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Romantic Enema


Diane, a young and well-dressed Boston hairdresser returns home after a day of shopping. A sleek, very attractive woman in her mid twenties, she is dressed in tight designer jeans and a loose Italian sweater. Slowly she begins to undress, taking off her sweater and then her jeans. Beneath, she is wearing a frilly little bra and bikini panties. Then she reaches back to unsnap her bra and removes it, revealing a trim, slender body and perfect, firm breasts.

Still wearing her panties, she opens the bottom drawer of her dresser, and lifts up various items of clothing, pulling out something from beneath them. What she pulls out is big, red enema bag.

She takes the enema bag and her bag and heads for the bathroom.

She turns on the tap, adjusting the water until it's the right warm temperature. Then she fills the bag and hangs it from a hook.

She removes a parcel from her pocketbook, opens it and takes out a big black enema nozzle she has purchased at a specialty shop which sells fetish wear and sex devices. She attaches the nozzle to the enema bag's tube.

Now, she finally pulls down her panties, exposing her smooth, pretty butt.

She takes the bathmat off the rim of the tub and puts it on the floor. Then she opens the medicine cabinet and finds a jar of Vaseline, opening it. She digs a finger into the Vaseline and, getting down on knees, she reaches back and works a big dab of the lubricant into the crack of her ass.

She reaches back with her other hand to spread her cheeks, slowly lubricating her anus. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Diane, her girlfriend Shelly has just let herself into the apartment they share. Shelly looks around, expecting to see or hear Diane, but doesn’t. So she puts down her things and gets herself a cold drink from the fridge.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, completely unaware of Shelly’s entry into the apartment, Diane applies Vaseline to the nozzle. Then she gets on her knees again, holding the nozzle in her hand. She slides it into her anus and releases the clamp, sighing softly as she feels the enema begin to fill her.

That sigh, soft as it is, draws Shelly’s attention as she now heads to the bathroom. The door is open and Shelly looks in, shocked to see her lover now moaning loudly as takes her enema. Her fingers are buried in her pussy as she masturbates.

“Diane, whatever are you doing?” Shelly asks, startling Diane, who abruptly

stops fingering herself and turns to her girlfriend, her mouth agape in astonishment and humiliation at being caught in such a compromising position.

“I... I... I... was giving myself an... an enema,” she stutters..

“While playing with yourself like that?” Shelly asks with a playfully wicked smile.

Diane clamps the enema tube and pulls the nozzle out of her ass. She turns around, on her knees, and throws her hands over her face.

“Oh God, Shelly, I feel so, so embarrassed. I didn't think you'd be home this early.”

Shelly gets down by her lover, pulls her hands away from her face, lifts her head up and kisses her.

“It's okay, babe. If playing with yourself while giving yourself an enema is something that excites you, there's nothing wrong with it.

Diane's eyes suddenly shine, as she hears Shelly say this.

“Really? You don't think it's kinky?

“Hell, lover. It may be kinky. But kinky can be fun. Right?

Diane smiles, acknowledging the truth of what Shelly has just said and grateful.

“I'm glad you understand,” Diane says, deeply relieved, then a perky smile lights up her face, “Maybe... maybe... you'd like to help me... help me do it.

“Sure, babe, I'd be glad to help. Why don't you turn around like you were.”

Diane turns around and offers her firm, pretty ass to her lover, who caresses and kisses the smooth buttocks. She sighs with deep satisfaction as she feels her girlfriend’s hands and lips on her sensitive buttocks.

Shelly sees the Vaseline and, before sliding in the nozzle again, decides to add a little more lubricant to Diane’s anus. With an eager, probing finger she works it well inside her rectum as Diane sighs in delight. Just a little lubricant is all that is needed for the purposes of nozzle insertion, but Shelly can’t resist the opportunity for a more thorough anal and rectal exploration.

“Oh Shelly! I've always loved it when you've fingered my butt like that. I should have known that taking an enema was something I could share with you.”

“Yes, you certainly should have. You know how much I’ve always loved to play with you cute little ass, Diane.”

“I sure do! Gee, the way you like to play around in there is probably what got me started thinking about taking enemas in the first place!”

That and the erotic nineteenth century novel Diane had picked up a used bookstore. In that novel proper Victorian ladies spent much time, among other things, giving each other copious enemas. Somehow those descriptions of Victorian 'enematic' pleasures pressed some sensual, carnal button for Diane.

Now Shelly picks up the nozzle and waves it in front of Diane, a sly, wicked smile on her face.

“What would you like me to do with this now?” Shelly whispers huskily in Diane’s ear.

“Oh, Shelly. You're going to make me say it. You like to hear me talk dirty, don't you?

“What should I do with it? Tell me, Diane. Say it!”

Diane looks her lover in the eye, her inhibitions suddenly lifting.

“Well, why don't you shove it all the way up my shithole. Then release the clamp. And just let it flow!”

Shelly does just that, forcing the nozzle between Diane’s cheeks, and releasing the clamp, the two lovers staring into one another’s eyes.

“How's that feel?” Shelly asks, genuinely curious. All this is new to her.

“Great! Just give it to me!” Diane groans, pushing her bottom back against Shelly’s hand, holding the nozzle in place. Shelly moves closer, kissing Diane as she gives her the enema.

“From now on any time you want one you just tell me. You don't have to keep it a secret,” Shelly whispers, the kiss lingering as the enema keeps flowing.

“Oh, Shelly I'm so happy you feel that way and don't think I'm weird.”

“Weird? I think you look so sexy with that big, black nozzle between your shapely cheeks.”

“Mmmmmmmh! I love hearing you say that. I'm glad I turn you on,”

“I'd be even more turned on if you kept fingering yourself the way you were doing when I walked in.”

As much sex as these two dyke lovers enjoyed with each other, they still got quite a kick watching each other masturbate and please themselves. So encouraged now, Diane brings her fingers back to her pussy and commences masturbating again. And Shelly, rather than just letting the nozzle sit there, reams Diane’s ass with the nozzle as she continues to take her enema.

“Ooooh! That feels good. Stick it in me! Twist it around inside my butt.

“This nozzle's pretty big.”

“Yeah, Shelly. You know I like it nice and ‘big.’ “

More than just about anything, Diane adored having Shelly use one of her thick oversized dildos on her.

Diane pushes back her bottom against the probing nozzle, highly aroused, then. turns and gives Shelly a sassy smile.

“Maybe later we'll put something else up there that's nice and big, huh?”

Lately Diane had enjoyed having those big dildos forced up her ass.

“Maybe,” Shelly said, licking her lips provocatively..

Diane swoons as Shelly really skewers her anus with the nozzle.

“Oh, sweetie! I was so bad to hide this from you. Doing it all by myself when you weren't home.”

“You were. You were very bad,” Shelly says, giving Diane a coy, meaningful smile.

“Show me! Show me just how bad I was.”

Shelly knows just what little fantasy her brazen lover has in mind and begins to spank Diane’s ass.

“Uh huh! Spank my ass! Spank it I've been bad, so bad, taking enemas behind your back like that.:

Shelly keeps giving Diane a good hard spanking, while the enema flows inside, and Diane’s fingers work furiously on her clit.

“Oh God! I think I'm in heaven!”

A few minutes later Shelly squeezes the bag to make sure it’s empty.

“Looks like you've taken it all, every last drop.”

“Sure feels like it. Wow! I'm really full. I think I better go right away.

Shelly shuts the clamp and pulls out the nozzle. Diane turns around, stands up, and sits down on the toilet. She looks up at Shelly, a puzzled look on her face.

“I think maybe I should do this in private?”

“No, babe. Let me stay, I'd love to watch you expel it now.”

“But Shelly, that's so intimate!”

Both delighted and a feeling just a tad of humiliation, Diane expels her enema in front of her lover as Shelly kneels down to kiss Diane and fondle her nipples as she evacuates the enema.

“Wow, look at you go! There’s so much inside you.”

Diane blushes. When she finally seems to have emptied herself, she reaches for the toilet paper to wipe herself.

“Let me,” Shelly whispers tenderly as she takes the clump of toilet paper from Diane’s hand and reaches under to wipe her. The two stare at one another, deep tenderness mixed with pure lust brightening their eyes.

Diane stands and Shelly is about to lead her out of the bathroom when Diane stops her.

“You know what I'd like to do now, Shelly?”

“No. What?

“I'd like to make love to you. But first I want to do something else.”

“What's that?” Shelly asks.

“I want to give you an enema!” Diane announces excitedly.

Shelly smiles, and that smile tells Diane everything she needs to know as she now pulls off Shelly’s jeans and then pulls down and removes her panties, and the rest of her clothes. She stares at Shelly’s smooth perfect ass, an ass she worships.

“Ooooh! Now I get to do nasty things to your little shithole, Shelly!”

Diane pushes Shelly down.

“Get down there and stick out that hot butt of yours for me.

Shelly gets down on the mat on her elbows and knees, bottom raised high.

Diane finds some lotion and begins by massaging Shelly’s trim buttocks.

“Feel good?”

“Feels great.”

“You have such a cute little ass. I can't wait to get inside it!”

After Diane finishes massaging Shelly with lotion, making her buns nice and slick, she wipes off her hands.

“It's time, Shelly... it's time for your enema.

She refills the bag with warm water and hangs it up, then digs a finger into the open jar of Vaseline.

“Hold yourself open for me, will you?” Diane tells Shelly.

Shelly reaches back and spreads her cheeks for her lover.

Her anus so strikingly exposed, Diane can’t helps herself and kisses and licks it first as Shelly sighs delightedly, always loving this very special attention she gets on the part of Diane. And Diane enjoys nothing more than lapping away at her lover’s asshole with her tongue. But finally she brings her finger down and applies the Vaseline, working it all over and inside.

“Gee, you feel so nice and tight down there.”

“Well I don't get to have mine ‘exercised’ all the time the way you do.”

That’s true, Diane knows. It is she who is on the receiving end of Shelly’s anal attention most of the time, especially that one ribbed anal dildo she so much enjoys having Shelly use on her. Diane stares at the dildo, sitting in view on a shelf.

“I guess not. I sure do love the way you exercise it for me down there, Shelly. And now that I'm nice and flushed out you'll have to help me with my ‘exercises’ a little later. But first let me give you your enema.”

“I think that can be arranged,’ Shelly says, glancing over herself at the dildo, “Later, I’ll make sure you get a nice long workout.”

Diane picks up the nozzle.

“But first it's time for this. Time for your workout!”

Diane begins to slides the nozzle inside Shelly’s ass.

“Slow! Slow. I'm new at this,” Shelly warns.

“Oh, You can take it. I know you can.”

Diane knows what she's doing and expertly slides the nozzle up Shelly’s ass.

“Here goes. I'm going to release the clamp now.”

As she releases the clamp, a surprised but pleased expression comes over Shelly’s face as she begins to take her enema.

“Feels really good, doesn't it? All that nice warm water filling you up.”

“Uh huh,” Shelly groans, taking in the strange new sensations.

“I can't believe I'm actually giving you an enema. It makes me so hot to be doing this to you! We should've done it together a long time ago.”

Diane’s eyes are riveted on the full, bloated enema bag. Then her gaze trails the long rubber tube leading from the bag to the nozzle and then to Shelly’s asshole, snugly holding that nozzle in its grasp.

“I'm getting pretty full. Can you stop a moment so I can get used to it a little?” Shelly asks.

Diane shuts the clamp momentarily, and suddenly has an idea. Leaving the nozzle in Shelly’s ass, Diane takes the enema bag and refills it to capacity. Then hangs it up again. Next, she gets down on her elbows and knees next to her lover.

Diane reaches over and pulls the nozzle out of Shelly’s ass, bringing it over to her own and sliding it in. Then she releases the clamp.

“Watching you take it makes me want more. How about sharing it with me?” Diane says, now taking an enema again herself.

Shelly looks over, amazed, seeing her girlfriend has pulled the nozzle from Shelly’s ass and stuck it up her own.

“Now that's what I call intimate,” Shelly says, reaching over to kiss Diane.

“Isn't it? Sharing a nozzle like this. Taking an enema together!”

Diane takes the enema for a while, then shuts the clamp and pulls out the nozzle, sticking it back inside Shelly’s ass, and again releasing the clamp. Thrilled by all this, she now really reams her with the nozzle, getting quite carried away.

“Take it, babe! Take it! Take it in your hot ass!”

All revved up now, she gives Shelly’s buttocks a playful spanking. It is most often Diane who gets to have her ass spanked by the normally more dominant Shelly.

“Oh yeah! Let me spank that cute butt of yours!

After spanking Shelly, Diane pulls out the nozzle and sticks it back inside her own ass. Diane now goes back and forth like this, shifting the nozzle from Shelly’s ass to her own, until they have taken all of the enema, leaving the bag drained and empty.

“I guess that's about it,” Diane says pulling out the nozzle as they both now stand. They look at one another and hug, holding in their enemas.

“Gee, I gotta go, I really gotta go,” Shelly says as Diane smiles knowingly. Diane’s taken many enemas, and she’s practiced retaining them. But, Shelly, she knows is a newcomer and is probably feeling the pressure, really feeling it.

“Be my guest,” Diane says with a laugh and a wink, pointing to the toilet as Shelly plops down on it, now herself blushing a little as she expels her enema

“I still got more,” Shelly says, letting go of another burst. Then she gets up and Diane takes her place, emptying herself.

Now, with both their enemas emptied, they wipe each other, then step into the shower, Diane taking hold of the ribbed anal dildo.

“Now I’m ready for this baby,” Diane chuckles, waving the dildo in front of an eager Shelly’s face.

They kiss again as they step into the shower.

“That was great, taking enemas together like this,” Shelly says.

“It really was, I loved it,” Diane whispers, drawing Shelly closer, “thanks for being so understanding.”

“Thanks for turning me on to something new and exciting!”

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