tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoni and the Dick Flasher

Roni and the Dick Flasher


Recently I read in the local paper about a flasher that had exposed himself at a restaurant and it reminded me of my experience many years ago.

It was mid-July and I had turned 18 just two months prior; a petite 4 foot 7, I'm sure I probably looked a couple of years younger . My sister, Donna, and I were walking home from Highland Park swimming pool where I had a part-time job as lifeguard.

Guthrie is a small town and our home was only nine or ten blocks away, so walking was pretty common. We both had on two-piece bathing suits (not bikinis) and we were wearing t-shirts as cover-ups (and of course they were wet and clinging to our wet swimming suits).

About half-way home, there was an old station wagon parked on a side street, near the corner, under a giant old elm tree. As we neared the car, I noticed it was parked on the wrong side of the street and the man sitting inside was saying something to us. I remember looking at Donna and she sort of shrugged and walked across the street to wait, so I walked over to the guy in the car. He was an old guy, about my Daddy's age, average build, wearing glasses. He asked if I lived nearby and if I knew where a certain address was. Not being able to hear him clearly I walked closer to his car until I was standing off the curb, in the street.

Again he asked about an address except this time I could see inside his car and noticed how trashy the interior was; there were food wrappers, an old Polaroid camera, newspapers, clothes, even a 'girlie' magazine lying open on the seat. Then as I moved closer to the car I looked down at the man's lap and saw that he was wearing only a shirt, no pants, just a shirt, and with his left hand he was slowly sliding it up and down a very hard penis. I had seen my Daddy's penis (both flaccid and erect, but that's another story); but this guy was sitting there with no pants on, jacking off while he calmly asked me about an address!

I looked across the street at my sister, Donna and she wasn't paying any attention so I turned back to the guy. Thinking back, I don't know why I wasn't scared, if anything, I was probably fascinated that this guy could be calm as he casually sat there masturbating in front of me. I remember the strong tingling between my legs as I watched, staring at him, at his dick, as he tightly gripped himself, even squeezing a thick liquid out of his swollen head.

I didn't know what I was supposed to do. He asked me my name and I told him, Rhonda. He asked how old I was and I told him, eighteen. He asked if I had had my period yet, I remember nodding yes. Then he started talking nasty to me, asking me if I liked his 'cock'. I think I shrugged because he asked me again and I kind of half nodded. He asked me if I wanted watch him cum. With my eyes riveted on his crotch he knew the answer.

By now he seemed to be punishing himself as he was frantically jerking his penis. Then he suddenly stopped and I watched as a glob of grayish-white liquid spurt out, shooting up in the air and landing on his shirt, then squeezing himself very tightly, I could feel him watching me as he allowed more of his spunk to come oozing out of the slit of his penis. It didn't stop as more and more leaked out and ran down his purple cock head, down over his fist, matting in his thick public hair.

I stared, I was mesmerized, hypnotized, excited.

I was now standing with both hands on his car door's open window as my legs became weak. I didn't know what was wrong, it felt like my legs were giving out, and the tingling sensation in my pussy was becoming more intense. My shoulders were starting to slump as my pelvis began to spasm, also jerking forward. I pressed myself against the side of his car, pushing my crotch hard against the hot metal of the door. I thought I was going to faint as he wiped two fingers in the nasty man-goo running down his shaft and before I could react he stuck those same two fingers in my open mouth.

My reactions were slow as I closed down on his sticky covered fingers. I could taste it, the thick cum that clumped out of his penis. I began to suck his fingers as he once more started stroking himself. He was pushing his fingers in and out of my mouth as I continued to grind against the car, my tight, little pussy now leaking and running down my leg. I thought I was peeing as liquid leaked out of my hole.

He pushed three fingers deep into my mouth; I thought he was trying to gag me as he pretended to fuck me. Choking me, he removed his fingers from my mouth, smearing the cum and spit across my face, as he tried to feel my breast.

Releasing his penis, he reached outside the car, and reached his arm around me. I could feel his hand on my butt squeezing my ass tightly.

He next reached under my t-shirt grabbing my swim suit bottoms, he roughly pulled them down past my thighs. Massaging my bare ass he forced his sticky fingers between my butt cheeks, smearing more of his man-goo in my ass crack, lubricating my already wet hole. He tried to wedge his fat finger into my puckered little bunghole as I arched my back to assist. Giving up on sticking his finger up my ass, he ran his hand down to my pussy and easily sank his finger inside me. I pulled my t-shirt up to my chest and leaned farther into his dilapidated station wagon, as he pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it on the seat next to him.

Again he tried to feel my chest, this time pulling the top of my suit up past my hard pink nipples, My 'C' cup bare breasts falling free and resting on the door.. His hand was rough as he massaged my maturing buds while I stood on my tip-toes so his other hand could reach his target; my pussy welcomed his thick fingers as he worked them inside me. I could feel my swim suit working its way down my legs, past my knees as he rammed two fingers into my hole.

The temptation was too great as I reached inside the car to finally touch him. Holding his cock with his right hand, he raised his ass off the car seat, bringing himself closer to my hand. I touched it; I felt the tautness of his engorged head, the sticky jizm covering it. I tried to hold it like a baseball as I wrapped my fingers around him. He moaned and jerked, twitched as I squeezed it. I could feel him throbbing, pulsing as I tried to squeeze harder. Traces of his juices were again leaking out as I spread it around, wetting the sticky cum that was already there.

His hand was busy on my young pussy, finger fucking me and finding my own throbbing little knob as he pinched and rubbed and flicked it. His thumb finally found its way into my tight bunghole as he sank his two middle fingers deep inside my wet pussy. Lifting me up off the ground I found myself leaning inside his car. Arching his back and raising his hips, his purple head seemed only inches from my mouth. Still lifting me by my cunt, he placed his right hand on top of my head, grabbing my hair he pushed me down towards his cock. His spunk or pre-cum was still oozing out of the slit of the swollen head, as I continued to tightly grip him. I could see the cum from earlier in his pubic hair, globs of it matted in his coarse black curly hair. I could smell him, his musky, sweaty man smell.

A car went by and honked just as I fell forward, impaling his thick meat in my mouth, down my throat, gagging me, choking me, scaring me! I couldn't move as he held my head down tight on his shaft. I began to struggle, trying to push myself up, trying to get his thick tool out of my throat. It was an eternity.

Then he lifted me off it, allowing me to breathe, then down again. Repeating this as he let me have just enough air, then back down again. Grinding my head and his pelvis hard against each other, I could hear him grunting as he manhandled me, up and down on his dick.

"Breathe through your nose," he hissed as he fucked my face; faster and faster. Raising my small, young body, his thumb and fingers buried deeply in my ass and pussy, my feet high off the ground.

Again he ejaculated, his cum filling my mouth and throat as he held me tightly against his crotch. Pressing his cock deep into my mouth, the thick, sticky liquid was new to me. Salty, a little bitter, I could feel what seemed like clumps in his jizz as my tongue explored the veiny shaft in my mouth. His thick cum was running out my mouth as I tried to swallow all that I could.

He raised me off of it as I tried to suck more of his goo out of of the tip of his penis. Sucking it like I was kissing it, my lips pursed tightly around the very tip of his cock head, more liquid filled my mouth as I nursed on his cock.

He jerked me farther into his station wagon, wrapping one arm around my waist he pulled my naked ass to his lips. My upper body fell off his lap onto the seat next to him as he stuck his tongue in asshole.

Licking up my very wetness from my ass and pussy he sucked my little rosebud bunghole between his lips as he reamed his tongue deep inside my little shithole. I thought I was again urinating as I flooded his mouth with my pussy juice, as he continued to eat me out.

Now fully in his car, he pushed me against the rider's side of the bench seat.

"Show me your pussy." He commanded.

Now I was starting to get scared as I reached down, hesitantly, and pulled my pussy lips open. Reaching to the floor board, he picked up the Polaroid camera and pointed it at me. The flash was bright as the camera whirled and spit the picture out. Again and again he snapped shots of my titties, my pussy; making me touch and finger myself. Without him asking, I got on my knees and leaned away from him, giving him a shot of my ass, then reaching between my legs I spread myself while I looked over my shoulder and gave him my best Jesse Jane pout.

"Suck me," he ordered.

I leaned back to his crotch and took his flaccid member in my hand as I licked more of his man-goo off his spent member, even giving special attention to his hairy balls, licking, kissing and sucking. Then once more taking his dick in my mouth I could see the flash of the camera and hear the pictures spitting out as he tried to capture the moment.

I could even feel him starting to get a little hard as he told me to look up at him. Not getting the shot he wanted, he turned in the seat so that his back was to the rider's door and had me get between his legs.

"Look at me with my dick in your mouth." Snap! "Now look at me and lick my balls." Snap!

"Suck on my balls." Snap!

Believe it or not his cock was starting to 'recover'. After his two big cums, his foreskin was starting to pull back as he was getting hard again!

"Sit on it." He demanded.

I climbed on top of his lap as he reached down and rubbed his cock head on my clitoris. He used his cock like a club as he swatted my knob with his dick.

"Put it inside." a man of few words.

I reached down, raising up enough to slide his cock between my pussy lips. Then slowly I slid down on him, feeling his penis fill up my young hole. Up then back down again, I began to ride him, grinding myself hard against him as I fucked him. Again he flashed the camera, and again, my pictures littered the seat, some fell to the floor.

"Shit!" He cursed. "Reach in the backseat and hand me that box of film."

Still bouncing up and down on his dick I got the film and handed it to him. Still fucking my pussy, he loaded the Polaroid and began to shoot again. Gawd this was fun. His cock felt amazing as I felt tiny electric shocks up and down my spine as I again empty my pussy juice all over his lap (and car seat).

"Stop!" Get off me!"

As I did his meat fell out of my cunt, sopping wet from all my pussy pee. With me still sitting on him, he popped open the glove box and took out a jar of Vaseline. A VERY used jar of Vaseline with the label nearly worn off and the sticky contents smeared over the outside of the jar. Removing the lid he reached down and stuck his dick inside the jar, twisting the jar around on his cock head, he removed it and stuck two fingers inside getting a big dollop on his fingers. Leaning forward he reached between my legs, past my pussy and smeared the jelly on my bung hole, working some deep inside my poop chute.

"Turn around and stick my cock in your ass."

I turned to face the other direction and started trying to work his thick wide head in my virgin ass. It was difficult, I rubbed it, tried to first insert my finger and stretch my pucker hole bigger; I was finally able to get the swollen head past my sphincter. It really hurt as his meat stretched me, forcing its way into my rectum.

The whole time I was trying to get his cream stick inside me I could see the flashes of his camera. Finally he drove it in, his head popped past my rosebud, then his shaft easily slid in. I sat back against his pelvis driving him in to the hilt, burying his club deep inside my shit hole. Again I rode him, reaching down I fingered my swollen twitcher as I felt another climax starting to overtake me.

Fuck it was HOT! Not the just the sex but it was July in Oklahoma and inside his piece of crap car it must have been almost 100 degrees as we both fucked and sweated.

"Quick, quick! Get off and suck me!"

I let his cock out of my ass cave and turned around to again suck, only this time it was coated thick with Vaseline, cum, pussy juice, scat. I paused for a second before I took his meat in my mouth just as his man pudding began to spurt, only not as much as before. I can't describe the taste. It was not pleasant, actually it was pretty gross, but it was pure sex as I went down on him trying to catch every drop of his spunk, then licking up all the nastiness that covered his shaft and balls.

It was then I heard it, that familiar melody of Mr. HoHo, the ice cream guy. The pervert started to get nervous as he pushed me back off his cock; reaching to the floorboard he grabbed my t-shirt and wiped the spunge, goo, urine, duck butter off his crotch then hurriedly he opened the driver's door and literally pushed me out.

The ice cream truck was nearing as the Dick Flasher started his car, then after kicking me to the curb and tossing me my filth covered t-shirt, the station wagon sputtered away.

My sister Donna was nowhere to be seen as I pulled my t-shirt over my head; I spied my swim suit bottoms a few feet from the curb as well as a couple of the Polaroids that must have fallen out with me.

Tossing my swim suit on the grass next to me I leaned back on my elbows to catch my breath and study the photos. Pornographic evidence of me looking wantonly at the camera with a fat cock buried in my throat, the other shot I was leaning against the door with my fingers deep in my cooze, furiously masturbating.

Mr. HoHo pulled along side me, staring intently at my open legs. I stared back, half smiling as I allowed him to check-out my exposed pussy. Spreading my legs a bit wider I could feel the Dick Flasher's ejaculate seeping out of my twin holes and ooze down my crack. I pulled my t-shirt up enough so I could see my own swollen knob, still pulsating. The way my heart was still pounding I knew Mr. HoHo could see the intense throbbing of my clitoris.

Finally he spoke, "How 'bout a free Rocket Pop?" He offered licking his lips.

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