tagErotic HorrorRomancing the Worm

Romancing the Worm


Little Wolf wasn't entirely sure about this Worm Woman thing. He remembered once catching a glimpse of her in the darkness of her lodge. It had happened last spring when Dancing Bear had finally emerged from his long night with her. The People said that Worm Woman was as old as the red cliffs that surrounded the village. That she had no soul, having lost it on a spirit journey. With his own eyes, he had seen that she had no arms or legs. Or tongue for that matter. The corn meal had dribbled from the corners of her mouth, easily escaping that vacant cavity. He remembered her eyes focusing directly on him, knowing that he would be next. Her wrinkled mouth tried vainly to form words, but no sounds escaped her lips.

Dancing Bear had never been the same after that night. Despite the fact that he and Little Wolf had been best friends, he had passed Little Wolf without even so much as a nod as he left Worm Woman's lodge. They had exchanged but five words since that time. Dancing Bear had even ignored Two Elks' outstretched arms. His own mother. Instead, he had gone to live in the lodge of Laughing Snake and Corn Girl, the parents of Buffalo Tooth. This was only proper, as Buffalo Tooth had been the last member of the tribe to lie with Worm Woman before Dancing Bear. Such was the way of the People.

Now it was Little Wolf's turn. He had passed his eighteenth winter, and it was now his time. To be a man of the People, he must do this thing. To lie with Worm Woman, the limbless crone-witch who harbored no soul.

Little Wolf had spent many days fasting, chewing peyote buds, and courting the rattlesnake's bite. His souls had flown with the crow spirits, who had taken him beyond time and space. The vision thing, as an American President, whose drunken eldest son would also occupy the White House, would say a millennium from now (after the White Eyes would finally get off their sorry asses and tune into the fact that the world was round).

The People stood in a circle surrounding Worm Woman's lodge, chanting Little Wolf's name, and waiting for him to lift the deerskin flap and enter the old woman's lodge. He saw Dancing Bear among them. Or rather Dancing Bear's body. He still wondered what had happened to the real Dancing Bear.

It was time. All the preparation was over. He had cleansed himself in the sweat lodge. He had smoked the pipe of Knowing. He had kept himself pure for this very moment (unless you counted that one time with Fast Vixen behind the chokeberry bush). Horizontal mambo, here we come.

He lifted the flap. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could make out the wizened face of Worm Woman. Her eyes had been gouged out, a detail he had somehow failed to notice on the last occasion. (Damn, the People sure loved their rituals.) Her aged flesh smelled like maggots and rotting fish. Her wrinkled lips smiled in joy at the sight of Little Wolf, and he realized how truly lonely it must be for her, lying limbless in the total darkness of her lodge, patiently waiting for the next brave to pass his thirteenth winter.

Her tongueless mouth began to move and she attempted to speak.

"Awrk, awrk," she said.

Little Wolf supposed that she did not get many visitors other than the braves coming to her lodge for their manhood ceremonies. She did not appear to be the greatest conversationalist in the world.

Pieces of corn meal spilled from her blistered lips as she tried to speak. The few remaining strands of her white hair were plastered to her withered cheek. Sores festered on the stumps of her amputated limbs, and the odor of gangrene was in the air. Her two remaining teeth were jagged and yellow.

Nice tits though.

Little Wolf tried to focus on those tits as he prepared for what he would have to do next. He shuffled over to the old crone reluctantly. He would do his part for the for the good old Bright Moon clan. Let no one among them say that Little Wolf was not a trooper. He would have liked to have had a paper bag to put over her head, but they wouldn't be invented for another 800 years.

Worm Woman suddenly shifted, and the buffalo hides fell completely off those incongruously magnificent tits of hers. They looked almost silicone-enhanced, although Little Wolf realized that silicone would not be invented until well after paper bags. Damn those vision quests anyway. What good did it do to know what the future offered when it wouldn't come for another thousand years? Oh well.

Holding his nose with one hand, he reached for Worm Woman's aged flesh with the other, being careful not to stick his hand in the gangrenous spots. No sense in penetrating any more body cavities than was absolutely necessary.

As he looked down at his still flaccid member, Little Wolf realized that it was going take more than the yohimbe root, horny goat weed and frog venom that the People had poured into his body in copious amounts if he were going to penetrate any body cavities at all.

Then Worm Woman's mouth began to move. She moved her jaws in a sensuous circular motion. She seemed to want him to do something. She nodded her head in the direction of Little Wolf's hitherto unresponsive organ. "Awwrp, awwrp awwrp," her tongueless mouth said by way of explanation.

But Little Wolf thought he caught the drift of her remarks. She wanted him to surrender his genitalia to the care of her rapidly moving, nearly toothless mouth.

She knew Little Wolf needed all the help he could get.

She was also obviously extremely lonely after ten months in the darkness of her dwelling, and this was going to be her big night out on the town. She wanted everything to go well. So did Little Wolf. For the sake of the People, it was important that this ceremony be concluded properly.

Grateful for whatever help he could get, Little Wolf raised his buckskin breechcloth and slowly lowered his package into Worm Woman's rapidly moving jaws.

Worm Woman grasped the skin of his scrotum in her wrinkled toothless lips at the earliest opportunity and quickly pulled Little Wolf's apparatus into her mouth's rapidly gyrating interior.

Her mouth sucked Little Wolf's right testicle right in, as though it were a delicious plum just ripe for the picking. Little Wolf was soon experiencing sensations he never even imagined were possible. Who could have foreseen what hidden talents a broken stump of a tongue might harbor? Or the delights that could be made possible through the judicious nipping of a pair of decaying snaggle-teeth?

Little Wolf was soon sliding up and down Worm Woman's face, his balls both completely encased in the lovely machinery of Worm Woman's mouth. The old witch certainly knew what she was doing. Not like that clueless Fast Vixen, with her endless foreplay and tentative, gentle licking of his manhood. This woman knew her way around a man's package and knew what to do with it. It was almost as though she had possessed a cock and balls of her own in some past life. And there was something about a tongueless, jagged tooth mouth that simply could not be beat.

As Wolf Woman's talented mouth mashed his balls back and forth, Little Wolf felt himself becoming completely aroused. He was soon as hard as a mammoth's tusk, and almost at long.

He allowed Worm Woman the treat of stimulating his ass and the bottom of his balls as he slide those particular erogenous zones repeatedly over her eager lips. Little Wolf was ready and knew it was time to bring the ceremony to completion. He lifted Worm Woman's limbless body completely off the ground as he entered her. Her cunt gripped his cock as eagerly as her mouth had taken his balls. He held her magnificent tits against his chest as he slid her almost weightless body up and down his shaft. He even slipped his tongue into her mouth, and was surprised to find how sensuous that hollow, two-pronged cavity could be.

The stumps of her arms bent as if to hold him as he fucked the daylights out of her limbless body. He pounded her up and down on his throbbing shaft, feeling the softness of her breasts as they slid up and down his bare chest. He felt himself start to come, and began to bounce her limbless body faster and faster on his organ. Soon he felt his whole body shake and tense, as his seed spurted forth in a torrent into Worm Woman's hungrily sucking cunt. As he came, he saw a flash of lightning and was deafened by a thunderclap. Strange, he thought. He had seen no clouds before he entered Worm Woman's lodge. Soon he fell into the darkness of sleep.


Little Wolf woke in total blackness. He felt his body to be completely satisfied. The tension that had haunted him since his recent transition through puberty was completely gone. It was almost as though he no longer had a cock and balls at all. He listened to Worm Woman's slow breathing in the darkness. That toothless crone certainly had a few tricks up her sleeve. And her tongueless, limbless body carried additional advantages. This time he would not have to put up with Fast Vixen's endless prattle or her ceaseless post-coital stroking of Little Wolf's hair.

But something was wrong. The darkness was just a tad too dark. He tried to rub his eyes clear, but his hands felt too close to his shoulder to accomplish this task.

He heard his own voice admonish him, "Give it up, Little Wolf. You no longer have hands. Or eyes."

Then he realized the truth. His hands were the phantom hands that Mauled Bear raved about after he lost his arm in that skirmish with the Cheyenne. He could not see because his eye sockets were empty, their fleshy orbs having been removed and discarded long ago. He was now in the body of Worm Woman.

He heard the voice in the darkness again: "I now wear your body, Little Wolf, just as Buffalo Tooth wears mine. Such is the way it has always been. Falling Water may be this body's birth mother, but I go now to live with Two Elks, for she is the mother of my souls. In this way, the People are all of one flesh."

"Dancing Bear?" Little Wolf tried to ask, but on the first attempt the words came out sounding like "Awwrp Awwrp?" On the second attempt, he got closer: "Atnsing Air?"

"Yes, my long lost friend. I too was imprisoned in the body of Worm Woman. Just as was Buffalo Tooth before me. You now are the one to serve the People in this way. It is a great honor. Also, try doing the math. It looks like the Bright Moon clan is one body shy of a quorum. I figure the Worm Woman must have been a powerful witch and switched bodies with whatever twisted brave did this to her those many winters ago. A clever move. Poetic justice, don't you think? You've got to hand it to the old girl.

"But look on the bright side, Little Wolf. You're going to get all the corn meal you can eat. Without lifting a finger, so to speak. And don't worry, we won't tell the little ones, just as Buffalo Tooth never spoke to you. No sense spoiling their fun. Besides we need to get you out of there eventually. Meanwhile, I must be going. Party time, you know. Fast Vixen awaits."

Little Wolf heard the rustle of the flap as Dancing Bear left the hut, taking Little Wolf's former body with him. His eyeless sockets regarded the total darkness in terror. Jumping Fox was only nine winters old. It would be at least three winters until he too was forced to enter Worm Woman's lodge. The gangrene suddenly hurt worse than before, and the old crone's frail ticker was beating a thousand times a minute. He hoped this body would last three more winters. He had heard that corn meal was full of fiber. That was good. Wasn't it?

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