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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 08



This is the eighth in a continuing series of stories about what is essentially a very high-class prostitution business in Asia, with the headquarters in Manila. 'Rocky' is the chief -- you could call him a pimp in other circumstances -- of the very large consortium which includes operations in many Asian countries. Although each section can stand on it's own as an erotic story, I highly recommend that you begin with the first story, which explains the business and introduces some key characters. Character development is constant through the sequential sections, so you'll be reading about people you don't yet 'know' if you don't start at the beginning. Oh yes, and I'm having a blast writing this, and hope you enjoy reading it.

This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 8

Rocky's Long Trip - Part 1

*** Singapore - Government Details and New Girl Renae ***

Rocky's flight from Manila to Singapore was uneventful as usual. He was in first class on a Cathay flight, with the associated beautiful flight attendants and good service. While not quite the service level of the Singapore girls, Cathay was a very professional operation and the girls were flirtatious if not available. Once the aircraft was parked he flipped his phone on to dial his local Country Director, Martin Lang.

"Lang" came the quick answer.

"Marty, we're at the gate." Rocky said.

"I'm right inside, car is waiting." Martin replied.

"See you in ten." Rocky told him, ending the call. Rocky knew that if there any issues with the usual clearance arrangements Marty would have mentioned them. Rocky would go through the 'VIP' entrance for immigration and customs and they should be out in the car within a few minutes of disembarking. He wasn't one to break rules where the I&C guys were concerned; but would take advantage of any 'streamlining' of the process when it was available. He walked through the outer door to find Marty waiting, his usual smile in place.

"Welcome to Singapore sir." Martin said, shaking Rocky's hand. "I... hope you're up for a relaxing evening before you tackle the Commerce and Tourism officers tomorrow?"

"I am indeed Marty." Rocky replied. "So what am I in for?" he chuckled.

"Oh... you'll see soon enough." Martin told him as they walked down the stairs to the Arrivals level. They went through the automatic doors to the waiting limousine, and the driver opened the door for them. "After you sir" Martin said, waving Rocky into the car.

Rocky detected the enticing fragrance as he got to the opening; but was unprepared for the two stunning ladies inside the limo. They were both wearing the colorful attire of the region, including beautiful smiles that seemed to illuminate the interior of the car as he stepped inside. "Ladies... I am Rocky Ramirez." he announced, sitting on the sumptuous leather opposite the girls.

"I am Lily, and this is our new girl Renae." Lily said.

"Oh... of course Lily. I remember you from my last visit. How are you?" Rocky asked politely. "And... so nice to meet you Renae, Martin has told me good things."

Martin joined them after assuring that Rocky's luggage made it into the boot. "I see you've met Renae sir." Marty said, taking a seat next to his boss.

"And been pleasantly reminded of Lily, yes." Rocky replied. Lily was a gorgeous Filipina who had been recruited locally where she was working as an account manager for one of the major high-tech firms. They had been introduced on a previous visit, although Rocky had not enjoyed her company as yet. Renae was a new recruit, having been on just a single 'assignment' before today. That assignment brought her rave reviews from the client, and added to the high marks she'd received from the RKS interviews Rocky was looking forward to his own personal interview. She was quite beautiful, with golden honey skin and curly hair below her shoulders. Her eyes matched her skin tone, a lovely honey-hazel, and they sparkled like diamonds when she smiled. "Marty, I must say... Renae is stunning." he added.

Renae smiled and squirmed in her seat. "Oh... why thank you kind sir... I..." she stammered.

"You don't need to say anything other than thanks for the compliment my dear. I am sincerely looking forward to getting to know you better." Rocky told her, giving her a wink. "So Martin, where are we taking these beautiful ladies?" he asked.

"I thought Raffles would be a good place to start the evening sir, if that's okay." Martin suggested.

"Raffles is a perfect place to show off such perfection." Rocky replied.

A few minutes later the limo rolled up at the 'executive' entrance to the Raffles Lounge, actually a direct access to a private elevator which took them up to the club on the roof. Rocky deliberately walked behind Renae, enjoying the way the loose-fitting wrap-around skirt clung to her taut bum as she moved. The Japanese executive who enjoyed her company gave her the highest possible score for not only the way her rear looks; but how she used it to pleasure him. We'll see if she lives up to that...

"Here we are sir." Marty said, waving Rocky and the girls to a luxurious booth. As the booth was curved, Rocky found himself between Lily and Renae, and happy to be there. Marty sat on the other side of Lily. Rocky ordered a bottle of champaigne, adding fried calamari and garlic pepper prawns to soak up the alcohol. "So... Renae, why don't you give Mister Ramirez some information about your background?" Marty suggested.

"Oh... I'm not sure..." Renae stammered.

"Nonesense, I would love to hear more about you Renae." Rocky broke the ice, putting his arm around her shoulders. "Really." he added.

Renae smiled and snuggled closer to him, feeling comfortable instantly. "Okay.. well... I was born in Indonesia, my mother was a native there and my father was from Santo Domingo - in South America." she began.

"That explains your extraordinary color and your beautiful hair." Rocky told her, giving her shoulder a squeeze.

"Oh... thank you sir." Renae responded."Anyway... I was enrolled in University in Sumatra, I study fashion design and art history for three year." she continued. "I make money to pay for school with modeling and... uh... other assignments from the agency." she explained.

"Other assignments?" Rocky queried, pulling her closer.

"Y-yes... I provide... escort for wealthy patrons." she told him. "You know... keep them company... do some pleasure activities" she added, her hand on Rocky's thigh.

"I see, so how did you find us?" Rocky asked her.

"My agency sent me on... escort job here in Singapore." Renae replied. "I meet Lily, and we keep in touch." she added.

"Oh, I see. So really we have Lily to thank for bringing you aboard?" Rocky pursued. Lily lowered her eyes when he looked her way.

Marty chimed in. "Yes, that's right." Marty said. "We were in one of our regular recruiting meetings, and she brought in some photos of Renae, and inquired if we might be interested."

"And obviously we were... very interested." Rocky interjected.

"Yes... obviously." Marty resplied.

"You see Renae, it is your look that attracts men. Never mind anything else. A man sees you and he wants you. I'm sure you experienced this before." Ricky said.

"Um... yes... I guess that's right." Renae responded. "I mean... men do seem to be attracted to me." she added.

"And from what I have heard you are an exceptional companion as well." Rocky suggested. "That's two out of three."

"And the third is... sexual performance, right?" Renae asked.

"Oh, actually I think that sex falls into the 'companion' part" Rocky replied. "The third in my mind is intelligence and you're a college educated woman, refined and eloquent." he explained. "You, my dear lady, are a treasure." he added.

Renae put her arm across Rocky's chest and nuzzled his neck. "I am just glad I met Lily, and through her found this family." she said softly. "I am eager to... show you I am a good choice." she added, letting her hand roam down to his lap.

"Now, now... plenty of time for that sweetie." Rocky said, although he didn't push her hand away. "Let's enjoy the wine, food, and company for a bit." he suggested. "And Marty, I didn't ask before; but am I welcome at your villa?" he asked.

"Of course sir, and if you prefer we have reserved the penthouse at Shangri-La." Marty replied.

Rocky put his fingers under Renae's chin and tilted her head up to look into her eyes. "What do you think Renae? Shangri-La or Martin's villa on the beach?" he asked.

"Villa on the beach, I think." Renae replied, smiling. "I see enough hotel when I work." she giggled.

"You heard the woman Marty." Rocky said with a chuckle. "I guess we'll be at your place tonight."

"And breakfast tomorrow, I hope." Marty suggested, giving his boss a wink.

Lily held up her glass after refilling all of them. "To new beginnings for Renae, and good friends for the rest of us." she said.

"Hear, hear" Rocky responded, clinking his glass to Lily's as Marty and Renae responded in kind. Then he noticed the bottle was empty and summoned the waiter to order another.

The four of them finished the seafood and the second bottle before Rocky suggested they all join him at his home. He specifically invited Lily to join them, as she was not a 'visitor'. Marty was pleased she accepted the invitation. It had been nearly a year since he last sampled her beauty and skills, and looking at her all evening had been stimulating to say the least. "Shall we?" Martin suggested, standing next to the table as he handed the waiter a small wad of bills. He pulled out his phone and speed dialed the limo driver. "We're ready." was all he needed to say.

They walked to the elevator, Renae staying close to Rocky now as Lily was to Martin. The limo drove up as they emerged from the executive entry, and they were quietly whisked away through the brightly lit streets of Singapore. Within a few minutes they were out of town and driving along the coast road, arriving at Martin's villa ten minutes later.

"You've been doing some work Martin." Rocky said as they drove through the large iron gate that swung open as they approached. The lush vegetation surrounding the entry ensured privacy, while the back of the house faced the ocean while being built several meters above sea level to avoid damage from storm swells and even small tsunamis.

The limo stopped at the main entry and they disembarked. Marty had several household attendants; but they were either off for the day or in the quarters he provided fifty meters away, out of sight of the house. "Welcome." Martin said, waving his guests inside. The foyer was a subdued marble surrounded by teak, with modern art hung tastefully or displayed on pedestals or shelves.

"Beautiful" Renae said, in awe of the home.

"Thank you Renae." Martin said. "Not many girls have been here, so you can thank Rocky for that." he told her.

"I was here last year; but you have indeed been working on the place." Lily said. "Very nice"

"Let's go have an apperitif on the patio, shall we?" Marty said, pointing the way as he headed for the bar. "I'll join you momentarily." he added.

Rocky again sat between the two ladies as Martin came from the next door over with a tray holding four glasses and a bottle. "Mango Rum Liquer, from Manila." he told them.

"My favorite." Rocky said. "A delicious treat Martin, thank you." he added, watching his friend pour four glasses before handing them out. "Mmm... so smooth..." Rocky said, taking a sip.

"Ohhh... so rich and fruity!" Renae giggled.

"It's mostly alcohol though, so just..." Lily told her, looking out for her friend.

"Well... I am here to entertain a man, after all." Renae laughed, resting her hand on Rocky's thigh.

"Yes... and with that in mind, I think these gentlemen might enjoy some extra pleasure while they sip their liquor and listen to the waves." Lily suggested, her hand drifting over to Marty's lap. "Mmmm?" she gave him a wink.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea to me, what about you Rock?" he queried his boss.

Before any more words were spoken the girls were on their knees, Lily pushing her way between Martin's legs while Renae did the same for Rocky. Their fingers deftly unfastened the men's trousers to bring their genitals out into the warm evening air. Then, before either of them began, Lily spoke. "Now... the objective here is not to get them to cum; but to get them close and keep them there." she giggled, her tongue teasing at the head of Martin's dick. "We want them to be ready to fuck." she added, wrapping her lips around Marty's crown as she began to suck.

"Life is good, eh my friend?" Rocky said, watching Renae's sexy lips wrapping around his manhood.

"Good indeed." Marty said as Lily's lips worked their way down to his root. "And these two are very special ladies." he added. "Ahhhh... fuck that's nice..."

"Gllllbbbllgllphhhhmmph" came the muffled grunt from Renae as Rocky's cockhead pushed into her throat for the first time. She had deep-throated a few times, and even practiced with a dildo once in a while; but it always came as a surprise for some reason. Renae held her head in place, focusing on suppressing her gag reflex for several seconds before letting her lips ripple their way back up to his glans.

Rocky could hear her suckling over the sounds of the waves crashing ashore less than thirty meters away. "You know Marty..."

"What's that sir?" Marty responded.

"I don't recall any mention of oral skills in Renae's interview profile; but this girl is a seriously good fellatrice." Rocky said. "ohhhhhyesssss..."

"Uh... well Rock... I guess those who experienced her skills first hand were focused on... ohhGAWD... her backside" Marty suggested. "ohhhhh Lily... easy baby..."

"Well I think that's a mistake on the part of the interviewers." Rocky replied. "ohhhhhhbaby... so damn nice..." he told Renae, running his fingers through her curly hair. "It might well be that her ass is incredible; but it's these lips and that tongue that get a man off to a good start." he added.

"Well I guess you'll find out more about her butt later." Marty suggested. "Yoshida-san couldn't stop rambling on about how fantastic her ass was, how beautiful and shapely it was, how snug and receptive it was. He never said anything about any other aspect of his time with her." he added. All I know is, Renae has the most incredibly perfect derriere I've ever laid eyes on! he thought, his hips twitching as Lily got him right to the edge.

Renae slowly lifted her mouth from Rocky's penis. "Yoshida-san was a very nice man; but honestly, once he saw my rear that was all he wanted and all he spent time on - or in." she told them, taking Rocky's cock back into her mouth to resume her sucking.

"Really now?" Rocky pursued. "So all you did with him was let him use your ass?" he asked, letting her take her time to respond.

"Um... yes." Renae told them. "Well... it was actually very nice. He made love to my ass, licked and sucked it for a long time, used lots of lube with a finger, then two while he sucked my pussy, then finally fucked me in the ass for long time." she explained. "Actually I think he came two or three times back there." she added before going back to Rocky's dick. "Gllglllhmmphhh"

"I must say I'm impressed Renae." Rocky said. "You must really enjoy anal sex."

Lily lifted her lips from Marty's meat. "Most women will enjoy anal intercourse if a man shows her that kind of attention before his cock goes in there." she told them, resuming her fellatio.

Renae giggled. "It's also important to remember... uh... what they say about the size of Japanese cocks is... um... true." she gave Rocky a wink as he chuckled. "This..." she swirled her tongue around his crown "is something entirely different." her lips wrapped around his organ again and went down to his root in a single long stroke.

"ohhhhhkkkKGAAWWWDDDD that's good..." Marty growled, having his hands slapped away as he attempted to grab Lily's head.

Her mouth opened to let his member slip free. "Now Marty... you have to save that for later, remember?" Lily chuckled. "Let's see if we can't let him relax for a few minutes..." she added, settling back to leave Martin's throbbing shaft standing straight up with her soft fingers wrapped around it. She reached over with her free hand to get her glass, taking a sip.

"mmmm...." Rocky moaned softly. "Time for a little break sweetie." he said, his fingertips caressing her ears as she lifted her mouth from his penis. She smiled sweetly. "Wow" he said with a wink, handing her the glass.

Marty was breathing hard. "Oh man... I may have to apologize in advance Rock, I'm thinking I want to take this sweetheart to bed soon." he said.

"You want to fuck me Marty?" Lily suggested, sipping her drink.

"I want to fuck your pretty round bum." Marty replied, standing up and offering his hand to help Lily to her feet. "Mmmm?" he pulled her close to kiss her soft lips.

"I'm ready... if you are" Lily said, turning around to face Renae and Rocky. "You two know where your room is?" she asked. Rocky nodded. "See you at breakfast." she said, taking Marty's hand as they headed inside.

Renae sat down in her chair after pushing it as close as she could to Rocky's. She finished her drink before refilling both of them. "It's sure nice out here." she said.

"Yes it is sweetie." Rocky replied, tapping out a cigarette from his pack. It was his first since arriving in Singapore. "Smoke?" he offered Renae a stick.

"No thanks." Renae responded, grabbing his lighter to fire his up. "Well... we don't have to go to bed just because they did." Renae suggested. "We certainly don't need a bed to have fun" she added with a chuckle.

Rocky took a puff on his smoke and a sip from his glass. "That's certainly true enough." he said.

Renae stood up and flashed him a smile. "You know, I was thinking sir." she began. "There's been much talk about my butt... and you haven't even gotten a peek." she added, her hands roaming over body as she deftly untied the half-dozen closures on the silk garment as she turned in front of him. "So...."

Rocky watched intently, taking an occasional draw on his cigarette or a sip of his drink as Renae gyrated her lithe and curvy body for him, giving him little glimpses as a part of her 'show'. No fucking wonder men want her... he thought, feeling his cock twitch as he caught a quick peek at a perfect little boob. "So sexy..." he mumbled.

She managed to get the garment to the point where she could make a single sweeping motion and give Rocky a nice long look at her tush before the fabric covered her again. Thank god for exotic dance lessons! she thought, making the motion. She heard his sharp intake of breath as her backside came into view.

Holy SHIT that's a magnificent bottom! Rocky thought, unable to take his eyes off of Renae's perfectly shaped rear. The skin was only a slightly lighter shade of golden from the rest of her body, the cheeks were round and full without being 'ghetto', and the flesh barely jiggled as she danced around. "Renae... your backside is such perfection..." Rocky stammered, finishing his cigarette and taking another sip of the Mango Rum.

Renae finished her dance and decided the garment had served its purpose, folding it carefully and setting it on an empty chair as she sat back down next to Rocky. "Well sir, I must say it means a bit more coming from you. Thank you." Renae said, reaching over to let her fingers graze across the top of his thigh. She picked up his cigarette pack and offered him one, which he took. She lit it and refilled his drink before taking another sip of her own. "I think you should find out for yourself why Yoshida-san spoke highly of my... anal abilities." she told him.

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