Rock Hard Rock

byMy Erotic Tail©

He couldn't help but to look down her blouse as she bent over him and set the glasses of beer down, for her breast were merely inches from his face. As she straightened up she caught his stare as his eyes were still on her chest. She wasn't worried, he couldn't see anything.

Finally looking up into her eyes, he realized he had been caught. She gave him a big smile and winked at him as she turned to walk away. She swung her hips as she knew he would now be looking at her ass. She turned and smiled again while walking away. There he was looking right at it.

She smiled and bit her bottom lip for it was now obvious that she had had a mental thought of her own. His friends nudged him to encourage him into pursuit. Getting up, he headed her way and caught a glimpse of her at the bar. Making his way past the crowd he approached her as she was talking to the bartender. She turned and gave a big smile when she saw that he was standing there.

"Hi," He blurted.

"Two things," She replied with a big laugh.

Puzzled he stared for a second then asked, "What two things?"

She smiled real big putting her hand on his chest as she said. "First off, "A", I'm working and "B", honey I'm probably ten years older than you."

It was then that he realized this and his expression showed that his aspects had sunk. She jerked her head in such a way that made her pony tail fling as she smiled, flattered. She clinched a fistful of his shirt as she leaned upwards and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

Perhaps it was his celebrity statis or his timing but her eyes flared wide open and back again as you could tell she was liking this muscular man. She turned to the bar keep and yelled, "Frank, I'm taking my ten."

The bartender nodded his head. Keeping a hold on his shirt she led the way pulling him behind her through the crowd. She got to a door, opened it, pulled him in and shut the door. The noise level of the bar crowd had been cut in half.

She turned to him and they fell against the door. She pulled him to her and brought her lips to his as they kissed long and hard. She brought a leg up and wrapped it around him as he continued to kiss her mouth.

She pushed him away for a short distance and looked into his eyes. "Honey, I got a ten minute break and we just used up two minutes already. You're gonna have to work faster than that," She said.

"Ok," He replied. His face lit up with a big grin.

Knowing she was going to have to lead this dance she reached down and started undoing his pants. By the time she got them to his knees and grabbed his cock it was swollen up. She pulled it a couple of times and it grew considerably more.

She kissed it as she pulled on his cock and stroked it until she knew he was Rock hard. She pushed from him to give herself enough room for her to pull her tightly fit jeans down past her knees and spun and faced the door. She looked over her shoulder at him and stuck her ass up at him. "Surely he would catch on," she thought.

The big man looked at it for a second and then reached for her waiting ass. Grabbing his cock he pushed it to her as she spread her own ass cheeks to make ready for the penetration.

When his ROCK hard cock made its way past her pussy lips and slid in her, she turned back to the door and placed both hands on it to brace herself. He pushed to get his dick in deeper. She wiggled her ass in an attempt to help the insertion in a frisky way.

He grasped her hips and pulled her to him as his cock went in deeper. She stuck her ass up higher to help ease the glide. He pulled her and thrust inward as he started a stride of motion they both moved to. She started getting wetter and the gliding got faster. He was pumping quicker now as she moaned in pleasure.

He reached up and grabbed a breast and even through her clothes he could feel her perked up nipples. She pushed backwards harder as the rhythm increased. His dick started to swell even more and she could feel him start to pulse so she jerked away, breaking his grip.

"Huh," he said with a disappointed look. His face changed as she hit the floor in front of him and wrapped her long silky fingers around the base of his cock. He felt the warmness as she swallowed his cock and pushed until he could feel the back of her throat.

He let out a moan of content as she slid it in and out of her mouth. Stroking it's base vigorously, knowing he was about to cum. She continued to jerk it and kept her tongue at his slit in the opening of his penis awaiting her reward. With her other hand she cupped his balls and gave a gentle squeeze.

Her cold hands was all it took. "Ooh...uh," he moaned. She instantly opened wide to receive his load. His painfully pleasured cock jerked as it exploded it's hot load into her waiting mouth. She slowed the pace of her stroking as he shot his cum several times at her. He had so much cum that she had to close her mouth and swallow a little as more squirted on her face and neck. She pulled on his pulsating cock until he stepped back to regain himself as she leaned up and licked the head. He jerked a bit as it was very sensitive now.

But she wanted it all and opened her wet mouth wide and swallowed his cock again. He tried to push her back as he was touchy, but she had already gotten to the base as she slid it in and out of her mouth. Leaning back with the sticky cum still stuck to her mouth leading a string of goo from the head of his limping penis. She leaned up and licked it and make several stabs at it to clean it all up.

He started to put his dick back in his pants as she fingered and toyed with the cum on her cheek and lips. Getting a bit on her fingers she sucked them clean. She looked up and as the fingers slid out of her mouth she gave a huge smile.

He looked back at her grinning big time. She stood up and wiped her pussy with her fingers and leaned up to him and put them at his lips. He eagerly opened his mouth as she put the two fingers in his mouth and slowly slid them out. She leaned in and kissed him as she fingered herself until she was even wetter. She removed her fingers again and put them in his mouth. She put them back in her pussy and rubbed her pleasure zone as she kissed him deeply.

Her moans signaled that she was cumming as did the deep tongue action she was giving him. She fell away from him with her mouth open and gasping for breath. As she pulled her wet fingers from her pussy and put them back in his mouth again, savoring and sucking them fully.

She reached down, wiggled into her jeans, and fastened them. She took a step forward, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulled him to her as their lips crashed together. Kissing wildly their tongues rolled around each other. She lowered down and stepped back, looked down at herself and adjusted her clothing. She spun on her heels and went to open the door before turning to him.

"Thanks lover," she said with a massive size grin as she turned the door knob.

"Hey...what's your name?" He asked.

She opened the door slightly and flicked her pony tail. Looking at him with huge brown eyes and a smile. "Erica," she said as she swung the door open fully and held it for him to exit.

As he walked past her he stopped and kissed her. A roar came from a cheering section that was obviously his friends. He smiled and went to walk back to his table.

"Hey," she shouted. He turned to look back at her. "What's your real name?" She asked.

"They just call me, The Rock," He replied with a big smile.

"Well Rock, I get off at 10," she said with a sexy little smile and a tilt of her head as she licked her fingers seductively. She went back to work while he fumbled his way back to his friends, smiling.

The rock and roll music was loud but the cheers he received was louder.

(Thank you LadyShianne, for the editing.)

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