tagIncest/TabooRole-Play Fridays'

Role-Play Fridays'


A/N: I hope you enjoy this story! This is my first attempt at this type of incest story. So, please leave comments, ask questions, and vote! Thanks!!!!!

Much love,


All sex between adults are over the age of 18.


It's Friday, and I know he's in there. There hasn't been a Friday when he hasn't been in there waiting for me.

This is our role-play day.

We came up with the idea about sixteen-months ago, after I told my man I didn't feel sexy or confident anymore, even though we were having sex nearly every day. We talked about everything that could potentially help me regain what I thought I'd lost. Role-play came up and seemed to be the natural step for us once we talked about our individual fantasies and desires. It's taken time, but we have developed a few characters/scenarios we like to act out.

Role-playing is a freeing experience. It's the one day a week where we both get the kinky we're feeling out of our system. It's even helped our regular sex life.

My man has taken the reins and has helped me regain my confidence, and I feel sexier than I ever thought possible.

I look forward to our Fridays' together.


There is soft, sexy jazz music playing in the background when I walk into my room basked in full light. He's sitting on the bay window bench seat with the curtains drawn.

From this angle, he has a full view of my room with minimal head movement on his part.

I move to the center and unwrap the towel from my body. My unblemished, creamy pale flesh glistens from the shower I had just taken. I slowly pat myself dry. Making a show of it, I bend over to dry my legs, letting him see the pink mound between my legs. His possessive, guttural growl is music to my ears. Pleased with his reaction I finish drying and discard the towel in the hamper.

I grab the almond coconut body butter from the top my dresser and sit at the foot of the bed so he can see my profile. Taking a small amount, I lift my right leg straight towards the ceiling and massage the butter in from heel to thigh and back up again. I do the same with my left and can hear the slow descent of his zipper. He loves seeing my lithe body move this way. All those years of taking gymnastics, segued me to the art of yoga to help keep my fit body the way he likes it. My arms and toned stomach are the next to receive the body butter treatment. His breathing becomes more audible as I move to my full 32C breasts and massage them until the tiny, pink sensitive nipples harden.

Not wasting another minute, I stand to put the body butter back on the dresser.

Opening the middle drawer, I look over the various role-play outfits I have accumulated in a year and a half. The choice of who we play is always mine alone to make. This is the only input I have during our role-play sessions, and I take complete advantage. Other than this one factor, I give total control up over to him.

I smile knowing who I want us to be. It's been a while since we've played these two, and I know he will get a kick out of it.

I forego the white lace shelf bra and crotchless panty set that goes with the outfit because I don't have the patience to wait for him to take them off me. I put on the black and white micro-mini plaid skirt that stops at the curve of my plump ass, and a short, cropped white button shirt that usually contain but now barely hold my breasts, when I tie the ends together. Next is the black and white plaid tie. Looking in the full-length mirror, I check my outfit to make sure it's perfect so far, and it is. I grab a pair of white thigh-high trim lace nylons. Facing him, I sit on the bed with my legs apart, and slide the nylons on one at a time, like I did with the body butter. Once they're both on, I lie back with my legs together in the air. I flex my toes and spread my legs. He growls possessively again, but this one draws out longer than the first. He moans quietly with a slight whimper when I spread my legs even further until they touch opposite ends of the bed.

I look down to see my arousal as my closely-shaved pussy glistens under the overhead light. I want to run my fingers through the light wetness, but I can't. I'm not allowed. The moment I walked into the room, role-play started, and it was no longer my pussy, but his. He says, 'you don't get to touch my pussy because all your orgasms are mine to give you when you've earned them.'

We lock eyes and smile at each other. He strokes his thick seven-inch cock slowly and gives the nod for me to keep going.

There are just a couple more things I need to do to make this outfit complete. I gracefully stand and bound across the room to the dresser mirror. My dark auburn hair is up in a messy bun, which I take down quickly by merely removing the clip. A wave of loose curls cascade around my shoulders in one fluid motion. I put my hair in two pigtails and braid them with little ribbons on the ends. There's no need for makeup. He says my natural beauty of hazel eyes and pale skin shouldn't hide behind artificial beauty like makeup, but I do however put on some wild cherry lip balm.

Satisfied with how I look, I walk over to the closet and grab a pair of black Mary Jane five-inch heels. He loves my five-foot-two height compared to his five-foot-eleven, but he says, 'there's something sexy about watching you walk towards me in them, baby.' I stand directly in front of him and slide my feet into the heels, but I turn and bend over to fasten the straps, giving him an even closer look at his wet pussy. I close my eyes feeling his warm, panting breaths against my skin and listen while he strokes his cock faster and harder.

I sway my ass back and forth to the slow tempo of the song playing. I sit back and give him a seductive lap dance, which earn me a couple loud exhales from him. He's rock hard gliding between the confines of my ass cheeks. I want so badly to drop character altogether and slide him inside me, but I don't. Needing to advance things more quickly, I dance to the middle of the room and beckon him to me. He stands to step out of his pants with his turgid member sticking straight out over his blue boxer briefs.

Even though I know exactly what's going to happen, I tremble in anticipation.

He stands in front of me in four strides. His eyes roam the length of my body, and he smiles appreciatively. Before I know it, his arms wrap tightly around my waist, and he lifts me into a massive hug. I laugh joyfully and close my eyes, smelling the light, clean scent of his cologne, and feeling his soft but muscular body against mine.

After he sets me down, his hands move the length of my back to the swell of my ass, and he tilts me back planting wet kisses and licks on my neck. Giggling, I grip the front of his shirt trying to push him away to no avail.

We straighten upright eventually with my arms locked around his neck and his hands gripping my waist. We always share this moment of silence. Even though we are both worked up, we stand together with his forehead resting on mine, and we breathe.

He kisses the tip of my nose and lips softly a few times. After one final deep kiss, he steps back, and his soothing voice fills the air. "You always give me the best hugs and kisses, baby."

I reply with my hands moving to hold his waist. "I have to show you how much I miss you when I'm at school, and how much it stinks that you're working from home all day with no one to keep you company, Daddy."

He tugs my tie to get me to step in closer.

"Oh, baby, I miss you, too, but I get to see you more now than I did before I decided to work from home," he says, undoing the top few buttons of his shirt. The light coating of dirty blond hair on his chest shows through the opening, and I bite my lip. "Were you a good girl at school today?"

I clasp my hands in front of me and rock from side to side slowly, and I look up at him. "Daddy, that's a silly question. I'm always a good girl." I play with the front of my skirt, letting him see the pink prize underneath. He watches with a lascivious gaze and slowly licks his lips. I lower my voice. "I got an 'A' on the test from yesterday."

He frames my face in his hands and nearly kisses me breathless. When he leans back, I can see the lust in his eyes as he stares into mine. He clears his throat, "That's so good, baby. You keep it up, and you'll have your new car in no time."

I smile naughtily wanting to push his buttons, so I press my chest against his and moan, "How about another bonus reward like last time for getting an 'A'? Since Mommy won't be home for another hour or so, I was hoping you'd give me the big present. Please, Daddy?!"

He likes it when I beg, and he bites his bottom lip and groans, "Sorry, baby, no bonus this time. I'm giving your mother the big present tonight. Besides, I gave it to you two days ago, didn't I?"

I pout, crossing my arms, and huff. "Daddy, that's not fair. Why waste it on Mommy when you keep telling me the big present is better with me than it is with her?"

He laughs softly, kissing my pouty lips. "Baby, it's definitely better with you. You're eighteen, sexy, gorgeous, and you taste so much better than she does."

To emphasize his point, he slides a finger through the warm folds between my legs making me moan. I close my eyes and lose myself in his touch by rocking my hips back and forth to match the movement of his finger. Then suddenly, the finger's gone. I open my eyes and see him stick the finger in his mouth, suck it clean, and release it with a little pop.

Licking his lips, he says, "Mm-hmm. Yummy. Okay, I'll tell you what. I'll give you the big present right now if you ask using the name I call it by."

I shake my head, lower my eyes, and whisper, "It's a naughty word, Daddy. You told me good girls don't talk that way. And I want to be a good girl for you."

He strokes his cock with his pre-cum beginning to leak from the slit and tweaks his left nipple at the same time. "Go ahead. Daddy's giving you permission to say it."

Apprehensive, I bite my thumbnail. "I don't think I can say it, Daddy."

"Then no big present for you, baby," he says, kissing my forehead and taking a couple steps back. "You can go to your room and start your homework."

Grabbing his hand, I quietly cry out, "No, wait!" I pause a few seconds. "Daddy, can I have your fat cock?"

He smiles victoriously stepping in closer. "Where do you want my fat cock? Point to where you want Daddy to put it," he orders. I point to my mouth and down at his throbbing pussy. "Baby's being greedy wanting it in two places," he chuckles. "Ask me again to have my fat cock inside you."

"Can I have your fat cock inside me, Daddy?" I purr, brushing my hand against the swollen member between us.

He growls moving his hands to the base of my neck. "You wanna come with me buried inside you like last time, baby?"

Knowing how good it feels to come with him inside me, I nod and whimper, "Yes."

He growls, "Yes, what?"

"Yes, Daddy. I wanna come with your fat cock deep inside me. Please?!" I beg, feeling his hands tighten around my neck. I wrap my hands around his wrists to encourage him to squeeze tighter.

I can see the twinkle in his cornflower blue eyes, as he backs me towards the bed. "I'm gonna fuck my pussy 'til I come inside you."

"Yes, Daddy," I say licking and biting my bottom lip. "Please, I want it!"

He whispers, "You can suck me, and don't forget the balls."

My small hands grab his waist, hook my thumbs in the band of his boxer briefs, and slowly work them down. Backing up onto the bed, I'm on all fours with him standing in front of me, and I take his already erect cock in my mouth. He loves my sloppy blowjobs. The sloppier, the better. The spit spills from my mouth as I coat his thick cock making it easier for me to deep throat it. My gag reflex is pretty much non-existent after three years of giving him blowjobs on nearly a daily basis. The extra added pleasure of my large ribbed tongue ring moving along his velvety skin makes him squirm and moan. My eagerness has him grabbing onto my braids with one hand and smacking my ass with the other. I can taste his steady stream of pre-cum in the back of my throat, which sends a tingle straight to his pussy. I carelessly forget the cardinal rule by reaching to touch it, but the snap of my head away from his cock, and an angry growl bring me back to reality.

I see the look in his eyes and know I'm in trouble.

He leans in, nose to nose; his breath warms my face, and his eyes narrow. "Did you just try to touch my pussy without my permission, whore?"

He only calls me 'whore' when I've been a bad girl. I whimper an apology, clutching at his legs. "I didn't mean to, Daddy. I'm sorry. I'm still a good girl. I'm still a good girl."

With a harsh whisper, he says, "No, Mommy's a good girl because she knows how to follow my rules. I should wait for her to come home. I know she'll be the obedient slut she always is for my cock. Is that what you want?"

Shaking my head, I whimper pathetically, "No! Please, don't give it to Mommy! I promise I'll be a good girl. I won't touch your pussy 'til you tell me to. Please, Daddy?! Please?!"

With a hard glare, he shoves his cock back in my mouth and orders, "Don't try to touch my pussy again! Now, finish sucking my cock, whore."

I happily comply as he finishes unbuttoning his shirt and drops it to the floor. For the next few minutes, I service my daddy like the good girl I know I am.

He bends down suddenly and kisses me. I slowly rise on my knees to deepen the kiss. He palms my ass and lifts me effortlessly off the bed. I wrap my arms around his neck and tuck my short legs to the sides of his waist. His fingers tease his clit and asshole, and I grind against them. He breaks the kiss, bringing the fingers to my lips. I suck them in my mouth. He maneuvers to sit on the foot of the bed with me sideways on his lap. He removes his fingers from my mouth, dragging them down my bottom lip, chin, neck, and over each fabric-clad erect nipple. I bury my face in his neck when he slides them inside his pussy.

He uses deep, long strokes. I pant harder with each hook of his fingers. Beads of sweat develop on my forehead and neck, and my body warms all over. I tighten around the fingers giving me so much pleasure.

"Daddy, can I come, please?" I whisper when I feel myself getting close. He doesn't say anything. I'm on the brink of exploding.

Right when I'm about to ask him again, he removes his fingers and denies me my orgasm. "You don't get to come, whore," he says, licking his fingers with a smirk.

I stare at him in shock and clamp my legs tighter together, hoping to bring on my orgasm, but it doesn't work. Upset, I ask, "Why, Daddy?"

"That's your punishment for trying to touch my pussy without my permission, whore," he seethes through gritted teeth, grabbing my jaw with his large hand, and forcing me to look at him. The hand moves slowly to my neck and tightens. "If you disobey my rules again, you won't like the next punishment I give you. Are we clear, whore?"

"Yes, Daddy," I say pitifully and avert my eyes at having him reprimand me so harshly. I feel so unsatisfied and desperate. I need to do whatever I can to prove to him that I am a good girl who deserves to come, and not a whore who doesn't.

"Look at me, whore," he commands.

I follow his order and look him in the eyes, and he sighs. He kisses me gently at first, but soon the kiss becomes needier and rougher. I can feel my lips swell with each suck and nip. He puts me on my back with his body kneeled between my legs. His lips ravage their way across my neck. The suckling of his favorite spot means he's marking me. He's letting anyone who sees it know that I'm off limits. I run my fingers through his short, dirty blond hair, giggling quietly, and writhing under him. Once he marks me, his lips skim further down. He unties the knot in my shirt and my breast spill from their confinement.

"Fucking perfect," he murmurs, lightly squeezing them and enveloping the left sensitive nipple into his mouth and flicking his tongue ever so slowly, and he does the same to the right before he begins sucking on it.

I arch against him. "Oh, Daddy, not too hard. Remember what happened the last time you sucked on my nipples like that."

He smiles knowingly, gives me a wink, and says, "We wouldn't want a repeat of that, now would we?"

"No," I whimper as my body shudders as his lips and tongue move on a slow and random descent of my stomach leaving a wet trail, and eventually lingers over his aching pussy. I feel and hear every ragged breath he takes. I want to force his mouth on me by slightly moving my hips, but he'll punish if I do that. So, I stay still and watch him with eager hazel eyes. He easily pulls me to the edge of the bed, kneels on the floor, and drapes my legs over his shoulders.

He inhales deeply and hums. He flicks his tongue against his clit, and I moan biting a manicured fingernail, I open my mouth to speak, but he cuts me off. "Daddy hates punishing you when you've been a bad girl, whore."

I moan when he rubs his clit. "But I'm not a bad girl, Daddy."

He stares me down hard; I break eye contact and look away.

"You need to prove to me that you can are a good girl. So, I'm gonna slowly eat my pussy. You're not allowed to say anything unless it's to ask me if you can come, and you're not allowed to moan too loudly. The second you do either, I'll punish you by walking away and giving only Mommy my cock for the next four weeks. Are we clear, whore?"

He doesn't wait for me to answer. His warm mouth surrounds his pussy. My head falls back to the bed as the tip of his tongue moves languidly against his clit. My eyes roll randomly as my back arches off the bed. I whimper quietly. I know instantly that I'm in trouble from the way he is eating me out, but this one is more erotic than the way he usually does it, and I tuck my lips between my teeth to keep from moaning too loudly. I need to be strong and show him that I can follow his rules. I will do as Daddy says, and he will let me come. My panting breaths quicken. His slow torturous tongue assault is a freaking mind-scramble. He licks me like I'm a never-ending melting ice cream cone. The longer this goes on, the more my body shudders from his constant ministration.

It's taking every ounce of discipline in me not to say anything by begging him to eat me out faster. But there is a minor reprieve when he stops and drops my legs from his shoulders, flips me over, and forces my ass into the air. He reburies his tongue into his pussy, and my legs shake uncontrollably. I bite the comforter to stifle my moans. There are hard swats placed alternately on my ass. He rubs the sting after each swat, but I can still feel the heat radiating from them. Each one makes me jerk causing him to tongue fuck me harder. He grips my thighs so roughly that I'm sure he'll leave bruises.

All of it is turning me on more, so I quietly moan and whimper biting the knuckle of my index finger without uttering a word. I don't know how much time has passed, but it's been a while, maybe, ten minutes, and that's when a familiar sensation moves through me, and I smile. "Daddy, can I come please?"

He continues to eat his pussy without answering me.

Oh, shit, he's not going to let me come again.

I did as he asked and followed his rules. I can feel the tears forming in the corners of my eyes as I think about him not letting me come again for the second time tonight. Time stills before he finally does answer. "Come for, Daddy, baby," he murmurs, sucking on his clit.

Hearing him call me 'baby' again, along with his stronger sucking sets me off, and I come with several low-pitched squeals as his pussy spasms nonstop around his tongue. My orgasm seems to take an hour to stop wracking through my body, but it's only about thirty seconds. I sigh feeling content, loved, and vindicated.

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