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Role Play


Note from Slick: How many of you have imagined it was someone else in bed with you instead of your spouse or lover? This story goes beyond to actual role playing and even further so if you don't like spouse-swapping read no further. All rights reserved.


"Have any of you ever known anyone in an open marriage?" Nancy Jenkins asked the other two women as they sat around the small round metallic table on her patio.

"Not really," Amy Allers answered. "There is a woman who works in our finance department who is rumored to have an open marriage but I've never talked to her."

"What's an open marriage," Kitty Wilson asked as she finished her second white zinfandel.

Amy glanced over at Nancy and smiled before turning to their younger neighbor. "An open marriage means you can have sex with anyone you want."

Kitty blinked her eyes twice and then left them wide open. "But that would be adultery."

"Not really as long as you both agree," Nancy said sipping her wine.

"Why do you ask?" Amy said as she moved her chair closer to her cute blonde neighbor.

"My magazine is doing an article next month on open marriages and I'm one of the editors. At first I thought it was just a California type of arrangement but the women who were interviewed in the article live here in Virginia."

"Tell us more," Kitty giggled.

"Well one woman said her sex life had dwindled to almost nothing until they tried role playing. Since then her sex with her husband has greatly improved."

"Why would it?" The more native Kitty asked.

"Some men get turned on thinking about their wives doing it with another man," Amy injected. "Haven't you played some role playing games before in bed?"

"Role playing?"

"You know.........like pretending you are doing it with someone else."

Kitty laughed. "I sometimes pretend James is Brad Pitt."

"That's a little different," Nancy said finishing her wine. All three women now had a good buzz. "Bill likes for me to be someone we know."

"Really," Amy grinned. "Like who?"

Nancy knew she was going to shock them. "He really gets off when I pretend I'm Kitty. He has the hots for you."

"Oh God!" Kitty blushed. She had noticed Bill looking at her when they all get together but he had been very shy at talking to her. "I don't believe you."

Nancy smiled. "Most of the time all I have to do is say your name and he gets hard."

"Really?" Kitty asked. The discussion was quickly making them all wet under their bikini panties.

"I shouldn't have said anything because if he finds out I'm dead." Nancy said seriously. "Neither of you can say anything."

"What would you say if I told you that Larry likes for me to pretend I'm you?" Amy directed at Nancy.

"Larry? Me?"

"Yes, and don't pretend you didn't know. I saw you two dancing really close at the Fourth of July party."

Nancy thought back to that night a few weeks ago when Larry and she danced on the dim lit patio. It was the first time she had felt another man's hard-on against her body.

"I hope you aren't mad," Nancy said seriously.

"Hell no. We had the best sex in months after that party."

"Our sex hasn't been that great since we were married," Kitty said feeling light headed. "I think he is bored of me already."

Both Nancy and Amy glanced down the compact but solid frame of the young twenty year old newly wed. "It doesn't take men long to get bored and start fantasizing about other women." Nancy added. "I think it's the caveman thing where they go out and kill game as well as fuck any female they want." It was the first time any of them had used the "F" word.

"So how can I get him excited? Do I do the role playing?" Kitty asked.

"Well you might want to test it out first like mention to him that a man made a pass at you in the office or something and see what happens. Does he ever say that another woman looks good?"

Kitty glanced at Amy's ample chest. "He has commented on Amy's breasts."

"Ah Ha," Nancy laughed.

"What did he say?" Amy asked knowing her nipples were rock hard as the other two women stared at them.

"Just a comment now and then. Like if we are watching a TV show and a woman with big breasts comes on. He will say they are not a nice as yours."

"Good, tonight in bed talk to him about Amy's breasts. Have him touch yours and pretend they are hers," Nancy whispered.

"Even he doesn't have that good an imagination," Kitty laughed. Her 32B boobs didn't compare to Amy's 38C mounds.

It was almost 10:00AM and the women had to get changed to do some errands. And it was much later that night after dinner when Nancy rubbed up against Bill when she mentioned Kitty. "Kitty was over here this morning in the pool."

Bill put down the sports page of the local news. "She was here?"

"Yes," Nancy whispered as she took his hand in hers and brought it to her lips. As she lightly kissed up and down his thumb she said, "She was wearing a tiny little white bikini."

"Shit," Bill groaned as his wife sucked in the tip of his thumb. His eyes were closed imagining it was Kitty sucking on his thumb.

"Once when she got out of the pool her top feel outward and I saw her tiny little pink nipple," Nancy whispered.

"Ahhh," Bill moaned. "It was tiny."

"Yes, but very hard. Suck on Kitty's tittie," Nancy pushed the tip of her pinkie finger into his lips. Five seconds later his tongue was licking and flicking against the imaginary nipple.


Across the street Amy was moving into the master bathroom shower as her unsuspecting husband was facing into the hot spray. As she pressed her soft front against his hard backside he said, "Amy."

"No, it's Nancy," she whispered while cupping his hard buttock.

"My wife won't like you being here touching my ass," he chuckled.

"That's not all I'm going to touch," Amy giggled while reaching under his butt until she was cupping his taunt sack of nuts. She knew Larry liked his balls to be played with.

"You have wonderful........hands..........Nancy," Larry said as he dropped the soap and leaned forward with his hands on the wall in front of him. Her fingers had slipped upward until she was squeezing his seven inch shaft. But, then she let him go and turned him around to face her.

"Keep your eyes closed," she commanded. "I enjoyed dancing with you at the Fourth of July party." She pulled his hard-on and body into hers.

Larry opened his eyes and glanced back figuring he had been busted.

"Close your eyes," Amy said again. He quickly closed him. "You feel so hard against me," she whispered.

Larry thought back to the party and how he had rubbed his bulge against Nancy's upper stomach and how she had actually rubbed back.

"Touch my ass," Amy whispered.

"Oh Nancy," Larry moaned while his hands moved downward until he squeezed her soft buttocks.

"I'm not wearing panties," Amy whispered. "No one can see us." She pretended to lift an invisible skirt and then pulled his hard prick into her opened thighs. "Fuck me while we are dancing."

"Oh Fuck," Larry grunted when the tip of his hot pecker slid up into her hot oven. "It feels so good........Nancy."

Amy had not felt him this hard since the party. Her hand grabbed onto his shoulders as she braced herself against the back wall of the shower. "Fuck me Larry."

"I'm..........fucking..........you..........Nancy!" He yelled as his shaft pounded up and down into her dripping hole.

"I'm cuming," Amy groaned. "Don't stop!"

"Me too............Nancy.........me too!"


It was not as easy for Kitty to bring James into role playing. Normally he was the one who initiated sex however when The O.C. television show came on she saw her chance when Julie Cooper appeared.

"You like her don't you?"

"Yeah, Julie is pretty hot," James grinned. They were sitting on the long black leather sofa wearing their night clothes. Kitty had a long pink nightshirt and James was wearing a tee shirt and cotton shorts.

"She has nice big breasts," Kitty whispered as she slithered closer to him.

'They........uh...are not......that big," James said feeling his sex starting to stir.

"Why did you marry me?" Kitty purred while pushing her petite tit into his bicep. "My titties are so small."

James was starting to sweat as well. Normally his conservative wife would never talk about sex or her body like this. "They are perfect," he said glancing down at her hard tips pushing out the nightshirt.

Kitty smiled when she saw his shorts expanding outward. The discussion was turning him on. "If you could touch and play with anyone's breasts who would you pick?"

"What?" James was definitely not ready for that question. "I would never touch another woman."

"Just pretend," Kitty whispered as she dropped her hot fingers onto the hairy exposed thigh just below the bottom of his shorts.

"Oh Geez....I don't........know." James glanced at Julie Cooper who was wearing a low cut dress. "Julie Cooper I guess."

Kitty didn't think he was ready for her to be Amy just yet. "Close your eyes and pretend I'm Julie Cooper," Kitty whispered while pushing her fingertips under his shorts until she touched the side of his hard-on.

James laughed and kept his eyes open. "This is silly."

"I don't think Rocky thinks it's silly," Kitty giggled as she slowly stoked his rigid pole. James' nickname for his penis was Rocky. "Come on play the game with me."

"Ok," James panted. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the sofa cushion.

"Does it feel good James?" She whispered.

"Yes Kitty," he answered.

"No call me Julie," she said squeezing his cock a little harder.

"Yes Julie," he moaned. He could still picture Julie Cooper's firm mounds. He felt her hand move out and then grab onto his shorts. He lifted his hips without opening his eyes until they left his feet. He knew his cock was sticking straight upward.

"Um.....is that for me?" Kitty whispered.

"Yes............Jul.........Julie," James grunted.

As Kitty again took his prick she decided to go for it. "Now pretend I'm Amy."

"What?" James again asked. He had the hots for their neighbor but didn't' know his wife knew about it.

"Keep your eyes closed," Kitty snapped when she saw them starting to open. "Pretend I'm Amy. I've seen you looking at my breasts. You like them don't you?"

"OHH!" James moaned as he pictured the full round breasts of his neighbor.

"Tell Amy you like them."

"Oh God..........yes...........I like........them," James moaned.

"Say my name," Kitty smiled.

"Amy...........yes........I love your breasts."

Kitty could feel his juices about to erupt. "What would you like to do with them?'

"Ah..........I want to...........touch them and..........kiss them......and"

"You want to suck my long hard nipples don't you?" Kitty asked.

"Yes...........I want to........suck them." James was about to pop when she pulled her hand away.

"Keep your eyes closed," Kitty whispered as she pushed off her damp panties and straddled his legs. She was as close as he was to cuming so when his long think cock pushed up into her she screamed and he grabbed her hips. His hot spunk splattered against the back of her vagina.

"Suck them James. Suck Amy's nipples," Kitty laughed while pushing her petite tips into his mouth. He did as she said until he could not move any longer. His body quickly collapsed and fell back against the hot leather.

***** "Fuck me Bill," Nancy said as she nibbled on her husband's ear.

"OH KITTY. YOUR PUSSY IS SO TIGHT!" Bill cried out as he fucked in and out while imagining it was the cute young neighbor underneath him.

Nancy had never seen him this turned on before. She bit his earlobe hard and wondered if it was blood she was tasting. It had been a long time since she had climaxed from their intercourse but knew this was the time. Her eyes opened wide as she looked up at the revolving fan above their bed. Her mouth opened wide when her body exploded. "OH YES..........YES, YES...........YES!" She screamed.

Bill was soon behind her but not before he leaned down to nibble at the hard nipple down below. "Oh Kitty.......," he grinned. "Feel how much I want you."

Nancy was the one who felt his hot juices explode deep down inside of her. She held onto his hips until he was empty.


Both Kitty and James were nervous about talking about the role play that had just happened. It felt so hot yet somewhat wrong to be imagining having sex with someone else. What really bothered Kitty was that when James had pushed his penis into her she imagined it was Bill who was fucking her. She knew it had a lot to do with the immense satisfaction she had achieved. As luck would have it the women did not have enough time to get back together again until that weekend when the neighborhood yard sale was to take place.

"Will you go over to Kitty's house and pick up some items she wants to put in our yard sale?" Nancy asked her husband at the dinner table on Friday evening. "She doesn't have enough stuff to have her own sale so I told her she could put her few items in our sale."

Bill glanced over at his wife wondering if this was part of the recent role playing they had been doing but she looked serious about it. "Sure. Do you know if she is home?"

"I saw her in the garage looking in boxes about thirty minutes ago," Kitty replied.

"OK, I'll head over there now if it's OK with you."

"Good. Maybe I can get some work done," Nancy laughed. She pretended to be looking through some old boxes herself until he walked out the front door. Quickly, she moved to the front window and peeked out watching him stroll up to Kitty's house. Nancy knew that James was out of town for the evening and wondered if just being around each other would be enough to turn her husband on.


"Hello," Bill said as he walked up to the opened garage door. He saw Kitty standing on a step ladder at the back of the garage.

Kitty turned and almost fell from the ladder when she saw Bill. Knowing now that he desired her had caused some embarrassment. "Bill!" She turned quickly to hide her face.

"I'm sorry to have scared you," Bill said as he moved into the garage and stood at the base of the ten foot ladder. His eyes moved from her sneakers up her thin tanned legs; over her thighs to the cutest little butt he had seen in a long time. "Nancy said you have some items to put in our sale tomorrow."

"Oh yes," Kitty said feeling his eyes on her flesh. James had left yesterday afternoon so she had spent the night alone in bed imagining Bill ravishing her body. She knew that he could tell she was not wearing a bra under the white tee shirt she was wearing. "I set a few items on the floor over there." She turned to point them out when she saw his eyes locked onto her ass.

Bill didn't know her upper half had turned until she spoke again.

"The items are over there," she giggled. Suddenly she felt like a school girl again flirting with a boy however this was an older man.

Bill blushed and turned to look at the large lamp, a box of books, and a box of clothing. "Can I help you get anything down from the shelf?' He turned again and this time saw her braless breasts pushing out the tee shirt.

"I think I can get the big one," Kitty said before turning slowly. She wanted him to see as much of her body as possible. She grabbed the large box and pulled. Suddenly she realized it was too heavy and was having trouble holding it up. "Help!"

Without thinking, Bill bolted into action. He climbed up three steps on the ladder and reached up to grab onto the box. He didn't realize his body was crushed into hers until he felt his rising penis pushing against her cute ass.

"Ohhh," Kitty said surprised that he was pressing his hard manhood against her rear. She was now trapped between his body and the ladder and couldn't move. "Can you take the box down?"

"I don't think so," Bill groaned. The box was heavy but it was her soft buttocks causing him the most pain.

Kitty smiled as she felt him getting even harder. From the size of the pressure she knew he had to be well endowed. It was then that she decided to tease him even more. "Hold onto the box and I'll try to turn around."

"Don't," Bill said but it was too late. She twisted her ass across his bulge until her hip was pressing into him. Her arms moved around his waist as her front turned to press into him.

Now it was her little titties pressing into his upper stomach causing his heat to rise. He knew she could feel his excitement but was surprised she wasn't upset.

"God," Kitty thought when she felt his shaft pushing into her from her damp crotch area to the bottom of her breasts. "Maybe I can slide down between your legs?"

"Kitty you shouldn't..." Bill started to say before he felt her body moving downward. He opened his legs while holding the box upward. He gasped when her breasts rubbed over his bulge and then...........oh God in heaven......her face and mouth followed.

"Are you OK?" Kitty asked when she heard him gasp. Her mouth was poised at the tip of the hard bulge and her chin was pressing into it.

"No..........yes.........," Bill groaned. It was then her face moved ever so slowly down over his swollen crown. His sensitive tip could feel the shape of her lips pressing into it.

Kitty took her time rubbing her lips over the huge crown while her hands moved down over his buttocks. Her small hands cupped onto them as she lowered her mouth down the pulsating covered cock.

"I'm almost there," Kitty giggled as her lips moved down over his swollen balls. Finally her head moved under his body and down through his legs. "Let me hold on to you as you bring the box down." Her hands moved up to the back of his thighs.

"Fuck," Bill thought feeling her hands on his legs. As he lowered his body her hands stayed still which again caused them to push into his ass. When he stepped onto the floor her fingers were exploring the muscles of his upper back. He stood for a few seconds as her hands moved over his muscles and then down his arms. He sat the box on the floor and turned to face her. His cock was now pushing out the front of his shorts.

"Thank you," Kitty giggled as she leaned forward to gently kiss his quivering lips. She then moved away quickly before he could grab her.

"Wait," Bill said as he watched her petite form go into the house. A few minutes later, after his erection had subsided, she walked out with two glasses of ice tea and handed him one.

"I think we are going to have so much fun this weekend." She giggled before downing half of the tea.

"Uh...when is James coming home," Bill asked. His eyes were again locked onto her tiny breast buttons.

"Tomorrow morning," Kitty grinned. She had taken so long in the house because she had to dry off her dripping vagina. "Maybe I could help you and Nancy get your stuff ready for the sale tonight?"

"I'd like that," Bill grinned.

Nancy laughed as she watched her husband and Kitty on the ladder. After that she just knew he would be ready to jump her bones when he got home. However when he walked into the house Kitty was right behind him.

"Honey, Kitty is offering to help us tonight," Bill said with a sly grin on his face.

Nancy frowned at first but then thought that if the young women teased him some more then it would definitely be a wild night of sex.

"Good," Nancy said. "I'll call for a pizza." Before picking up the phone it rang. "Hello?"

"Nancy it's me Amy. I just saw Kitty walking over to your house will Bill. Is there something going on I need to know about?"

"Kitty came over to help us get ready for tomorrow." Nancy grinned at Kitty who was now sitting at the kitchen table across from her. Bill was in the garage. "Why don't you and Larry come over and have some pizza with us?"

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