tagMatureRomance of the Rails

Romance of the Rails


The weather was unseasonably warm that Saturday in December as I headed over to Stop & Shop to do my weekly shop. When I left with bags of food the air had quite a nip to it and I remembered a time not too long ago when I was living on Oread street in Worcester, Mass. I was working security down on Southbridge street and it was a damn hot steamy night. The temp had been over 100 degrees with humidity close behind. I can still remember looking down main street and not seeing a soul and I felt as though I was in a deserted mid west town, The streets of Laredo, and I would not have been surprised had I seen a few tumbleweeds.

I woke the next morning hearing a hissing sound, and wondered from what it was coming. It was from the cast iron radiator! I threw open the window and went into freeze mode.

The temp outside was like thirty degrees, a seventy degree drop overnight and the landlord had the heat turned on.

Back to the present

So I'm driving back to the house when my phone rang. It was Dave asking if I could go up to Braintree and start the 1058. Well the 1058 is an old S4 switching locomotive built by the Alco company. He told me the temp was gonna drop into the low twenties and the engine had to be running to keep the block from freezing.

So I told Dave I would be there in a few hours to get the Engine going. I would have done it sooner but had previously made plans to take Rosie out to dinner at the H&K.

Rosie is a very nice friend of mine, we have known each other for a few years now. What's really neat about her is that she loves the railroad.

She is about five foot six; long gray hair ample bosoms say a 42D. She looks good in those gold square glasses with the half -moons for reading. She is fifteen years older than I am and we get along just fine.

"So Rosie, wanna go with me up to Braintree as I have to start a locomotive so the cooling system does not freeze?"

"Sure, but how come it does not use anti-freeze?"

"Something about the metal in the radiators does not like anti-freeze."

So we are sitting at the H&K having a bowl of stew and she takes her foot shod in that black patent pump and stuffs it up into my crotch.

"Do you like my peep-toed fuck-me pump up there?" asked Rosie.

"YUP, would feel much better, leather to skin. I don't think the H&K would go for that though.

I kept snatching glances at Rosie's new gold square glasses as they really look nice on her, and there was something romantic about her half-moons.

So we finished up our meal at the Kettle and bopped over to Route Six, went over the Sagamore Bridge and headed up Route Three.

I was giving thought to one question, "Will the batteries be up enough to crank over the engine? Well I hoped so but if not I had a seven hp. engine belted to an auto alternator. I could get 36 volts which would charge up four 8 volt diesel starting batteries, Once they were up I would charge the other four batteries. And I had like a dozen cans of starter fluid.

"So Jack, How does this locomotive work?" Asked Rosie.

"The diesel is the prime mover, it turns a traction generator that furnishes power to four traction motors geared 4 to 1 to the wheels, or drivers as a railroad man would call them. Four turns of the motor gives one turn of the drivers with four times as much torque.

And of course you have an air compressor for the Westinghouse air brakes,and the auxiliary generator to charge the batteries.

We finally arrived at the Grossmans lumber yard and there on a siding was the 1058. First thing to do was to cover my ass. I put a blue flag on the track switch as well as my own lock. That way Conrail could not enter the siding until they had my permission and rolling stock could be brought on to the siding in a safe manner. This is known as rule 26.

Rosie stayed in the truck as it was warm. I got into the cab and closed the main Battery switch and pushed in the control button. Then I sprayed in half a can of starter fluid and got ready to crank over the engine.

In the cab I pushed in the engine start button which takes the sixty four volts from the battery and motors the traction generator to crank the engine.

The engine cranked a few turns then ground to a stop.

"Damn the batteries are low, gonna be here for a while." I told Rosie.

So I got that 7hp engine going and started to charge half the loco battery. Then I got back into the truck and stuck my hand into Rosie's bra and grabbed her ample bosom.

"OH your hands are like Ice." Said Rosie.

"Probably, it's quite cold out there."

No one was around and I had no worries about anyone showing up. Rosie let her other boob out from the confines of a gold satin and lace bra. Her pink aureola's were the size of silver dollars and her nipples were red and plump

"So, do you want me to do anything with my high heels, my sexy black patent heels with the ankle straps?" asked Rosie.

"What did you have in mind? I asked.

"Oh maybe you would like me to touch you down there?"

"Probably back at the house or maybe when I get the loco running. We can do something in the cab, when the temp is up, meanwhile let me do something with these."

"Oh o.k.."

I had my hands full with two lovely melons, I fingered,sucked and licked them. Beautiful orbs they are, ripe with a feminine scent. Had I died and gone to heaven?

Maybe, but one thing was for sure. I had a locomotive to get running and if I did not, life could be hell.

That generator set ran for an hour or so and that should have brought one bank of batteries up to snuff so I hooked the generator to the second bank on the fireman's side and charged them up as well.

Back in my truck with Rosie she suggested we hit up a Dunkin' Donuts and and that sounded like a pretty good idea. I ordered a half dozen assorted and Rosie got a few muffins, we had coffee and headed back to the 1058.

I had an inkling the batteries were all up now but kept the generator running anyways. I sprayed a can of starter fluid into the air filter and pushed in the starter button.

The batteries were definitely up as the traction generator whipped the engine over effortlessly and the staccato bursts of its exhaust reverberated against the nearby industrial buildings.

Well that is good, one 1058 up and running. I took the leads off the loco's battery and put the generator back into the bed of my truck. Then I got the cab heater going and let the throttle out two notches.

"Well you got it going huh?" asked Rosie.

"YUP." And my hands went back to those nice 42D's

"Squeeze it really hard then suck on it." Said Rosie in a serious voice.

Well of course I listened to what she told me. Then I pushed her boobs together and stuck my nose into her cleavage and enjoyed the scent of a woman.

Back into the cab of the 1058 to check the engine temp, good sixty degrees. Another half hour or so, we can split.

As I left the cab and walked to the truck I could hear the echo of the engine against the buildings and houses and I wondered if on this cold Saturday night, some guy was hammering his woman to the beat of the 1058

I had an idea. Why not do Rosie in the cab? there was more room and more heat too. Heck there was even some decent lighting. So we sat in the truck for a bit longer drinking our coffee, eating our doughnuts and muffins.

I helped Rosie up into the cab with my hands on her nice size ass.

"Lets sit on the fireman's seat box."

"Why do you call it a seat box?"

"Well it opens up and we store torpedo's and fusee's in here, basic railroad items."

"Oh it's nice and cozy in here." Said Rosie. "Makes me want to do all sorts of things."

I was getting ideas but not as wild as Rosie's.

"Jack, I want you to drag my heels across my nipples."


Rosie was ready for this, her ample 42D's were looking at me like a couple of locomotive headlights.

I took from her feet those sexy black patent fuck-me pumps and started to rub them all over her fat red nipples. She was making all sorts of sounds and was breathing a lot heavier.

"Let me see those glasses of yours Rosie."

So she handed them to me and I rubbed them over her nipples. I took a look through those half-moons and her nipples were like an inch round and two inches long!

"Wow Rosie, these half-moons make your nipples look gigantic!"

"Oh so you like my half-moons do you?" Rosie said this in a way which made me think, her half-moons would not be used just for reading the Boston Sunday Globe

"Be right back."

I came back from my truck with a big beach blanket and laid it on the floor of the 1058's cab.

"Come on Rosie lets go for it!"

"Well of course!"

By now my cock was as hard as those steel pistons in this Alco. you could hear the power in the throaty done of the engine.

I had entered her and was she tight, like a rebuilt cylinder and piston with new rings. I stayed there for a few minutes enjoying the warm tight feeling of my lady's love box. Yup, this is what life is about, not just doing some woman but doing the woman a guy has real feelings for.

I started doing her in the second notch of the throttle, giving her every possible inch of pleasure.

"Oh Jack open it up some more!"

Yeah, I knew she wanted it hard and fast. And that is exactly what she got. Of course the vibrations of the engine added a bit to the feelings she was getting which made the whole thing even better than being on a bed.

I kept slamming her and suddenly that traction generator was putting out a heavy current of sex that not only flooded her love box but sent sparks of blue up into her eyes.

She had her sexy red nails digging into my ass as she instinctively wanted to pull me in even deeper and little rivers of blood were trickling down my butt.

The soft lighting of the cab light was bouncing off her gold square glasses and thinking what those half-moons did for her nipples, I blew another load of man sauce deep into her furnace of desires.

We got ourselves together and ready to leave and as I locked the cab door, I am thinking, "The romance of the rails is alive and kicking."

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