tagNovels and NovellasRock Star Ch. 07

Rock Star Ch. 07


Sunday night while flying back home, Taylor smiled thinking of Ann. That morning when the two of them had finally awoken after their long passion filled night, both had been awkward around each other. Poor Ann had problems walking, and complained that peeing hurt. Ann was in the shower, while he made breakfast, when her brother walked in through the door. The guy was really funny, and had Taylor in tears with his flirting the whole day. Later when it was his time to leave to catch a flight, Ann had cried, holding on to him, not wanting to let him go...he felt like crying too, but men don't cry.

The only thing Taylor hated about the flying was that they insisted on pushing him to and from the aircraft in a wheelchair, first class was the best though. Laura was there to pick him up when they landed; she gave him one look and started laughing.

"Oh boy oh boy, my poor brother...I'm glad Jenny did not come with, if she saw you now, she would cry even harder."

"Hi Laura, and what the hell are you on about?"

"You and those puppy love sick eyes of yours, you look like a six year old, that discovered a mine filled with candy."

Taylor blushed, "I like Ann...she is more than I expected."

"I bet she likes you back even more," Laura replied with a laugh.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Taylor asked getting annoyed.

Laura brought up both hands, as if blocking an incoming blow, "whoa... relax Taylor, I'm just pulling your leg."

"Okay, so where is Jenny, you are normally together?"

"Crying at home, probably."

"What the hell is going on with you tonight Laura, just give me straight answers please?"

"Just forget it Taylor, you can not handle the truth, even if it reared up and bit you on the ass."

The twenty-minute drive was done mostly in silence, Taylor did not know what was going on, but he knew pushing Laura for answers now, would be useless.

Later that night just before bed, he and Ann spoke on the phone, and then Taylor slept like a baby. The next morning he was up earlier than usual, spending the time in the gym. After his classes were finished, he spend another hour exercising, when the phone rang, it was Frank, telling him about band practice that night. He and Laura arrived just before eight that night at Frank's place, and after greeting everyone, Frank called them all to order.

"As you all know, this weekend we travel to Gillette, for our first battle of the bands appearance. What you do not know, is that we have a sponsor. Kick 107 is going to give us a bus, and they will be selling tickets to fans of the band, so that these fans can join us, and support us when we play." Everyone in the room hooted and hollered, clapping their hands. Taylor joined in, but half-heartedly.

"So the first round will be in Gillette, then Laramie, third round here in our own city Casper, and then the finals in Cheyenne. Most of our trips wont take longer than lets say a three hour trip one-way, it is only when we come back that has still to be decided. I was thinking of one-o-clock at night, the bus leaves, if you are on it or not. How does that sound, we will be back home by four in the morning at the latest?"

Everyone agreed that it would be okay. "The competition starts at twelve and then end at twelve at night, but when we get to play I do not know. With the huge amount of bands that entered, they have allowed us the luxury of only needing to attend two out of the three venues, with the top twenty going through to Cheyenne. We are going to do all the events though. Most of the smaller bands will probably stick to their hometowns, and then travel to one other town, but I can only speculate."

"Each and every band only gets fifteen minutes, and that includes setting up instruments, and so on. I'm thinking at this stage, that we do three songs and maybe an encore if the crowds want it, that will leave us with barely three minutes to set up our instruments. Are you all okay with that?"

After another confirmative nod of heads, Frank continued. "We will practice, setting up the guitars, and if it is okay with you Mike, we will be using the smaller Yamaha Keyboard. Drums we don't need and we will only be taking Taylor, and Shawn's guitars. Paul, you and Jenny will just sing, is that fine with everybody?" They all nodded in unison.

"Right, when we reach the finals, and I'm saying when, not if, we will make other arrangements. Now Taylor, just one question, when will 'Rock me baby,' with Culture singing it be released?"

"I'm not to sure Frank, but the video will be shot in one month's time, so after that I would guess," he answered.

"Great, that gives us a window at least, until maybe the end of the competition."

"I'm sure if I ask Ann, they would not release it until after the final."

"That will be fantastic, ask her and let me know please. You all know the dates, is there anyone here that might have a problem with attending?"

"What about Friday's before the competition nights, will we play locally, or not? Paul asked.

"Yes we will, the only thing I ask of you guys is rather than go out partying after the gigs, to go home and rest. The bus will be departing at nine from the radio station's parking lot, but we are expected to be there by eight, for a morning interview live and on air."

"How many fans will they be taking on the bus?" Laura asked.

"You are part of this band, just as much as your brother Laura, so your seat is safe. As to the number, I do not know, the bus can probably take sixty persons easily, so work that out for yourself guys."

"What do they expect us to do on the bus with the fans?" Taylor asked.

"Talk, mingle, anything, just don't fuck them," replied Frank laughing.

Frank answered a few more questions, and everyone seemed in high spirits, except for Jenny. She spoke to Taylor with a strange aloofness, which quickly started to get on his nerves. Everyone was surprised when later that night, she jumped down Paul's throat, and gave him a piece of her mind.

On their way back home, when Taylor asked Laura, what is wrong with Jenny, she just replied with, "You can be so fucking thick sometimes." He left it at that, promising himself to phone her the next day, and find out what is wrong.

That whole week he did not get any chance to phone her, and at practice, she stayed away from him. Taylor was working double sessions in the gym each day, and with band practice and classes, he just did not have the time to deal with her. Ann had no problem with holding the release date of his song back, until after the finals, and her only concern was when she will see him, for the video shoot. The date for the video shoot was in between one of the competition dates, so Frank had no problem with giving him the weekend off.

Another interesting development that reared its head was Angela Swanson. Angela was your typical cheerleader, tall, blond, and well proportioned. She was one of the 'Thunderbird' cheerleaders, and although Casper College was basically a country and western music loving college, Angela was into rock. Her boyfriend a hugely muscled, tall basketball player, called Ryan, who loved his country music, and did not like the look, nor sound of rock musicians. Wednesday while shuffling along on his crutches, Angela suddenly approached him, and in front of all her friends, and Ryan's, began talking to him.

"You are Taylor right?"

Taylor was so dumbstruck; he could not get a word out, and only nodded his head.

"Let me carry your bag, while we chat," and before giving him a chance to say no, she grabbed his bag from his shoulder.

"Where were you this weekend, I went to see you play, and with Ryan that is a hard thing to do?"

"Oh...I was away," Taylor mumbled, walking after her in the direction of his next class.

"A few of the other girls bought tickets for your bus this weekend; it is going to be great fun."

"Great, but how do you know about the bus?"

"It is all over the radio silly, everyone that likes rock music, knows about it by now."

"Oh, it's nice to hear you guys are coming along to support us."

"Will you save us a few seats close to you?"

"I don't know...I'm not sure how the seating arrangement works to be honest."

"Okay, never mind then, I'm sure we won't have a problem. Well anyway, here is your class, see you later." Angela handed him his bag full of books, how she knew what class he was about to take, Taylor did not know.

"Thank you." He wasn't the only guy standing there staring after her swaying ass, as she walked away.

Friday night they played to another sell out crowd, and one of the DJ's from the radio station was there too, he would be interviewing them the next morning, so he wanted to check out the band. Jenny left with a guy Taylor hasn't seen before, and he and Laura went to bed early. The next morning they were all ushered into the small DJ station, and the DJ asked a few questions, which Frank mostly answered, before they piled onto the bus. It was filled with mostly familiar faces, and while Frank stood in front to welcome and thank everyone for coming, Taylor made his way to the back seats, which were left open for the band.

There was a nice party atmosphere on the bus, even though it was so early in the morning. Taylor sat next to a very quiet Jenny, with Laura on his other side. Angela and two other girls were the first to approach the band, and after chatting to Paul, whom they knew, they quickly took the seat in front Taylor, when Shawn and Mike vacated it, to join the fans.

"Hi Taylor, Laura and Jenny, this is Flinky and Carol," Angela said as soon as they were all settled on the seat. The three girls were sitting on their knees, backs facing the front of the bus, leaning over the bus seat in Taylor's direction.

Taylor, Laura and Jenny nodded, before Laura asked, "I thought you cheerleading girls were into country music?"

"No, we like all different kinds, but I'm the main rocker chick in the squad," Angela replied.

"There will be a few bands playing country music though," Jenny said.

"Yes I've heard, but we are only interested in cheering for you guy's. When the band plays in Casper, I will make sure that the whole squad will be there."

"That will be great, I'm sure the guys in the band will enjoy all the beautiful girls from the cheering squad, being there Angela," Laura replied.

"So Taylor, will it be possible for the band to sign one of our Thunderbird cheering shirts?"

"Yeah, that won't be a problem, just give it to my sister, she'll organize it quickly."

While they talked, a few other people pushed their way to the back. One of the girls, a slightly overweight Goth looking chick asked, "Taylor can I get a picture of me and you please?"

Taylor blushed while Laura Jumped to her feet, "Sure honey, come take my seat, I will take the picture. She handed Laura her camera, and sat down next to Taylor, grabbing him around the shoulders, and pushing her large breasts almost into his face. While everyone laughed at this obvious display of affection, Laura took a few pictures.

After that, there was no more time for chatting with just one group, the male and female fans made their way back through the throngs to take pictures, chat, and get signatures. Obviously most of the male fans, wanted a picture with Jenny, so they scooted apart, leaving the space in the middle open, for the fans to sit. The two and a half hour trip passed quickly, and by the time they arrived in Gillette the whole group felt comfortable with each other. The small stadium where the battle of the bands was held at was already packed with people, and more were waiting outside. The stadium had a carnival feel to it, with tents selling beer and food around the edges, and a stage in the center against the back pavilion.

The band made their way backstage, where it looked even more chaotic, than at the front where the crowd waited. There must have been more than five hundred people back stage, so as soon as they found a spot to store their gear, the whole group made their way to the front of the stadium. They grabbed some seats on the pavilion, which was nearly deserted, and made themselves comfortable. When the other people from the bus saw them, they also made their way over, and soon the left side of the stadium was filled with people wearing Grudge T-shirts. When Laura and Jenny left to go find something to drink and eat, Angela moved in quickly taking their vacant seats.

"I know this might seem a bit presumptuous of me, but can I ask you a huge favor?"

"Sure Angela, what can I do for you?"

"Well I've spoken to Frank, and he told me that you are the song writer for the band. Every end of year we take part in the cheerleading competition, and every year so far we went with the cowgirl motive, but I we thought this year, why not shock the competition, and go with something else. I was thinking of a completely new routine, with a nice rock sound."

"Sounds good, but what has that to do with me?"

"We want you to write us a song, using our Thunderbird motive."

"Why not use AC/DC's Thunderstruck song, and just change the lyric's to suit you guys?"

"Shit, that's a good idea, but how long is the song; our routines must be five minutes long?"

"Well, it will be easy to extend the song, add a few verses and a little more beat, but the right person to speak to is Laura, she helps me with the musical score for all my songs."

"I will ask her, so is that a yes, will help us?"

"When do you need this done, I'm going to be very busy the next two months, so I can not promise you anything basically until after the band competition?"

"The cheerleading competition is in November, so we have lots of time, but please, this must remain a secret."

"No problems there, since I do not know any cheerleaders, except for you now."

"Oh don't you worry, you will get to know us much better," she replied just as Jenny and Laura reappeared with food and drinks.

The stare Jenny gave him, made him feel uncomfortable, and when Angela left to rejoin her friends, Laura asked, "What was that all about?"

"Nothing really, it is something they want me to do for them, I will fill you in later."

"Mhhmm, I see mister popular's fuckbase is growing bigger," Jenny said.

"What the hell do you mean by that?" Taylor asked angrily.

"You are mister big shot now, mixing it with the rich and famous, moving in on the cheerleaders, in another few weeks your head will get so big, it might just explode."

"I do not know what you are talking about Jenny, where does all this come from?"

"You just came back from recording with Culture, now all of a sudden you are mixing it with the cheerleading squad, that's what the fuck I'm talking about."

"I thought everyone was happy that Culture wanted to sing our song, you had no objections previously, what changed?"

"Nothing changed."

"And the cheerleaders...I do not know them, Angela approached me one day during class, and started talking to me, I wondered why she would talk to someone like me, until I just found out," he replied trying to hold his temper in check.

"Oooooh, so what do they want with the fabulous mister Taylor?"

"I'm not at liberty to say, why don't you and Laura go over there and ask them yourselves?" Taylor jumped up, and maneuvered himself down the steps with his crutches, making his way to the toilets.

Laura looked at Jenny, shaking her head, "why don't you just tell him how you feel about him, when it comes to woman he is as thick as they come?"

"Feel about him, what do you mean?"

"Oh just drop the act Jenny, your whole attitude began to change the moment he got on that plane to Los Angeles, and since he has been back, you've acted like a person with a stick up the ass."

"It isn't me, he is changing, and I liked the shy blundering fool he used to be."

"Taylor hasn't changed that much, sure he has a little more confidence, but you knew he fancied Ann, you even helped to set up their first meeting. So why the fuck is it bothering you now? Wait I know...you did not expect Ann to like him back."

"It is not that, this whole week he has been ignoring me."

"No, he hasn't been ignoring you, he has been busy. If you haven't start acting like bitch, he would've made an effort, but you have him thinking that he did something wrong, and he is clueless as to what he did. Taylor being Taylor, will keep quiet, and hope the problem solves itself. So stop acting like a bitch, and go kiss and make up now."

"Okay for fuck sakes, I will go and talk to him. I can handle him and Ann, but that fucking cheerleader better keep her hands to herself."

Laura smiled, "Well she is one gorgeous piece of ass, so you better hurry and stake your claim, before it is too late."

Jenny found Taylor just as he exited the toilets. "Taylor...I'm sorry."

"What is going on Jenny, this whole week you have been acting strange towards me?"

"I'm sorry, it is just...I'm jealous."

Taylor was flabbergasted, "Jealous, what the...why?"

"Well...Ann is this rich famous rock chick, and I'm just a second rate background singing student girl."

Taylor shook his head, and then got an idea. "Hold on for a second." He reached into his pocket, took out his cell and phoned Ann, she answered on the third ring.

"Hello baby, how is the band competition?"

"We haven't performed yet, the first band will go on anytime now, but that is not why I called. Remember that talk we had about Jenny...well she is here now, and she has some issues, maybe you can straighten her out?"

"Sure baby, put her on."

Taylor handed Jenny the phone and listened while they talked. The smile on Jenny's face grew larger and larger. After a minute or so, she handed Taylor the phone back with a huge grin.

"It is sorted baby, and that cheerleading bitch better keep her hands to herself, you hear?"

"It isn't like that Ann; I will explain the next time we speak okay."

"Okay hun, phone me tomorrow...and I miss you."

"I miss you too Ann, bye."

As soon as he ended the call, Jenny jumped forward, giving him a hug and a wet kiss.

"I'm sorry for being such a cow Taylor; I will make it up to you."

"No problem Jenny, what did she say?"

"Hmmm, you will find out soon enough buster, now lets get back to Laura."

The rest of the afternoon was spent listening to the other bands, and drinking. Taylor paced himself with the drinking part, since he did not want to battle his way through the crowds to the toilets. They were the third last band to appear that night, and Frank had explained earlier that the organizers planned it this way, a sort off build up to the best band of the day. Frank thought they would be ninth or tenth, so third was already an accomplishment. The crowd was a mix, half country and western fans, and the other rock lovers, so it was interesting watching their reactions.

Just after ten that night, Frank told them to move backstage, while the Grudge fans infiltrated the crowd. From what he heard earlier, their fans had decided that they would slowly make their way through to the front of the stage, so that they will be ready when Grudge goes on stage. The backstage aria wasn't so crowed anymore, so the band quickly ran through their routine a last time, and then the stage manager called them. They stepped out on stage, and the crowd went wild. In front of the stage, there was a sea of Grudge fans wearing their black Grudge T-shirts.

In less than a minute, they were set up, and when Taylor began with the first notes, the crowd reacted with a loud cry. By the time their second song started, ninety percent of the crowd was dancing with the music. After the third song finished, Paul asked for an encore, and the whole crowd screamed for more. They finished with 'Rock me baby,', and while making their way off stage, the crowd kept on cheering, "we want more, we want more." The band listened to the other two bands backstage, and Taylor realized they were in for a hard battle. The band right after them did not have their quality music, but their male singer had a voice that blew the crowd away. The last band was a country and western band, their music had a faster beat than normal country, and the female singer was one of those American Idols finalists.

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