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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 03


This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 3

Rocky visits Korea


- Zhong ('Charlie') Park – Rocky's man in Seoul. Managing Director of RKS, Ltd. 41, divorced

- Breng-Chuk ('Bibi') Lee – Charlies assistant and erstwhile mistress, 28, divorced

- Chong Lee – newest recruit for RKS, Ltd. 19, single, 5'4, 108lb, 33,23,33


Rocky had to make this trip alone. Christina was tied up making arrangements for a remodel of their downtown QC club, holding Jorge back to keep her safe. Edison and Karla were working through personnel issues out in Borocai. It was time for the Seoul review cycle, so it was a solo flight. He didn't mind; it just got a little lonely some times. He sat in First Class, reading through the status reports Charlie had sent him the previous evening. Everything seemed to be in reasonable order; but there were a few 'checks' to look into. The next file was a profile of Chong Lee, a new girl Bibi had recruited a few weeks back. She was very pretty, if a bit slender. Great smile, jet black hair, firm little titties and curvy round butt. He made a note to let Bibi know he would be needing some time with her when he arrived. The profile said she 'loved it all' – but he would be the judge of that!

The flight attendant, a fine example of Korean appeal, brought him a refresher for his glass of Merlot and offered him an early snack. Her name was Kimmy Park, and she was making it somewhat obvious that she might be interested in some extracurricular activities. He invited her to sit with him, as the adjacent seat was empty, and in the course of their conversation they discovered she would be working his return flight as well. As this little factoid was discovered she was called to assist another passenger; but slipped Rocky her personal card and gave him quick kiss and a wink. He watched her taut behind as she moved away, wondering what that might look like without the bulky uniform. He sipped his Merlot, munched on the caviar and toast points, and got busy again with the reports.

Two hours later they were on final approach, the big jumbo jet doing the usual mambo as it struggled to remain airborne in the turbulence that often accompanied proximity with the ground. Rocky was used to it, and sat back with his hands clasped in his lap. He put together a mental checklist for his arrival, then glanced out the window at the outskirts of Korea's largest city whizzing by at two hundred fifty kph. He saw the markers just before they flew over the threshold, and with a solid thunk they were safely on the runway. The pilot expertly brought the huge craft down to taxiing speed and turned off at the earliest possible taxiway. Brilliant job, Captain! Rocky thought as he quickly pulled out his briefcase and prepared to disembark. As soon as the signs said it was okay, he opened his cell phone, turned it on, and punched Bibi's code into the speeddial.

"Bibi" she answered crisply.

"Rocky here sweetie. We're rolling up to the terminal now." he told her.

"I'm right outside the gate sir. Jimmy has the car at the arrival doors, ready to go." Bibi told him, efficient as ever.

"Thanks doll, see you in a minute." he said, seeing a vision of the svelte woman in his mind. She had been in the organization more than four years, hired by Charlie for her unique ability to convince politicos of the wisdom of her ways. She and Charlie were more than just associates, and Rocky new that, so he never approached her for anything that wasn't pure business. They both flirted mercilessly; but neither wanted to face Charlie if they were to slip and allow something more to happen. But she was pretty dammed hot! he thought, shaking his head. The aircraft stopped and Rocky was up in a flash, popping open the overhead and pulling out his carryon bag. He never checked anything on these intra-Asian flights for two reasons: 1) He normally wasn't on the road more than a few days, and 2) if it ended up that he was, he could procure whatever he needed locally. The delays to offload luggage, the lines at the baggage claim, and the possibility of loss were just good reasons not to do it. He hustled down the gateway and quickly through customs and immigration. Bibi was waiting just past the last checkpoint, a beautiful smile on her lovely face. "Hey bab... I mean Bibi!" he chuckled.

She always enjoyed the visits from the 'big boss'. He was so charming and ruggedly handsome, and she knew if it weren't for Charlie they would be doing more than paperwork on these trips. She ran over to him and gave him a bear hug. "Great to see you Rocky. So very good!" Bibi said, grabbing his carryon and pulling the wheeled bag behind her. "Jimmy is right outside this door." she said, stepping on the sensor to activate the automatic door. At the curb was the dark green Jaguar Vanden Plas with their driver Jimmy at the wheel. He saw them coming through the door and jumped out to open the boot and the rear door, then greeted Rocky respectfully and put his bags in the trunk.

After Rocky and Bibi were inside, he closed the door and ran around to regain his place behind the wheel. Expertly wheeling the Jag into traffic, he glanced in the mirror. "Good trip boss?" he asked politely.

"Any flight that ends up with safe landing is a good trip Jimmy; but thanks for asking." Rocky replied, bringing a chuckle from both Bibi and the driver. That line works every time. he thought. He glanced over at the young woman sharing the back seat with him, admiring her slender legs in the sheer hose. It could be a little tough to resist, so he reached over and rested his palm on her thigh, several centimeters above her knee. His eyes diverted to meet hers, and although she was wearing a scowl, it was all for affect. She broke out in a giggle. "Nice." Rocky whispered, squeezing her firm flesh.

Bibi brushed at his hand without really meaning it. "Now Rocky..." she said.

Rocky laughed. "Now? You want me to do you right now?" he laughed. She pushed at his hand again and he lifted it away. "Okay, I know. It was just a cheap feel honey. You know me, I can't resist a good leg." Rocky told her, getting her smile back in the process.

Forty minutes after leaving the vast expanse of the airport they pulled up in front of the RKS Ltd. offices. Jimmy debarked and ran around to open their door, assisting Bibi and saluting Rocky before opening the boot. "You may leave your large bag in here. I will be taking you to your hotel later sir, if you wish." he said. Rocky nodded and grabbed his briefcase. He looked at Bibi, puzzled.

"Oh yes sir, I forgot to tell you that Charlie's house is being remodeled so we are all staying in hotel for the next few weeks." Bibi said.

"Ah. I see. Well, alright then." Rocky replied, walking through the large entry doors and waving to the receptionist who reached under her desk and released the lock. They opened the door, finding a waiting elevator, and were whisked up to the top floor where Charlie's office suite consumed nearly half the floor. At the outer door Bibi buzzed the intercom and announced Rocky's arrival. The doors released then opened, and Charlie Park himself greeted him with a smile and hearty handshake.

"Privilege as always sir." Charlie said. "Welcome to South Korea."

"Thank you Charlie. I must say Bibi was efficient as always." Rocky told him, giving her a soft pat on her backside – behind Charlie's back – as they walked toward his private office in the corner. She glanced over and gave him a wink, reaching over to pinch his butt in retaliation.

"I've prepared a detailed itinerary for the next couple of days. I think we can get through all of the business in that time. Then we have a standing invitation to the premier club here in Seoul, reservations for the Emperor's room, all the comforts. If you like we can go on Wednesday evening after we meet with the politicos." Charlie told him, opening the door to his office and waving them inside.

Rocky was always impressed with Charlie's digs here. His office was about twenty meters on a side; but with a curved plate glass window on two sides which revealed a panoramic view of the Seoul skyline. Retractable awnings kept the sun from intruding on the space, and a very private balcony with a sitting area and a small bar gave him a perfect spot for private meetings. Adjacent to the office proper was a small and very secure conference room, right next to a small 'resting cubicle' – complete with bed. Rocky knew Charlie and Bibi used that cubicle regularly. Ah, to be a fly on that wall! he thought.

"So... this evening Jimmy will bring you to the hotel before five o'clock so you can freshen up and rest after your travel. We will pick you up there at seven and we will all enjoy a Korean BBQ at The Palace. I'm sure you will remember that place." Charlie began. Rocky nodded. "We plan to return to the hotel around ten so we can all get some rest for our busy day tomorrow." he finished.

"Excuse me, Charlie; but who will be in our dinner party?" Rocky asked.

"Oh yes. It will the two of us, of course Bibi will join us, as will the new girl I told you about, Chong Lee. I wished for you to meet her while you are here, perhaps get to know her just a bit. The usual sir." Charlie said.

"Gottcha, thanks Charlie." Rocky replied.

"Alright then, tomorrow morning we will begin at nine. We will bring in breakfast here and go through the business review per the outline I sent you. Lunch will be at the Sushi Bar across the street from one until two-thirty, then back here to finish the reviews and go over the scenario for Wednesday before we break at six." Charlie told them. "Any questions?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Sounds right to me Charlie." Bibi responded.

"We're good to go man, thanks!" Rocky told him.

Charlie buzzed his intercom. Jimmy responded. "Rocky will be down in five minutes." The driver acknowledged and Charlie stood up. "Enjoy your rest sir. I will see you in two hours for dinner. Any issues you know my numbers." Charlie told him, shaking his hand.

Rocky nodded, closing his case and turning for the door. "See you in two, chief." Rocky said, heading through the door and back toward the outer lobby. Bibi stayed behind to 'wrap things up' but Rocky knew the way. The elevator dropped him at the 'executive parking' level and he headed through the automatic door. Jimmy and the Jaguar were there, the silky engine idling to keep things cool in the afternoon heat of the Korean summer. "I'll sit in the front Jimmy." Rocky said, opening the door himself and climbing into the soft leather seat. Jimmy hopped in and smoothly engaged 'drive'. "Which hotel?" Rocky asked.

"Intercon." Jimmy relied. You will be in the penthouse sir." he added.

"Excellent." Rocky said. Plenty of room to entertain a lovely. he thought. He watched the crowds as the car whisked them silently through the packed streets of Seoul. Rocky barely recognized some of the place, as it had been nearly a year since his last visit and things changed quickly in the bustling metropolis. Perhaps he would spend an extra day just to see some of the new sights – perhaps not. He was just about to ask about one of the new complexes when they rolled up in front of the completely refurbished InterContinental Hotel and the car came to a stop. The Bellboy stepped smartly to the car and opened his door.

"Welcome to InterCon Mister Ramirez." the young man said, impressing Rocky with his knowledge of his name and his respectful greeting.

Jimmy had used the remote to release the boot latch, and a second bellman already had his rolling bag out and by his side. Jimmy closed up the car. "I will be back to pick you up for dinner at seven sir." Jimmy told him. Rocky nodded his acknowledgment and followed the two bellmen into the ornate lobby.

They bypassed the registration desk, going to the 'executive express' elevator and up to the twentieth floor. There he was greeted by a stunning young woman who led him to the private elevator and up to the penthouse. She opened the room and led him inside, pouring him a glass of champagne before asking him for his signature. He signed and handed her the equivalent of a twenty-dollar gratuity. She smiled broadly and said "Thank you sir. Enjoy your stay. If you have any requirements at all please call me." she told him, handing him her card.

"Thank you very much..... Lily." Rocky replied, reading her name quickly. She spun around and he enjoyed the crisp twitch of her firm rearend as she walked to the elevator. She turned briefly and gave him a smile before stepping into the elevator and closing the door. He did love these visits to other Asian countries. While his favorites would always be Filipinas, the beauties of the Far East were different in each country.

He unpacked quickly, leaving his suit out to be pressed while he was at dinner, then showered to clean off the travel that always seemed to accompany travel. Must be something about airports and recycled air. he thought. He dried himself most of the way, preferring to use the aircon to finish the job, then gave himself a quick shave to get the five-o'clock shadow. A splash of his favorite cologne and he was ready. He pulled on the relaxing eveningwear and glanced at the clock. He still had thirty minutes, so he poured a cognac and made a couple of calls. His first was to Christina. Her cell number rang three times – on the fourth it would have gone to voice mail – then she picked up. "Christina."

"Hey baby, it's me. I'm at the InterCon in Seoul, penthouse suite. Long story; but I wanted you to know where I've ended up."

"Um... okay sweetie. How was your flight?" she asked.

"It was good, nothing exciting." Rocky replied. "Charlie and Bibi are taking me out for Korean BBQ in ten minutes; but I had to hear your voice before I could do anything else." he told her, only half lying.

"You going to meet that new girl – what's her name... Chong?" Christina asked him, knowing he would. She couldn't get jealous about it; but was still a little... odd.

"Yeah, she's joining us for dinner. Don't know if I'll see her after that though. We have a pretty busy schedule the next two days." Rocky told her, trying to ease her anxiety a little – even though he knew she wasn't buying it.

"Okay baby. Well I know you're a little rushed, so I'll let you go. Thanks for calling honey. I love you!" Christina told him.

"And I love you my lady." Rocky replied sincerely. "Hold down the fort, I'll see you in a few days." he added. He heard the distinctive click and the connection was gone.

Rocky headed down to the lobby to wait and have a cigarette. He hated the damn things, and never smoked them at home. But travel just did something to him and he seemed to need the nicotine fix when he was away. He walked out of the elevator and looked around. No sign of Jimmy, so he walked outside and lit up. He took several long drags, using the carefully placed ash cans to deposit the carbon waste. Jeezus these things are disgusting! he thought, mashing the butt in the sand. Just then he heard a car drive up. It was Jimmy driving the Benz 600 Pullman with Charlie, Bibi, and Chong in the back. He joined them, shaking Charlie's hand (again), giving Bibi the obligatory kiss on the cheek, then he found himself staring at a girl far prettier than the picture he had seen.

"Rock, this is Chong Lee." Charlie told him. "Chong, pleased to introduce you to our boss, Mister Rocky Ramirez." he said to the girl. She bowed respectfully, and took his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I am honored sir." Chong said. "Thank you for this opportunity." she added.

"You are quite welcome, Miss Lee. I must say you are far more beautiful than your photographs!" Rocky told her honestly. "May I request the pleasure of your company during our evening together?" he asked politely. It was all about politeness and social protocols here. he recalled.

"Of course sir, that would please me." she replied.

"And please Chong.... Call me Rocky." he requested. "All of my friends do." he added, giving her a gentle pat on her knee. She was wearing a sexy outfit consisting of a deep purple satin skirt coming to mid-thigh and slit to the hip, a matching blouse worn open in the front to reveal her small, firm breasts when she wanted him to see them.

"Very well, Rocky." Chong responded, crossing her long legs and giving him a broad smile.

They pulled up to the restaurant's 'executive' entrance and were whisked inside by two very polite hostesses. Dinner was on!

** Rocky Evaluates the New Talent – Chong Takes a Ride **

The four were escorted to a private room where there was not only a dining table with built-in grills; but a row of chilled containers and another of heated containers. Along the back wall was a salad bar and a separate sauce bar. It was their own private restaurant, nearly self-contained. Rocky looked around and was impressed.

Charlie suggested seating arrangements, with he and Bibi on one side of the table and Rocky with Chong on the other. Always socially 'proper', he seated himself opposite Chong and Rocky opposite Bibi. Then he used a chopstick and glass to get everyone's attention. "Rocky this is a new restaurant to you, although the family has been in the restaurant business for more than three generations. My brother knows this family well, and recommended this restaurant personally. I sincerely hope that it meets with all of our expectations; but I will report our findings regardless." Charlie said.

A polite and soft-spoken hostess came in to the room and bowed. "You would like some drinks before your meal?" she suggested. The orders were taken – a Singha beer for Rocky, Patron on ice for Charlie, Cosmo for Bibi, and a vodka martini for Chong. The hostess thanked them, bowing again as she hustled off to fill their requests.

"So... Chong, why don't you fill Rocky in on your background and how we found you." Bibi suggested.

Chong shifted in her seat, a little nervous about addressing the 'big boss' in the social setting. Rocky's smile seemed to loosen her up. "Well.. um... I came to the South when I was fourteen from a poor village just to the north of the zone (DMZ) with my mother and sister. We did not have much; but my mother was able to get us what we needed, and found a benefactor who sponsored my application to the university. I was studying fashion design and working as a sports apparel model when I met Bibi here in Seoul." Chong told them.

Bibi chimed in. "She was well-paid and highly respected in her business; but found some aspects of the job to be less than – ahem – acceptable." Bibi said.

"Yes, you see the models in Korea, even the girls you see on billboards and magazine covers, are expected by everyone to provide – uh – sexual favors.' she began. "The agents, the middlemen, the photographers, the advertising agencies, they all wanted to have their pleasure – but none of them wanted to pay for that pleasure. Bibi convinced me that I could be earning more for less work in the RKS family."

Rocky nodded his acknowledgement. "And are you finding that to be true?" he asked.

Chong looked at Bibi for guidance. "Chong has passed muster with two of our most selective clients, and her profile is quickly gaining in popularity. Her earnings for the past month are ahead of expectations, and her reviews have been very positive." Bibi reported.

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