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Romance, Trust & Lustful Fantasies


The day had been very long and tedious. Nothing out of the ordinary, not any birthday, anniversary or holiday. So Ali was very pleasantly surprised as her lover opened the door as she tried to gain entry to their home. Even more so as he took the key from her hand, placed it back in her purse, which he then tossed onto the sofa. Then leaning over, he kissed her cheek and scooped her up to her surprised delight while whispering, “Relax my love, and trust me.”

As he swept her up into his arms to carry her into their candlelit bedchamber he softly spoke, “ Ali, I know you’re tired from a long day at work and tonight is just for you, just trust me completely.” Cradling her into his strong but comforting arms, he carried her down the passageway into their bedchamber. As she sensed the incense burning and noticed the trail of rose petals leading from the front door to the bed she thought, she loved this man as he was so very romantic and had obviously had gone through a lot preparing all of this for her. How thoughtful he was, how loving, how wonderfully hers.

He softly laid her out on the bed and again kissed her softly as he again whispered, “You know I love you deeply Ali, so just relax, trust me and let me show you how very much, my love.” He began to slowly and sensuously undress her, kissing every exposed spot of her soft, tender flesh. He tenderly licked her neck, nibbled at her ear lobes, as well as sucking, licking and nibbling her supple breasts. She thought how wonderful this pampering felt after her long day at work and the hell of enduring the everyday traffic. Though she thought this not possible, she also found herself being excited from his touch, as she had felt so totally exhausted on the way home.

As he slid her silk panties down over her legs, dropping them to the floor he lightly kissed the wetness beginning to moisten her pussy lips and run down between her legs. She opened her legs inviting his tongue to taste and pleasure her. Again he just lightly kissed her now exposed, wet pussy and whispered, “patience my love, there’s much, much more to come.”

Once again he scooped her up in his strong arms, holding her close to his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Not from fear of falling, but because she loved and trusted him completely. As he followed the trail of rose petals leading the way to the bathroom he softly said,“ I have ran a hot bath for you, as well as prepared your favorite meal of filet mignon, lobster to be dipped in garlic butter, wild rice, fresh asparagus spears with hollandaise sauce and a fresh hot spinach salad. A bottle of Pinot Gris wine and a Black walnut and cherry chiffon cheese cake for desert. And later Ali my love, I have a very special surprise for you. So please be patient and trust me.” She smiled at his thoughtful loving way. Just the love and devotion in his voice warming her heart. She softly kissed his cheek lovingly and said, “always, sweetheart.”

As he opened the door she smelt the aromatic scent of both the candles softly lighting the room as well as the roses. The rose petals lead up to and into the sunken bath. As he carefully lowered her into the bath he revealed, “ This bath I prepared for you has fresh cream, clover honey and of course dozens of red rose petals.” The scent of which filled the misty air of the candlelit room, like a warm fog blanketing a rose garden at twilight on a warm summers day.

Ali felt the wonderful warmth of the water caressing her flesh. It’s soothing touch seeping into her body, so warm, so wonderfully removing all of the day’s discomfort. It felt calming to the soul. She slipped back into the tub up to her chin; relaxing more the deeper the warmth enveloped her beautiful body. As she laid there she began to drift off listening to the soft romantic music he had playing for her.

He sat down beside her in the sunken bath, as it was spacious enough for two. He began to softly bath her, massage her with Kama Sutra clove soap. She felt his strong hands messaging her neck and shoulders as she melted off into a peaceful relaxed state. As his hands began to slide softly down to her breasts she found his touch both comforting and yet exciting. He kneaded her entire breasts, which were supple and so very wonderfully firm. He squeezed her nipples, which caused them to become both more swollen and excited. She liked the way they felt as they slipped through his fingers, as they were so slippery from the soap and warm water. He leaned over and took one swollen nipple deep into his mouth and sucked on it while pulling away until she felt it pull from his lips. She felt his tongue licking the soap from them, as the clove soap is entirely edible. He whispered softly, “Ali you are so very, incredibly beautiful and I just want to eat you alive.” Her thoughts drifted off to him doing exactly that. His tongue deep in her hot wetness. Her clit being nibbled by his teeth, grasping it, pulling it, biting it to the point of almost being painful. She thought how very much she wanted him to take her, make passionate love to her, right here, right now.

. “Damn the relaxing!” she thought and told him so. Again he whispered softly “Be patient my love, trust me.”

As he lifted her parted legs, which he was now between, up onto the edges of the tub. He whispered how very beautiful she was and how much he loved her. He began to lathered her, from sliding his well-soaped fingers into and up through her pussy, up to the flat of her stomach.

She watched as he reached for the razor and began shaving her sparse, supple blond pussy hair. She watched as each stroke of the razor removed every single hair gliding ever so easily over her well-lathered smoothness.

She loved the way it felt against her flesh. She was now baby smooth he told her as he kissed and licked her smooth softness. He soaped his fingers and teasingly slid them over her clit and spreading the outer edges of her so very exposed pussy. She let out a sigh of pleasure as he began sensuously washing her aching with desire pussy. As his fingers slipped into her she gasped at his touch. When his fingers were deep inside her he began to massage the upper inner wall of her pussy so slippery and hot. This spot just up and inside her pussy always drove her wild. Her hips began to mirror his fingers movements involuntarily.

He was seated between her parted legs and now lifted her ass from the water propping it up at face level by letting the small of her back, rest on his knees. Both of her long legs widely spread, open even more now affording him such a wonderful view. This exposing her rapidly increasing excited lust even more now as he began to spread more of the warm slippery soap over her ass and into it while his other hand continued working magic inside her hot pussy. His thumb messaging her swollen clit.

As he had relaxed her enough to slide three full fingers deeply into her ass he began to massage the thin layer of skin between the inside of her ass and her pussy with the fingers from both hands.

She could no longer hold back as she blurted out,

“Baby please make love to me right now, I need to feel your cock inside of me.” But once again he said, “Shish, patience baby, I have so very much in store for your pleasure tonight, relax, trust me you’ll see it will all be worth the wait.” He then removed his fingers and lifted her even higher putting her ass at face level. He leaned over softly kissed both ass cheeks softly and began licking her ass tenderly all over, lapping up the soap from her smoothness. He let his tongue slide easily into her asshole causing her to squirm with pleasure. Again she pleaded for his cock, she pleaded to make love, as she could wait no longer to feel his body against hers, his cock inside. She desperately wanted to cum with him inside her, as she knew she was on the edge of ecstasy.

But to her frustrated surprise he let her slowly slide back down into the warmth of the rose filled water while again saying softly, “patience, my sweet love.”

As he rose from the warm waters she saw how very hard his cock was and wondered how could he be so patient? He obviously was as excited as she was. What could he be waiting for? What had he in store for her? He turned and said, " Ali, please wait for me, don’t start playing without me.”

But as he left the room she could not help but to touch herself, sliding her fingers deeply into her pussy. She too began to rub the incredible spot up and just inside the entrance to her wet pussy. She loved how soft, slippery and hot her pussy felt. She slid them back out and smelled and tasted herself, which excited her all the more.

She had really wanted to wait as he had requested, but as she slid her fingers back inside she found herself massaging her clit with the palm of her hand.

Faster and faster with more and more excited pressure she stroked herself as she fantasized of him fucking her deep and hard right there in the warm water. Driving her into the bath, splashing water wildly as she dug her fingers into his flesh, pulling his hard cock deeply inside her sweet pussy. The look in his eyes as if he would take her like a wild animal. Needing him to.Just then as if from off in a fog filled dream she heard a distant voice. As she rushed back to reality she heard it clearly saying, “ couldn’t wait huh?” But then she noticed the smile on his face as he said, “I’ve been watching you. Looks like I stopped you just in time. Time to be patient my love.” She looked at him as she said, “fuck! another moment and I would have cum, why the wait. I want to make love now, I want your cock inside me now!” But as he sat the tray containing the meal he had so painstakingly made for her down next to the bath he said, “ baby, please just trust me, I want to make love with you just as much if not more than you do. But please just be patient and trust me. I promise it will be well worth the wait.”

She jokingly pouted as her frustration faded into the warmth of loving this so very romantic man.

He began sensuously feeding her the wonderful meal he prepared for her. One bite at a time he teased her open mouth, her tongue and its taste buds with the varied flavors she loved so much. He held her glass of wine as she sipped, cleansing her pallet between each wonderful bite. She drifted off in pleasant thought as she absorbed every sensation, the feeling of the warm water caressing her body. The scents in the air. The wonderful taste of these edible pleasures upon her taste buds, a glass of good wine, and the romantic music. The love of such a thoughtful, so very romantic man. Yes, she thought what more could I desire or need? Yes, life was joyous with him at her side. Even the fact that they had not yet made love was now ok because she knew that too would soon come to be, and it would be incredible as always, but even more so this so very special romantic night they now were sharing. Yes, sharing their love.

He sat the tray aside and kissed her and whispered how very much he loved and wanted her as he lifted her from the warm water. As she stood he took the soft towel and dried her naked body making sure to pay special attention to her breasts, ass and sweet pussy. He seemed to tease her as he massaged her clit, knowing this would once again drive her desires over the edge. All the while they were sharing a deep passionate, slow kiss. As he withdrew his tongue, the softness of his lips against hers, finishing this wonderful, passion filled kiss he said, “ Now Ali my love, time for bed.”

She smiled and said, “ thank god, I need you to make love to me so bad.” He smiled and said, “who said anything about making love?”

She just looked at him puzzled as he scooped her up carrying her off to their waiting bed, following the trail of rose petals leading the way to what she hoped was the end of his teasing, her frustrated impatience, the beginning of satisfying their combined lustful desires .As he laid her down on the softness of the satin sheets he asked her, “ sweetheart do you truly love me?” Ali laughed softly and replied “more than life itself.” Do you trust me? “Of course my love, unconditionally,” she said. He began to cover her entire body with Kama Sutra honey almond dust using a small feather duster. Its sensuous soft touch excited her even more. Especially as it slipped up between her ass cheeks from her pussy to her exposed little pink asshole. She came so very teasingly close to orgasm as he lightly dusted her clit, lingering just long enough to get her so teasingly close, but stopping just in time to prolong the fulfillment of her building desires. He then lay down next to her sliding his naked body up close to hers and kissed her forehead, whispered softly but sincerely, “I truly love you so very deeply with all my heart, Ali.”

They shared long, slow, deep passionate kisses. His hands exploring her softness as they kissed. His fingers circling, squeezing her breasts, pinching them so painfully sweet. As his hand slid down into her so very smooth shaved pussy, she spread her legs wider inviting him in. He kissed his way down to her sweet breasts and began licking them softly, tenderly as he whispered how very beautiful she was and how much he adored her. But as he began to slip his fingers in and out of her now so very hot, wet pussy, he started sucking her breasts with more intensity than she expected. He began fucking her pussy faster and harder with his fingers, reaching deeply inside her, stimulating her wonderful spot just under her cervix, as he sucked and bit her nipples. She discovered not only this newfound passion, this new expressed desire exciting, but the pain being inflicted upon her nipples as well. The pain was not overwhelming, just enough to start her convulsing into rhythmic orgasms.

He slid down quickly and again forcefully started licking, sucking and biting her clit. Ali screamed out in pleasure as this combination made her cum harder than she’d ever known. His fingers fucking her pussy fast, hard and deep. He slid two fingers into her ass as she squirmed with delight just as she reached the threshold of entering into maxi orgasms. As he plunged his fingers deep into her ass he felt both the rapid contractions of both her sweet ass and hot, wet pussy as her pleasure now was so very close to being to the level of losing control. To lose the ability and need to think. To let go completely. To only feel the ultimate of physical pleasure and emotional satisfaction .As he startled her by biting down sharply around her clit, pulling upward and rolling it between his teeth, his fingers were driving into her feverishly. This put her over the edge. She had entered the elusive realm of her orgasms no longer causing the rhythmic convulsing of her pleasure-immersed cunt. The contractions now seemed to be more of one gripping continues orgasm. One never-ending wave of uncontrollable intense pleasure.

He then quickly replaced his fingers in her pussy with his so very hard and aching with lustful desire cock. This is what he had been waited for. Now it was time for her to feel his cock deep inside her. Feel him pounding into her as he fucked her hard and with every bit of energy he had.

As he lifted her up by her ass he drove into her with a force like never before. Driving her up the bed with each so very hard, deep thrust. Then exploded inside her. Filling her with all the hot cum that had built up through his patience. She felt every powerful explosion deep inside her as he convulsed from his orgasmic release. He collapsed onto her while his cock was still inside her. She could feel the final draining of his cum from his cock as he lie on top of her exhausted from his efforts. She too was totally drained of energy and just laid there with her arms wrapped lovingly around him. They were quiet other than the pounding of their hearts and their excited breathing. There seemed to be a lack of oxygen in the air she thought as she tried to catch her breath. Maybe their so passionate lovemaking had used it all up? Very possibly she thought as she laughed silently to herself. This secret laugh made her smile even more than she already was, as she was smiling from ear to ear with pure delight from the pleasure they had just shared.

He looked up deep into her eyes and again sincerely asked her, “baby, are you sure you trust me, unconditionally?” she replied, “yes, I do my love and that’s promised now and for all eternity.” He kissed her softly and said, “ good, as I have many more pleasures planned for you tonight.” she smiled and replied, “I trust you my love and look forward to everything you have thoughtfully planned for us .”He slid his hands softly, tenderly up her arms while slowly raising them above her head. He revealed the silk scares he had purchased earlier that day. She noticed this so very wonderfully romantic man of hers had paid enough attention to every detail to pick out her favorite color. (Purple) As he tied her wrists to the bedposts slowly, she noticed a cat like grin forming on his handsome face. The thing that puzzled her though, was why she had been turned sideways on the bed and why the scares were so very long. She knew as they had shared every fantasy and all their desires that this was new to him as well. But with almost two feet of slack from each of the bed posts to reaching her out stretched arms, how this could possibly be bondage? She wondered how this was meant to confine her movements? Not knowing if she desired to actually have herself bound and helpless to whatever lay ahead. She did know the thought of it now as in her fantasies excited her.

She soon found out the answer to her questions as he pulled four cushions from under the bed. He had taken them from the couch in the spare room before her arrival. He slid them one by one under her flat stomach lifting her to her knees. As he spread her legs exposing the wetness now running down her inner thighs, he tied a scarf to each ankle. Just as with her wrists being careful for them to not cause discomfort but to be securely tied. As he pulled each scarf taunt it removed all the slack she had been so puzzled about before. She found by being stretched over the cushions and the scarves pulling her wrists and ankles tight he was spreading her openly and leaving her fully exposed. She thought even in her own mild bondage fantasies she never imagined being so vulnerable as she was now.

The thought of her ass lifted high as she was stretched over the cushions, her legs spread widely revealing all of her openly. And him having his way with her anyway he pleased, excited her tremendously. Being his captive. The forced submission. To be taken, used, yes, ravished by him.

As he placed a blindfold over her eyes she could sense the sweet wetness running out of her so very much wanting to be satisfied, hot burning with desire pussy. He leaned over her and slid his tongue between her lips. Kissed her deeply again, smiled and asked, “ comfortable?” As he forced the rubber ball connected to two leather straps into her mouth she tried to whimper a half hearted protest. But before she could manage one audible word she had been gagged. The leather ends of this so very strange to her device pulled tight and buckled behind her head. This new master of her flesh, her lust, everything she is, spoke, “ Ali, I need to go out to the garage as I have a very special surprise for you, I’ll be back in ten minutes along with your surprise.” She tried to express to him not to leave her alone bound and vulnerable as she was helpless like this. What if something happened to him? What if there was an emergency? She thought. He sensed her fear and sat down on the edge of the bed, leaned over and whispered in her ear, “ I want you left alone like this. You will do as I say. I want you to think of what might lie ahead.” He then left the room.

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