tagMatureRoger's Weekend Ch. 02

Roger's Weekend Ch. 02


Reading the first chapter will help with information missing from this chapter. Strong sexual content.


Biff said I think you are the sexiest and most caring man I have ever been with. You go out of your way to take care of me and see to it that I am satisfied in everything we do. I have been with a few men and women, and none of them compare to you sexually or in any other way. Not many men care to be sure the woman they are having sex with is satisfied, but just something to get off in. It's one reason I am bi; another woman is almost always sure her partner has gotten off. I have been amazed at how many times I have cum with you. That has never happened with anyone before. I know we both have a great stimulus with each other with both of us being amputees, and liking to be that way, but you go deeper than that with me. I admit that you being a bilateral AE is a huge turn on to me. However in the past day or so I have learned it is so much more; thank you.

Roger was very surprised at her comments but said to her that he felt the exact same thing and could not have put it into better words. They had been out to dinner and were now sitting on her porch enjoying the evening and some iced tea. Both had removed their prosthetics. Biff said one more thing you should know up front; I think you know how sexy I felt tonight first in having my legs on and them so obvious, out in public. Second I got to share it with you and seeing you going through the same thing. However I need to tell you after tonight I am not sure if I can keep it up. Both of my stumps hurt when I was walking on them and I just don't know if I can keep it up or not. I know how much you liked me that way, and believe me, I love being this way, as I do seeing you with your hook arms, but only time will tell how it is going to work out. I don't want you to be disappointed if it does not.

Roger said please don't feel that way. I never want you to do something to just please or turn me on and you be in pain. I am here with you whatever happens. Please always tell me if you can't go through with something and I will always be honest with you in the same way. Biff was parked in front of Roger in her wheelchair and she leaned forward and they kissed with it soon turning into passion. She pushed herself upright with her arms and asked him how he thought she could get so he could fuck her good. He grinned and said funny you should mention that. I have been thinking about that also and if I were standing by your bottom and your stump I think it would work. I am just not sure how we can get you on something so you are on your back. It won't work with me trying to use my short arm stumps and being over you in bed. He asked if there was a table or something like that she could get up on and he be able to stand by her pussy.

Biff laughed and said the kitchen table? Roger said he had thought of that and let's go see if it might work. She wheeled into the kitchen and got to one side of the table. It was a little higher than she was and she had him stand by the table to see if he would line up ok. They both thought his height was ok and the only thing was could she get herself up on to the table alone since he was unable to help her. Biff said she thought she could, let's go get in the shower and let me shave you and I and we will see what happens.

Biff is a Major in the Army, almost 47 years old, was 6 feet tall before she lost her legs and now about 5' 8" on her prosthetic legs. She is on the large side from being 6 feet tall but definitely not fat, 38 DD breasts with no sag and a muscular body from her army training days. Her right leg is gone at the hip and left leg just below her knee. Roger is 25, 5' 11" tall and weighs about 185. He was a Sergeant in the army. Both of his arms are gone above the elbow, the right one very short making it hard to get good use from his prosthetic. The left one is longer and he has better control over it. Neither have any problem at all with the age difference.

They got undressed and into the shower. Biff shaved Roger's cock and balls getting them nice and smooth. She got him down her throat a couple of times but was careful not to get him off; she wanted his next cum in her cunt. She got back up on the bench, belted herself in and shaved the area next to her long pussy lips, down what was left of her one leg and above her clit. After rinsing off, Roger tried the area with his mouth and tongue and said perfect. Using his mouth and getting her off once, he then had Biff put some soap on his small right arm stump and Biff was lubed pretty good from her cum. He gently put the stump at her opening and slowly started pushing. Biff was watching closely wondering if it would fit. The more he got in the bigger her eyes got, but he was not hurting her she said. Roger had to turn his head sharply to see what he was doing. They both felt his stump slip in and he stopped for a bit to let Biff get used to it. Finally she said go on and he applied more pressure. His stump continued to slip in and he pulled it in and out some to spread the lube around. About half way in he could feel her spasm in mini orgasms moaning loudly. As he got in farther his arm started to get larger at the area the skin joined his shoulder and Biff was uncomfortable now.

He pulled out a ways and started moving it in and out and they both now realized she was being fucked with an arm stump. A few seconds later, Biff had her head back and was in one continuous cum. Roger knew his cock was harder that it had ever been and leaking a lot of pre cum. After a minute or so of continuous orgasms, he slowed way down and started pulling back. Biff came to her senses and watched it pulling out not wanting it to happen but knowing it should. After Roger got his stump all the way out they both looked at each other in wonderment at what had just happened. Biff pulled his face up to her mouth and they kissed wildly. Roger finally pulled his face back and looked at her seriously for several seconds; he then said was it good for you and they both about died laughing.

As she was rinsing herself off with the shower wand he glanced at his stump and noticed that in a couple of places it had a couple of red streaks. It did not look bright red and he held it up for Biff to see. She said yes, I thought I was going to start a period. He suggested a douche to get the soap out of her and she reached up on the shelf and got a bottle. He was still sitting on the shower floor and watched closely as she inserted the tip and emptied the bottle out into her cunt. She spread her lips open and he watched the fluid drain out. He told her he did not see much blood. As she finished draining, he clamped his lips and teeth gently over her clit, which was still protruding from her hood, and licked and nibbled it giving her another cum. After he was done he stood facing her and asking if she still wanted him to fuck her since she was bleeding. She could not believe he just ate her and also how big he was now and said you bet.

They dried off and moved back to the kitchen. Biff had put Roger's hook arms back on him and changed the rubber bands that held the hooks together to lighter strength ones. She rolled up to the table and was actually able to use her strong arms and get herself up on it without a lot of trouble. Roger stood alongside her to be sure she did not roll off as she was getting on her back. She had brought a bath towel with them and they got it under her butt as she moved it to the edge of the table. They kissed for a few minutes and Roger moved to her large breasts. He used his hooks to stimulate them then latched on to one of her nipples. Biff arched her back into the hooks. She put her hand up to the hook and pressed it tighter into her breast and used her other hand to masturbate her clit. After a few minutes she moved her hand to his rock hard cock and asked him to get it in her.

Roger moved to the end of the table and Biff pulled her stump leg back to her breast. With nothing on the other side it was a wide open shot to her pussy. He noticed she had juice starting to flow out with her very aroused state and it was tinged red. He moved the waste can with his foot to catch it and not make a mess on the floor. He was able to grasp his cock with his hooks and moved the covered head up and down her slit trying to stimulate her more and get it lubed up good. He aimed it towards her cunt and moved forward hitting the mark and starting to thrust into Biff. He left his cock head covered by the foreskin and pushed into her. Being long and thick she knew he was in and headed for her cervix. She had a wish in the back of her mind that he would be able to get it in there sometime. He finally was all the way in her, but there were still some of him left on the outside. Roger asked if he was hurting her and she moaned no, please keep moving and fuck me.

As he started to withdraw he used his hook arm to push in the area where her right leg had been removed at the hip. This caused Biff to react strongly and start her cum. Roger noticed as he pushed back in that all of him was all the way in her cunt now. Biff was moaning harder and faster as he fucked her. She was able to move her hips some and thrust back against him. Both her hands were at her breasts and she was pulling hard on her nipples. He looked down and saw that his cock was now covered in dark colored blood and he told Biff what he was seeing. Knowing he was the first man fucking her during her period pushed her over again and she started the longest, hardest cum of her life so far. Roger felt her start to clinch his cock as he fucked her and it did not take long for it to send him over also. The both were now Cumming at the same time and that fact seemed to prolong it for both of them.

Both of them finally ran out of steam and Roger plopped down in the chair close by that he had moved earlier. His legs were shaking. He watched as the dark blood tinged cum ran out of Biff into the can. He was amazed at how much he had cum in her and told her what he was watching. She asked him to move up so she could see his cock and balls which were covered with it also. She said first time getting fucked during my period and I loved it. Roger grinned saying so did I. With him helping she was able to get upright and moving the towel with her, got back in her wheelchair. They both headed back to the shower and she got his arms off and they got cleaned up. Biff said quick thinking to move the waste can and save a mess in the kitchen. Biff douched and they could see she was bleeding heavily now. Roger watched while she inserted a tampon. They got dried off and she added a belt and Kotex.

They got in bed and were both spent. Biff spooned up behind him wrapping her arms around him. After hugging him for a while her hand moved up and took hold of his short, right arm stump. She just held on to it telling him she had never in her life spent so much time fucking like they had been doing and Cumming so much. After a few minutes she moved her hand down to his cock and found it limp. Roger laughed and said check back with me in a week or so. They fell asleep that way and slept all night.

The next morning Roger awoke with Biff gently masturbating his cock. It was long and hard already. They were in the same position as they went to sleep in and he said good morning to her. Biff answered by increasing her pressure on it and smearing the pre cum around his head she had exposed. He explained that what she had was a pee hard and she had better let him up to go to the bathroom soon. She laughed and said she needed the same thing and pushed herself up moving to her wheelchair. He told her lady's first and she wheeled to the john and transferred over. She undid her Kotex and found it very bloody. She wrapped it in TP and dropped it into the waste can. Next she pulled the tampon out and let it drop followed by her peeing. She looked very relieved. Roger was watching and laughed with her. They decided a trip through the shower would be easier and Biff got back in her wheelchair and over to the shower bench. Roger said he would not be able to go to the bathroom at the john since he was so hard but would do it in the shower and not get pee all over the place.

The minute Biff hit him with the warm water he turned to the side and started to go and did so for some time. His hard on also went as he ran out of pee and they both had a good laugh. Biff washed both of them, douched and put another tampon in. She dried them off and they got out. Roger asked her if there was any chance of her being able to make him just a left sided prosthesis. He said the double arm one was just too heavy to wear all the time. Biff said she thought that was a good idea and would not be a problem. She asked if he wanted to leave them off for now and he said if you don't mind. Biff said not at all and they went naked into the kitchen for a bite to eat. She fed him some toast and tea and Biff asked if he wanted to go out for dinner again later. He laughed and said yes it was too hard for him to cook this way.

Biff was quiet for a while and Roger asked what? She said she would like to try and wear her legs again as Horney as her period was making her. He said he had no problem with it but they would take her wheelchair in the van this time. She said she needed to know if she was going to be able to tolerate wearing them and wanted to get the decision made soon. Thank you for understanding. Roger moved his longer stump to her nipple and said not a problem; you are sexy as hell walking as badly as you do and with me knowing how hard it is for you to do. Enjoy it! Biff asked if he would fuck her bloody cunt again when they got home and he said you bet. Anything special you want me to do. Biff said yes, can you feel my cervix when you are in me all the way? He said yes. Can you see if you can get your cock head in it and anymore than that? Roger said yes, you might have to help me by changing you position some.

They spent the day reading the paper and talking. They made plans for him moving in with her and he would start packing tomorrow while Biff was at work. They spent some time on the porch getting some sun then decided to get ready for some dinner out. Roger had put his arms back on earlier and he went into the bathroom to pee and watch Biff change her Kotex and tampon. The pad was blood free but the tampon was almost soaked. Biff said she was slowing her flow down and was going with just a tampon. He asked if she was so turned on with her period and walking on her legs, would she get so wet her skirt would spot. Good thought Biff said, I will use a panty liner and thong. Roger helped her get her stump socks on and did what he could in helping her get her left prosthesis on. She was able to get two stump socks on and still get her stump in the socket and wondered if that might be the problem. Had her stump shrunk some? She stayed on the bed and they got her bucket on again with an extra pad. He was then able to help her stand beside the bed and she moved her hips around while holding on to his shoulders. She took a few steps holding to him and said things felt much better.

He helped her get dressed then she helped him. This time his arms were covered by his shirt. Biff got a D shaped ring and put his cock and balls through it. The flat part was on the base of his cock where it met his skin and the curved part went underneath his balls. It was very snug and they were sure he would probably be hard soon. She just put shorts on him and sandals on his feet. He had her reach in and reposition his cock upward so it would not get trapped in his shorts. The cock ring was doing its job both in getting him hard and showing him off in the shorts. Biff put an above the knee skirt and lose blouse on. She tried walking with her crutches and her limping made her obviously brales breasts jiggle around. Just what they wanted. Biff pulled Roger close and they kissed with her hand going down to feel his hard on now visible in his shorts. He pushed her wheelchair out to the van and Biff got into it and up in the van and behind the wheel as there was no driver's seat. Roger got into the passenger seat and she buckled him in.

There was a handicap parking space at the restaurant and Biff parked, got out of the van and stood with Roger handing her forearm crutches to her. They put her wheelchair back in the van. His hard on had gone down but watching Biff alternate crutching made him firm up again. They were immediately shown to a table and he held the chair for Biff to sit down on. Using his hips he was able to push her forward up to the table. There was not a table cloth so her legs were in full view. Her big smile as he sat down let him know she loved it.

They had no sooner ordered and Biff felt a metal hook on her shoulder. She turned her head and Anita from the visitor's desk at the VA was sitting in her wheelchair by her. Biff pushed herself around in her chair and they hugged each other. Anita and Roger said hello and he looked her over good. She only had one prosthetic hook arm on now, on the above elbow stump. He could see the other arm ended just below her elbow and was quite scared. The knit top she had on showed there were nicely shaped breasts just beneath with no support. There were no footrests on her electric wheelchair and the seat was very short front to back. He could tell she was sitting in a "bucket" and both of her hips were gone. Anita was a small woman and now probably only weighed 75 pounds. Her torso was only about 4 feet tall.

Anita had a fairly sophisticated left prosthetic hook arm. He could tell her stump was above her elbow quite a ways. Roger finally realized that both women were looking at him give Anita the once over. They were both grinning and Anita asked if he liked what he saw. His jaw dropped and before he could answer, Anita looked at Biff and said she sure does. Biff was nodding her head and finally Roger said he liked it very much. Biff asked if she wanted to join them but she said she was with someone but could they get together some other time. Looking at Roger she said I think he wants to see more. She and Biff laughed and then Anita used her hook arm to control the joy stick on her motorized chair and moved away. Their eyes followed her and another female was sitting at her table. As Biff turned back to Roger in her seat she laughed and said you mouth is hanging open. He closed it realizing it really was. Quite the package Biff said. Roger admitted it sure was.

What happened he asked? Biff answered like most of the injuries from over there, it was a road side explosion. It happened back in the first Iraq war though. The explosion blew off both legs and her left arm. The legs were so bad they had to remove her hips several months later. She had very severe injuries to her right arm and they tried to save it. The hand was already gone and they worked their way up her arm to where it is now at the elbow to stop the infections. She was in the hospital for over a year. Her helmet and face mask saved any injuries to her face and eyes. They transferred her here and I recently remade the fiberglass bucket she sits in and her new left arm. She wears a right arm when she is working but it is not a lot of use to her with all the muscle damage the infections left.

Roger said WOW quite an ordeal. How long have you known her? Biff said for several years, since I got back here and started working at the VA. He asked how long have you been lovers? She looked at him for a few seconds then said most of that time and off and on. They both looked at each other for a while without saying any more then Biff asked if he would like to join them sometime. Finally Roger asked how she felt about that and she answered she would not mind, they had shared once before with another amputee, the only type of men Anita will go with. Biff added she thought Anita wanted him to join them also. He said he would if it was what they both wanted. They finished their dinner and soon headed home. Biff seemed to be walking a lot better and she said she was going to have her boss check to see if she needed new stump sockets thinking her stumps had shrunk more than normal. She did not have to use her chair at all this time out.

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