tagGroup SexRoger's Reunion

Roger's Reunion


Roger sat at his desk engrossed in some problem. The late afternoon had gone behind the next building and with the lights off Roger’s office had become dim. The low lights and the intense concentration had lured Roger into an almost dreamlike state. The insistent ringing of his desk phone startled Roger. Hardly anyone one ever used Roger’s private line at that time a day, other then his wife. Since Roger’s wife was out of town at a convention, his first thought was she had snuck out of her afternoon sessions to call him real quick. Roger knew she was going to be completely tied up tonight until late.

Roger grabbed up the receiver and at the last second decided to just say hello instead of his first instinct, hello hot stuff. When Roger heard a female voice that was not his wife’s he was immediately glad he had amended his greeting. The sweet voice Roger heard saying hello was that of Carla, his former lover.

Carla was the one former lover Roger had never quite gotten out of his head. The petite sexy lady and her beautiful long dark hair often played a staring role in his secret fantasies. Roger knew Carla was with Steve now and from all appearances very in love and happy. Steve who was shorter then Roger, was so damn perfect with his hard body and perfect blond hair, he had always had his pick of women so it was no surprise Carla clung to Steve so tightly. Hell Roger had even had Steve creep into a fantasy every now and again. Something Roger puzzled over a little, as he had never actively had an interest in men as sex partners.

As Roger listened to Carla prattle on about how long it had been since they talked and how she missed him and how nice it was to hear his voice again, he slowly became aware of his growing state of arousal. His pants were already tenting. Roger marveled that just hearing Carla’s voice could excite him so easily. He also was very confused about why she had called in the first place. The conversation seemed completely pointless.

To Roger’s complete surprise Carla blurted out, ”Oh, Roger, I really need to see you, please!”

Roger hesitated and then asked Carla why. All she would do was repeat that she needed to she him and beg him to meet her if just for a little while. Roger decided since his wife was away why not; what harm could there be in meeting her, even though the bulge in his pants should have told him what harm there might be. When Roger said that he would meet her if it could be that night, Carla asked him to come to her apartment.

“But, er, um, what about Steve?” Roger asked nervously. “Doesn’t he still live with you?”

“Yes, he does. But he knows I need to talk to you and said he would give us the space,” Carla answered matter-of-factly.

For the next two hours, Roger was unable to work. He just watched the clock until it was time to go to Carla’s and wondered what she could possibly want, in addition, to fantasizing about the possibilities that might be presented. The fantasies got Roger so turned on he almost dropped his pants and started stroking right in the office a couple of times. Roger resisted these urges, thinking if he did get a chance for one more fuck with Carla, he didn’t want a quick jack-off to interfere with his ability to perform later.

As Roger walked down the hall toward Carla’s apartment his legs felt like Jello. He had never been this nervous in his life. The combination of nerves and excitement was almost too much for him. He held on to the doorframe to steady himself as he knocked. Carla opened the door almost immediately. Roger barely managed to stifle a gasp. Carla seemed more beautiful then ever and as always she knew how to dress to accentuate her assets.

Carla wore a tight low-cut tee with a pushup bra that accentuated her cleavage. Her skirt was short and almost revealed the tops of her thigh high nylons and the garter belt clips that held them in place. She hugged Roger warmly and then closed the door. When she turned to lead Roger to the sofa, he was riveted to the tight fabric stretched over her sexy ass. Carla sat down on the sofa and patted the spot next to her.

“Come here and sit with me Roger, please,” Carla almost purred.

Roger sat down on the sofa carefully leaving plenty of space between them.

“Hey you can sit closer then that! I don’t bite and I don’t recall you minding my cooties in the past,” Carla giggled.

The naughty sounding giggle combined with the incredibly sexy outfit was all it took. Carla had Roger; he would do anything she wanted now. Roger knew it and so did Carla. As Roger slid closer, Carla leaned over and kissed him. Her soft lips covering his and then parting to invite his tongue to enter her mouth. Roger offered no resistance. He closed his eyes and melted into her. The kiss deepened into an erotic, hungry exchange as if the couple’s tongues were vying with each other in some great contest. Roger was blissfully happy and more sexually aroused then he had been in a long time. After a few minutes Roger felt a hand on his shoulder. A hand Roger somehow knew was not Carla’s.

Roger opened his eyes and abruptly pulled away from Carla. Standing right next to them was Steve. Roger was startled and confused. Steve was smiling at him and Roger could see Steve was clearly excited. Steve’s bulge was obvious and nearly as pronounced as Roger’s own.

“It is ok, Roger. This was basically Steve’s idea. He wanted to see me with another man. I told him it had to be someone I was comfortable with and we choose you,” Carla explained in a sweet voice.

“Yeah, buddy, sorry to surprise you, but we didn’t know any other way to get you here. Been a fantasy of mine for a long time to share my sweet Carla with another man,” Steve added sincerely.

Roger feeling very apprehensive asked, “Er what’d you mean by share?”

“Well that really depends on you, Roger. I am a pretty open guy. Could be me sitting in a chair watching you two on the bed or all three of us could be in the bed,” Steve replied, smiling warmly at Roger.

Roger was speechless. Steve’s statement was causing a flood of possibilities to fill his head. Carla took Roger’s hand and pulled him to his feet. Roger allowed himself to be led to the bedroom and Steve followed grinning broadly.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Carla pulled Roger to her and kissed him deeply. As their tongues danced, Carla unbuttoned Roger’s shirt and slid it off his shoulders. The shirt slowly fluttered to the floor and Carla kissed her way down Roger’s chest to his hard exited nipple. Carla began to lower Roger’s zipper as she sucked on Roger’s nipple. Meanwhile, Steve had stripped off his clothes and was sitting naked in the chair watching, his cock hard and twitching. Carla released Roger’s nipple and pulled his pants and shorts to the ground in one quick move. She then shoved Roger to the bed and pulled his pants off, leaving him sitting naked and hard staring right at Steve’s hard cock.

Then Carla slowly stripped her top and skirt off. Both of the men exhaled audibly as Carla pranced around in front of them in her lacy, sexy, black lingerie. She continued the show by slowly rolling her nylons down her legs and off her feet. Next she stepped out of her garter belt and tossed it to Steve. Carla wiggled her thong-covered ass at each of the men before easily releasing the catch on her bra. With her back to Steve she pulled the bra away from her body and dropped it in Roger’s lap. She giggled as one cup hung up on his cock head. Carla then turned to Steve, walked over and placed his hands on the waistband of her thong. Steve knowing exactly what Carla had in mind, hooked his fingers in the waistband and slowly pulled the thong to the floor, exposing Carla’s neatly trimmed patch pubic hair and the puffy pussy lips below. Carla stepped out of the thong and slowly paraded her sexy nude body around.

Both men were absentmindedly stroking their cocks while Carla put on her erotica show. With a quick wink to Steve, Carla glided over to Roger and slid down between his legs and onto her knees. She kissed Roger’s belly before taking his precum covered cock head between her lips and running her tongue around his helmet. Roger let go of his cock and moved his hand to Carla’s head. He stared straight at Steve, who was smiling broadly as he watch his lover swallow Roger’s cock. Steve winked at Roger and licked his lips before standing and moving closer to get a better view. Steve gentle massaged Carla’s shoulders as he stood over her watching her suck the entire length of Roger’s hard shaft into her mouth and throat.

Roger watched fascinated, as Steve rubbed his long hard cock on Carla’s back while she continued to give Roger the best blowjob he had ever had. With each pass down Roger’s cock, Carla slid her tongue out and licked Roger’s cum filled balls. Steve’s cock though not overly long was both longer and thicker then Roger’s ample meat. Steve was the first man Roger had ever seen erect and also the only man Roger had ever seen with his pubic hair trimmed. Steve’s light blond hair was cropped close to the skin and shaved down to a small patch just above the base of his attractive cock. Yes Roger was thinking that Steve’s cock was very good looking, enticing even. Roger began imagining sucking Steve’s cock as Carla released Roger’s cock and began bathing his balls with her soft, warm tongue.

Steve saw the look in Roger’s eyes and decided to be bolder. Steve slid forward and reached out for Roger’s cock. Roger silently mouthed yes, as Steve’s fingers encircled Roger’s throbbing cock. Carla moved lower and her tongue began to tease Roger’s puckering asshole as Steve stroked Roger’s cock while staring into Roger’s wide-open eyes. Roger’s own yearnings overwhelmed his inhibitions and he reached for Steve’s cock as he had done previously only in fantasy. Roger loved the feel of Steve’s warm hard cock in his hand and was quickly stroking as he used his thumb to smear Steve’s precum over the spongy glans. Steve’s cock slid from Roger’s fingers as Steve dropped down next to Carla. As Carla’s tongue entered Roger’s ass, Steve put his lips to Roger’s cock and swallowed the surprised man’s cock in one move. Roger felt Steve’s throat grab onto his cock as Steve buried his lips into Roger’s soft bushy pubic hair. Roger was in heaven, Carla’s sweet tongue fucking his ass, her hands gently massaging his balls and Steve deep throating his cock.

Feeling Roger’s cock twitch in his mouth, Steve stopped sucking. Though he would have happily swallowed Roger’s cum, Steve wanted more then anything to see Carla fucked. Steve pulled Carla to him kissed him deeply and then told her to lie on the bed so Roger could fuck her good and hard.

Roger was stunned when Carla said, “Yes Sir,” and crawled up on the bed.

As Carla laid spread eagle waiting to be fucked as ordered, Steve moved his face close to Roger’s and said, “Please fuck my slut good and hard. I want to see her used like a proper slut.”

Roger took a deep breath and said, ”I would love to, but I really want to taste your beautiful cock first, Steve. May I please?”

Steve just smiled at Roger and kissed him hard and deep. Roger let Steve’s tongue explore his mouth, moaning into a man’s mouth for the first time. The men could hear Carla behind them, panting and purring. The site of the two men making out causing her passion to rise, she had buried her fingers deep in her wet cunt. Then Steve stood, with his cock twitching an inch from Roger’s mouth. Roger took a hold of the shaft and tentative licked a drop of precum form the tip. It felt good and Roger immediately ran his tongue along the length of Steve’s impressive cock. Roger loved the feel of the large vein against his tongue. Steve was now aching for more and said in a commanding tone that it was time Roger learned to suck cock. Roger didn’t hesitate. He wrapped his lips around Steve’s cock and let it slide into his mouth. As he bobbed up and down on the big tool, Roger had to stop several times to suppress a gag. But with each try Roger got more and more of Steve’s cock into his mouth.

When Carla screamed out in orgasmic pleasure, Steve grab the base of his own cock and began fucking Roger’s mouth. Roger became still and let the more experienced man fuck his face. Steve held Roger’s head gently with his other hand and pumped the upper half of his cock in and out of Roger’s formally virgin mouth. Steve felt a twitch and the first spurt of cum went into Roger’s mouth. Then Steve pulled back and several more ribbons of cum went onto Roger’s chin and chest.

Carla screamed over Steve’s moans, “Oh god, I need to be fucked now! Please fill this slut’s cunt!”

Still lost in his own orgasm, Steve said, “Fuck my bitch hard, Roger! Treat her like the hot slut she is and pound her cunt!”

Roger crawled atop Carla, Steve’s cum still dripping from his chin. Carla pulled Roger close to her, kissed him hard and licked the remainder of Steve’s cum from his face as Roger entered her. Roger was so overcome with passion he plunged his cock deep into Carla’s quivering pussy immediately and began to fuck her forcefully. Carla urged Roger on, begging him to help her show Steve what an obedient slut she was. Steve was cheering Roger on also, exhorting him to fuck the slut and fill his little bitch full.

Roger was now crazed with excitement and was fucking Carla harder and rougher then he had ever fucked anyone before. Screaming at her that she was a hot slut and banging her hard; pressing his weight into her. Roger’s cock was impaling Carla’s hot cunt as she came over and over again. Roger began to feel as if Carla’s cunt was sucking his cock as if she was trying to pull it from his body. Then Roger realized Steve had joined them on the bed. Steve initiated a three-way kiss. Roger was swimming as he felt the two hot tongues lick his face, lips and mouth. Steve pulled himself tight to the fucking couple, rubbing his once again hard cock against them.

Steve whispered in Roger’s ear, ”Oh yes stud, fill my slut, and make her scream like a hot bitch!”

Steve’s words and hot breath sent Roger over the edge. He screamed as his cock exploded inside Carla. Carla came also as she felt her cunt flooded with Roger’s thick cum. As the last of Roger’s seed ooze into Carla he collapsed atop her, panting like a sprinter at the end of a fast dash, Carla’s pussy still sucking his cock. Steve nudged Roger and told him that it was his turn. Roger rolled off of Carla and lay panting.

“Turn over slut!” Steve barked, “I want to fuck you like the bitch you want to be!”

Carla immediately turned over and got on her knees and purred, “Yes, sir, use your slut, make me scream my stud.”

Steve slid behind Carla and mounted her like a fierce lion mounts a new addition to his pride. He buried his cock to the hilt in her cunt, pressing his balls into her wetness. Then Steve began pounding her roughly as her grabbed a hold of her hair. Roger was lost watching Steve transform into a powerful creature taking what was his. Steve suggested that Roger suck the slut’s tits as he continued pumping his swollen cock in and out of her quivering cunt. Roger immediately slid under Carla and took her tit into his mouth sucking hard as Steve pulled his cock out and reaimed. Carla screamed as a mixture of pain and intense orgasm hit her. Steve had slammed his cock into her tight ass without warning.

Roger was now stroking his cock as he sucked and bit Carla’s tits. Listening to the sex sounds the couple next to him were making and Steve’s nasty words about Carla’s sluttiness was driving Roger crazy. Steve once again repositioned his cock and ordered Carla to suck Roger’s cock as he began an assault on her pussy. Carla eagerly complied. She wrapped her lips around Roger’s shaft as Steve fucked her now sore pussy hard pushing her down onto Roger. Finally Steve came and let out an ear splitting howl before biting into Carla’s shoulder. Roger hardly noticed the drops of Steve’s cum that landed on him as Steve fell away from Carla. He was by then lost in his own orgasm. Carla struggled to drink every last drop Roger could give her before the three collapsed, exhausted in a heap.

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