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Role-Playing Wife


"I've been reading this book," Jennifer says to her husband as they're lying in bed, her hand roaming down his stomach, "and it suggests some ways to overcome our little problem." Their little problem, as she puts it, is that Chuck can no longer sustain an erection with her. He's not impotent, his secretary can attest to that, but with his wife he either doesn't get it up at all or loses it halfway through.

"Like what?" Chuck asks skeptically. Her hand slides farther down and is lightly stroking his cock. It feels good, but as much as he hates to admit it, after 20 years of marriage his wife just doesn't hold any appeal for him anymore. It's not her fault; she's still attractive and has done her best to maintain her figure over the years, he just no longer finds her arousing.

"Well," she whispers breathily in his ear, "it's all about fantasy. We'll create a fantasy world where you'll be fucking someone else." Before he has a chance to protest, she continues. "If you could have anyone you know, not a movie star or anything but someone you really know, who would it be?" Apparently, she understands his problem better than he thought.

"I don't know, Jenn." He says, dubious about the value of admitting to his wife that he fantasizes about other women. "I've never thought about it," he lies. As a matter of fact, several women come to mind that he would love to fuck and his cock stiffens in his wife's hand.

"You're lying," she smiles, running her thumb up and down the underside of his cockhead. "It's okay Chuck, you're not going to fuck them, just fantasize about them. Tell me the top three on your list of fuckable women."

"This is too weird." He says, already trying to narrow the list to women that might be acceptable to his wife so he can play her game. Unfortunately, his top choices are the least acceptable women he could name.

"Be completely honest, Chuck," she admonishes him. "I know you and you'll name some women just to appease me. I want to know who would really get you off." As she says this, Jennifer moves down his body and starts licking his chest. "Who would you most like to be sucking your cock right now?" She asks squeezing his surprisingly solid member.

"This is stupid." He says defensively. How can he tell his wife who his ultimate fantasy would be? She'd never understand.

"Who would you like to see kneeling naked between your legs, feeding your hard cock into her mouth?" Jennifer knows he's thinking about someone specific because of the unconscious reaction in his cock. Her book mentioned that most men won't admit their fantasy fucks to their wives without considerable prodding and reassurances of acceptance.

"It can be anyone, honey." Jennifer says, licking her way down his stomach. "You're not going to actually fuck her and we'll be the only ones who'll ever know." Her mouth has reached the head of his cock and she flicks her tongue out, licking around his cockhead.

"I hope it's someone really erotic and taboo." She says, swirling her tongue around his hard cock. This is working, she thinks. Even if he doesn't tell her who he's thinking about, his cock is harder than it's been in quite a while. She really would like to know so she can play up the fantasy.

"Like who?" He asks, wondering what her reaction would be if she knew he was thinking about their teenage daughter.

When Ellie turned eighteen a couple of months ago, he'd readily given in to her request for a beach party with her friends, looking forward to seeing all her nubile girlfriends in their skimpy bikinis. Well, imagine Chuck's surprise when it was his own daughter who caused his blood to boil. He'd never really thought of her sexually before.

While he cooked burgers for her and her friends on the beach, he surreptitiously compared his daughter's hard body to those of her girlfriends. A few had larger tits or more revealing bikinis and one had a more fully rounded ass, but Ellie's body was clearly the sexiest overall. The image of her in her tiny pink bikini is still vivid in his mind as his wife sucks his hard cock into her mouth.

"Just tell me." Jennifer says, continuing to stroke his saliva coated cock as she takes a breath. "You're obviously thinking about someone. Please tell me who." Wrapping her lips around his cock she slides them down the length of it, flicking the underside with her tongue.

"Oh yeah!" Chuck moans, pushing his cock farther into his wife's mouth. Should he tell her? Should he admit to how aroused he got watching their daughter bend over to get a drink from the cooler, displaying more of her firm young tits than he'd ever seen? Or how he'd jacked off later to the mental image of her barely covered ass cheeks swaying provocatively as she walked along the sand? Would she really understand?

"Give me some hints." Jennifer says, swinging her leg over him and taking advantage of the fact that his cock is harder than it's been in months. "Blonde, brunette, redhead?" She asks, reaching between her legs to guide him into her.

"Who says I'm thinking about someone else?" He asks, enjoying the heat of his wife's pussy as it engulfs his cock.

"Blonde, brunette or redhead." Jennifer repeats, rocking back and forth, pleased that her idea seems to be working.

"Blonde." Thinking about Ellie's long blonde tresses, Chuck's brain wanders to her pubic region conjuring up images of a blonde triangle between her shapely thighs. The skimpy bottoms of her bikini completely covered her with no stray hairs, so she must be neatly trimmed or shaved, he thinks.

"Short hair or long?" Jennifer asks, rolling her hips to massage him with her slippery aroused pussy.

"Long." Chuck answers, closing his eyes as he envisions his daughter riding his cock.

"Under thirty?" Jennifer asks, rocking faster and setting a rhythm that moves her closer to the first orgasm she's had on her husband's cock in a long time.

"Yes." Chuck pants, thrusting his cock in rhythm to his wife's gyrations.

"Under twenty-five?" She asks, wondering about the young blonde who's helping solve her sexual problems.

"Yes!" Chuck asserts, surprisingly close to orgasm himself.

"Under twenty?" Jennifer asks skeptically, wondering who her husband knows in that age group.

"YES!" Chuck shouts, shooting his load into his wife's wanton pussy triggering her release as he continues to picture his teenage daughter's blonde pussy. God! I'm really a pervert, he thinks. The only way I can get off with my wife is thinking about my daughter. How sick is that?

"God, I needed that!" Jennifer breathes as she collapses on his chest for the first time in years. "Thank you," she says, kissing him on his lips.

"You're thanking me for thinking of someone else while we fuck?" He asks incredulously.

"Yes, it really worked," she says, "but I'm dying to know who you were thinking about. I want to role play being her and have you screaming her name when you cum."

"No you don't." Chuck says cryptically still not sure how his wife will react.

"Why not?"

"You'll think I'm a sick pervert." He says turning his head away from her. A sick pervert? It takes Jennifer about half a minute to put a name to the under twenty blonde.

"Ellie?" She asks, pulling her head back to look at her husband's face.

"I knew you'd think it's sick. Fuck, I even think it's sick." He gives her an impish smile.

"It's just... I wasn't expecting... how long have you been, you know, thinking about her?" Jennifer is shocked at Chuck's revelation, but still luxuriating in the afterglow of her first orgasm with him in a very long time.

"Since the beach party." Chuck admits. "Seeing her in that bikini, comparing her to her friends..." his voice tapers off as Jennifer gets the picture. "It's not like I'd ever do anything with her, Jenn!" Chuck quickly backpedals, feeling that maybe he's said too much already. "She reminds me a lot of you at that age." He adds trying to take the edge off of his incestuous fantasy.

Jennifer lays her head on his shoulder and thinks about their daughter. Ellie is growing into a sexy young woman, but what kind of a mother would use her daughter to fuel her husband's sexual fantasies. With her pussy still pulsating around Chuck's cock, she decides to test the waters.

"What is it about Ellie that turns you on the most?" She whispers. Chuck isn't sure how to answer. Should he give her a generic answer or really spell it out for her. What the fuck, this is the first time they've fucked in a long time; why not just go for it.

"Her firm young tits are probably the most exiting," he whispers, "but her cute little ass is equally intriguing." Jennifer feels his cock stiffen within her soggy pussy and decides to push him a little farther.

"Just her tits and her ass?" she asks, squeezing her pussy muscles around his recovering cock.

"I've tried to imagine what her pussy looks like," he admits. "With her hair so blonde, I imagine her pubic hair is fairly light, too." Chuck feels his cock responding to the erotic vision of his daughter and tries to gauge his wife's reaction, as he grows hard inside her warm pussy.

Having shared dressing rooms at the beach and while shopping, Jennifer knows exactly what her daughter's body looks like. Pushing herself up onto Chuck's hard cock, she decides to feed him bits and pieces of information to keep him aroused. God! This is so wrong, but it feels so fucking good!

"Her pubic hair is light blonde... and it's neatly trimmed." She says, rocking her body on his fully recovered tool. "She has it waxed into a tiny triangle just above her... vagina." Jennifer can't bring herself to say pussy when she's talking about her daughter. Chuck has his eyes closed, envisioning Ellie's blonde pubic hair as his wife bounces away on his dick.

"You said you liked her firm young breasts." Jennifer continues. "Have you seen them naked?" She asks, slamming her steamy pussy down on his very rigid cock.

"No! Never," Chuck retorts.

"What do you think they look like?" Jennifer asks.

"I'm not sure." Chuck blurts out as he thrusts his cock up, trying to match his wife's frantic rhythm. "Why... don't... you... tell... me?" he pants,

"They're milky white," Jennifer explains, her breath coming in labored gasps, "with quarter sized, rose-colored areolas." She stops talking and rides him like a wild woman.

"Tell me more." Chuck pleads, his eyes closed and his cock about to burst. "Her nipples, tell me about her nipples."

"They're... like buds... little... pink... buds." Jennifer can't talk, she can barely breathe. Her pussy is on fire and her orgasm is building to an amazing crescendo. She has to keep him going until she reaches the peak. "I've... never... seen them hard... but I bet... they'd feel like... little... pencil erasers... in your mouth!" Jennifer slams down hard, clenching her pussy muscles around his cock setting off his release and another eruption of cum deep inside her enflamed cunt.

With her pussy still pulsating around his cock, Chuck is awestruck by the way Jennifer willingly fed his incestuous fantasy. Early in their marriage they used to role-play sometimes, but never as actual people and certainly nothing like this. His wife actually knows what Ellie looks like naked. He wants to ask more questions about Ellie's young body but is afraid to seem over eager.

"I guess that worked." Jennifer says, her head on his shoulder and her breathing still coming in short gasps.

"Yeah." Chuck strokes her hair and waits for her post-coital reaction to his fantasy of their daughter.

"I suppose there's nothing wrong with incest as a fantasy... especially when it feels this good," she says, emitting an anxious laugh and snuggling closer to him.

"You don't think I'm a sick pervert?" He asks, reaching his hand down to cup her ass cheeks.

"I'm sure you're not the first father to fantasize about his teenage daughter." She squeezes her pussy muscles around his spent cock as she remembers that the book explicitly said she needed to be accepting of whomever he wanted to fantasize about. "It'll be our little secret. No one will ever know." Jennifer doesn't realize that their secret has already been compromised and to the one person she would least want to know it.

Just before turning off her light, after finishing another chapter in her teen romance book, Ellie made one last trip to the bathroom. On her way back to her room, she heard her parents talking and decided to say goodnight. Their bedroom door was half opened, but while reaching up to push it the rest of the way she realized they weren't just talking. Ohmygod, she thought they're fucking. Taking two quick steps back towards her room, she froze. Maybe just one peek.

Tiptoeing to her parent's bedroom, keeping in the shadows against the wall, she eases the door open a little more. The headboard of the bed is against the far left wall and from where she's standing Ellie can see her mother's naked side and back as she sits astride Ellie's dad.

"Blonde, brunette or redhead?" She hears her mother ask and wonders what she's talking about.

"Blonde!" Her father answers as her mother rhythmically rocks back and forth.

"Short hair or long?" Her mother asks, rocking faster and giving Ellie a clear view of her father's cock as it pistons in and out of her mother's wet pussy.

"Long." What are they doing playing some kind of game, Ellie wonders, her eyes glued to her father's slippery cock. It's longer and thicker than any of the three cocks Ellie has seen.

"Under thirty?" Her mother asks. Mesmerized by the sight of her father's cock, Ellie moves one hand between her legs and lightly strokes her pussy through her panties. She's wearing just her thin, pink nightshirt over her bikini panties, which are getting wetter by the minute. Ellie has always been easy to arouse; even some intense kissing without any intimate contact and she's oozing juice into her panties.

"Yes." Her father says and Ellie watches him thrust his ass off the bed and match her mother's rhythms. Without taking her eyes off the frantically fucking couple, Ellie slips her hand inside her panties and strokes her juicy slit with her middle finger.

"Under twenty-five?" Her mother continues the guessing game as Ellie pushes her finger inside and rocks her pussy mound against her palm. Mmmmmm. Her mother is bouncing like crazy now, completely out of control. That's never happened to me, Ellie muses. The two guys she has let fuck her have both left her wanting. Her mother seems to be really getting off. Maybe I should have been on top, she thinks.

"Yes!" Yes what? What are they going on about?

"Under twenty?" Her mother asks. Ellie listens to the squeaks of the bed, the moans from her parents and vigorously pumps her own pussy as she watches the frenzied fucking.

"YES!" her dad shouts, obviously climaxing. Before Ellie can wonder if her mom is going to be left wanting, she sees her slam down hard, shivering and shaking through an intense orgasm. Damn! I wish that was me. Well, not fucking my dad, but certainly getting that kind of release, Ellie thinks, leaning against the wall as she continues to finger fuck herself.

"God, I needed that!" She hears her mom say. "Thank you." Ellie squeezes her legs around her hand and silently shudders as her orgasm hits her and she slumps against the wall.

"You're thanking me for thinking of someone else while we fuck?" Her dad asks and Ellie wonders why her mom was trying to guess who he was thinking about while they were fucking. That's too weird!

"Yes, it really worked," she says, "but I'm dying to know who you were thinking about. I want to role play being her and have you screaming her name when you cum." This is too much information. Ellie pulls her soaked finger from between her legs and straightens her panties. Tiptoeing back to her room, she gets about four feet when she hears her name.

"Ellie?" her mom says. Opps, busted! She turns around, trying to think of an excuse why she'd be in the hallway outside their room, when she realizes they aren't talking to her. She continues to hear their voices although they're much softer now that her mom's lying on top of her dad and their heads are next to each other. Straining to hear why they would mention her name, she clasps her hand over her mouth to mute her gasp when she hears her dad talking about her tits and her ass.

Ohmygod! Ohmygod! This is just too weird. Her dad was fantasizing about her while he fucked her mom! Ellie leans against the wall trying to calm her breathing. She can barely hear them now. What else are they saying?

Easing closer to the door, she hears her mom describing her trimmed pubic hair and her dad asking about her tits. Feeling like she's fallen into an alternate universe where incestuous nympho psychos have replaced her parents, Ellie watches her parents frenetic fucking while they talk about her nipples.

"I've never seen them hard but I bet they'd feel like little erasers in your mouth!" Fucking hell! What is her mother doing? Ellie can't believe her ears!

Staggering back to her room, delirious with confusion, Ellie stretches her arms out to balance herself against the walls. She's like a drunken sailor trying to walk on a swaying ship. Falling into bed, she pulls the covers over her head and tries to make sense of what she's just seen and heard.

Was her dad really checking her out at her birthday party? Her friends had all teased her about how sexy her dad is, saying they wanted to be Daddy's Girl. She had laughed, not taking any of it seriously. Now her brain is filled with the image of her daddy's thick cock disappearing into her mom's pussy. Oh god! She had gotten off watching her parents fuck, not knowing that her dad was getting off thinking about her. This is so fucked up! Tossing and turning she finally falls into a fitful sleep.

Turning off her alarm, Ellie stands up and stretches. Hearing noises in the kitchen brings back all the images of last night and she sits back down on her bed. How can she face her parents this morning?

"Ellie!" her mom calls, "are you up?"

"I'm up!" she yells back, heading for the shower in just her panties and her nightshirt like she does every morning. Halfway into the hall, she's suddenly self-conscious about how little she's wearing. What if she runs into her dad in the hallway? She hurries to the bathroom and closes the door. Leaning against it, she tries to remember how often he's seen her like this. Was he checking her out? And why on earth are these thoughts making her wet?

Turning on the shower and pulling her nightshirt over her head, she studies herself in the mirror. She doesn't have the biggest breasts in her class, but she thinks they fit her body really well. Cupping them in her hands, she turns left and right admiring the profile of each breast, her nipples jutting out proudly from her puffy areolas. Pinching the tips and giving them a gentle twist, she watches in the mirror as they become more erect and she smiles, thinking they are much bigger than pencil erasers, mom. Is this what you want to see, daddy: your little girl's hard nipples?

Or this? Ellie peels her bikini panties down and kicks them to the side. Her mother described her pubic hair perfectly. Running her fingers through the neatly trimmed triangle, she presses against her mound and pulls up, displaying her hairless pussy in the mirror. Her monthly bikini wax keeps her stubble free and she wonders how her daddy would react if he saw this.

"Ellie! Breakfast is almost ready!" Her mom knocks on the bathroom door. Ellie jumps into the shower before answering.

"Be right there!" She yells, lathering soap over her sensitive tits while inserting a finger into her wet pussy. A plan starts to formulate as she quickly gets herself off in the shower. On her next date, she'll try imagining that it's her daddy fucking her. Maybe this incest fantasy game can be played in reverse. She cums thinking about her daddy's hard cock.

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