Romina Ch. 05


During the weeks following our adventure with Lucy and Gemma, Rom and I see less of one another due to studying for exams but we have great sex when we get to together.

We meet for a drink after the exams.

"Babe have a I told you about my friend Mardi?" asks Rom as she smiles at me over her glass of wine.

"No I don't think so."

"She's a real sweetheart Andy, I met her at a party when I arrived in London, we then went out a couple of times and have been keeping in touch since. She's one in a million."

"Tell me more Rom ...what's she like?"

"She's a bit older than me - must be twenty eight now and she transitioned when she was twenty two. She's incredibly passable as a genetic woman and even I almost did not realise she was a T-girl until I got talking to her. She's an absolute hoot to be around and slut in the nicest possible way with a wicked sense of humour - you'd love her Andy."

"Wow sounds almost as hot as you girl!"

Rom smiles. "Well she's coming up to Aberdeen for the weekend. Do you fancy coming out clubbing with us on Saturday night to celebrate an end to the exams? We could drop some pills and have a blast."

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" I reply laughing. Rom does not get the joke being from the middle east so I explain it to her.

Rom pauses for a while, looks slightly sheepish and then says "Andy you know that I'm very fond of you and love being with you don't you?"

"Yes hun absolutely and you know that I feel the same way too.....however I can feel a 'but' coming?" I reply tentatively.

"Well you know how much I enjoy our adventures Andy and I don't want them to stop. I want to experience these with you and not without you."

"I'm listening Rom - sound ominous though." I reply with intrigue knowing how voracious her sexual appetite is.

"Andy how would you feel about watching me flirting and being with other men? It would be a real turn on for me knowing you were watching. I want to keep trying new things with you." Rom says with a sexy smile, placing her hand on top of mine and looking into my eyes.

I think about this for a moment. "Well I'd like you all to myself but I guess I'd rather you did it with me present rather than without me being there....but I'm still not might feel a bit weird and lonely with me just watching hun."

"I understand babe. You know that I don't want a relationship with anyone else and it's about sexual gratification and excitement rather then me wanting to cheat on you if you see where I am coming from. How about we try it this weekend as Mardi will be here to keep you company? " Rom purrs squeezing my hand. I look into her eyes and feel consumed by her warmth.

"Oh alright then you deviant...let's give it a go as long you don't mind me flirting a little with Mardi?" I reply.

"That's sounds fair to me. Andy you make me so happy. I'm so glad I have someone like you who is so open minded and really understands me." Says Rom as she leans over and kisses me. Again I feel powerless in her presence.

On Saturday we drive to the airport to pick up Mardi. Rom looks hot driving her latest model black Golf Gti as I sit and admire her from the passenger seat. She is wearing knee high black boots, a black skirt, Burberry coat and D&G sunglasses. I wish my family was as wealthy as hers. As she presses the clutch to change gear, her skirt rides a little higher up her lovely legs and as she places her hand on the gearstick I imagine it's my cock she is touching. I notice a couple of builders checking her at the traffic lights from their truck and it occurs to me that it does in fact turn me on knowing other men find her attractive. It's even more erotic that these guys do not know about her wonderful thick cock between her long legs.

We stand in the arrivals hall at Aberdeen airport and the 16:30 flight arrives from London City Airport. Various people walk through the gate and again I notice other men checking out Rom as we stand there.

A pretty blond woman with a lovely big smile appears out the crowd and runs up to Rom, giving her a big hug. She is about 5ft six tall, size 8 with shoulder length hair, a trim figure and double D cup breasts which look tantilising though her fitted white top. She looks very naturally feminine and like Rom, it's difficult to believe she is a T-girl. The only give away to the 'trained eye' is that her voice is slightly lower and huskier than Rom's as she says her hellos.

"Hi honey it's so good to see you." Mardi beams at Rom as she hugs her.

"You too Mards I've really missed you - you look fantastic as always."

Rom introduces me to Mardi who gives me a big warm hug too. I can feel myself blush slightly meeting another T-girl in the same league as Rom. I pick up Mardi's bags and Rom and her walk together chatting side by side. I drop back slightly pretending the bags are heavy so I can admire Mardi's lithe body in her skinny jeans and high heels as the girls walk in front of me.

When we get to the car I drive so the girls and sit in the back to catch up.

"So how did you guys meet then?" Mardi asks as I drive.

"Well Andy came up and introduced himself in the pub. I occasionally work in the library as a way of meeting hot men and I bumped into Andy again and the rest is history I guess!"

"Awesome. Just out of curiosity Andy did you know that Romina was a trans-sexual when you fancied her?"

"I was hoping that she was actually and I was over the moon when we first got together and I found out that she was" I reply with a smile.

"She's a lucky girl being with such a hot guy like you....."

Rom laughs. "Hands off Mards he's mine you tart!"

"What about you Mardi is there a special person in your life?" I enquire.

"No Andy I'm not really looking for a relationship at the moment. I enjoy having encounters with handsome strangers too much!"

"You sound like my kinna girl Mardi."

Rom slaps me on the back of the head "Andy behave!"

"What's it like meeting men as a trans-sexual?" I ask.

"Well after they have chatted me up and want to get intimate I usually just tell them if they haven't already worked it out. You'd be amazed how many red blooded men go ahead anyway even if they think they are straight and I enjoy showing 'newbies' the ropes. I also meet a lot of men in my job as a recruitment consultant". Mardi replies with a wicked smile.

"Oh stop it now Mards you'll get Andy all hot and bothered and he might crash my nice car."

We arrive at Rom's flat and sit down to have a bite to eat and a few glasses of wine to start off the evening whilst we listen to music. As the wine flows the conversation gets more and more naughty.

Eventually we get onto the topic of sex.

"So tell me about your latest adventures then Mards...." Rom enquires as she looks at Mardi over her glass of wine.

"You haven't changed honey, good to see you're still a pervert. I can see why Andy likes you! A couple of weeks ago I went out clubbing with some friends in Soho and I kissed a few men but then met a lovely couple."

"Nice.....tell me about it Mards.." asks Rom.

"I was dancing with the friends and an attractive couple in their early thirties started dancing next to me and I could feel them watching me for a while as we danced. Then the lady asked me if I wanted to dance with them and I was a bit tipsy so I did and they were a laugh. After a few songs we went to the bar and got a drink and chatted for a bit. I could feel both of them eyeing me up as we chatted and then the lady asked me if I would like to go back to theirs for a 'few lines and some fun'. I was said I would love to as long as they were both good at sucking cock. She laughed and said that they had suspected I might be a T-girl and they were glad that I was. Her husband had been fantasising about being with a trans-sexual. They were regular swingers and this was going to be a new experience for them.

I told my friends I was going home and jumped into a cab with the couple. When we got back to theirs they cracked open a bottle of bubbly and had a few lines of coke. I sat between them on the couch and then I took turns kissing them both..."

"You dirty bitch....don't stop there.... tell us more." Rom directs.

"I was a bit high by that point and wanted to show off my new tits so I stood up in front of them both, unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. She had her hubby's cock out and was wanking him while I did this. It felt good having them admire me. Then I unclipped my bra and let them see my new investments. They seemed dumbstruck and the lady said she was very envious of my breasts. Then she stood up and started sucking my nipples. As she did this she pulled down my panties and my cock sprung up hard as a rock. Hubby then dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock as his Mrs gave him instructions about how to give a good blow job."

"Fuck that's hot Mardi! Then what happened?" I ask.

"Well he wasn't very good at giving head so after a while I sat him down on the couch and asked Mrs to lube him up for me which she did. Then I straddled him with my back to him and lowered my ass onto him. I did it like this so as he fucked me he could grope my new tits from behind and Mrs could suck my cock while he fucked me. The sex was good and when he came I also came at the same time into his wife's mouth - it was super hot...."

My cock was hard as a rock and I could see Rom crossing her legs too to control her erection under her skirt.

"Oh my god that's put a great start to the evening." Rom said giggling.

"What about you two? Have you been up to anything naughty that I should know about?" asks Mardi.

Rom and I tell Mardi about our escapades with Lucy and Gemma in the shoe shop.

Mardi is speechless for a bit and then says "Wow I think you guys have trumped me! Let's hope tonight will be just as fun!"

I fill our glasses again and we toast to having a good night out.

The girls then go and start getting ready for our night out. Mardi makes a point of appearing in the longue in her bra and panties to show me different outfit options and seek my view. She's clearly teasing me so I make a point of trying to keep it cool. Her double D enhanced tits and toned body are amazing and I can just see the bulge of her cock and balls in her panties. I try my best not to oggle her but I can help myself and tell what a beautiful woman she is.

Rom hears me from her bedroom. "Mards take it easy on Andy he's very impressionable."

"That's ok honey he's just helping me choose an outfit"

"I bet he is!" Rom replies with a laugh.

I have a shower, get changed, have another drink and after what seemed like an eternity, the girls come through to the lounge ready do go out. Rom looks stunning in an expensive black mini dress and black high heels which show of her lovely long caramel coloured legs and slender body. Mardi looks equally delicious wearing a fitted blue dress, bare legs with a sheen and open toe elegant tan coloured high heels.

We call a cab and go to the 'Wild Boar' for a few pre club drinks. As I walk into the bar with these two stunners I can feel men looking on at me with envy. We sit at a table and order some bubbly. Mardi sits on the opposite side of the table to Rom and I.

My friend Lucy is in the pub with a group of her friends and she pops over to say hello. Lucy is a bit drunk and as she says hello to Rom she kisses her full on the lips, giggling. Mardi says "wow are all women in Aberdeen this friendly? and gets a similar kiss on the lips in return.

"Hope to see you guys back to the shop again?" Lucy slurs and we all laugh as she staggers back to her mates.

Mardi passes an ecstasy tablet to Rom and I under the table and we all discreetly take our pills as we drink.

We chat away for another half an hour or so and slowly I feel the pill start to take effect. I suddenly feel overwhelmingly close to Rom and Mardi and honoured to be part of their special worlds. I lean over to Rom and as she chats to Mardi I tell her that I love her. She tells me softly that me she loves me too and I notice how intoxicating her exotic perfume is.

I glance across the table at Mardi and her pupils look dilated. I then whisper in Rom's ear how sexy she is and how happy he makes me. Mardi over hears and with a big smile says "well it looks like the pills are doing the business for us!" and we all laugh.

"So where are we going clubbing then?" asks Mardi.

"There's a great dance club called 'Phase 3' that plays house music and there's a very dark chillout area if people feel like being naughty"

"Sounds good to me Andy" replies Mardi.

We chat for a while longer. The pills are coming on really strong and our conversation becomes ever more candid as our inhibitions disappear.

"Mardi speaking of clubbing just to let you know that Andy and I have a special arrangement tonight where he is going to let me flirt with other men. The thought of being with another man with Andy watching is a real turn on for me and we're hoping it will be the same for Andy. We just wanted to make you aware so you didn't think there was something strange going on. Are you cool with that hun?"

"Well yes of course sounds fun - you know me I'm up for anything! I'll make sure the lovely Andy doesn't get lonely..." Mardi replies with a wink.

"Good girl I was hoping you would say that" Rom says.

After another half an hour or so I notice Rom checking out tall well built muscular black man who has just come into the bar with some of the rugby guys.

"Mmmm don't look now but it looks like I may have found a victim for the evening" purrs Rom. Mardi drops some make up out of her bag so she can look round at the bar.

"Very, very nice Romina we both have the same taste in men" Mardi says.

Rom casually stands up and walks over to the bar to order some drinks for us. She stands next to the black man who glances at her and smiles. Rom smiles back and he looks her up and down and then back to his mates and winks at them. As Rom waits for her drinks they start chatting and I can see he is making her laugh. She touches his arm when he makes her laugh and they seem to be getting on well. Rom looks beautiful and I feel very proud to be her partner.

Mardi leans across the table so her face is close to mine. "Andy how to do you feel about that guy chatting up Rom?" she asks. I notice Mardi's perfume too and the sparkle of her ear-rings.

"I'm strangely cool with it actually Mards as we have talked about it and it's all up front. It's actually quite a turn on knowing he finds her attractive but does not know that she has a cock."

"That's good then honey. Wow these pills are strong.... I always get an overwhelming wave of feeling horny as they come on." Mardi then pauses and looks into my eyes. "Andy seeing as your girlfriend is over there having fun why don't you put your hand up my skirt as you watch?"

"Wow....well.....well I wasn't really expecting that but I guess Rom won't mind. I'd love that....I think you've worked out by now that I find you attractive Mardi."

I look over Mardi's shoulder and the drinks have been served to Rom but she is still there chatting and leaning closer to the guy at the bar. I move my hand under the table across to Mardi's knees. As my fingertips touch her knees she smiles at me and her knees part. I slowly move my hand up her soft inner thigh and she parts her legs a little further. I stop my hand there and stroke lightly for a while.

Rom has now been chatting to the guy at the bar for a good 10 minutes and they look over at us. It looks like Rom is explaining that she is just out with friends. I give a knowing nod and they return to their increasingly intimate conversation.

"Now put your hand up a little higher Andy...." Mardi purrs into my ear as she leans across the table. My hand is trembling from the pill and the excitement and I slowly move it further up her inner thigh. I can now feel the heat of her throbbing cock through her lacy panties. I gently rub my hand against her stiff cock and she gives out a little moan of approval. She feels like she might be quite well endowed beneath her straining underwear.

Rom looks like she is wrapping up the conversation and returns to the table with the drinks. As Rom sits down with the drinks she sees my hand under the table between Mardi's legs and with a smile says "well it looks like you are both getting into the swing of things. I might need to up my game a little bit!"

Rom tells us that the guy at the bar's name is Mike and that she's arranged to see him later at the club. Rom checks that I am still cool with this and I confirm I am in view of the excellent company that Mardi is keeping.

After another bottle of wine it's around 11pm and we make a move for the club.

The club is really going off as we arrive. We have a drink of water at the bar to straighten us out a bit and then drop another pill. Again I notice a lot of men and jealous women checking out Mardi and Rom and it makes me feel good.

'Around the world' by Daft Punk comes on and we all hit the dance floor. As we dance I notice Mardi's new admirer, Mike towering over the other dancers. He spots Rom and comes over to dance with her. Rom gives me a wink and then gives Mike a big hug and introduces Mardi and I to him as her friends. He seems like a nice guy and built of solid muscle.

Rom starts dancing closer to Mike as the track morphs into another heavy house beat. As she does so Mardi starts dancing closer to me. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed by the music and being with these two amazing women and my entire body is rushing from the ecstasy.

Over Mardi's shoulder I notice Rom has put her arms around Mike's neck and is looking into his eyes as she dances with him. I notice Mike has his arms around her waist and then after a while they kiss. I feel nothing but love for her and an incredible sense of liberation about another man's hands being on her. I also notice his hands occasionally stray on her bottom and this excites me.

As I glance at Rom and Mike, Mardi places her hands around my neck and gives me a bug hug as we dance. I can feel her wonderfully enhanced breasts pressing against me and I tell her she is gorgeous. Before I know we are also kissing and her soft tongue is flikering around inside my mouth. I glance over at Rom who catches my eye and gives me a wink as she is kisses Mike.

I feel amazing both physically and mentally from a combination of the drugs and sexual excitement.

Mardi tells me she wants to go to the chill out area and leads my by the hand into the dark corner of the club. It's difficult to see what's going on as the lighting is very dim. The security guards in the club appear to be turning a blind eye to what is going on in this area as some people are in various states of sexual activity.

Mardi and I sit down and drink some water and I can just make out Rom and Mike emerging through the darkness from the dance floor to sit on the next couch along.

I can just make out through the darkness Rom and Mike kissing on the couch. Mardi and I follow suit. As Mardi kisses me, her hand unbuttons my fly and starts wanking my cock which stands erect in the near darkness. Rom notices this out the corner of her eye and looks slightly surprised by Mardi's progress with me.

I know that Rom will want to be in the lead being competitive as she is, and sure enough, she drops to her knees between Mike's legs and starts unbuttoning his fly. Slowly she reveals his gargantuan black cock. It must be a good ten inches and almost as thick as Rom's forearm. She looks into Mike's eyes with a look of wonder and I can make out her mouthing the word 'wow' to Mike as he lies back, puts his hands behind his head and closes his eyes in anticipation. It looks like he is in the same mental space as us three.

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