still trying to figure out what was starting to take place in my wife and my relationship with the advent of our trainer Trace. Call me suspicious, or paranoid, but I felt that I was watching my lovely wife become infatuated with our young neighbor.

After hanging up the phone and agreeing to have him over for dinner and relaxing, I headed back to the shower. Rochelle was finishing drying off from her shower, and looked intently at herself in the mirror - inspecting her changing body.

"Looking good there babe!" I stepped into the tub and drew the curtain.

"Think so?"

"Absolutely! I always thought you did - it's just firmer now. And a lot sexier!" I spoke louder due to the shower running.

"Oh, I don't know. I still feel fat, but I AM noticing the difference since we started taking better care of ourselves and exercising."

"You will always be perfect in my eyes - no matter what you look like."

"That's so sweet! I love you Tom, but you're just saying that because we're married - and you know that I'll put out because of your endearing words."

"Believe what you want - but it's true."

"So, are we still having dinner poolside tonight?" she queried.

"That's the plan. Are you good with that?"

"Sure. Did Trace say he was joining us?"

"He did...." I drew it out longer as if I was asking a question.


"Why the sudden interest in his joining us?"

"Oh nothing, I was just curious if he said he could or couldn't make it for dinner."

"He said he decided to take us up on the offer."

"Good," there seemed to be a grin attached to that response.

"Good? ....... Implying?" I kept trying to dig.

"Good that he doesn't have to be alone since his parents are going away and his girlfriend recently dumped him, so I think it would be good for him to get that out of his mind."

"Fair enough....and that's it?"

"What else would I mean by it?"

"Never mind - it's just paranoia on my part."

"Paranoia? Like you're jealous of him? Seriously?!!"

I shut off the water and drew the curtain "Well, yeah. Didn't we just talk about it when you were


"Honey...awe, that's so sweet, but you don't need to be jealous. That whole interaction at the gym was totally spontaneous, and there is no way a 20 year old would be interested in a woman that's close to his mom's age!"

"Uh, yeah"

"What does that mean?"

"You are thinking with your heart, and not like a guy. I was 20 yrs old at one point too."

"What, you had the hots for one of your friend's moms?"

"As a matter of fact, I don't even think I was 20, maybe 17, and yes, Sean's mom was HOT!!!"


"You're just assuming that because you're on the older end of the equation that he wouldn't be

interested. Granted, it wouldn't be on the relational level that women so much dream about, just sheer hormones from his perspective."

There was a long pause as if she was trying to digest it.

"So, are you going to tell me that you NEVER had a crush on one of your friend's dads, or maybe you babysat for someone where the husband was a hunk?"

"Well..." she finally admitted.

"See? And you're going to tell me that it was LOVE?"

"Okay, I see your point. But there is no WAY that Trace is like that."

I smiled and laughed out loud "SURE..."

We both agreed to let it go as we got dressed. I hurried to fire up the grill, and get dinner started. Rochelle readied the table by the pool; all three place settings. This was going to be a

relaxing weekend with my wife.

"So, where do you want to go for our reward?" I asked as I flipped the chicken.

"I've always wanted to go to LA to tour the photography galleries they have there."

"Hmm. I may even enjoy that myself. Why don't you start looking at which ones you'd like to visit, and we'll plan a trip within the next month or two?"

"That would be awesome!" as she beamed with delight.

"Hello." The call came from across the yard.

We both looked and saw Trace walking towards us from his house.

"Welcome," we said in unison.

"Your timing is perfect for dinner." I removed both chicken and vegetables from the grill and on to the serving tray.

"I brought along a bottle of Merlot. I hope it's the right kind." He handed it to Rochelle.

"You didn't have to do this," she said as she took the bottle from him and gently grasped his arm with the other hand.

"It's only proper."

"Quite the gentleman there Mr. Trace," I said as we all headed towards the table to eat our luscious dinner. "Please, take a seat, and we can dig in."

"Thank you."

Dinner was awesome; both the food and the conversation. Trace is soft spoken and he's

got a good head on his shoulders. I was impressed with his demeanor and courtesy. It was the first

time that we got to spend some personal time with him away from the gym. Not that we didn't know

him in a personal setting; it was usually when he was with his girlfriend Amy that we got to know him. We asked him about school, what his plans were for his future, hobbies other than the gym, and then Rochelle had to go there.....

"So, I'm sorry if I was too pushy in the gym, but I was just curious as to why Amy decided to reclassify your relationship to 'just friends'?"

"Uumm. Well...," he looked at her first, and then at me, "I'm not sure I completely understand myself."

"That's terrible. She didn't actually tell you why?"

"Yes and no."

"What? So what was it that she did say?"

I decided I should jump in, "Hey babe, look, let's just let it go. I can see that it's too uncomfortable for...." I was cut short mid sentence by Trace.

"No, it's okay," he said moving forward on his seat.

"Trace, honey, it's okay. Tom's right, we don't need to pry. Besides, tonight was supposed to be getting your mind OFF of it, not scrutinizing your relationship. Women just always want to know." She placed her hand on top of his. I noticed that her hand, which is relatively small to begin with, was dwarfed by his huge mitt. Hmmm....I never realized his hands were so large.

"It's okay Mrs. Hunter, I should talk about it."

"Not until I clean off the table and break open that wine," she said with a glimmer in her eyes.

We all stood up and took our respective dinnerware into the kitchen, opened the wine, and poured a glass for each of us. Casually we strolled back to the pool, and each one of us reclined on a lounge while our conversation continued.

"So, as much as I thought we were getting along, she said that it wasn't working for her. She really liked me, and we had fun together, but ...." his voice trailed off as he searched for the right words. "It's just that when we became intimate, it wasn't right. God, this IS kind of embarrassing."

"Awe, sweetie, I think I understand. It's just that she felt things were going too fast, and she wanted to wait for marriage or something like that?"

"No......not quite." He shifted in his seat.

"Okay, now I am TOTALLY lost."

"We were fine; or so I thought. It's just that when we tried physically it didn't work."

Both Rochelle and I looked at each other pretty much realizing what Trace said without saying it. I replied back to him for both of us.

"Okay Trace, I think we understand, but my question is; was Amy a virgin?" I shifted in my seat.

A chuckle escaped from him. "No. She wasn't a virgin."

I laughed out loud. "Weeellll, ....okay then. Anyone want some more wine?" as I took the bottle to fill my own glass. Trace held out his glass but quickly diverted his eyes from me, knowing that I understood that he truly was gifted in the cock department. That was different; he blushed like he was embarrassed by the revelation. I smiled back and gave him a wink as I refilled his glass. I guess what Rochelle said earlier in the shower was just confirmed by the owner himself.

"Babe, would you like some more?"

Rochelle was daydreaming when she looked up at me and smiled holding out her glass. "Yes please."

I sat back down in my lounge chair, and everyone all of the sudden had absolutely nothing to say. We just all stared at the pool, and smiled at each other courteously. It was a tense environment; we realized what had just transpired.

Rochelle broke the ice. "So Trace, what do you have planned for your weekend since mom and dad are out of town?"

"Nothing really."

"No big party with friends or anything?"


There was another lull in our conversation as no one seemed to know what to say. The sun had about another hour or so before it went beyond the horizon, and I thought a relaxing swim was a good idea.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I think I'm gonna cool off in the pool for a bit before the sun sets."

"That sounds good babe."

"I guess I could head home now and leave you two with a nice evening all to yourselves."

We all stood up to go but Rochelle answered, "I thought you said you didn't have any plans?"

"I don't."

"So you don't WANT to go swimming?"

"I just don't want to intrude."

We looked at each other, and shrugged to see if it was okay. I wasn't bothered by his joining us - hell, if my wife gets fired up by staring at a hunk, and takes it out on MY cock - all the better for me right?

"You're not intruding at all. Wasn't our offer for dinner and a swim?" Rochelle queried.

"I don't remember"

"Well, we're going in to get changed, and you can meet us back out here when you're changed too."

"You're sure?"

"Trace, we better hurry up before the sun sets, and it starts getting colder. We offered, and you're more than welcome to join us" I piped in to reassure him.


And we all went to our respective houses to get changed. Rochelle and I headed to our bedroom to get on our swimsuits, and I could tell that she was almost giddy as she removed her sundress.

"Goodness Mrs. Hunter, you sure seem excited about something"

"Oh Tom... would you stop?"

"What? You don't like being teased?" as I removed my clothes and grabbed my trunks.

"This is ALL just a tease" as she was now naked and reaching for her one-piece suit. Wow, did she look radiant; her nipples became erect and I could make out small goose bumps on her skin.

Slipping on my trunks and heading to the bathroom to grab our towels, I stopped right in front of her and could smell her scent. There is an amazing smell that she gives off when she becomes sexually excited. It's intoxicating. I stood there watching her place her feet through the leg holes of her suit, and got an even stronger waft of her scent. My cock was like a lightning rod that lengthened in seconds.

"Teasing me?" I said as she stood up to pull her suit up over her torso. Her nipples continuing to increase in length and hardness - just like my cock.

"Teasing everyone" she grinned as she gave her 'girls' a hard squeeze together before stuffing them into the last part of her suit.

"You better stop that before we never make it out to that pool. Look what you're doing to me!" I pointed to my trunks tenting out.

"Mmmmm...that looks tasty."

I approached her, wrapped my arms around her waist, and drew her into my body. I could feel her hardened nipples through her suit on my chest. She returned the embrace by wrapping her arms around my neck and closing her eyes, leaned forward to kiss me with an opened mouth. Our lips and tongues entwined each others as I ground my rock hard cock into her pussy; dry-humping like high school kids. Moans escaping from both of us.

I reached up and pulled her suit back down from her shoulder to reveal her left breast. Just as I engulfed her massive globe, and broke our kiss to take her sensitive nipple into my mouth, she let out a guttural moan and stiffened with a shiver. Did she just have an orgasm? I continued tickling her rock hard nipple with my tongue until the quaking subsided all the while grinding my cock against her crotch.

She grabbed my chin and brought it back up so that she could look me in the eye as her breathing was short and rapid. "You have to stop....(whew)...this right now.....(huh)" another quake as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. She was absolutely in a mind altering state. I felt a hot dampness on my groin through my swim trunks- yes; that was in fact an orgasm she had from just dry humping and my sucking her left nipple.

"Damn babe, you are absolutely on FIRE!!" I pressed my hard cock into her as I grabbed her ass and pressed as hard as I could.

"Oooohhhh.... no..... noo...." she said as she tried to push me back from her. "Tom....please, I so DESPERATELY want to be filled by you, but we just insisted that our neighbor join us for the evening...(whew).. and as much as I'd love to fuck your brains out right now, can we just keep this thought until we've sent our guest home?"

"God you are such a tease!! Shit!" as I released my hold of her hips and ass. I absolutely love when she cums, but here I was standing here with blue balls.

She fell back on the bed to recover from her orgasm, and try to either stave me off, or just say screw Trace, and fuck me. She looked intently at my stiff cock that was still straining against my trunks, then closed her eyes and exhaled. "No.....we have to be considerate guests - please Tom, we can continue this tonight - God you are so hot and fucking hard."

I looked towards the ceiling and then closed my eyes. God, how does she do this to me?? "You drive me insane woman! I can't believe you would leave me just standing here like this" trying to play on her sympathy.

"Tom, please.... you know I want to, but we promised Trace that he was to come back to swim."

"So, let him swim by himself until we're done"

She looked at me with those deep brown eyes that make my knees weak. "Okay, here is my promise; let's go out for our swim, and after we call it a night with him, you can do whatever you want with me for the whole weekend."

"Oh man!!" as I closed my eyes and tried to slow the desire burning in my loins. It was going to take a minute or two for this wood to subside. "I swear you have turned into a tease."

"You say that like it's a bad thing....."

"Okay, okay, I promise to back off, but ONLY until our visitor goes home."

"Thanks babe" she said as she sat up and resituated herself into her bathing suit.

I headed to the bathroom to take a leak, but more importantly to splash some cold water on myself to try to kill the hard-on that she created.

"I'm going to head out to the pool in case our guest arrives" as she grabbed our towels and briskly headed back to the pool.

It only took me about five minutes to cool my jets, but it was enough time to hear the muffled voices of my bride and our neighbor's son in the back yard. We were almost out of the wine that Trace brought for dinner, so I headed to the kitchen to retrieve a fresh bottle of Shiraz for us all. After opening it, I headed out to the pool.

Rochelle and Trace entered the pool as I approached, she in her aqua colored one-piece, and Trace in his lime green trunks. Rochelle then slunk down and pushed off to glide across the water and swim the length of the pool. Trace was splashing water onto his arms to get ready to go under; all the while watching her move through the water. Her beautiful ass was visible as she kicked her way through the water.

"Anyone for a refill?"

"No thanks" Trace replied as he stretched out his arms and went headlong under water; heading towards the deep end.


Rochelle came to a stop at the edge of the deep end and held on, wiping her eyes to see. "What?"

"I said; would you like a refill?"

"Maybe in a bit. I want to do just a few laps first."

"Sounds good"

They swam lengths of the pool as I sat on the lounge and took a few sips from my glass. I truly did love my wife, and we had a solid relationship, but here she was seemingly becoming infatuated with a kid who was some 14 or 15 years her junior. Was it my imagination gone awry? Even though I had a sarcastic tone and jested with her about it, it seemed that my feelings were being affected; hurt. Why was I starting to go down this road? I didn't want to share my wife with anyone else! Jealousy was starting to take root.

She was the first one out of the pool, and coming towards me looking for a towel. I drank in her form as she walked towards me, and I had to smile. Perfect in my eyes; all 150 pounds or so of her. Her curves were stunning! I grabbed her towel, and stood up to greet her. Opening the towel and welcoming her into it while wrapping my arms around her and giving her a signature hug. We stood there, my holding her close from behind, facing the pool as Trace swam a few more laps.

"Love you sweetheart."

"Love you too Tom."

"Not sure why, but I'm feeling at bit uneasy about this whole thing."

"What whole thing?" she said as she broke my hug to look at me.

"You know; Trace saying that he's hung like a horse, and you getting giddy around him."

"Oh, babe....it's nothing for you to concern yourself about. Really. I love ONLY you, and no one else."

"But you sure seem to get horny as hell when he's around."

Rochelle grabbed my face and deeply looked into my eyes "Tom Hunter; you stop this right now. Earlier you told me that you had the hots for one of your friend's mom when you were a teen, but it was lust not love, right?"


"Well, I don't think Trace finds me attractive, but even if he did, it would just be the hots...not love right?"

"Maybe, maybe not."

"Maybe not - only because I'm YOUR wife - everyone else seems to be ambiguous. Your friend's mom had a husband you know - and he probably saw you ogling her."

She did make me think about Mr. Good, and if he did ever catch me just gazing at her. Man, she

had amazing tits, and she wasn't shy about flaunting them either!

"Okay, I believe you, and you're right - it probably isn't love. It still doesn't make me feel any better knowing that my wife is actually getting hot over a young stud."

This time there was a longer pause.

Gazing at my chest, running her nails across my belly and up to my chest then looking me in the eye said "Okay, I have to admit, it's NOT love Tom, but more curiosity on my part. I do find him attractive, and the whole big cock thing really intrigues me. Hell, it would intrigue any woman."

"Intrigues? That's it?"

"Well, didn't your friend's mom intrigue you? Didn't you ever want to see her naked?"

"Sure - especially her boobs."

"See? It's the same thing."

"So, I always thought the visual thing was a 'guy' thing, and women were interested in the


"True, but when a woman sees that she actually is the cause of a man's erection, the visual is

definitely a turn-on."

"And this all happened just today?"

"Yep, just when I volunteered to spot him at the bench press."


"I never would have thought a thing, until I saw his cock stir while I was spotting him."

"And it turned you on?"

"Uhh... yeah!" and out came that broad smile that would knock anyone dead.

We both noticed that the splashing water stopped. We turned, and watched as Trace exited the shallow end of the pool to retrieve his towel. He wiped his hair from his face and out of his eyes. I studied him as he walked towards us and saw that his years of working out made him into what most people would consider a California dream boy; tall, V-shaped upper body, broad shoulders, square jaw, and muscular legs. I had been avoiding this for awhile, but I guess it was now time to see if I could make out this big dick of

his. Fortunately for us, a swimsuit is the best way to check out someone's body without them actually being naked in front of you.

My gaze shifted to his groin of the lime green trunks. Sure enough, there was the beast he previously stated he owned. It was true. His flesh tube extended down the left leg of his shorts a good couple of inches, and he was still soft. Wow, some guys are just lucky I guess. I broke my staring, and slowly looked over to my bride.

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