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Rocking Your World My Style


Dear Beloved Friend,

Waiting for you to walk through that door was building up the anticipation for me. Never seeing you face to face, yet knowing you well through the words that we had exchanged over the course of time that we have communicated with each other. Picturing your smiling face, I smiled at the thought of finally meeting you. Your words were powerful to me, making me feel things I never thought that I would ever feel. Little did you know my heart was as cold as ice and after reading your words, they have melted my heart.

I decided that I wanted to thank you for your skillful use of words and awakening the real me that had been in slumber for way too long. I gathered up all my courage and asked to meet you in person to show you just how much you have made me feel. Not only as a person, but someone that is truly worth something. Surprisingly, you agreed to meet. The plans were set, and I sat there waiting to show you my appreciation and hoping to make you feel the same way that you have made me feel.

You walked through the door after what seemed like an eternity. I could see that I was more nervous than you. You seemed to be full of confidence and power. You enjoyed being in control, but tonight was going to be different, at least the first part of it.

At first I sat there making small talk, gathering up my strength because I had never done this sort of thing before. Once I saw you smile that smile that I had been picturing in my mind as I read your stories, I had my confidence. The confidence I needed to show you the total homage that you so richly deserved. I stood up and walked over to you, only to sink down onto my knees in front of you. I told you just to relax; you are not in control right now. It was my job to make you happy and to make you enjoy yourself. With that being said, I reached for your jean snap and undid it. Then, slowly unzipping them, I reached in and took out your soft cock. With light fingers, I ran them over your cock so softly you would have thought that it could have been a feather. Softly, I traced your cock making it slowly wake up like from a nap. I moved my hands to your waistband of your jeans, and I tugged them down, pulling up slightly to get you to rise up just a little. You complied and lifted just enough so that I could get your jeans off. I pulled them down to your ankles, pausing there to remove your shoes and socks. Once the jeans were jeans completely off, I returned my attention to your cock, slightly spreading your legs I got closer to you and rested my breasts on your thighs. I took one of my hands and I started to massage your balls as I went back to teasing your cock into waking up to play. Soon, with my feather-like touches and my massaging, your cock starts to dance for me. I ran my finger not even a ½ of a centimeter away from your skin, not even touching your cock, and it tried to touch my finger. I pulled away and then went back and did it again. I conveyed to you that this is what you have been doing to me with only the touch of your words. Awakening me from my long hibernation is what you have succeeded it accomplishing.

I glanced at you to see if you were enjoying this, because you were still smiling at me. So I continued on my journey of exploring your cock and balls. This time, I used my tongue. I grasped your now semi-hard cock in my hand I lightly started to stroke with long, slow intentional strokes going from top to bottom. I then lowered myself to your crown jewels. I started to lick your balls with the roughness of my tongue in slow motions so that you could enjoy it. Then I opened my mouth and placed one ball in and gently sucked on it as I swirled my tongue all around it, and then I do the same to the other ball. I could feel your cock hardening in my hand with what I was doing to you. After giving your balls a lot of attention, I then ran my tongue up your shaft from the base to the tip, using the width of my tongue. I saw that you had started to ooze pre-cum and I licked it off with the tip of my tongue.

I moaned with excitement and I then gave your piss hole a good tonguing. The next thing that I did was to kiss your cock up one side and down the other. Stopping at the tip, I kissed the tip softly then I took just the head of your cock in my mouth. Just to the seam of the head, mind you, I licked and sucked just the head of your cock. You tried to push up your hard cock and tried to take control of the situation. Anticipating this, I quickly took my mouth off your cock and looked up at you and said "Not yet, my dear." I smiled as you did your best to restrain from just taking over. I am thrilled at the power that is coursing through my body. Knowing this must be how you feel when you are in control. Back to the task at hand, I replaced my mouth on just the head of your cock and ran my tongue around the seam of the mushroom head. Then slowly I went up and down on your cock, inching my way lower and lower with each stroke until I was at the base of your cock. Your thickness felt so good in my mouth. My pussy started to pulsate while I sucked on your cock, going deeper with each downwards stroke. Then with my pussy tingling and my breath coming out uneven, I started to deep throat you, faster and harder. Timing my strokes with the way I was feeling and the rate of my pulse. I sucked you faster and harder and deeper until the tension built up to the point you couldn't take it anymore. You exploded into my mouth and I drank it down, sucking out every last drop. Having drunk all your love juice down, I let your cock slide out of my mouth as I whispered "My thanks, kind sir."

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