tagLoving WivesRomantic Getaway Takes a Turn

Romantic Getaway Takes a Turn


My wife and I, both in our early 40's, were in a rut, a big one, and had been for some time. Our sex life had never been great but had been good enough I guess, especially when we met and started dating. But it was never what kept us together that is for sure. We had pregnancy issues that lasted a couple years, my wife had some physical complications that created some intimacy issues and all in all, things just slowed down to maybe once a month or twice a month if it worked out. We both knew it was a problem and it was something we both wanted to improve but never really made it to the point where we were able to fix or remedy those issues. In the process we had kind of become couch potatoes, her much more than me. She had put on some weight while I just felt lazy and uninspired. We had a young daughter at this point and she really was our main focus. Sometimes time just gets away from you and for us it had, especially in terms of a physical connection. I just figured the physical issues my wife dealt with, all of which were significant, had just taken a toll on her desire for sex or to make it any more than it had become.

One day she looked at me and said things needed to change for both of us. I agreed and was excited by her change in attitude as I was already hoping for a change. We started eating better, working out and trying to work on our connection and passion for each other. We decided to plan a romantic trip as a goal and a reward for our efforts. So we decided on the Bahamas four months from that time and made our reservations for a 4-day getaway and kept working hard. I was nearing the best shape of my life and my wife was looking better than ever and feeling better than ever as well. Even our sex life was improving slightly, but we still had work to do in that department, but no doubt progress was being made, especially in her desire for sex.

Then, the week before we were supposed to leave I was in a pretty bad car accident. I broke my right leg and dislocated my left shoulder as well as a few other bumps and scrapes. Everything would heal in time so I was fortunate but our vacation would not be the same. My wife wanted to cancel it but we had some non-refundable money down and I didn't want to her to not be able to go since she had worked so hard. So I told her we should go, have fun, enjoy being away and I would do as much as I could with her though my mobility was truly limited. I used a crutch under my right shoulder since I couldn't put one under other shoulder and just kind of limped along as best I could while my left shoulder was in a sling. I got pretty good at moving around in the couple days before we left.

The day we got there the weather was great. We hung out at a pool bar until our room was ready. There were lots of people at the resort. It was adults only which was nice as having some kid-free time was definitely something we were looking forward to. There was some big computer convention going on there so a lot of the people were there for that. We enjoyed a couple drinks though I wasn't really supposed to be drinking because I was still taking some pain medicine, but I made sure not to overdo it. By the time we got into our room and cleaned up it was almost time for dinner. We had a nice meal, there was music in the background and the ocean view made it very scenic, just a nice night. It's the most moving around I had done since the accident so I was pretty tired and so after dinner we went back to the room, watched a movie and I fell asleep.

We both got to sleep in that morning and when we finally got moving my wife lathered up with some sun screen and put on her new bikini. I had to admit, she looked great and I never thought I'd see her look that good. She was petite, 5-2, 110 lbs, shoulder length blonde hair, nice 43c breasts and a freshly waxed pussy that had a nice landing strip on it. And she had trimmed up her waistline by several inches over the past several months, shedding all that extra weight she had put on, to give her figure a great look. It gave me a hard on just watching her dress. I was in excellent shape, minus the injuries, a former athlete, 5-9, 165 lbs and very tone -- very much an all-American guy next-door look. Several times in the past people said we looked like we belong together and maybe never more so than now. We're both much bigger beach people than pool people but there was no way I could get around on the beach. I told my wife to go anyway but she refused and we sat at the pool most of the day, her sunning and reading in the chair and taking an occasional dip and me kind of sitting there next to her , feeling a bit disappointed that we couldn't enjoy this more together. My wife was getting her share of looks and a few men talked to her while in the pool and it was the first time I ever felt that pride in watching others admire my wife. It wasn't sexual, just prideful.

That night we went to the resort's nice restaurant, had another nice time but again called it an early night. We tried to figure out sex in my condition but couldn't do much more than oral. She straddled my face as I lay on the bed and she rode my face with more enthusiasm than ever before, it was like she was a new woman. She moaned like never before, wiggled like never before and had a huge orgasm all over my face which I thought was great. It didn't take long for me to blow when she leaned back to suck on my hard 5 inches. In less than a minute I was shooting so hard my legs shook. I had been hoping she might get caught up and finally take me in her mouth and swallow, but no such luck. No matter, I was left very happy.

The next morning we did the same and I lasted about as long. I loved this new sexual energy or hers and was so pissed I was in a handicapped state and couldn't fuck her. We tried a few times but it was just too awkward given my cast on one side and sling on the other. But regardless we had another nice day, our last full one, and I did make her go enjoy the beach some.

That night we again had a great dinner and went to the resort's bar to listen to music and people watch. My wife looked dynamite in a fairly short black dress and red heels. I was proud as a peacock to have her as my wife. I felt kind of like a putz since I had to wear shorts with the cast, but being at a resort it wasn't such a big deal. A lot of the people from the convention were there drinking and dancing as their convention was now over from a meetings and work standpoint. It looked like most of them were ready to cut loose. We sat at a table near the door away from most of the action of dancing. My wife had to go get our drinks each time and several men tried to talk her up but she always came back in short order. A few were even bold enough to come to our table and ask her to dance seeing I was unable to. She said no to each and that she wasn't much of a dancer. That was kind of true but I still felt like she would like to. I told her it would not bother me at all if she wanted to dance with someone as I wanted her to have a great time but she assured me she had no interest. After an hour or so the combination of alcohol and limited pain medicine I had taken started to make me woozy. My wife could tell and said we should go to the room. I told her I was fine and that we'd go when she was tired and ready. She said she was ready then. I wasn't sure if that was because she was tired of seeing others have fun or if she was just tired, but either way we started to get up to leave.

As I got up and put my crutch down and leaned in with my weight and all of a sudden the crutch snapped in half and I went sprawling to the floor landing on my injured shoulder. The pain shot through me and it hurt like a bitch to say the least. My wife quickly tried to come to my aid and was constantly saying "Oh my God", "Oh my God". She couldn't help me up by herself and fortunately a gentleman came over and assisted us both.

It took a bit to get me on my feet and I was still dealing with some pain and my wife was still very concerned. My crutch was completely shattered in half and unusable. The man helped me get seated and get my bearings straight. I introduced myself and my wife and thanked him for helping. He said his name was Daryl, which I could see from the name tag he was still wearing from the convention. He looked to be close to 50, pretty overweight, black man, dressed like a typical computer guy, khakis and short sleeve button down which had a dinner stain on it, his hair was balding and he had some seriously crooked teeth, but what did I care, he was nice and helping me big time. We talked a bit while my wife went to see if there was a wheel chair but came back empty handed. The resort did not have one on-site but said they would arrange for one in the morning. So Daryl said I could use his shoulder as a crutch and he'd help me get to the room. I felt like a fool, my wife helping me on one side and Daryl on the other as we made our way out of the bar, down the hall and to the elevator. Once in there I could lean back a bit. We finally got to the room and I could tell Daryl was relieved as he was sweating profusely. It was likely his biggest workout in years and he was winded for sure.

They got me to the couch so I could prop myself up in the corner as it hurt too much to lie down. I was just glad to be off my feet and Daryl was too as he sat in the chair next to the couch and I seriously was worried he might have a heart attack. My wife grabbed a bottle of water for him and he made quick work of it. She asked if there was anything else he needed and he said he just needed to catch his breath. I told him he was a life saver and that I owed him big time and if there was anything I could do to repay him to let me know. He said that was nonsense and nothing was needed. I asked him if he wanted a drink and he accepted that offer so my wife made him a drink, we had some vodka and red bull in the room. We had left the iPod on when we left so music was on in the background -- just some assorted stuff we like. An old Earth, Wind & Fire song came on and Daryl laughed saying he hadn't heard that song in a long time. We shared in his laugh as he said he used to dance to that song back in his 20's -- which confirmed to me he was probably close to 50. I said I thought my wife had wanted to dance all night even though she denied it and he responded that he had seen a few men approach and try to get a dance with her and when none did he figured he wouldn't get one either. We laughed again and I said hell, it's the least she could do for you helping us and my wife agreed.

She hopped up and took his hand and led him to the middle of the room even though there was not much room and started dancing with him. It would be kind to say he was not much of a dancer. I wasn't either but he made me look like a pro. He was awkward, probably a bit uncomfortable dancing with another man's wife but all in all I just figured he hadn't had much luck with the ladies given his appearance. He didn't get too close to her, mostly just touching hands as they danced but he got better as the song went on and I watched them, happy at least that my wife was finally getting to dance. I started drifting in and out due to my medicine and alcohol combination as she was encouraging him to loosen up, kind of giving him dance lessons as they went. They kept dancing as the next song played and I just kept fighting to keep my eyes open, a battle I was quickly losing.

The next thing I remember I heard the words "Oh my God", "Oh my God" again and again and thought I was dreaming about falling earlier and my wife's reaction to my spill. When I realized I was awake my eyes started to open and through the fog I saw a pair of legs up in the air with red heels on them and a black man between them. Surely I was dreaming. But as I continued to come to I realized that I was not dreaming at all. That what I was seeing was Daryl fucking my wife's brains out right in front of me. Her red heels were pinned over his shoulders, her hands and bright red nails were clenching the bed spread and Daryl was just pounding away at her and those words kept ringing, "Oh my God", "Oh my God". I couldn't see much from where I was sitting, mostly his back and ass and her legs and arms and his big belly that seemed hoisted up and was jiggling around as he moved in and out of my wife. I kept blinking my eyes to make sure they were working and looked on the floor and saw the new black dress I had bought her clumped up on the floor, her black thong next to it. A pile of Daryl's clothes were next to them.

I didn't know what to do or how to react. My wife had never cheated and we had certainly never discussed anything like this before. I should be very upset right now. But I could barely move and when I did it hurt. I wanted to say something but words wouldn't form in my brain so the scene just kept playing out in front of me. Her words, him fucking her, her words, him fucking her and then BOOM, my wife cried out in an orgasm or maybe multiple or continuous orgasms that might have woke up the entire resort and seemed to last forever. All the noises she made were unfamiliar to me. And through it all Daryl never missed a beat, just kept on fucking her.

I was truly amazed at how hard he was fucking her and that she could take it. Hell the last two days I couldn't even last a minute of her blow jobs after eating her out and here she was in what to me seemed like marathon sex. Our sex had always been relatively tame, mostly slow, but this was hard core. Daryl finally stopped fucking her and told her to get on her knees and my wife turned over and presented her pussy to him from behind. Then I saw him grab his cock and rub it up and down her wet pussy and my mouth dropped open. It looked enormous, both in length and width, visually double my size, that could not be real. I felt a lump in my throat as I saw my wife turn her head to him and say "Fuck me".

He didn't need to be told twice. He lunged that huge cock of his back into her pussy all the way and grabbed her hips and picked up right where he left off. My wife was throwing her head back and moaning and Daryl took one of his hands and grabbed her hair and pulled it back even further and she squealed in delight with the treatment. "Oh yes Daryl, fuck me baby"... did I just hear my wife call him "Baby"? The words coming from her mouth just kept coming, as did she.

Daryl finally got into the verbal game as well as he continued to stretch my wife out. After my wife said, "I love your big black dick" the shy Daryl I had met earlier was totally gone and he replied, "I love fucking that white married pussy. I'm going to make this pussy mine." My wife just kept on with the "Yes Baby, Yes Baby" as Daryl told her to look at her husband as he pounded her pussy. I quickly squinted my eyes shut so I looked still asleep and saw she was looking my way and so was he. She kept looking at me as I heard him say, "What are you thinking baby?" She replied, "I wish he could fuck like this", and my heart sank. "You finally getting some real dick now baby", Daryl responded and my wife replied, "Yes, and I love it!"

"That's right baby. Tell me whose pussy this is?"

"It's yours baby, all yours."

"What do you think your husband would say if he saw you right now getting fucked like a whore by my black cock?"

"He'd be crushed."

"Should I stop?"

"No baby, please keep fucking me. This is best fucking I've ever had."

"Are you sure baby?"

"Yes please keep fucking me."

"Oh yes you are mine now aren't you?"

My wife screamed "Yes" as another orgasm shook through her and her body spasmed and her head sank down into the bed.

"So you don't care if he wakes up and sees my big black dick deep inside his pussy?"


"You sure you don't care?"

"No. I want you to fuck me all night. I need it so bad."

"Turn around and come here baby."

My wife turned around and Daryl's cock came out of her. She moved towards him as he stood at the edge of the bed. Her face looked possessed and she went right to him and started kissing him with pure passion -- a passion we had been trying unsuccessfully to capture. I couldn't believe my eyes. Remember this was not a good looking guy by any stretch and not someone that my wife would ever have given a second look under normal circumstances. They kept kissing and she reached down and started stroking his cock that was coated in her juices. That was my first realization, for some reason, that he wasn't even wearing a condom. My wife was not on the pill and we never really worried about it since getting pregnant had been so difficult for us our entire relationship. They kissed like long lost lovers for minutes on end, as she continued to stroke his huge cock. It was half way up her belly and I was now aware that double my size might be an underestimate on my part as her hand could not get around it and she would've needed four hands to get to the top. Then I saw her wedding ring glistening in its sexed coating of her juices and my heart stopped yet again.

Daryl ended their embrace and with ease pulled her off the bed under her arms and stood her up so she was facing me. I could see she was looking at me but that her mind was elsewhere. Then she gasped deep as Daryl pushed his cock into her again from behind and started fucking her standing up. He pulled her arms back to hold onto as he pounded away. I could see her perfect breasts swaying back and forth in front of me as they moved with his thrusts. Her eyes were closed as she just moaned over and over, the sloshing sounds coming from her pussy that I could only slightly see as it was getting stuffed.

Then Daryl said it again. "Look at your husband." She opened her eyes as mine remained squinted almost shut. My heart felt like it was exploding inside and that the pounding was out loud and that pounding was in rhythm with the smacks I heard as Daryl's body met up with my wife's from behind over and over.

"If he woke up right now would you tell me to stop?"

My wife didn't answer. He asked her again. Finally she said,


"So you'd let me finish fucking this beautiful married pussy right in front of him?"

After a few second passed I heard her say, "Yes."

I felt like out of the corner of my eye I could see Daryl grin a smile a million miles wide as I saw a flash of teeth and I knew I was right when he said, "Good baby, because he's been watching me fuck his gorgeous wife for the last 30 minutes."

My wife's expression changed to one of shock as I closed my eyes tight.

"He's not awake," she said.

"Look at his shorts. His little dick is hard because he's been watching you fuck my black cock. I saw him staring at us awhile ago and all he could look at was my big black dick going in and out you baby."

I hadn't even thought of that and the revelation of my hard on gave me away.

A few moments passed and then I heard my wife say, "Open your eyes."

My heart sank yet again as I opened them and they met hers. Her tits kept swaying back and forth in front of me like a pendulum as Daryl continued to fuck her. We just looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

Then Daryl asked her again, "Do you want me to stop?"

Looking right at me she replied "No."

"Whose pussy is this?"


"Are we going to fuck all night baby?"


My wife never stopped looking at me during any of her answers and finally mouthed to me with no sound, "Sorry." Then she shut her eyes as Daryl's pace quickened. Her orgasm overtook her again and started rolling through her body as I heard Daryl grunt behind her and let out a guttural noise as he emptied his huge balls into my wife, again sending my wife into state of sexual bliss. He pumped into her for what seemed like days but at least had to be 10-12 thrusts of unloading his seed and my wife was like putty in his arms. At that same moment and without any assistance I felt my cock erupt in my shorts, sending my mind into shame even if my body was in temporary ecstasy.

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