tagInterracial LoveRocking On Tour Ch. 02

Rocking On Tour Ch. 02


Rocking In Madras—Chapter 2


I had left Mumbai and Bhumi with a heavy heart.

We had had great fulfilling sex almost daily for the next three days after that tempestuous first time you read in the first chapter.

I have even promised her sponsorship to UK so she can come settle there. Basically the idea was that we can be near each other.

After a draining farewell fuck that started on the bed (missionary) and moved onto the table near the TV (doggy style) and ended up in the bathtub (standing positions) on the last day, she had bid me tearful farewell.

I was now on my way to the southern city of Madras, now renamed as Chennai by locals.

If anything, the memories of wild sex had emboldened me to savour more variety that India had to offer.

The Plane was only half full and there were two pretty airhostesses, one wearing a western style Skirt that hugged ivory skin well and set off her ass and thighs well. The other was dark and sultry and wore her sari well below her deep set navel. Her tits almost burst out of her sleeveless blouse and I could see her cleavage clearly below her sari veil. The silk sari made her rotund ass globes sway seductively as she served us refreshments.

All this did not do any good to my eager beaver downstairs any good. I purposely brushed my right arm against the first one's silky smooth thighs when she came near me ands stood in the aisle pretending it was an accident but she was smarter than me and only smiled back coquettishly but avoided me the rest of the journey. Just as I was cursing my luck, as if on cue the darker one came near me for refilling my drink and asked me if I needed anything else. A name badge worn over her blouse that held her rounded breasts tightly said 'Pugal'.

There was a twinkle in the eyes that I did not miss.

"Oh, Yeah, and where might you be staying in Madras and how long?"

"Sir, I am flying back to Delhi tomorrow first thing but I will be back after three days on leave and staying back for a couple of days here"

"Are you a local gal, Miss Pugal?" She straightened and her top of exposed globes flattened out wide in their chemise.

I gulped and my prick lurched painfully in my trousers.

"Oh yes, sir. Why?"

"I shrugged "Well, I am on tour here and having a local person to show around the place..Mmmm...There's nothing like it, you know" I tried to make it as casual as possible leaving the offer open.

She had sat down opposite my seat across the aisle and had crossed her long legs below her sari.

The hemline lifted just that much to show her dark and dainty feet clad in sandals with slender painted toes showing she had a silver anklet chain adorning both her feet and that sat quite prettily. She wore big diamond studs on her ears that twinkled at me when she spoke. She would be in her twenties and was a well formed tall and dark Indian woman.

She threw her plaited dark oily hair back with a neat flick and said,

"Oh well ... I will think about it, Mr.. Hard... I can show you around, I guess"

"OK, Pugal...Here's the deal. I stay at Chola Sheraton Hotel for a week from today. May be longer, if things are interesting around here"

"Oh Sure... My place is just a few minutes from the Chola. Here is my number" she had written out her cell phone my number on apiece of paper and handed it to me.

I preserved it in my purse as it was some precious gift. Who knows only time will tell.

We made small talk and many a time during this time I was privy to the sight of her beautiful brown Tropical tits through her blouse. She smiled and waved and promised to meet me before I left her City.


My cock was still in a half erect stage that I arrived in a Non- air-conditioned taxi to the Hotel with her memory fresh in the mind. It was hot as hell and I was sweating profusely. The roads were bare without much traffic in the afternoon.

The cool AC ambience was a big relief as I stepped into the Lobby.

There were only men behind the counters here, unlike in Mumbai, dark South Indians some almost as dark as me.

I was ushered in to 4th Floor AC suite. The Hotel looked swell and very luxurious even for the price I was paying.

Nothing sensational happened there till after I had bathed, rested and turned on the TV at about 5 PM.

It was on all the news channels when I switched on. There had been a Terrorist attack a couple of hours ago on the Central Railway station and on the Srilankan embassy. It was something to do with Tamil Terrorists fighting for independent Srilanka.

The foreigners were being warned not to venture into the City till Police came to grips with the situation and Police protection was being provided to Hotels like mine where Tourists from abroad normally stayed.

Hell, I cursed my luck and in a fuming mood went out of the room towards the Bar.

She was standing ear the Elevator lobby checking whoever came her way.

It was straight long walk to her and I took my time studying her.

She was a lady cop and she was big and swarthy.

She had bulging biceps and thighs like trunks of an elephant calf.

It was only when she turned toward me that I saw that she had aquiline nose and dark smoldering eyes that captivated me.

She wore Khaki Police uniform of the State and she was bulky around the waist too.

In all, she was a typical middle-class, middle aged Policewoman of South Indian Tamil variety.

I would not have paid her second glance but for her glance from those smoldering eyes when I neared her. So, I thought, the security was already in place

"Security, sir. Please identify yourself"

She gestured to me with a dark ruler as se spoke. Although the accent was there, she sounded more educated than I would have given her credit for.

"Rock Hard from England. You want my passport or something?"

I went over to her. She stood to my nose and smelt faintly of an herbal perfume. She was certainly in her late thirties or early forties. She was dark big woman, but not really a pretty face but somehow sensuous.

Her breasts were wide and BIG and were corseted tightly in mega sized bra beneath her uniform. I enjoyed the sight hoping I was not looking lecherous. You can't take chances with a cop and that too, a lady cop.

"No sir, Just Room Number please"

I confirmed it and then she waved me on.

That should have been the end of the whole thing, but things work mysteriously and to their own script in God's world.

There was an explosion somewhere in the belly of the Hotel below and all the Lights went out even as the Building shuddered under the impact. I was just passing the Police woman when this happened and startled as I was I gasped and grabbed her impulsively.

"Crouch down", she shouted in my ears loud enough to be heard over the din. There were some screams being heard from the corners of the dark Hotel.

We actually fell to the floor holding each other, my big arms over her wide and soft back side and we thudded to the floor ostensibly to escape any falling missiles or debris.

We rolled over each other twice on the cold marble floor and I had shocking, brief and pleasant sensations of two pliant tits mashed under my weight and my legs entwining with her soft and big thighs. My face was buried in the crook of the neck smelling her jasmine scented oily hair. It was moment held still in time and we felt were together somehow forever floating in a dark world.

The noise soon died down and I tried to get up my legs were weak and trembling and so I flopped back into the big and soft body of my mature lady cop below.

"Ouch... Haaa" She groaned under my weight even as my hardening prick probed her none too gently in the underbelly...

"Switch on the emergency Lights to your right on the wall", she hissed in my ears even as her big arms went about balancing me.

I got up now and crawled over to the near wall and scrambled for any protuberance that resembled a light switch.

I found it and turned it on and soon the passage became dimly lit by the wall hung emergency Tube lights.

"Let's get to the basement and see what happened", I said hurriedly looking over at her in the dim light.

"Not you sir", she shook her head, dusting herself and rearranging her shirt over her burgeoning tits. "You are civilian, it could be Bomb, you know and besides I have a man there"

I went over to her and looked around generally coming to grips with the situation in the Hotel after what could be another terror attack.

The blue badge on her Khaki shirt called simply her 'Selvi, Police Inspector'

She muttered to me switching off her Wireless set that 'her man below' was not answering at all.

I was a man for various occasions and was itching for action, whatever type now and I was damned if I was going to let this slip.

'Some action is better than no action', I thought, especially in the company of a big lady cop like her.

"Miss Selvi, I am a trained Ballistics expert in my country and work for UK Govt and I don't Mind offering my services to you now. I realize that terrorism is a global menace and all of us have to chip in our bit". I made it like a political speech and she fell for it.

She nodded her head enthusiastically, but muttered

"But we have protocol sir; we don't know what happened ... I am not able to raise my Base station"

'I can raise 'my Base station' anytime, I leered to myself thinking of my 8-incher and looking at her hefty muscular frame hungrily but said,

"I am here and so better than your man below who isn't answering!!"

"Yes...That's OK, I guess, ha?" She turned and bent forward to fix her shoe laces and her bursting buttock globes stretching wide and far out of the Khaki confinement beckoned me invitingly. My man below was answering me alright!

We ran down the staircases as the elevator was out of order and we found the so called basement a mess of wires and smoke.

Some Hotel workers were reluctantly entering the area now gingerly with emergency lamps in their hands.

We almost stumbled over the dead cop's legs. The poor sod had had no chance. His face was blasted out of his neck. It was a gory sight, alright. I was used to blast scenes and did well not to choke or get sick.

Inspector Selvi turned to me and asked me "Sir, please find a land phone in this Hotel and call 100 and report to The Police HQ while I control the staff. We were the first two to be deployed in this Hotel. The main contingent should have been on the way by now. We were close to here and so were called in quickly. So now, with him like this..."

I knew what she meant. At that very moment she had no help. Her Wireless set was out of order too. May be because of the fall we had had in the passage.

I looked around; the hotel staff was totally unprepared for this and stood shell shocked. It seems the Manager had actually fainted, we learnt later.

Selvi had her hands full.

There was no help from any quarter right then, so I plunged on.

It took an hour of hard work for Selvi and I before a semblance of order was restored.

It was actually much later when I was at the Lounge talking over Phone to my embassy informing them of my safety that I felt a tap on my shoulders,

The Lights were on in The Chola and the chandeliers were sparkling brightly.

Selvi's eyes lit up too as she clasped me by hand and shook it saying,

"Thank you very much sir, the City Police...in fact India is indebted to you for your timely help"

Sometimes, educated Indians speak more formally than us English, I thought and said,

"That's quite alright, Selvi...Can I call you so?"

"Of Course Sir, Mr..... ah" she let it hang

"Hard, Rock Hard, but just Rock for you" I whispered stooping over close to her face and looked her in the eye.

She smiled back but I saw her dark face go red too in appreciation and embarrassment.

We walked over to the lounge and I somehow enjoyed the close proximity of this big woman in cop's attire.

She explained that the City was sewn up tight after the serial blasts that day. There were a couple of other Hotels which had been attacked too.

"You mustn't simply stir out, Mr. Hard," she said vehemently and I imagined a bit affectionately too.

Capitalizing on it, I said conspiratorially,

"That's quite hard, you know...coming over to Chennai I wanted to see the beaches and all"

She again did the simple feminine trick of flicking her hair back with a jerk of the head and her swollen tits did a jiggle with it, inside their tight bra which my lecherous eyes did not miss. I pressed on,

"May be I won't feel that insecure with a big cop like you around me to safe guard...so, why don't you stick around with me?"

Her eyes widened in amusement and her solid 'cop thighs' crossed over one another and she suddenly laughed merrily.

The peels of her laughter lit the fire of lust in me. I felt mad hunger for the bounty of this big juicy muscular woman and I mentally stripped her, cloth by cloth.

All it did, you will realize, was only to aggravate the condition of my vigilant member and I had to squirm in my seat to control the surge of excitement.

"Who will look after the Hotel and the City? I am on duty here, Rock" she said a trifle apologetically and turned toward some junior officer and said something harsh in Tamil.

"None of them know the basic safety rules in bombing incidents. They should come prepared" She told me seriously.

I patted her dark hand softly,

"Cool off, Woman, you are a walking Bomb yourself".

She laughed merrily again and again the jiggle of her well-fed breasts was a real sight.

Food for thought, they say...

She promised to meet me in the Hotel before her shift ended that day.

She rushed off to the basement saying, "Today's shift might not end at all, you know..."

We never knew until later how prophetic her words would be.


I was watching the TV later and sipping a Tropicana Orange when the doorbell buzzed.

I wondered who it would be as I had ordered no food till then. It was still 7 in the evening.

I was wearing a sweat shirt and Bahamas as I opened the door. I was pleasantly surprised to see Inspector Selvi Looking exhausted at the door.

She smiled tiredly and asked, "May I come in?... I want to use the Rest room if you permit.. All other rooms are somehow locked on this floor"

I ushered her in, thinking if she would really want to go to those 'all other' rooms then.

I grinned inwardly and my cock did a lurch in my shorts as I watched her swaying ass globes in front of me as we went in.

She spread her voluptuous body on my couch casually near the TV and I sat on the bed facing her after she had been to the bathroom and back.

I offered her an Orange drink too and we sipped and she talked.

Selvi had led a rough life. Hailing from a poor farmer's family, her education was discouraged by parents, but persistence paid off and she went ahead and finished her Police service exams in Chennai City.

But marriage was performed with a Bus conductor Perumal seen by her parents as is customary in India.

Selvi was shocked to know shortly after that the man was an alcoholic and a violent husband to boot.

The pair had pulled on somehow with a daughter in tow for nearly ten painful years before Perumal succumbed to Liver Cirrhosis.

She had then toiled in the men's word of Police deflecting all kinds of discrimination on the way, to rise to the present post of Police Inspector.

She was nearly to tears by now and I was next to her on the couch.

I was patting her strong arms and hands softly, My Fingers had entwined themselves in her dark hair running through them all in a gesture of comforting, you understand.

Her head was on leaning on my shoulders and one of my arms went around her big back and was smoothening the uniform creases around the heaving humungous chest area.

All this affected me in two ways, one in sympathy and empathy to her plight, the other doing things to my raging libido in her physical proximity.

I said many things to comfort her including a little praise which was not out of place generally applauding her perseverance, courage and how she needed more love and support.

I almost said I was there to provide the last one. I didn't but it had the same result after all in her getting cozier to me and looking like a hurt puppy with those mascara-running black eyes.

My hands brushed her tears away and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ears,

"Hey super cop, you are one hell of a desirable woman, you know"

She shook her head and the sides of mammary globes nestled closer to my chest then making me squirm in unbridled temptation.

"Nah, I am a dark, no good fat old woman" , she convinced herself saying this but I managed to look shocked and hugged her big body closer.

I was moving in for the kill if you can guess what I mean. I said,

"How can I convince you otherwise, baby? Haa... Look, a man's tongue can utter lies but his cock never does!"

Thus saying I took her softy pudgy hand and moved it over my crotch right where my full length of cock was waiting under the corduroy of the shorts.

"Uhhh!" she gasped with a shock and jerked up but I was prepared for this, so I hugged her closer preventing her getting up and turned her face toward me and planted soft 'PLOP' of a kiss right on her dark juicy lips.

Her hands involuntarily tightened in clasp over the middle of my raging cock and my waiting tongue forced her mouth cavity open and snuck inside and mated with her slithering tongue. Both of us got inflamed with passion in a matter of seconds and held on to each other, as if for life.

My hands got busy right then and popped open the top two buttons of her Cop shirt and explored the soft goodies inside.

Her tits captive in a tight bra, felt soft, super cool, rounded and pliant in my hands and I slowly heaved them and rotated them in my palms like you do while buying fruits in a shop. I kissed her deeply and soundly and her eyes rolled in uncorked lust finding release God knows how many years of forced celibacy

We broke for breath and looked at each other in marvel.

She reluctantly let go of my cock and I withdrew my hand from with in her shirt. My cock lurched once in protest at the injustice of it all.

I managed to look sufficiently innocent as if all this had been equally surprising and unplanned for me too.

"Rock, I really should not and I don't know if..."

She sounded flustered and I knew she was mine to be had, but I didn't want to rape her.

I could seduce her in a matter of couple of hours till she begged me herself to screw her mighty starving body. I decided to do it over a leisurely dinner.

I was patting her muscular arms now and made a sweep of the body with both palms and rested them on her mid thighs that looked like wrestlers'. It appeared trying to rip out of her tight trouser fabric and I gave those solid pillars of thighs a small squeeze and asked,

"Look, Selvi, I have no one to eat dinner with. I just adore Indian veggie food and so could you please give me company and we can talk too"

I tried to make it reasonable and she readily agreed. Yes, she needed to be taken slowly.

With my pre-semen wetting the inside of my Corduroy shorts as my cock wilted temporarily I walked with her to the restaurant as she rubbed down her dress and combed back the disheveled hair en route.

She told me she had been told by the Superintendent of the Police to be on duty all night till things settled down. Hotel would even foot her food bills for the duration.

'Bless him', I thought and said,

"I am sure things will certainly settle down by the morning" and nudged her making her laugh with a mischievous glint in her eye.

I put an arm about her big rounded waist and felt the gun holster and the leather belt for the first time.

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