tagInterracial LoveRocking On Tour Ch. 03

Rocking On Tour Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Blue Hills


[ Note : This is not some routine 'Wham- bam- thank you ma'am' type quickie. ...I have lots of story, characters and plot. I will give you your net time worth only if you read on fully!!- AUTHOR]

It had been a long tiring journey up the Nilgiri hills but I wasn't complaining in the least. Let me tell you why. Here was the scene.

The Volvo bus from Chennai had started a little late but had made good time. I had looked around the passengers seated near me. Many had stared at me more than once when they boarded the bus maybe because a six-foot tall Black African is not an everyday tourist in this part of India, I concluded. The bus was only half full and passengers sat far away from one another.

There was a giggling couple obviously on their honeymoon who just couldn't get their hands off each other in the seat ahead of me. A teenager with his Aunt next to him was just next to them across the aisle and was staring at them unabashedly in envy. I watched them initially with amusement and later more seriously.

The Indian couple from the North spoke in Hindi which my lover in Mumbai had spoken. I had heard the language back in UK too with my Indian friends in Manchester.

The aunt in her forties would have been a looker in her days and was desperately trying to bring her fading youth back with gaudy makeup and revealing tight Pyjamas and denim shirt. The young man hardly looked her type nor belonged to the same social status. In short, she was a rich aunt and he a poor relative. She tried not to stare at the cuddling couple to her left but I saw her doing it on the sly. She tried to catch the young escort's attention by frequently dragging him into small talk in Hindi but he gulped and stared at the amorous activities with growing interest ignoring aunt's attempts.

It was what the honeymooning couple was doing that was distracting me too from taking a deserved nap. They had thrown their arms around each other after covering themselves with a single woollen shawl on their shoulders that hid their roving hands and in the dull cabin light I could see their cuddling silhouettes giggling as they warmed each other up.

The wife was big with puppy fat all over and the man was reed-like with gross side burns. She was wearing a cotton slacks with yellow silk tops and he was in jeans and T shirt.

The man was amorous and couldn't get enough of her contrastingly fatter physique and was frequently palming her swelling proportions enthusiastically. I could see he had unhooked her tight bra at one time and was cupping and squeezing her yummy white tits. He would look around surreptitiously if someone was looking and drop his head, peck and lick her breasts ducking his head below her shawl. I was tall enough to see over their shoulders all that they tried to hide and pretended to be asleep whenever they looked back.

All this cat and mouse was doing my hungry African cock no good as it had been over a week that it was last seen in action. You readers already know my appetite for sex was enormous what with an eager 9 inch long black monster hidden between my legs. My throbbing organ had slid down the side of the jocks and poked through my jeans.

The honeymooner raised his waist up and looked like he slid his own underwear down. He caught his young wife's hand and guided her to the centre of his manhood. The shawl rose and fell as the fat young wife handled her new husband's excitement.

All the while the comfortable Volvo smoothly traversed the road, its headlights penetrating the night darkness of Mudumalai sanctuary around.

The husband grew highly impatient and started bending down to the wife's thighs and they were arguing 'that its not right yet' and 'we shouldn't be doing' etc. The man wouldn't listen and started kissing his wife's thighs and poked his nose between her thighs to smell her wetting sex from above the thin fabric of her pyjamas. He palmed her thighs and poked her between them with his fingers making her sigh and groan in increasing lust. The excited couple now shifted in their seats madly while necking and the young man across was glued to the scene in semi darkness. I thought I almost saw him salivate.

He once turned back to his aunt and caught her staring at the same erotic scene. There was an awkward silence as they looked at each other and the woman made the first move.

The middle aged aunt took the young teenager's hand and placed it on her soft thighs urging him silently that they can be in action too. The young man looked at her in surprise but soon decided that he had had enough of this peeping tom business and pressed her thighs back.

As I stared at the new addition to the erotic couple scene, the young man boldly started palming her juicy looking breasts over the shirt and the woman looked around to see if they were noticed. She did not see me, a dark man in darkness is that much more difficult to be spotted when you are sexually distracted and so turned back her attention to the young man who hand now both hands over her chest. She kissed him openly on the lips and I could hear the smack and slurping sound through the drone of the bus engine. The teenager now blurted 'aunty this... that...' in a late realisation of impropriety but the aunt shushed him and put her hands over his raging cock and squeezed thus reassuring him. I could see he packed quite an organ in his pants and I guess the woman was glad she had found it at her age. She made every attempt to encourage the throbbing shaft of her escort to expand to its full length and girth by using her both hands caressing its heated length over his fly. Soon the young man had got through the aunt's shirt and was boldly squeezing her apple like mature tits like each was a ball of dough in bakery.

The honeymooning couple had got busier and bolder now thinking it was late enough for everyone to have slept and had thrown the impeding shawl away from their shoulders. I could see that the woman had her bare and fair tits with chocolate coloured teats jutting out now and the man's brown hand was squeezing them as she pumped his young cock up out of his jocks. Her tits looked like ripe full moons and his hands roughly bunched them up and tweaked her erect pebble hard nipples. They kissed and shushed each other to remain secretive but did not stop.

Aunt had her nipples sucked by her teenaged escort now cradling his neck on her ample bosom. Then suddenly the two couples noticed each other and stooped abruptly, probably wondering if the other party objected. I saw that they finally smiled conspiratorially at each other, decided to continue unmindful of each other, all to my voyeuristic delight.

Emboldened thus that the only other waking couple in the bus did not mind, the aunt got up and slowly unbuttoned her pyjamas inches away from the hot young man's eyes and removed it along with her panties and threw it on her seat providing him a spectacular skin show, in which I was an unnoticed audience. I stroked my own erecting cock back into the tight confines of my jocks and saw that the aunt now pressed the hot teenager's face directly into her wide pubic mound and he started licking her pussy moving his head up and down on it, his hands desperately pushing her thighs apart, trying to divide her legs further in the foot space between seats.

I could hear the kisses, licks, slurps and 'ahhs' and 'Umhhs' coming from both the entangled couples clearly over the engine sound. The next two sets of seats in front and back were empty and seeing this, the elderly lady had no inhibition in indulging in unabashed public display of intimacy with a young man half her age, which I am sure was adultery, a sin if found out in India. The honeymooning couple anyway had no such guilt attached to their own necking and continued unmindfully.

The young man made merry with his accommodating aged aunty now. While one hand poked more fingers into her mature cunt frigging her openly, the other hand twisted and squeezed her heavy pendulous tits out of shape. All the while she stood, gasped and moaned and held onto the seat headrests with both hands, balancing herself against his attack. Soon she improvised by putting one bent leg up and rested the foot on the seat cushion to give her young lover more access to her eager pussy. The teenager after sucking her pussy-honey soundly even showed the temerity to lick his fingers coming out slick with her juices, as well as spank her big round arse soundly a couple of times overcome with his burning lust making the rich aunt yelp. She looked around to see if anyone had heard her and told him to 'keep it silent'. The Aunt was getting more than what she bargained for from her young stud and started cheering and encouraging him, whispering 'to suck and eat' her aching female core, which had probably seen action long time ago. There was hush of silence in the bus except for the sounds from the two couples near me. No one else could see or hear. Luckily I understood Hindi to take fully enjoy what their horny words meant.

I was alone in my double seat and could bear no more the tightness of my girded cock in the jeans. I unzipped my fly and out sprang my dark snakelike prick sniffing cool air-conditioned breeze in the bus.

My hands were big but my erect cock more so. I caressed it pulsing length up and down and gazed at the honeymooners. The wife took a cue from the aunty, stood up and placed one foot back on the seat and balanced herself with the other on the bus floor.

Her white skinned fat thighs shined in the semidarkness and her husband who now had wider access between her legs buried his eager mouth in her cunt, his one hand holding on to her bent leg for support. When he lifted his head once, I saw her curly mop of pubic hair was wet with his saliva and her own cunt honey.

She moaned uninhibitedly gurgling in her throat and throwing her head back, as he sucked her and chewed on her exposed cunny animatedly. The bastard, though thin like a stick was fortunate to have a full blown big woman of curves for wife, surely had the skills to please her orally.

After a while, both the aunty and the wife sat down and it was men's turn to get serviced.

As both the men sighed and sat back in their seats and gave themselves up for the women to reciprocate, I was already dribbling pre-cum from my hard throbbing prick.

The aunt probably had not seen a cock for years now and she lustily went to work holding his cock in a hand and slurping on its meaty length. I heard her plop and suck his cock clearly from where I sat and groaned silently now finding it very tough to hold my boiling semen in.

The aunt praised the young man that 'This was a long and thick Lund' (in Hindi, a cock) and was 'certainly much bigger than her dead husband's'. The young man snickered and felt emboldened to say 'he felt a mile long there' when she slowly and lovingly sucked him like that.

'Will you stay with me and not go back?' she asked at this strategic time. The young man blinked, dazed with lust, '

'All of my life if I can keep fucking you daily' he croaked. She assured him that 'her pussy was open 24x7 for him' and went back to eating him more vigorously to reinforce her sincerity.

I could see the glint of the diamond ring on the Aunt's fingers and the glitter of her heavy golden chain swinging in the neck as she fed his young virginal shaft to her salivating mouth. The young man pushed his hand on the back of her head to make her suck more and moaned like a caveman. I guessed she was a rich widow Aunt and the young man from his appearance far below her social and financial status. The Lucky SOB, he literally had her eating out of his hand. He stood to gain in more ways than one, I sighed looking at his young upstanding prick disappearing in the rich woman's mouth. Some people have all the luck.

Here, the thin husband groaned trifle loudly as I saw his wife sucking his smallish prick speedily and put her hand inside his baggy jocks and juggled his balls.

Could he even plumb her pussy properly with 'that'?

Anyway, it was her problem, not mine.

In fact my problem was standing and staring me in the face.

This went on for more than an hour in which the couples did every trick possible orally. Sadly, the bus just did not provide for a full fledged copulation.

I wondered how to put my fevered cock to sleep without having to come all over the bus seat or window. (You know I ejaculate litres of thick semen and a bus is a clumsy place for that type of liberal discharges!).

Dawn broke in the sky mercifully then and its light wafted inside the bus. Both the couples lost in their erotic activities hastily sat up and rearranged their clothes to look presentable enough. I pretended that I woke then too and shoved my cock forcibly back into jocks and looked out the window.

'Welcome To Nilgiris, The Blue Hills' said a passing arch on the road. I had seen a 'live Blue film' in the bus already and I wondered if the hills promised more of the same subject.


Readers who are unaware of my background and past escapades may require some recap here.

I am Rock Hard, a third generation Black African --Englishman on a visit to India from UK. I have in the previous chapters recalled all my previous sexual encounters with the spicy Indian women in the metros Bombay (Now Mumbai) and Madras (Now Chennai).

I have got a vast appetite for sex and have also had rich experience of taming women into submission in bed. The USP was of course my proud African symbol of long phallus gifted in quick recovery and copious discharge. I was 9 Inch long when erect (You may say that was most of the time) and I used this asset without impunity and had gained notoriety back home in the UK.

I was now proceeding on a special assignment to Harini Estate (which I ended up calling 'Horny estate' much later) in the Nilgiris mountain range in South India. The Tea estate was close to Coonoor, near the famed Ooty set in the hills.

I was an expert in Botany from UK and there had been a request from a mutual Indian friend that I help a cousin of his in India who was facing the threat of some crooks misusing her plantation to grow contraband opium. The Owner was a lady, Mrs. Pushpa , separated from her husband and was thus lonely and helpless against such risks and was already subjected to a couple of raids by the authorities and was let off only because of her clean record thus far.

I was to survey Mrs. Pushpa's estate and find out if Opium was indeed being grown unknown to her.

The rickety Auto rickshaw driven by a Tamil speaking Indian took me to the Estate in twenty minutes, whence I had alighted from the bus leaving the two horny couples back there to proceed further.

I was feeling stiff and sore and my cock more so from an unrequited erection.

I saw that the estate by itself was quite outstanding with an antique colonial bungalow in its midst. We drove over the cobbled driveway to the large porch. The maintenance around was mediocre and the house though big, looked pretty empty.

I was taken in by a tobacco-chewing servant who hobbled with my well-lit veranda and asked to 'wait pleez'.

I was sitting on one of the big sofas in there when Mrs. Pushpa first saw me.

"Mr Hard from UK?...Very glad to receive you here, sir. I am Pushpa..."She came toward me with a right hand extended.

I looked at her. She was worth looking any time, any day.

She was a large woman (almost matronly) fortyish, fair complexioned and quite tall for an Indian and was dressed in a Blue silk saree, that hugged her well endowed figure quite properly.

She bade me to sit down after I gave her a perfunctory squeeze and looked deep in her eyes for a reaction. A spark lit and died in a second at my hand squeeze.

"Rock for you" I said amiably, "You do have a pretty place here. Quite exotic really" I said looking at the green sloped tea estate plantation that seemed to spread everywhere the eyes went out of her veranda windows. Cool mountain air blew through the silken curtains and I shivered a little.

"Oh, it's alright...It was better when Nair, my former husband was here... After he left me 5 years ago," she shrugged sadly, "I have tried to manage with all my abilities but I am not very happy yet..." She trailed off.

She was extraordinarily well-proportioned big lady, the type of women I would love to have when I am fifty or so.

"People don't leave Masterpieces like you...I would say it was quite crazy for a husband to have left you..." I said feelingly.

Her eyes lit up again but only for a moment.

"Oh, it's alright...I have reconciled now. He left me for a younger woman... But what makes you think I am a masterpiece, Hmmm?"

She cocked her head at me. Her shawl over her shoulders fell to reveal her blue silk blouse that was filled to its capacity with two massive jugs with pointed tips... I gulped as she slowly covered herself back.

"Well, look at you...women like you, I have seen in the movies in the role of Queens. Which was that...?" I made a deliberate face as if thinking, snapped my fingers and exclaimed,

"Cleopatra, that's it..."

She chuckled at my comparison and looked happy being admired.

"Mr Hard, that was too much...Where is Cleopatra and where is this lonely woman in the mountains?"

"Right in front of me" I shrugged looking at her lifting saree hem-lines when she leaned back and saw two fair smooth ankles as appetising as well grown plantain stems.

She got up and called me,

"But pardon me...I have to show you to your Guest room... I am sure you can use some rest now... We will have breakfast soon..." She was all host now and so I tried being a tired guest and yawned.

Soon we were in my Guest room in the first floor overlooking the plantation from a circular balcony.

The room was airy and well-furnished and smelt nice.

I nodded in approval and away went Pushpa, nodding in acknowledgement saying she will call me after 2 hours. I looked at her big rounded hips swinging gracefully with her gait inside the silk saree and again my cock gave a warning lurch.

I closed the door and went to sleep on the large cool foam bed.


When I woke, it was already nine, two hours after I had reached the estate. But there had been no call for me yet. I went to the Marble-tiled bathroom. I used the herbal soaps and shampoos kept there so thoughtfully and they smelt wonderful. My cock grew hard as I soaped it under steaming water from the shower and I knew that I had to do something about it soon. If I don't feed it regularly and properly with female pussy-flesh, it won't allow me to sleep peacefully in the nights...It was a strict 'flesh eater' although I had turned vegetarian a few years ago inspired by the big-titted Pam Anderson's campaign and some of my Jain friends in UK.

I will skip the part and rush through the mundane things that preceded my one day of investigative round in the estate.

I was led by a small wiry looking worker from the estate who spoke in Broken English as he led me through the winding foot paths through lush green sloped Plantations.

I saw nothing that brooked suspicion. We had tender coconuts and went back in a jeep back to estate and had lunch. Pushpa was wearing a western dress now, a frilled yellow nylon gown that was old and hence several sizes small for her. She said she had bought it in Paris and so probably she wanted to show off to an Englishman her taste. I was hungry and I liked the taste of spicy Chapattis and dal and rice.

Talking about the gown, I saw that it made her look plump and revealed quite a lot of flesh in strategic places. It was a delight to my tired eyes and a double feast to my anxious cock but I do not know how it pleased her...Probably she was an exhibitionist?

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