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Romantic Voyeurism

bymummys dirty angel©

The time was 9:45 on a warm and sultry summers night. Jake wasn't due home for another hour so I laid down on the bed and read to pass the time away. Our bedroom was situated at the back of the house. A large airy room, with two big windows which overlooked our driveway, a medium garden and a row of equally large detached houses. Quite often Jake and I sat in the bedroom by the windows and wondered what the occupants of those houses were doing behind their curtains in their dimly lit bedrooms. We hadn't lived in the area long and didn't know many of the local people.

I got up from the bed and wandered over to the window, trying to catch a glimpse of activity in the houses opposite. A bedroom light came on and a figure walked towards the window and stood there looking out into the warm air. Could they see me? After all, I could see them! I moved slightly away from the window. Seconds later I looked again and the figure had gone and in their place voile curtains were drawn. Once again I stood and looked on.

Two shadows walked across the room and stood in my direct view. The man was tall and medium build, the woman a bit shorter but had a figure to die for! Long flowing hair, her breasts large, full and round and a slightly curved belly. A real woman!! At this point I should of turned away, but curiosity got the better of me. The silhouettes of their bodies became one. Their arms entwined as their faces met. A few minutes passed and their faces separated. The man stepped back slightly and covered her breasts with his hands. He seemed to tease them forever as her hands reached up to her head and seductively ran her fingers through her hair.

I knew I shouldn't be watching but my eyes were fixed on the two silhouettes becoming one in front of me. At that point Jakes car pulled up underneath the bedroom window. His arrival broke my stares to the strangers opposite. He casually got out of the car and looked up towards me. The large window was open and I suggested to him to stay where he was. At first he looked a little puzzled, but soon realised what was happening when he saw my hands move across my body. He leant back against the car and began to take in his private strip show, not knowing that I was getting a private showing of my own.

My hands moved slowly across my breasts, my fingers circling my nipples. I moved my hand down to my thigh, then up a little to the top of my jeans. I undone the buttons and slowly peeled the jeans down my legs. My shirt was floating across my body as the breeze flowed in from outside. My nipples hardened as the outside air surrounded me. One by one I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. For a brief moment my eyes unlocked from Jake and I glanced over at the couple.

He was now kneeling in front of her, kissing her belly. His hand came round to the back of her leg and he placed it over his shoulder. His head was now moving back and forth at her pussy. One of her hands on his head and the other teasingly entwining her fingers in her own hair. Her head leant back and her body now rocking in rhythm with him. My fingers crept inside my knickers, my hard clit protruding through my wet swollen lips. I started to rock in time to the woman as my fingers probed further. Her hips were really bucking against him and the moans that emanated from their window furthered my exploration of my pussy.

I broke eye contact with them to look down at Jake. His eyes transfixed on my every move. I slowed the pace down on my pussy while my other hand lightly traced up my body to my shoulders and slowly peeled off my shirt. I slid my finger under the strap of my bra and guided it over my shoulder and did the same to other strap. My hands reached for my breasts, I pressed on them, harder this time. My nipples so big and hard through the material of my black lacy bra. Pinching and twisting them as my eyes yet again glanced over. The woman was now on bended knee and I could see the outline of the mans erect body standing in front of her. His hands were on her head, running his fingers through her hair. As he slowly pulled her toward him, his erection disappeared into her mouth. My breathing became faster and I looked at Jake. He was leaning back against the car, his hand rubbing his hardness over his jeans.

My hands reached around my back and unfastened my bra, freeing my firm aching breasts. I sucked on my finger and ran it over my nipples. My saliva hardened my nipples once more. I sucked more on my fingers, leaving juicy trails where my fingers touched, heading for my pussy. Gently I tugged my knickers down until they fell to the floor. There I was standing naked in the window. My fingers slid down to my soaking crevice and I began stroking myself once more. I stared intensely at Jake and licked my lips. I bought my juice covered finger to my mouth and sucked on it, pushing it in and out.

I put my foot up onto the window box, then traced my finger back down to my waiting pussy so i could explore deeper inside. My legs were beginning to shake as my finger probed further and further. I kept brushing my clit with my hand as my finger pounded my pussy. Not wanting to completely succumb to my passion I withdrew my finger and started stroking my clit. Softly circling it for a few minutes, then building it up to a harder steadier rhythm. Once again my legs trembled and a loud groan escaped from my mouth. As this happened I opened my eyes to look at Jake but he was gone. I stopped stroking and stared at the empty space where he had stood beforehand.

Suddenly a hand cupped my breast gently twisting my nipple. I moaned as I leant my head back into his shoulder. His other hand was gliding over my arse and he ran his finger down the back of me. He pushed me forward so I was slightly bent over and his fingers entered me from behind. He twisted his fingers round as he pushed them up as far as they could go. I could feel the intensity of my impending orgasm building up inside me. My legs buckled, my insides shook, then it came "oohhhhhh goddd, yesss aahhhhhhhh" I moaned. I trembled from head to toe. Jake felt me erupting around his fingers, leaving them tight inside me until the last of the tremors had gone.

His soft kisses fell on my shoulder then towards my neck, before ending up on my lips. A flash of lightening interrupted our kiss and we both looked out at the bright sky with the rumbling of thunder in the distance. As I went to close the curtains to shut out the impending storm, two silhouettes were looking our way, watching us, did they see everything? A second later they waved. I reluctantly waved back, and whispered to Jake, "I think we've been accepted into the neighbourhood!!"

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