tagRomanceRocking Your World My Style Ch. 02

Rocking Your World My Style Ch. 02


I had just shown you my appreciation for you made me turn from an ice queen into a woman who now had sunshine in her life. Before I met you I had read your stories. They were such a turn on that I knew as I read them that I could feel again. Feel those sensations that a woman felt when she was about to cum. I was a mother who had lost my touch with men. They did not seem to want me anymore. Then as the reader that I am I had stumbled across your stories. Within the first paragraph I knew that what was written was powerful. I was thawed almost immediately, and actually quite wet by the end of your first story. By the time I had read all that you had created. I knew I needed to thank you. So I had arranged for us to meet. So that I could show you just how you made me feel. Back in my younger years all my boyfriends had told me I had two things going good for me. The fact that I had size 48DD tits, and the way I sucked cock. This was a skill I had down to a science for no matter which the guy was they were blown away by my skill.

Now I had just given you one of the best blow jobs that you had ever received. You have always been the one in control in everything you have done. You showed that as you fought to control yourself. You were tempted to take control right away. You decided that you would give me the opportunity to show my appreciation.

You decided it was my turn to be shown what control was all about. So when I slipped your freshly drained dick out of my mouth and said thanks you took action. You helped me to my feet and kissed me tenderly after you said "Now let me say thank you!"

Your kiss alone left me breathless so the only thing I could do was nod my head. You kissed my cheeks then you whispered sweet things with your hot breath into my ear, and kissed my neck. You knew by the way I tilted my neck and sighed that I was enjoying the touch of your soft lips on my cool skin. Your hands were slowly unbuttoning my silk shirt one button at a time for each kiss you gave my neck. You slid the shirt off my shoulders and let it fall where it may. You trailed kisses down my neck you switched to the other side. You felt the fullness of my breasts through my lacy pink bra and gently squeezed. I knew what was coming next I started to move my hands behind my back to undo the clasp, but you were too fast for me you caught my hands. "No, no sweetheart it is MY turn not yours. You will have your chance to help later," you said as you chuckled with a twinkle in your blue eyes.

Deliberately you left my bra on as a reminder you were in charge you lowered your head and kissed my breasts through the lace. Making the fabric wet as your licked, kissed and teased to get my nipples into hard peaks. After you gave each one ample attention I softly moaned. I ran my hands through your long, dark hair you raised your head up, and while you kissed me with passion you walked us back towards the bed yet you did not break the kiss. You sat me on the edge of the bed as you kissed me. You worked your way down my neck, over my chest and my belly to my mound. You stopped, unsnapped and slid my jean shirt down and off of me left my panties on. They surprised you, because your eyes widened. You saw that I had worn a skimpy matching lacy pink thong you looked at me. "What a naughty girl you are!" You exclaimed as you shook your head then added as you ran your fingers over the edges. "I would not have thought of you as being a naughty, naughty girl." You spread my legs so you had better access to my pussy you pulled the panties aside, and leaned forward you run your tongue over my pussy lips.

I leaned back on the bed and rested on my hands so I could watch you work your magic. "Ohhh that feels good, baby!" I breathed out when your tongue entered my opening. You plunged your tongue in and out for a few strokes. Then you started to lick me as you went up to my clit. You are ran your tongue around it which made me crazy with desire. I could not help but moaned with delight, "That feels so good baby."

You looked at me when you put my clit in your mouth and started to suck on it. I could see the twinkle in your eyes when you slid two fingers into my hot, wet pussy. You slid them deep and spread them a little which made my heart race. You sucked on my clit faster which made me squirm. I attempted to scoot back away from your busy tongue and mouth. "Oh no, you don't!" You said as you laughed and grabbed my hips and pulled me back to you. You left them there you resumed your assault on my pussy and clit. The more you sucked and licked my pussy and clit the more I moaned and thrashed around on the bed in sheer ecstasy. The feelings were so powerful coursed through my veins which made my juices flow which soaked your face and tongue. My hips were bucking you. I was shaking as my pussy was pulsating around your tongue.

"Oh fuck baby that was amazing!" I exclaimed as you raised your head up. You kissed me letting me taste my own juices on your tongue. You scooted me farther onto the bed, and swiftly you slid my panties off of me. Then you laid over me your raging hard cock pressed against my still wet pussy.

I softly said "yes" as you pushed your thick cock into my pussy until it was deep all the way. My pussy tightened welcoming your cock as it throbbed. Slowly you pulled almost out then back in deep as you knew that I would love every minute of it. I wrapped my legs around your body as I drew you more into me as I kissed you thoroughly my hands were running through your long hair. As our tongues danced and became more urgent you increased your speed that brought us both to the edge of orgasmic relief. Our needs drove us over and beyond both of us moved as one as we met each other thrust for thrust. With the last thrust your hot seed spurted forth deep into my pussy as we moaned into each other's mouths as we kissed. You held me like that as I trembled against you. My pussy quivered around your cock as it grew soft. You broke our kiss as we gasped for air. You withdrew from my pussy and lay next to me. You put your arm around me pulled me close as I rested my head on your shoulder and my hand on your chest that beat so fast. You kissed my forehead as you rested your head on the pillow. Your hand found my shoulder as we both closed our eyes to cuddle.

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