tagInterracial LoveRocking On Tour Ch. 01

Rocking On Tour Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Rocking in Bombay

When I checked into the Hotel, she appeared somewhat lost and distracted behind the reception counter. The welcome coolness of the Hotel was so relieving in contrast to the cab ride in blazing tropical sun of Bombay now called Mumbai that I had just endured from the airport.

'Hi' I said keeping my suitcase down on the glittering marble floor and smiled at her.

She looked up and smiled her official smile reserved for all visitors at the counter and said, "Hello sir, Welcome to Hotel Meadow"

I said leaning towards her absorbing the cool air and the light perfume that wafted across the counter with it, "I have my room reserved here by my agent in London for three days from today... The name is Rock Hard"

She fiddled with her keyboard and looked up and cocked her head and asked, "Hard, you said, sir... Rock Hard?" She spoke with a cultivated but sweet English accent.

"Yes, of Course," I said innocently looking over her mid-30-ish full figured brown body clad in a tight chiffon sari and sleeveless blouse.

While she went about clicking more buttons and get some long ledger for me to sign, I thought about how my name should sound to others. Well. I was born with it....My great grandparents had migrated from Kenya to UK in their youth and settled there and I was an Englishman by birth. Sure, it looked simple for them to adopt a surname like 'Hard' derived from their native Swahili name of Hurdiwe.

But saddled as I was with the first name of Rock, it certainly sounded phony and hardly hid the sexual undertones when they said 'Rock Hard' like this woman had just now. Am I for real, they would have thought...? Or who are you kidding? Carrying such a provocative name for a tall black (I mean African descent) Englishman like me indeed did raise many an eyebrow.

"Mr. Hard, here is your reservation," she said pleasantly enough but did I notice a twinkle in her eye or was I imagining things; pointing to where I was supposed to sign.

She did look sultry and tempting. Her waist and hips were well formed and stood out conspicuously beneath her sari. She was as only a little shorter than me. And I was 6 ft and a few inches, so she was certainly tall for an Indian woman

"A/C suite... Room no 696 Sixth Floor sir" she said matter–of-factly and turned and her sari fell away with the swift motion, revealing her big and bouncy jugs held in a tight silk blouse with a deep-V and I could see her soft rounded upper breasts from where I stood.

"Oh well, Thanks" I said enjoying the sight. "Will there be a bellboy, Miss..." I asked haltingly. She completed immediately, "Patil. Bhumi for you..." and smiled. She had nice teeth and when her crimson yummy lips widened, she sported a dimple too. "Hello Bhumi, I am Rock from UK," I extended my hand and clasped her soft and tender brown one and shook it cursorily. Her eyes flashed at our touch and miraculously my peter yawned and stretched in its tight confines of my jeans. I let go and leaned toward her and asked conspiratorially, "I am new to this city, I was wondering if someone would be..." She nodded her head and her dark black hair danced with the movement.

"Certainly, sir, we have Tour desk and there are guided tours daily..." she replied as if she was not sure that was what I was looking for. She was right, I wasn't.

"Well, I will have to make do with it, I guess," I whispered and picked up my suitcase and turned toward the elevator lobby. When I turned back from near the elevator entrance, she was looking at me with a wonder and I hoped the ice was thawing.

The room was pretty nice and was as comfortable as you would expect in a four star grade hotel. The view from the window showed the Dadar beach and the sea seemed calm at the time. I stripped and showered and the water was cool and pleasant and thought about the sultry looking wench I had met at the Reception.

Bhumi....Hmmm....she was a pretty nice well kept mid 30s kind of woman, the very kind I go for. The brief glimpse of her brown Indian flesh I had seen thorough her tops made my cock stiffen beneath the cool invigorating jets of shower. I massaged my thick burgeoning cock with my left hand and it pulsed as balls hardened under the chillness of water. I was blessed with a long and big monster...These were the terms used by the women I had bedded and not my own bragging. I did not disagree with them either. At 8 inch length and a girth filling a healthy clenched palm and with a hunger matched only by its ever wakeful state, my cock had served me well.

Now it was aching for some action. It was nearly eight days since I had left UK and had sex with my former girlfriend Torrie who I casually dated when I found time. I was yet to make a debut here in the land of Kamasutra. I wondered if Bhumi was worth chasing.

I dried off and sprinkled some Musk talcum powder on myself. I changed into corduroy shorts and white T shirt and stepped out of the room to grab some tea and snacks. It was 3.00 PM and the lunch on the plane had not been not filling enough. I went over to the Reception automatically and was pleasantly surprised to see Bhumi moving out. A darker and lithe teenage girl was taking over. "Hi, Bhumi" I cleared my throat and she turned to face me.

Her 'pallu' (that is the part of sari draped over the shoulders) had fallen down as she was now more informal and I was sure she was knocking off from her duty. She smiled. "Hello Mr. Hard. Hope you find the room in order and to your liking. Where are you off to, sir?" She smiled. It was really bewitching. She threw her hair back and her full breasts reared up and down in her tight blouse making my throat go dry.

"Jolly good show," I said wonderingly hoping the English expression was adequate. "What?" she muttered uncomprehendingly, arching her eyebrows. "Well... the Hotel, I mean, the Room and view and all..." I said trying not to sound too sheepish. She smiled broadly. She knew what I had seen and meant. "Call me Rock... Can you show me to the café and we can have some tea too," again hoping it did not sound like a blatant opening.

"No, not at all, Mr. Hard...er...Rock" she laughed at her clumsiness in addressing me and moved near me. The perfume again. Like sandalwood or incense, very intoxicating too.

Her sari was really pleasing to the eye and the contents infinitely more so. She was well built, can be termed buxom if you will and carried herself gracefully. Her curves moved in rhythm like sine waves as she strode along the marble floor toward the distant thatched roof café.

I was wearing nothing below my corduroy shorts and as my cock showed signs of awakening distinctly now, I hoped the bulge was not conspicuous in the café as there were quite few tourists seated there. It was bright and sunny and Bhumi ushered us to a corner seat that had good vista of the beach behind. As she sat down I could clearly see her brown skinned soft globes temptingly swell out of her blouse tops and she draped her sari around her well rounded waist tightly as she sat opposite me. It was a cane chair and the cushions were hard. So was my cock. It was at least seven inches and growing. I was sure if I stood up then she could see the tent projecting out between my legs.

I made an effort to suppress my predicament.

"So, Bhumi...It's your City and your Hotel... You can order what you feel tastes good," I said chivalrously. "Oh, you want to eat something?" she asked.

I could think of several things to eat then and there .I looked at her hungrily.

"Yes, some snacks won't be out of place. My stomach is grumbling." "They make yummy cutlets and pakoras too" (Pakoras are fried spicy snacks). "I am sure that will suit me fine and something to drink" I shrugged stretching and looking at the golden chain hanging precariously in the valley formed by her soft sloping tits. We relaxed with the snacks and lemon tea that tasted fresh and tangy.

Bhumi looked at me from over her plate. I was eating the snacks and feeding my eyes on her yummy looking boobs too at the same time and I am sure she must have noticed it this time around.

"So Rock, what brings you to Mumbai and India?" she asked casually licking tomato sauce from her long artistic looking finger. I gulped. "Taj mahal and the Himalayas" I said, not entirely untrue.

"You have been there, already?" she asked me "Not yet, just arrived, you know" I reminded her "Of Course, How stupid of me!" she giggled at her faux pas.

I interrupted, "Bhumi ...Never heard of an Indian name like that before, I know several Indians back in England. What does it mean?" "Well" she said coquettishly," It means earth, wet earth...You know the kind ready to be ploughed by farmers"

"I am sure farmers would enjoy that," I said impulsively. "What?" She said again not sure what I meant. She had this way of saying 'what' which was seemed both innocent and provocative at the same time.

"Wet earth and farmers...Hmmm...I love the smell of wet soil" I said thinking of something that belonged to her than the earth itself, but bore close resemblance. If you catch what I mean! Thus the small talk went on and Bhumi was somehow very inspired to talk to me the first evening at length. Call it dame luck or what you will but the dame here was telling all about herself in an hour so as we sat here sipping hot tea after tea.

It appears that Bhumi, the Earth Girl, was a sad divorcee of 35 years. Sad in the sense, she was a victim of some redundant and idiotic Indian superstition. She was married to some semi-literate businessman arranged by her poor parents when she was only 18. They thought by marrying her off to a rich man would assure her of a stable future. She bore two children after ten years of a loveless marriage. Two daughters and no son meant only 'hell and suffering' to her man and he deserted her, resulting in a long drawn out divorce.. Sons are that important in some claustrophobic Indian families and prejudice against fair sex is not unheard of, she told me

She lived with her two daughters, Smitha and Anu. They were 17 and 10 years of age. She had worked hard and studied in the nights to complete Hotel management and become a senior staffer in the Hotel Meadow. That was three years ago.

She cried a little when she recounted all this. I was by now seated next to her and my arms were round her smooth shoulders patting consolingly.

Abruptly she looked at me and said, "Why, Rock... I do not know what got into me. I am talking to you as if you are my soul mate, whereas I ...we..." "We are no more strangers, Ok honey..? I am your friend..." I patted her smooth brown shoulders more and moved closer to her soft contours in the next seat.

I had told her briefly about my own separation and loneliness back home too. All this seemed to be striking a right chord somewhere deep within us.

She hurried to go. She had daughters waiting at home and it was a long way across the city in local train, she told me. I caressed her soft full bodied feminine form once as she stood up even as I was seated. Her cheeks reddened at this and her eyes sparkled with untold feelings cooped up. She was like a volcano suppressed for a long time. But she had to go. My cock shriveled back reluctantly into its shell.

I was content to let her go and consoled myself that night with a session of masturbation.

The next day I woke early and was swimming my third long lap in the pool when I saw her walking up to greet me.

"Hello Good morning, Rock" she said brightly leaning toward me as I swam to the wall and edged closer to getting out. If anything, her blue silk sari was draped tighter across her big form and her brown arms and shoulders shone like polished ebony in the morning light. "Good Morning yourself, Bhumi, Will you join me in the pool?" I asked although I knew the answer. "I am on duty now and so I can't... some other time, some other place" she waved me to come out. Some other place, huh? Whatever did she mean? I got up, wet shorts sticking to my sculpted groins and water pouring down over my black skin as I stood like an exhibit in front of her. I had to seduce her, I felt. Move aggressively, I urged myself.

Bhumi's eyes sparkled again and she smiled as she looked over my 6 ft tall black form...All man... aching for her. If only she knew... She talked about yesterday and was wondering how quickly we had become friends so soon. I made similar light talk too. I started getting hard just standing there looking at her lovely big form clad in silk.

I turned away before she could notice my growing hard-on "Can you come up to my room? I want to show you some gifts from my last trip to Africa"

"Africa? I would love to... well," she looked over at the Reception. There were already two staffers in there. "It's too early in the day for much work there. Yes, I guess I can spend some time away now" Her eyes shined brightly as she made a decision that pleased her.

My heart was thumping madly as we went up the elevator, standing close to her sweet smelling form. I hugged her impulsively and she snuggled for the time that the Lift traveled for 4 floors and then broke free saying things like "Hey, you are too fast, I must be mad" and so on.

My hands were shaking with anticipation as I turned the key in the door lock.

As soon as we are inside, it was she who flung herself at me madly. I embraced her tightly and her soft cushiony boobs mashed against my naked black chest.

Our mouths met in a rush. Twisting tongues and wet lips all over each other, we gasped as we made our way into the room. My cock was poking her soft belly like a pistol.

As we broke for breath she blurted, " Oh Rock, I am sorry, I don't know why I behaved so...so..." She could not find further words as my mouth engaged hers again in a soft slithering battle that heightened our passion. My hands busied themselves in uncovering the goodies that only my eyes had feasted on. I stripped her down to inner petticoat as I removed yards of silk sari in mad hurry with one arm looping it over and over as I uncovered her brown Junoesque form.

She was gripping me tightly across the waist and her soft hands now moved into the elastic of my jocks on to my naked hips. I gasped with lust at her soft cool touch and I myself removed my jocks in a hurry with the other hand allowing it to join the heap of her sari on the carpeted floor...

My rigid hot black cock swung up free like a released arrow striking against o the sensitive underbelly of Bhumi. My hands all but ripped her blouse away exposing her brown milky globes covered in a sheer lacy bra that struggled to uphold them.

Even as my trembling fingers sought to unhook and free the beauties, she looked at my erect manhood for the first time and stood back, her brown jugs and their inch long dark nipples straining to get harder, making a beautiful silhouette of light and shade against the drawn window curtains. "Oh Rock... What...what a man!" was all she could say as her hands eagerly and tentatively closed over my thick straining length and I drew her back to me again.

She had to tilt my cock up and away to allow closer contact in our embrace. I mean, today my prick was really sticking its nose out.

As I crumpled up her petticoat in my bare hands, I realized as it went up way above her upper thighs that she was wearing no panties below.

As she was uncovered fully now, I stood back and looked at the gift bestowed on me that morning in India.

She was tall and big, you already know that but I felt her big soft feminine form in all its abundance and glory only in its sheer nudity then. Her tits were ripe humongous like papayas and were very slightly drooping with weight.

Her audacious brown nipples stood right up, perked to full length as if competing with my prick and its length. Her areola was dark and wide about 2 inches with some goose pimples speckling them.

Her waist was wide and soft with a soft light tier of flesh which would make lying down on it very comfortable indeed. Her Pelvis looked strong like an ox and could take all the ramming I could give, I thought hungrily. She was a glorious sight. Her underbelly was wised and softly curved and bore light testimony with marks of two pregnancies. It made her look so mature and full and ripe. Her waist sloped ponderously to big juicy hips that sat proudly blemish free brown smooth and silky. Her thighs were wide as they were long and rounded too and each thigh was like Doric columns you see in those Roman monuments. Big rounded and smooth. Her feet were smooth elegant and had painted long digits that supported her entire pleasurable form with poise. She was a walking pleasure chest. It was her soft triangle of hair that covered her wide and soft folded pubic lips that made my breath choke in wonder. It was not that I had not seen good female pussies before. White or Black. But here was a pure Kamasutra specimen in its glory. I waited no further in mere visual appeasement.

I sank to my knees before her voluptuous full supple form and my dark African face buried itself in the drippy wet grotto of this Indian mature beauty.

As I held on to her smooth thighs for support My mouth lapped at the honeysuckle of her wet vulva snaking into the juiced hot interiors unfolding the labia and savoring her sweet tasting juice on my lips. Her bush pressed into my nose and lips, I cuddled her soft bum and my right hand probed the sweet junction of her womanhood sneaking in from between her buttocks. "Um ahhhhhh," she groaned throatily in response to my ministrations of her inner sanctorum. I probed on relentlessly, plucking her wet lips and peeled them away as you would an orange and my thirsty tongue soon would take over reaping rich juicy benefits therein.

Again and again my teeth brushed against her budding clitoris pressing it back into its prominent hood, making her viscous fluid to seep forth into the cavity of mouth.

I lapped up hungrily like it was elixir from paradise and I had only few seconds to partake it, lest... the sweet and pungent woman juice trickled down into my throat as well over the sides of my mouth, fuelling my passion deep inside my balls. As if a lightening had struck me I was charged to burst and I stood up wiping my mouth off her dribbling nectar. I stood up full height looked at Bhumi. Her eyes were closed as if in worship or meditation. I knew this was going to be big moment for both of us.

Although I had met her barely a day ago, it seemed as if I was waiting for her for ages.

My cock standing up like a pointing gundog, I pushed her shoulders back into the inviting softness of the bed behind her and she fell in a swoop, a delightful spill of soft brown arms and smooth contours of heated waiting flesh, mewling 'Oohs' and 'aahs' as she made space for me to climb in.

As I snuggled to her warm heated form we were all over each other in an envelope of arms soft thighs entwined her hands found my hot organ again." As I started nuzzling her warm crook of the neck and my hands found her smooth columns of thighs to play with, she asked,

"So is this the African gift you wanted to show me?" she gurgled mischievously shaking me by the root.

I licked her perky nubs of nipples, licking the areola in circles and moving the buds around in my hot mouth cavity My hand found the other proud counterpart and twisted it playfully making her gasp in wonder as flood of sensations raced in her famished body.

I moaned as her soft hands caressed my shaft and castled the nuts in their sac, I moaned "Oh, Bhumi, Sweety... nothing matters to me any more than plowing your wet Bhumi (earth) with my mighty plough" I finished slurping on her tit tips.

"Yes" She hissed with reddening face in the same tone and context, "Fertilize my soil. Fill it with your hot seed" I looked at her in wonderment as she said softly and haltingly "But be gentle, Rock. You know I have not actually... after the divorce... met anyone...You understand...so..."

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