tagNovels and NovellasRock N' Roll Fantasy Ch. 3

Rock N' Roll Fantasy Ch. 3


Rick was in his usual agitated state before a show. He thought that it would be better tonight after the great pre-show fuck he had with Alicia. However as usual he felt like his skin was crawling. He had to get out of the dressing room even though he had over an hour before show time. He opened the door to his room and stepped into a surprisingly empty corridor. He decided he would watch the opening act from the wings. In his agitated state he turned the wrong way and headed away from the stage. After walking a couple of minutes Rick realized he was not in the right part of Municipal Stadium. That was when he made a really big mistake. Instead of retracing his steps as he planned he made another wrong turn. Now Rick was actually lost in the cavernous underbelly of the giant facility. After about ten more minutes of wandering, Rick found himself in the maintenance employee's lounge. Fearing he would take more wrong turns and end up in the crowd, Rick decided to sit and wait for someone to come along.

It wasn't long before a young female employee happened in to take her break. Sally Rodriquez's job required her to work setup and cleanup. She was free from show time to finale. Usually she slept in the deserted employee lounge. Tonight she planned to eat her dinner and then go watch the great Rick Hunter. She didn't care about most bands but she was deep down in love with Rick Hunter. Sally was startled to see a strange man in the room when she entered. When she realized whom the man was she almost fainted.

Rick said causally, "Hi, can you tell me where I am?"

Sally responded in a halting voice, "Sir, you are in the employee lounge."

"Well damn, how do I get back to the back stage area?" Rick asked.

"I would be honored to show you, Mr. Hunter. Do you have to go right now?" Sally responded.

This woman intrigued Rick. If she had the benefit of money for hair stylists, makeup and clothes she could easily be a model. Yet here, unadorned she exuded a plain simple beauty.

"What time is it? I can't be late for stage call," Rick said.

"It is about seven thirty, sir" Sally responded.

"Oh, I have plenty time, an hour or so. Please call me Rick," Rick said and smiled at Sally. "Would you sit and talk with me? I hate being alone before a show," Rick continued.

Sally walked over to the ratty sofa and joined Rick. Her heart was pounding sitting next to the sexy rocker was a fantasy come true. They talked for a few minutes. Sally telling him how much she loved his music. Rick played the shy modest celebrity roll that had charmed so many into his bed in the past. Sally's amazingly dark beautiful eyes mesmerized Rick. He leaned toward her and their lips touched. Sally felt as if electrodes had been attached to her. She parted her lips as Rick's tongue entered her warm mouth. Her own tongue met his and she felt her pussy flood with juice.

When the kiss broke, Rick said, "I want you, pretty lady."

Sally's only reply was a sigh as she reached for his shirt buttons. Before they had even finished undressing each other Sally had her first orgasm. She was incredibly excited thinking of Rick Hunter her idol and secret love entering her. As Rick sucked her large nipples, Sally reached out and began stroking his cock. She moaned as Rick's cock grew in her hand. Rick kissed his way done her dark skin across her navel and past her completely unkempt bush. She had more hair then most women and never gave grooming hair, only her pig of a husband ever saw, any thought. Rick was drawn to her hairy pussy. He found her completely natural state surprisingly erotic. Rick rubbed his face in her wild cunt hair as his fingers parted her thick wet labia. Rick was greeted by the largest clit he had ever seen. Sally's clit stood erect like a tiny penis. It was slender and amazingly long. Rick put his lips on Sally's clit and began sucking as he had on her nipples. Rick's fingers entered Sally's pussy and anus. Sally thrashed around on the bed as Rick finger fucked both her cunt and ass, while sucking her clit. She screamed as she came this time. Rick quickly spun around and kissed her hard muffling her screams. The last thing he needed was someone rushing in believing he was raping the hired help. When at last Sally's orgasm subsided, she slipped to the floor and began sucking Rick's cum filled balls into her mouth. Rick was sweaty from the intense sexual activity and his musk filled her senses. Sally hungrily licked Rick's tightly drawn scrotum. Rick slid back and lifted his legs up onto Sally's shoulders fully exposing his sack and anal area to Sally's talented tongue. She eagerly licked behind his balls and then began to rim Rick.

"Oh my god you are so hot baby," Rick moaned. He was becoming lost in the ecstasy produced by Sally's tongue bath of his genitals and anal orifice.

Sally paused, looked up at Rick and said breathlessly, "Oh Rick, I have longed to taste you! You are everything I imagined. Tell me how I can be your slut!" Then she returned to the task of pleasuring her favorite rock star with her tongue.

Rick, taking Sally's cue, cried out," Suck my cock, whore!"

Sally immediately complied swallowing Rick's entire shaft effortlessly. Rick put his feet on the floor and reached out to grab Sally's head. He entangled his fingers in her hair and held her head as he thrusted his cock in and out of her waiting mouth. With each thrust his throbbing cock slid into Sally's mouth. After several minutes of Rick forcefully fucking her face, Sally sensed that Rick was nearing orgasm. Although she would have loved to eat his cum she wanted to be fucked and knew that there would not be time for him to get hard again before the show. This was her one and only chance to have Rick Hunter's cock in her cunt and she wanted it badly. Somehow she managed to free herself from the impaling shaft.

Sally then moaned, "Oh God Rick fuck me, please! Fill me hot cunt with your fabulous cock!"

Rick stood and lifted Sally from the floor. He shoved her onto the bed and said, "Get ready slut, I am going to fuck the shit out of your hot cunt!"

Sally almost came just hearing Rick's words. She wanted to be taken hard and rough. "Rick, make me your slut. Fuck me hard. Use my cunt, I am yours," Sally moaned as Rick moved between her legs.

Rick plunged his cock deep into Sally's hot juicy pussy and began pumping hard and wild. He was overcome by animal lust. Rick nailed Sally into the old worn sofa, his balls slapping hard against her with each thrust. At the same time Rick roughly squeezed Sally's tits. The two lover's moans filled the room like the cries of coyotes in the dessert. Sally bit into Rick's shoulder as her body convulsed in a violent orgasm. Rick's fingers dug into Sally's tits as her cunt clamped down on his cock. He felt as if Sally's pussy was sucking him in. Rick's hips made one final thrust pushing his cock to the depths of Sally's pussy and he shot a thick stream of hot cum deep into her. Sally's body continued to convulse as several orgasmic peaks rocked her to her core. She was deliriously happy feeling Rick's body shudder on top of her and hearing him cry out a stream of obscenities as he became lost in his orgasmic high. It took several minutes for the pair to recover from the overwhelming plateau they had reached.

When they did Rick's softening cock was still in Sally's flooded pussy. They kissed and Rick said she was fantastic and he hated to go but the stage waited for no one. Sally told Rick that he was the greatest lover she had ever had. It was not an exaggeration. When she was young she and her now husband had been very passionate but nothing approach tonight's experience had ever occurred. Now all Sally's husband usually did was climb on her and make a deposit. His foul beer breath in her face. Tonight was the first time she had her clit and cunt licked in over a year, although her husband often shoved his stinking cock into her face. Sally wanted to stay with Rick like this forever, but knew it had to come to an end.

They both jumped up and quickly threw on their clothes. "Come I will show you to the stage Rick," Sally said.

Rick kissed her deeply and said, "Thanks, I know the show will be great now."

Sally replied, "Thank you for making me feel like a woman again."

As Rick followed Sally down the deserted corridor, he want to invite her to the after show party, but decided that he better not. They had had a moment, but it was over now, time to move on.

When Rick reached the stage area, Randy came running up to him and said, "Where the fuck have you been? Opening act is coming off now. By the way you look like shit."

Rick replied, "Had an unexpected encounter. I am going to have to change. Hold stage call for 10. Oh and there is someone on the staff, named Sally, who helped me when I was lost. Make sure she gets a big bonus, but I don't want her to know it is from me."

"How the fuck am I supposed to do that?" Randy asked exasperated, "There might be 100 Sallys working in this fucking place."

"Her last name is Rod something, long black hair, beautiful dark eyes. Anyway, tell her boss to give her a check for a year's salary and tell her she won employee of the year or something," Rick said heading for his dressing room.

"Fine, just get ready, we are late, the fucking Marine is going to be taking numbers and kicking ass!" Randy said agitated.

Randy went out to the darkened stage to tell Bill he had an extra ten or fifteen minutes. Bill just grunted. He was in show mode. Good stagehands worked almost silently while setting a stage in front of a live crowd. Randy loved being on the stage when the stage lights were out. He could survey the crowd and no one out there in the sea of bodies knew what he was doing. The place exuded sexual energy. All those hot bodies, more then half high on something, most under 25, though Rick had plenty of older fans too. Soon all of them would be in a frenzy. Randy couldn't really see it, but Rick Hunter had something few men had. Nearly everyone seemed to want to fuck the man. Men, women, young, old they all wanted what Rick had. Randy could smell the horniness. Of course it was a good thing for Rick he had this effect on people because Rick had an almost insatiable appetite for sexual encounters. That was a trait Randy shared with Rick and Randy was glad he was along for the ride.

While Randy thought ahead to the after show activities he spotted a hot young slut sitting in the front row. Her dress so short had there been more light he no doubt could have seen her cunt hair through her panties. It was Jenny. Randy decided that she would definitely get backstage. She was young but could certainly pass for eighteen and probably was. Next to her were two guys that appeared to be with her, Grant and Steve. Randy figured if she wanted to bring one of them back to watch her get fucked by a real man they could come to. He didn't know the two girls on the other side of Grant were also with the group. Randy had mistaken them for a couple of lesbians. He thought too himself what a waste of fine cunt, but then again who knows he might just throw them a couple passes.

Randy checked his watch and quickly ran off to get Rick. As soon as the show got rolling he would visit the front row and have a chat with the little slut. Show time in 5 minutes was being shouted all around back stage...

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