It had been a long week already. Driving across two states, trying to find a place to set up in yet another strange town, getting the horse ready – everything seemed to go wrong. And that was before the rodeo even started. Then three days of competition, only to lose it all on the last day because of a broken strap on my saddle. Now all I wanted to do was pack up, drive out of town and find a cold beer and a warm bed somewhere.

I was packing the trailer when I noticed her in the space next to me; obviously another competitor ready to head home. Rubbing her horse down she looked incredible – tanned skin, long, flowing hair and a lovely face. She was wearing a tight pair of faded denim shorts cut indecently high, and a white shirt tied up to show a lovely midriff. A black hat and boots completed her outfit and all I could do was stop and stare for a moment as she whistled to herself while she worked. God, what a lovely ass... and those legs. My mind was already starting to drift further when she turned and caught me staring. All I could do was blush and try to go back to my own work as she smiled nicely to me, with a glint in her eyes that let me know she caught me.

I spent the next twenty minutes sneaking peeks at her while I finished up with my packing. I could swear she knew I was watching too – once or twice I thought I caught her peeking my way, and it seemed she'd position herself just perfectly when she'd bend over to pick something up; giving me another look at her tight butt and the way the crotch of the shorts disappeared between her legs. Or when she'd raise her arms and her blouse would ride up giving me a glimpse of a black lace bra supporting what looked to be a lovely pair of breasts. Each time excited me even more, my mind filling with lustful fantasies of this girl. Wishing I could fulfill them all. Before I realized it, I had to adjust my jeans – the sight of her combined with my thoughts had already given me a throbbing erection.

Even though I knew nothing would come of it, I wanted to see more; so I made some excuse to myself about cleaning something at the side of the stall. I tried to concentrate on my work enough not to be obvious, but I still stole every glimpse I could of her. She was even lovelier than I first thought. Seemed to have everything I liked all in one package. The thoughts were getting even worse in my head, especially when she dropped a bridle while putting it away and had to bend over to pick it up, only a few feet in front of me. Oh my God... I was transfixed as she slowly leaned down... her legs slightly spread, my gaze starting at those firm calves and moving up... her smooth thighs... and then, that ass in those shorts. I couldn't believe how high they were cut – I could see the bottom of each cheek as they rose up... and then, as I looked closer – oh my... the puffy lips of her pussy were peeking from around the frayed crotch!!! Smooth... full... God, I wanted to be even closer... I was holding my breath as all of a sudden I realized she was looking back at me! Shit! But all she did was grin at me as she wiggled slightly, then stood up and walked around to the other side of her trailer.

That did it – I had to behave before I got myself in trouble. Blushing furiously I went back to work, and tried to drive the image of her like that from my mind. But the continued throbbing of my dick in my jeans let me know how useless that was...

Then her voice brought me back to reality – I turned to see her leaning on the rail separating us, and had to mumble something about not hearing her. Lost in her beautiful eyes, I barely caught her saying something about needing help lifting something in the stall that was too heavy for her. I have no idea what babbled in reply as I followed her, jumping over the rail and walking just behind her as she led the way. My eyes glued to the way she walked as I inhaled the hint of perfume and womanly sweat from her work. She was making some sort of simple conversation as we went, but for the life of me I could barely answer... one half of my mind filled with incredible dreams, the other barely keeping in control, since I knew she just needed some friendly help.

The stall was lit up by the afternoon sun as we went inside, the smell of hay and the outdoors filling the air. Moving to the heavy saddle she pointed out on a hook above, I moved it to the ground and turned to ask if there was anything else. And received the shock of my life, as she moved forward and boldly kissed me. My arms wrapped around her of their own accord as our mouths met; her lips warm beneath mine and the scent of her hair and skin filling me. I could feel every bit of her pressed against me and only hoped she couldn't feel the hardness that sprang back to life in my pants... but then she pulled me even closer and I could feel her grinding slightly against me as her tongue met mine, a soft moan escaping from both our throats.

I have no idea how long the kiss lasted. When she pulled a little bit away I looked down to meet her eyes beneath the brim of her hat. They glittered with mischief and lust as she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, then grinned at me. Then she ground into me again as she said something about seeing me watching her... enjoying it... and not wanting me to think her a tease. Her hand reached up to pull my face back to hers and I kissed her again greedily, not daring to believe my fantasies were actually coming true... One of her legs wrapping around me as our bodies pulled even closer together.

My own arms wrapped tight about her. One reaching down to cup her ass, feeling the firm flesh as it rested on the edge of her shorts and her skin. The other running up her side, her back; sliding beneath the back of her shirt as I held her close. Her hands holding my neck and back as she did the same. Our tongues dueled hotly, teasing and touching as we excited each other more.

I couldn't resist the urge to explore her more. My hand smoothly untying the front of her shirt to bare her lovely tits. The black, lacy bra barely containing them. My kisses began to move down her neck as she moaned softly, while my fingers began to tease and caress her through the fabric of the bra. Nibbling and tasting her skin beneath the ear as thumb and forefinger brought one nipple to hardness, and then the other. Finally unfastening the clasp in front to let those breasts spill into my hands, my mouth moving to kiss and suckle at her throat as my hands brought more moans from her lips.

She didn't stop her own work this whole time either – massaging my neck and shoulders... rubbing her body into mine... it was all incredible to experience. Before I knew it she had one hand rubbing the crotch of my jeans, and I knew that she had no illusions about how hard she had gotten me.... it felt like steel as her hand rubbed at me.

I leaned my head down further as both hands reached down to cup her ass again, lifting her up to meet my mouth as I took a nipple into my mouth. Her legs wrapping around me as our groins rubbed together through the fabric of our clothes. My tongue and teeth nibbling and teasing as the little nub got even harder in my mouth... I was beginning to smell the sweet musk of her arousal and wondered how that pussy was going to feel... my fingers moving lower on her ass at the thought, her voice a soft "yes!" above my head as they slid smoothly under the crotch of her shorts from behind. Mmmmm, it felt so nice.... no panties to get in the way.... the slick and smooth and wet lips already swollen with desire. I moved the tips of my fingers up and down gently as I moved to the other nipple, my fingers spreading the juices seeping from her as I continued to tease moans from her hot body.

Her own hand moved then, unfastening the top snap of my jeans as she slid her hand inside... wrapping around the shaft of my cock as she began to slowly stroke it up and down. My own turn to moan at her as I jumped at the touch. I could feel her fingers spreading the pre-cum seeping from the head around as she got me even harder than I was before. Sliding a finger inside her in revenge, feeling the moist heat as her body grasped at it; both of our crotches grinding to meet the other's touch.... God this woman was hot!

We both knew what we needed now. As she unbuttoned my fly to finally bring my hardness to freedom, my own fingers unsnapped her belt and shorts and slid them down her legs... She lifted one foot free, and as she wrapped her arms around my neck again lifted herself up... my own hands holding her waist as I helped lower her... that wonderful instant as I felt the heat of her pussy just at the head of my cock, the moist hint of what's to come... then sliding smoothly in... her body lowering to meet my thrust. GOD! So hot and tight and wet and smooth.... I couldn't believe it... leaning back to rest my body on the wall as she rode me. Grinding..... lifting up and down.... my hips moving in time with hers. Kissing each other again, tongues even hotter and more passionate than before. One of my hands holding her waist... the other moving back to caress and massage those beautiful tits... the way her cunt sucked me in... my cock like steel inside her...

This woman looked even more incredible as we fucked... legs wrapped around me, shirt and bra framing her lovely breasts... the way I could look down to see the slightest tuft of hair, and below that the smooth, wet lips of her pussy wrapped around my dick as she slid up and down on it, the glistening juices showing how wet she was. We were both moving faster now... bodies meeting hotly as the sounds of our love filled the air... I turned slightly to improve my balance as she reached up to hold a beam overhead; giving us both the leverage to move even more. Cries and moans filled the air... "fuck me"... "so good".... "Oh yes!"..... who knows which of us said what, but does it even matter?

I moved my fingers to her clit as I began to pound in and out of her even faster... loving how tight and hot she felt as her hole squeezed at me, and wanting to return the pleasure... stroking and teasing as she began to push back harder to meet my thrusts... storing the image in my mind forever as she took all I had... her cuntjuices wet and slippery around my cock and my fingertips.... face flushed with pleasure... her lips moving in and out in time with me... the muscles of her body clenching and moving as she continued to ride me... my balls slapping into her as her passion leaked and dripped down... her nipple hard as my teeth teased it.... her moans and words in my ears as I was filled with the scent of her... the feeling growing in my cock, throughout my body, filling my senses as I fucked this hot, wonderful woman...

Hotter and higher we both rose... barely able to keep my balance as I drove deep inside her with each thrust... thumb moving in circles on her stiff little clit as I brought her closer.... her moans constant now as she pushed back to take me deep, grinding into me as she took her pleasure.... oh God, I didn't know how long I could hold on... finally feeling the spasms fill her body as she cried out... one arm holding her close, grinding my crotch into her as I held myself as deep as possible. The wonderful feeling as she came... her body clenching as she held her breath, shaking, trembling, every little movement reflected in the muscles of her tight hole doing the same to my hardness filling her... she moves again.... bouncing up and down rapidly.... cuming once more, even harder than before as her juices pour out from that sweet pussy... the final gasps as her orgasm continued.... her own pleasure bringing mine closer.... ohyes...ohyes... so close!

But before I could even begin to stroke in and out again, she moved her body from mine... I moaned with frustration, but her hand reached out to meet me.... holding my still-wet cock as she furiously stroked it up and down... oh God yes, don'tstopthatpleasedon't!... at the same time kneeling before me... this lovely lady, her body freshly-fucked and glistening with sweat and pleasure... couldshebeaboutto??? boots and hat and nothing else... taking the glistening head of my cock into her mouth and sucking hard... ohyes!suck itbaby.... tongue teasing me as I moan.... her eyes looking up to meet mine beneath the brim as she jerked me off... pleaseohgodIneedtocum!!!... my own hands holding her hair as I cry out..... struggling to stand.... YES!!!!!!!! I come, so hard, so wonderful... filling her mouth as my cock shoots over and over.... hearing her moan and watching her lips work as her head bobs up and down slightly.... feeling her sucking still as her hands milk my throbbing cock... drinking it all down as I gasp in glorious ecstacy.... her mouth taking me deeper as the final spurts slide down her throat... then pulling away as I feel her licking me clean...

She smiles again at me as she rises to her feet, her lips glistening as I pull her close to kiss her again... still not believing this incredible experience. Taking my hand in hers, she leads me from the stall....

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