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By day I write about garden fetes, charity functions and occasionally fashion updates for a regional newspaper but by night I'm a freelance Rock music journalist writing for a number of national magazines and website. It's certainly not all glamour but I get into venues for free and more often than not use my feminine charms to get free drinks most nights.

I'm Emma; 24 about 5ft 4 tall, elfin faced with a short boyish hair-cut, 32b boobs, flat stomach and an arse you can bounce stones off. It's not vain; but I'm usually described as cute; but I have a dark side too.

Two weeks ago I was 'clock watching' in the office when I received a text from a magazine in London - 'Can you cover a secret gig near you on Friday? All expenses paid.'

"Hell yes!" I thought without caring who the band or singer was; as I really, really wanted to work for this publication.

A couple of e-mails later I established that the gig was a 'homecoming' for the legendary Joe Carroll and The Following; who were videoing a show at a small theatre about 30 miles from where I live and the first choice writer had been taken ill; and the Editor had been impressed with a couple of my latest reviews so wanted me to cover the gig; plus they had already booked a hotel room and were offering 'expenses' and a decent sum for my 500 word review. I was in, in a heartbeat.

I left work early on the Friday and caught the train to the town where the gig was; arriving in plenty of time to walk to the hotel and get changed into my Rock Chick attire. An hour later my phone beeped just as I was applying my last coat of red lip-gloss; it was the photographer who was in the bar waiting for me.

With a cheeky grin in the mirror I adjusted my pink bra one last time and liked what I saw; black suede 2 inch high heeled ankle boots with studs and zips, black wet look leggings that emphasized my shapely legs and pert arse cheeks, a slashed Rolling Stones Tongue vest that showed my pink bra and cleavage all topped off with my battered motorcycle jacket.

The hotel bar was quite busy but a huge bear of a man in washed out Levis, a check shirt that had seen better days under a leather waistcoat, with a well-manicured beard and grey hair pulled back into a ponytail pointed at me as if his was shooting a handgun; "Emma?"

"Yep." I smiled, trying to look innocent; but failing miserably, "Ryan?"

"Yep." He smiled, "Lily said you are on expenses; yes?"

"I think so?" I stammered, "Why?"

"Get a couple of drinks in then sweetheart." He suggested as he gently guided me to the bar, "a couple of JD and Cokes will do. The taxi is due in 15 minutes."

I ordered our drinks on my room tab and we introduced ourselves as I gulped my first one down. Ryan towered over me as we chatted; looking something like George Clooney's wayward younger brother might.

In the taxi Ryan explained what would be expected of me and how things would operate; first we would make ourselves known and be given wrist bands before going to a VIP room and bar.

At the venue Ryan ushered me past the excited queue of immaculately dressed 'Followers' and as he said who we were, we were given luminous wristbands that would get us into a VIP area with the free bar, which he intended to take full advantage of.

In the bar Ryan seemed to know everyone and introduced me to quite a few names and faces that I recognised. After half an hour a gorgeous woman called Debra took him into the back room to meet the band; leaving me to mingle and have another free drink.

Soon Debra came back and told me that my presence had been requested backstage. Puzzled I followed as people parted like the Red Sea.

Once I was through a heavily guarded door Ryan greeted me with a big grin on his face and held my head as he whispered,

"Have you got a recorder on you?"

"No," I said as I fumbled in my bag "but my phone lets me record stuff."

"Great, I know these lads, and they owe me a favour, so how do you fancy interviewing Joe?"

"Shit!" I gasped as my jaw hit my chest. "Of course."

"That will impress Auntie Lily won't it?" he chuckled. Lily was the editor of the magazine and a bit of a legend in her own lifetime who I was desperate to impress.

Ryan then guided me through the packed crowd until I saw the devilishly handsome lead singer, who was surrounded by the band who were sitting around chatting, drinking and fiddling with guitars.

"Aha." Joe Carroll stood up to greet me; "you are even more beautiful than Ryan described. Can I get you a drink?"

I couldn't believe that the legendary Rock God was talking to ME! I asked for a white wine and went into auto-pilot asking about the concert and stuff until the normally reclusive singer gave me an exclusive about the release of their new album and the possibility of a solo project in the New Year. My heart was racing as Carroll talked to me as if I was a Pulitzer Prize Winning journalist.

After about 20 minutes Debra came up to him and tapped her watch; "It's nearly show time honey." The raven haired singer smiled. "See you after the show?"

"Sure." Was all I could mutter as my mouth was as dry as sandpaper? He then leant forward and kissed me on the cheek.

I was still in a daze when Ryan proffered another glass of wine as we were guided back to the VIP room with his hand on the small of my back again.

"That go well?" The giant photographer enquired; but already knew the answer.

"Fucking Hell!" I sighed; "What the fuck just happened there?"

Ryan smiled and shrugged his shoulders; "you will think of a way to repay me." Then he disappeared with his camera bag swinging over his shoulder.

In the VIP room I could feel all eyes were on me; partly because of my sexy outfit and partly because everyone knew I'd just got the scoop of the year.

I was talking to a guy from the record label, called Mike who couldn't take his eyes from my boobs, when Debra said we needed to file into the VIP viewing area, as the band were coming on stage in five minutes. Mike grabbed up some bottles of beer and we were ushered to a balcony that overlooked the stage.

The band came onstage to a cacophony of noise and flashing lights and blasted through their first single at break neck speed. As I scribbled notes I was aware Mike was standing right behind me and was pressing against my arse. Feeling deliciously naughty I wiggled my hips; which made a bump grow in his nether regions.

After the obligatory three songs Ryan looked up to where I was standing and gave a little wave before making his way from the front of the stage and upstairs to see me again.

"Scuse me, mate." I heard Ryan firmly say to Mike; "I think that's my place you are standing in."

"Oh, sorry." Mike whimpered as he immediately moved away through some people crammed next to me.

"Was he bothering you?" Ryan whispered and chuckled as he picked up a new beer that Mike had left at my feet.

"Quite the opposite." I giggled as he handed me a beer and placed a foot against the wall to my left and a hand on the rail; boxing me in. The band were on fire; and now I had Ryan pressing against me in the sweaty confined space; making me even randier if that was possible. My hands were full with a notepad, pen and beer bottle; so when Ryan put his huge hand on my hip I was powerless to stop him; even if I'd wanted to.

Soon I was dancing in the confined space which meant I was accidentally pressing backwards against Ryan, who began slowly rubbing my stomach under my vest. When I didn't instantly complain I felt a thumb accidentally brush against the underside of my boob; again with no protestation Ryan was soon groping my boobs over my bra with 500 people only yards away from us and another 20 to my left; although all eyes were on the charismatic lead singer; leaving him to his own devices.

Ryan finished his beer and placed it on the floor which meant both hands were now free to do whatever he liked. Soon his second hand was on my other hip and his fingers were stroking the top of my thigh as he hooked his thumb inside the top of my leggings. He waited a minute or two but I continued scribbling notes and swigging beer; so he promptly slid his big hand inside my shiny wet look leggings and over the front of my tiny thong; making me bite my lip with excitement and anticipation.

As I was gyrating in time with the music Ryan was stroking my freshly shaved mound; then down to my puffed up pussy lips through my knickers; although they were so small they weren't protecting anything. In seconds he had popped a boob out of its cup at the same time as his finger see-sawed along my pussy.

"Fuck." I sighed and dropped my head to my chest; when his middle finger slowly began curling inside my sopping hole. Perhaps it was the drink or the excitement of being fingered in a crowded room but his digit felt as big as some of the dicks I'd had and when he began speeding up his finger-fucking he lifted me onto my tip-toes' making my scrunch my notepad in my hand as the other clung onto the metal rail to support myself.

As the band played on Ryan rolled my stiff nipple between his thumb and fore-finger as he forced his finger as deep as possible inside my hot twat. I was in some crazy sexual Heaven; getting fingered and titted by a virtual stranger in a packed room of over 500 people.

When the band finally played their biggest hit Ryan was rubbing the palm of his hand against my clit while his finger pumped up and down my bloated pussy; until I came just as they reached a crescendo in the song.

"Oh God...oh God." I gasped for breath as my orgasm made me collapse into his huge arms as the crowd went wild.

"Was that fun?" Ryan whispered as the crowd went mental at the end of the concert.

"Holy Fuck!" I sniggered, "that was fucking naughty."

"I think you need another drink." The photographer whispered as he slowly slid his finger out of my pulsating quim. "I know I do."

My legs were still shaking as we slowly filtered back into the VIP bar, where I was handed another large glass of wine.

Soon the band and girlfriends joined us; with Joe introducing me to his wife, which was a little bit embarrassing as she looked daggers at me and the twins Jacob and Luke who play guitar and bass. The mood was amazing as the gig had gone better than expected, I was still on a sexual high and Ryan appeared to be plotting to get inside my knickers as he kept an arm wrapped around my shoulder or hip; casually stroking my arse as the mood took him.

The twins were great fun too; very cheeky and promised to get me in touch with some amazing magazines.

As I finished my drink Debra announced that the bar was now closed; so Jacob suggested that the four of us go back to their hotel for a 'nightcap.'

The three men all seemed keen; so who was I to spoil the party?

A big black people carrier was waiting for the twins, but we had to slowly make our way through a group of hysterical 'Follower' fans before setting off for the hotel; which was over the road from the one I was staying in.

A pilfered bottle of brandy was handed around as the vehicle sped through the tight roads of the factory town. As soon as we arrived at the hotel Luke went to reception and ordered three bottles of champagne as Jacob led me to the lift with Ryan striding behind.

There was an excited nervousness in the mirrored lift but within seconds of entering the bedroom Jacob slid my jacket off and spun me towards him; his piercing baby blue eyes were twinkling as he kissed me; a long lingering kiss with his tongue swirling around in my mouth as his hands caressed my arse through my wet look leggings before I was passed to his identical twin and we kissed in exactly the same way as the brothers played with my tits and arse.

Eventually there was a knock on the door and Luke signed for the champagne as Jacob pulled my leggings down at the back to flash my tiny pink thong at the bellboy; as Ryan lay on the king size bed swigging from the brandy bottle and laughing at the scenario in front of him.

I had three seconds to decide whether to run for the hills; as it was obvious what was expected to happen. I smiled and took a long swig of cold champagne that Luke handed to me; before raising my eyebrows in Ryan's direction and giving him my naughtiest smile. He patted the bed beside him and nodded for me to join him; which I did; slowly clambering onto the bed and moving cat like towards him on all fours; knowing that the twins would be staring at my arse and prominent camel toe.

As Ryan handed me his bottle he slid his hand inside my vest and jiggled my aching boobs. The twins soon joined us and bottles were handed from man to man as my clothes were quickly dispensed with.

The laughing tattooed siblings were speedily caressing my tits and probing my pussy and tickling my arse hole as I rubbed each man's stiff dick in turn; before settling on Ryan's beast which was like a baby's arm squeezing a blood orange.

He lay back with one leg bent as I bobbed my head up and down sucking as much as possible; but hardly getting halfway down the shaft; while I tugged on the twins' cocks like a downhill skier while they yanked at my dangling tits and fingered my wanton pussy.

Eventually Jacob twisted me around and pulled my legs apart before kissing up from my knees to my quim where he gently licked the puffy labia before burying his face in my hairless quim; making me gasp while still sucking Ryan's huge cock.

He had obviously licked pussy before; because his tongue was like a windmill flicking and licking everything before it as he slipped two fingers into my dripping fanny.

"What about me?" Luke playfully pouted, "I want my cock sucked too!"

"Ok; give the lad a gobble." Ryan laughed as he pushed my head away; and got off the bed; "I need a piss anyway." The pretty twin quickly slid into the photographers place and guided my face to his cock; which I eagerly began sucking; but my eyes were on the giant walking around the bed with a monster dick swinging between his legs.

When Ryan had finished in the bathroom; I was on all fours with Jacob fucking me doggy style while Luke fucked my mouth and jiggled my swinging titties. The twins cock's were a good six inches long and they knew how to use them with Jacob playfully spanked my arse as he battered my hot cunt while his brother slid his cock in and out of my mouth with a tight grip on my hair.

Their tag team fuck must have lasted for or five minutes before I heard Jacob grunting as he began ferociously fucking me; forcing his brothers cock deep into my throat; something I'd often fantasized about but never achieved.

"Huh, huh...HUH!" Jacob grunted as he pulled his dick out and splashed spunk on my back and arse; before flopping onto the bed.

"Well; that looks like you've warmed her up for a real fucking cock." Ryan laughed as he wiped the gunk away with a towel; then I felt him kneel behind me; but before I could react he had lifted my leg up and was positioning his donkey cock against my tingling cunt. Whoosh...it slid deep inside with one almighty push; jerking me forward spearing myself on Luke's throbbing dick; then as he pulled his cock backwards I moved with him; spitting Luke's cock out at the same time; but he was so excited it made him cum un-expectantly, spraying his warm junk all over my face, much to his brothers amusement.

"Fucking Hell Man!" Luke whined as he rolled off the bed; "I nearly lost my fucking dick there!"

All three laughed and shared a bottle of champagne as Ryan rattled my bones with the most violent fucking I'd ever received; clinging onto the bed and squealing like a cat on a hot tin roof with every jagged stroke, as warm spunk ran down my face.

After a couple of amazing minutes Ryan slowed down and slid his hand under my belly and down onto my slit until he found my engorged clitty again. Slowly fucking me from behind he began rubbing and flicking my clit until I was gasping for air when my toes began tingling, then my calf's and eventually I began shaking and throwing my head backwards and forwards as another huge orgasm engulfed my young body while this much older guy fucked me ragged.

I was trembling with excitement and exhaustion as Ryan began fucking me like a rag doll until he shot load after load of bull semen deep inside my battered cunt as I lay motionless reveling in my situation.

When he pulled his dick out I thought my ribs might be still attached; but thankfully they weren't. I got me breath back and Jacob handed me the champagne which I glugged down; as both twins lay beside me playing with my tits and fingering my holes until I was ready to go again.

Luke's cock was the first to spring to life again so he rolled me onto my back and spread my legs; so he could examine my stretched and squelchy cunt before pushing his dick in; taking my breath away when he went straight into 'sport mode,' pulling my legs up onto his shoulders making his cock go in nearly as deep as Ryan's had.

Not to be left out Jacob slapped his dick across my face before pushing it into my mouth were I gleefully sucked it while his brother fucked me for a couple of minutes until he dropped my legs so he could play with my tits while we fucked. It was fucking amazing as all three men talked about how dirty I was and what a great fuck they were having at my expense. Laughing; Jacob pulled his cock out of my mouth and swung his leg over my head before slowly dropping onto his haunches and straddled my face.

"Lick my arse hole!" He forcefully told me, then laughed as I obediently ran the tip of my tongue around his puckered rim as his ball bag rested on my chin.

"Fucking Hell!" Luke chortled; "She is fucking doing it!"

Felling decidedly kinky now, I slid my arm around his thigh until I took hold of his dick as I licked and kissed his dirty hole; then began wanking him while his brothers fucking became a bit faster and harder.

"My turn;" Luke shouted as he pulled his dick out of my cunt, "it looks fucking horny as hell."

They quickly changed positions and soon I was licking his arse hole as I wanked him while his twin brother fucked me and roughly slapped my tits.

Suddenly I heard Ryan's voice cackle; "ok faggots; you've had your playtime; I'm ready for another shag."

Without questioning the photographer, the twins dismounted and began swigging champagne as their dicks stood proudly to attention.

"Come here Emma," Ryan told me as he crudely waved his huge cock at me; "On you get." I didn't need telling twice and was soon bestriding him and guiding his missile into my fuck hole. The big man held me by my armpits as I slowly slid down his pole; biting my bottom lip as I acclimatized to the length and fat girth. Satisfied I was relaxed he began bouncing me on his cock; thrusting up as I came down; making me squeal and scream with sexual delight.

After three or four minutes of this ecstasy Luke made his way onto the bed and stood beside Ryan; then offered his stiff dick to be sucked; I opened my mouth and gobbled him with absolute glee as my stomach was being fucked with Ryan's battering ram.

I'd been oblivious to Jacob for a couple of minutes but eventually he joined us on the bed and began tickling and fingering my arse hole as I bounced on Ryan's massive cock; then Ryan pulled me forward as Jacob positioned himself at my back passage.

I'd had a couple of threesomes before and loved them; not as much as tonight, but great fun; but I'd never even dreamed of having three men at once; and I didn't have any time to think about it as his cock slid up my shit chute with the greatest of ease, pressing against Ryan's cock through the thinnest of membranes.

It was very uncomfortable at first; but the three men were unstoppable and I was very horny and very drunk; so loved it as they pounded my three holes to their hearts desire; until Luke, slipped his cock out of my mouth and shot another load of spunk onto my face, and into my wide open mouth.

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