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I decided to try and write something a little different from what I usually write and because I find Roman history fascinating decided to write a first person femdom roman historical story.

I choose the mid 70 AD's because it was a time of change but one where the empire was quite stable and also before Vesuvius erupted and the information we get from Pompeii. I also wanted to make it reasonably authentic and make my hero and the other characters Roman and not English circa 1980 living in Rome as much as I possibly could.

For instance while not overtly racist (but they were very anti-semitic particularly at this time as the first major war against the Jews had just finished) everything to do with about being a Roman was to do with status and class. Slaves were at the bottom even though a slave could be a lot richer than a poor freeman. Many slaves were freed and become freedman but still owed their former masters many duties and indeed as the top of society (the senators) were not meant to engage in businesses worked for their old masters. Above slaves and freedman were the free born citizens (plebs )(many of whom were descended from slaves because virtually uniquely in Rome all ex slaves and their children became citizens) who got the free grain but could be very poor as most work was done by slaves and freedmen. The free born were divided into different classes with the top two being the equites and then the senators at the very top.

Therefore my hero is proud to be a free born citizen and looks down on freedmen and slaves and sees himself as the equal to all free Roman's even senators because in the 1st century the idea of all Romans being equal was still talked about as if it was true. Roman society was also completely sexist and women had no votes or voice but also did not pay taxes. A woman was under the control of her father for her whole life (not her husband) but by the 70's many of the strict restrictions on women had disappeared and many women run their own businesses and if rich managed their own lands.

Roman attitudes to sex were that a man could do anything he wanted to an inferior but that a men did the penetrating and was on top (or from behind) however while women were meant to be chaste this was pre Christian and it was expected that a woman not getting regular sexual pleasure would become ill. What this meant we do not really know however we know that prostitution was extremely common and visiting a prostitute was considered a normal thing for a man to do. As for women we do not know but certainly they would have expected to have got regular sexual satisfaction.

Therefore it seems logical to assume that a group of men existed who gave women sexual satisfaction. These men would have not been slaves or freedmen as they would be to lower born but Rome would have been full of young poor men such as my hero able to fulfil such a role.

Other things such as the fact that girls married at thirteen and men at thirty meant large age differences in marriages and as all high class marriages were arranged by the parents no real love between partners. Therefore if a woman survived childbirth and many did not they faced a long unsatisfactory marriage particularly as by 75 political divorce was not as common as during the republic and this would surely have encouraged the development of men working to pleasure women.

Several other things will be confusing to modern readers such as the fact that Roman years were named after people (the consuls) and not by some logical system. Also most Roman males were named the same as their fathers making working out who is who from our limited sources very difficult and worse freedmen took their masters name so the son of a senator and the son of a slave could have the same name. This to a modern reader is very confusing but presumably the Romans knew who was who from the context. As for women well they usually only had one or two names and those were just the family name feminised (i.e. the Julian's produced Julia's) and the history of the imperial family has numerous Julia, Antonia, Dominita's etc causing even more confusion and making identification of women even more problematic.

I have also used some Latin words giving the first time I use them their nearest English translation because these are words that do not have a direct English translation (i.e. moderatrix = woman in control).

Anyway I hope you enjoy my attempts and if you know your Roman history let me off any obvious errors I have let slip though. Chapter one has no sex in it but sets the scene so feel free to start at Chapter 2.

* * * * *

Chapter 1

Greetings I wish to record for history an account of my life and of my relationships with the powerful women of Rome. If I were to publish this account in my own life I would still be killed even though the events I record happened many years ago but still many of the families I served are still powerful therefore I have placed this account in the crypt under my church during the year of Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus III and P. Dasumius Rusticus (119 AD) where soon my body will lay while my soul meets my lord knowing that if the almightily God wishes people will read it and learn of the corruption of the women of Rome.

I will start my story not with my birth or even with my learning of the one true faith but when I was a young man of just eighteen and living in Rome during the year Titus Flavius Vespasianus VI and Titus Flavius Vespasianus IV (75 AD).

My name then was Gaius Fonteius Britannicus Flavus and that name tells you all you need to know. I was of British stock as both my parents were British but I myself was born in Rome. I was not born as a slave but as the child of freedman and as so was a full citizen of Rome.

My father also Gaius Fonteius Britannicus Flavus (Britannicus Flavus means blond British) had been a British fighter enslaved and brought to Rome and used by the Fonteius Capito family. My mother had also been caught by the roman troops and sold as a slave also to the Fonteius Capito family. My father had been trained and used as a house painter and my mother had been a maid. Then during the year of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus I and Lucius Antistius Vetus (55 AD) they had been freed and married with my mother taking the name Bella Britannica Flava Fonteia (Bella Britannica Flava means pretty British blonde).

My parents had lived in a Insula (flat) but on the second floor and my father had was reasonably well paid and I had been born during the year of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus II and Lucius Calpurnius Piso (57 AD) and after my birth my parents had had two daughters Bella who was eight when my story starts and Pulchra (also means pretty) who was then six.

All had been good or at least as good at it could be for a working freedman in Rome. Then a year before my story starts my father had been taken sick as many more were and died of the fever. I had been trained as a painter by my father but honesty means I have to say I did not have his talent with my murals looking wooden compared to his and while I had also leant to read and write in both Greek and Latin this work was usually done by slaves. So quickly money was tight as in Rome then with no church a poor woman was not seen as someone worthy of support but as someone to exploit.

However my mother turned to the Fonteius Capito family for help but got little as why should they really care about a freedwoman? Within twelve months we had no money and I had no work as my father's friends did not have enough work to support a poor quality painter.

So once more my mother went to see the Fonteius Capito family to beg them to stop her and her daughters being put on the streets because now we could not afford our rent even though we were living now on the top floor. This time she was seen by the domina (mistress) of the family and she was much nicer and gave my mother money for the month's rent and extra for food. She also asked about me and was told by my mother about how I was only a poor painter and how I would never survive the violence of the legions and the domina expressed support for her and then asked to see her and me in nine days.

I feel I should tell you about my patron and her family. Both she and her husband were from the top of society. Her husband was Gaius Fonteius Capito and he was the son of another Gaius Fonteius Capito who had been consul with Gaius Vipstanus Apronianus (59 AD) and his great grandfather had been consul and his uncle as well. However his father had been governor of Lower Germany under Nero and was famous for being corrupt and during the year of the four emperors (69 AD) was killed on the orders of Galba.

Gaius Fonteius Capito my domina's husband who had been born during the year of Marcus Vinicius I and Lucius Cassius Longinus (30 AD) had reached the rank of Praetor under Nero and had been with his father in Lower Germany but avoided death during the rule of Galba and had supported then Vespasian. This should have meant that after the purification of Rome that he was soon given his turn as consul. However Vespasian considered him to be not corrupt but to be lazy and also over fat and so did not promote him but instead gave him membership of the Arval Brethren as a sop and while this did not honour him as his family should have been Gaius Fonteius Capito was happy with this.

My domina's family was equalled prestigious her father Sextus Julius Rufus had died when serving as Praetor when she was five years old but her uncle Lucius Julius Rufus had reached the rank of consul.

Her name was Julia Rufa and she was born during the year of Marcus Vinicius II and Titus Statilius Taurus Corvinus (45 AD) and had been married to Gaius Fonteius Capito who was actually her half cousin during the year of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus IV and Cossus Cornelius Lentulus (60 AD).

Their marriage had produced three children a daughter aged when my story starts fourteen Fonteia major recently married to her cousin another Lucius Julius Rufus, a son another Gaius Fonteius Capito aged thirteen and a second daughter Fonteia minor aged twelve. This last birth had been very difficult for Julia Rufa and afterwards she was unable to have any more children.

This tells you all I knew and you so far need to know about my patrons apart from what you know of course that Capito means big headed and they were very arrogant and well named while of course Rufus means red head even though Julia Rufa was more dark than red headed.

Therefore I will start my story with myself and my mother waiting to meet Julia Rufa on a cold morning inside her family Domus (large town house) near the top of Caelian Hill the day after Regifugium (February 24) during the year of Titus Flavius Vespasianus VI and Titus Flavius Vespasianus IV (75 AD). My mother was still blonde and beautiful but the last year had started to age her and as for me I was blond, tall, thin and not muscular but I think attractive as I stood nervously wearing my cleaned tunic.

A slave called us in and we walked behind her though the public front area and to my surprise into the private and woman's area where Julia Rufa was waiting for us. She was thirty and was of average height with dark hair and was plump with big womanly breasts and when we entered the room she was reclining on a couch wearing just a short bed time tunic. Her appearance surprised me because she had her hair down and no makeup on and was wearing a tunic that flowed free around her round body allowing me to see her thighs and her breasts. Of course I had seen hundreds of naked women indeed our current Insula had in its basement a whole collection of cheap naked slave whores from all parts of the empire and as they were cheaper than an apple to get relief from I had visited them many times in the last few months but I was amazed to see Julia Rufa looking unkempt. My mother was not surprised but then she was used having been a slave to seeing the rich and powerful as they really were.

More slaves produced two stools and we sat and waited for Julia Rufa to acknowledge us. After a minute giving us all time to remember who was boss she moved on the couch making her tunic rise and I was amazed to see a flash from between her legs of dark hair as she wiggled to face us. She smiled and said "welcome Bella Britannica" and I was surprised again at her using my mother's slave name not that my mother minded but then she was used to this having of course been a slave but most people nowadays called her Fonteia.

Then Julia Rufa turned to me and said "and your handsome boy! Well I have considered how best we can help you Bella Britannica and I think I have a solution that will please us all. You do not want to live on the streets and see your daughters in the whore house and as for your boy well he would not survive the first fight with the German barbarians. For me Bella Britannica my children are older and do not need me so I feel I need a new project to keep me occupied and amused and your boy would seem to be what my project requires. Indeed from what my agents say he will be perfect and you deserve an easier life"

I was confused pleased that Julia Rufa was willing to help us but finding her tone worrying however my mother nodded and said "thank you domina we are under your patronage"

Julia Rufa smiled and said "my offer will be the best you will get. First for you and your lovely daughters! I will give you free to live in a flat in Ostia by the sea, I will pay for your daughters to be educated both in Greek and Latin and when they are fourteen I will find them educated well off men to marry and I will provide them with the dowry and they will be my clients" my mother nodded and we both knew this was very good. Of course their husbands would be freedman of Julia Rufa's older but probably Greek and educated and in the nasty world of Rome a poor girl would do far worse.

Julia Rufus continued "as for yourself you will become my client and live in the flat rent and tax paid free for life. I will pay you 1200 sestertius a year until your daughters marry and then 900 until you die. As for work you do not work for me but occasionally I may want you to check on the movements of some of the ships in the harbour and report to me." My mother nodded knowing that this was good money and indeed with the free citizens' grain she would be well off richer than we had been when my father was alive. As for the work well it was simple commercial spying because one of the sources of wealth for the family was their ships and knowing about the other ships was sensible.

However there had to be a catch and as Julia Rufus smiled at me I knew it was me as she said "the price is your son! He will for twelve years serve me under the conditions of nexum and not the new conditions no the old republican condition of nexum!" I gasped at that as being in her debt bondage meant I was virtually her slave but without the stigma of being a slave worse while nowadays nexum (debt slave) did not mean you could be put in chains she wanted to be able to do that to me.

Julia Rufus smiled and said "After twelve years of service I will find him a nice rich woman to marry who will keep him for the rest of his life in pampered luxury! As for his service to me well it will not be hard work and certainly not labouring but something I suspect with some careful training he will show a real talent for. No as my nexum he will have a very soft life and will not be harmed " and I gasped as she leant forward on the couch and deliberately let her tunic slip forward so that her large plump breasts were exposed to my view as I looked down the tunic top.

The way she spoke and moved told me that my service to her was going to be personal and sexual to her and I was going to be her puer (inferior boy) or indeed her pellex (male whore/ gigolo) while she was going to be not only my domina but also my moderatrix amatrix (women in charge sexual mistress). I was not adverse to the idea because while Julia Rufus was old for me she was better kept than most of the whores I could afford but with her I knew it was me who would be the whore and not her even though I had no real idea of what that meant. However I knew the offer would save my mother and sisters and for me well twelve years as her love slave was better than twenty in the legions so what choice did I have?

I looked at my mother and was amazed when she said "a very generous offer domina I am sure my son will desire to serve you" but as she spoke I remembered that she had never mentioned having to serve the men of the household when she was a slave even though her name made clear she had done so and therefore having served she obviously considered I would not mind either.

What could I say then but to agree with my mother that yes I would become Julia Rufus's nexum. Julia Rufus smiled and said "I thought you would well Gaius and Bella Britannica here is the written agreements please sign and then Bella Britannica a couple of my stronger male slaves can go with you and help you pack and then take you by cart to Ostia. The sea air will do your daughters good! As for you Gaius well I am eager to start training you!"

An elderly female slave aged at least fifty and very fat handed my mother and I each two documents and a quick read confirmed what Julia Rufus had offered us and we signed them. The slave gave one copy of each to my mother and took the other one away and the deed was done and now my mother and sisters were set up while I now belonged to Julia Rufus.

Julia Rufus spoke and said "I will let you say goodbye to your son Bella Britannica but you can write to him and he will write to you and at least once a year you can see him. Thank you Bella Britannica I know I am doing the best for you"

My mother grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room and said "by Jupiter the arrogance of the woman but she is right it is a good offer and you will have to be brave! Now some advice darling as a slave your mistress is always right so just do as she orders! Now give me a kiss and be brave for being a sexual slave is not nice! Just how nasty it is I am afraid you are going to quickly find out!" and then she gave me a kiss and a hug and then promising to write regularly to me she left accompanied by two male slaves to start her new life in Ostia while I was left to my new life with Julia Rufus.

Chapter 2

After my mother had left the old female grabbed my arm and I saw she was not a slave but a freedwoman as she had on the cap of liberty. She said "come with me boy! My name is Dura Julia and boy you will find me as hard and tough as my name! Now our mistress wants some fun and that will be you! I hope boy you know how to serve a woman or well boy you will find out just how hard my arm can wield a whip! And just how good I am at hitting a boy in his most sensitive parts!"

This comment terrified me as the old woman pulled me back into the room where Julia Rufus waited for me. She was lying on the couch and smiled and said "good Dura now the mother has left and he is trapped it is time for him to discover what my project is! Okay boy get naked I have heard from my spies that you look sweet naked and have a lovely penis but now I own you! As for sex well my spies tell me you use whores but have never been one! The whores told my spies that you were sweet and gentle with them not a brute and that is what I want even though boy that does not stop me being a brute with you! Okay naked now and then hands on head and legs apart and get hard for me!"

I gasped because I had never imagined a lady could speak like this but pulled off my tunic and loin cloth not knowing then it was to be the last time I wore one and then stood naked my hands on my head under her appraising eyes. I was not hard but as I saw her looking at me and saw her big breasts swinging free under her tunic and knew soon we would be having sex I got excited and to my embarrassment but her pleasure and amusement I got hard.

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