Roller Skates and Pigtails


"What are you talking about?" I don't have any money in my wallet!" he replied meekly.

"Where is the money from your little bank heist. Do you want us to coax it out of you? I saw your picture on the news. They know who you are slut," Kenzie said.

With those words Kenzie tipped the lit candle that Lacy was carrying as she walked into the room. Drops of hot liquid spilled out and congealed on the glass table.

"What's going on sis?" Lacy asked as she walked into the room.

"According to the news, this guy robbed a bank this morning and made enough cash for us to go on that year long holiday we've always dreamed of," Kenzie replied.

"You want us to go on a holiday don't you lover?" asked Kenzie mockingly.

She traced a path of coolness along his chest with the searing cold ice cube.

"Tell me when I'm getting hot or cold handsome."

She studied his face as she listed possible hiding places.

"How long do you plan on keeping me tied up?" Rouge asked.

"Until we find the money," the girls chimed in.

"How about if I tell you where I hid the money and the three of us can escape together?"

The girls responded by wordlessly mounting his face and his cock.

Lucy squeezed his hard cock with her pussy, then lifted and and whispered seductively, "Tell me."

"Under the spare in my trunk," he yelled out as he felt the beginnings of an orgasm. He took their silence as their agreement to his terms. His narcissistic personality assured him that they wanted and needed him.

Lucy abruptly rose from his hard cock, dug in his pants, found his keys and walked over to Kenzie depositing them in her hand.

"Mmm I do believe I won our little contest. Since I'm now the Queen it's your turn to do my biddings gorgeous. Now retrieve the cash and put it in my gym bag."

Kenzie did as she was asked, came back, and deposited the satchel in front of Lacy.

"Now book two flights to the Cook Islands and rent one of those cute little huts that jut into the water."

"What about me?" Rouge asked in desperation.

"You'd never make it past customs handsome," Lucy explained.

Within hours the girls tied up their loose ends and packed their essentials. They left their tied up stud in the bedroom as they made their way to the flight.

"Oh, I have one more phone call to make," Lucy said as she dialed the number of one of their closest friends.

"Ulanda, I have a present for you in our apartment. If you could watch him, or fuck him, or do whatever you want with him, then take him to the edge of the city and leave him there that would be amazing."

Ulanda happily obliged.

The authorities found Rouge babbling incoherently about two beautiful women that had kidnapped him. The police dismissed it as gibberish and demanded to know where the money had gone. They would never find it. Meanwhile in a hut on the ocean two very rich and sexy women were entertaining a very charming local.

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