tagMatureRocky Horror in a War Zone

Rocky Horror in a War Zone


This funny looking young soldier boy (reminded me of actor Daniel Radcliffe so I called him Potter), in his late twenties, was eagerly wooing me at a military camp I was visiting. I ignored him as I ususally did - this is before I came out has happy slut so please forgive my bitchiness...:)

Anyway, Potter didn't let up and managed to "steal" a hot kiss at the end of bar night. Apparently, that kiss was enough incentive for this eager young stud as he somehow got himself transferred over to my camp and popped up one evening, all smiles like the excited puppy he was! Too funny. His arrival coincided with Halloween and our movie theatre put up a midnight show of Rocky Horror - one of my favorite movie.

In order to stay awake I allowed Potter to chatter happily away, sitting in the lovely small garden patch in the compound. The theatre was only half full and as soon as the lights were out, Potter got to work. He took my hand and put it on his crotch to demonstrate his state of superb desire. I was impressed with the volume as I could feel his pants stretched to maximum trying to contain his manhood. I began to reconsider my aloofness and thought that perpaps movie groping was not such a bad idea! It had been too long since I last got to orgasm in public and I felt lonely and needy. My hand stayed on his crotch, gently stroking and figuring out the outlines of his throbbing cock. He could hardly contain his happiness and his hand found its way under my sweater. I started to prepare the fun by unbuttoning my jeans and wiggling them down to allow access. We were heavily snogging so I didn't see beyond the opening scene of RHPS, but that was ok as the music brought it all back - I know this movie by heart.

Thankfully the soundtrack was loud enough to stifle the considerable moan escaping from him when he found my hot wetness, I thought he would faint with excitement! He was very much like a puppy, so eager and unabashed, totally caught up in the thrill of his good fortune. His fingers were groping and I moved around in my seat to help him get better access. His groping hurt a bit and I totally enjoyed the sensation of pain, dripping more juice on his fingers so they became slippery. I was half-lying in the seat at this point, with my legs spread widely and propped up on the seat in front of me.

He worked very hard and I felt an orgasm coming along. His puppy tongue was fucking my throat as he pushed it rythmically into my mouth, as if it was his cock. All a bit amateurish but I didn't care. He was giving me the sense of being filled and that was enough. When the orgasm came it was intense and I grabbed his hand firmly and crushed it into my pelvis as my legs involuntarily contracted to lock the orgasm and hold it for as long as I could. Im pretty sure that I hurt his hand by this sudden force, but he just continued to grope my pussy, push his fingers inside and slipping on my wetness that was soaking the seat under me at this point.

After I recovered (my head had fallen back and I stayed like that with my eyes closed for quite a while (just thinking now how the attention of the movie audience behind us must have diverted away from the screen as our heads were silhouette against it and surely they noticed us kissing like horny teenages. Wondering how many soldiers were masturbating all around us, being treated by a live side show, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, makes my pussy throb with delight.

I unzipped his fly and let his cock spring out into freedom. Ohhh, nothing is as glorious as seeing (in this case feeling) a proud and greedy cock protruding up in the air like a flagpole! While he continued his slippery task, I began to stroke his cock, feeling his precum dripping down to moisturize the foreskin and aiding my intentions. He seemed to fight against cumming as his fingers never wavered in either intensity or focus, I'm sure he was determined to make the most of this opportunity to indulge while he had my attention. I couldn't go down on him (well, I could of course but didn't feel that generous towards him) so I continued to pump his cock while I pretended to watch yummy Tim Curry do his magic. When he did finally cum, I felt it spray over my hand, so hot and gloriously sticky and I smeared it all over his cock before I withdrew my hand to lick the rest.

He continued his good work until The End and we remain good friends.

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