tagIncest/TabooRoni takes the Boys to the Beach

Roni takes the Boys to the Beach


When I was living in Corpus, I was in my early forties, and I would take my sons to the beach at least a couple of times a week. One late summer day James, the older one, didn't want to go; so I took Michael and his friend, Jeremy. Both had just graduated high school and had been bugging me to take them. We chose a week day to go so it was pretty deserted except for an old guy with a metal detector and the three of us.

I always liked the attention I got at the beach and part of it was because I always wore skimpy little bikinis. I guess a MILF and her 18 year old son and his friend should wear something more discrete, but not me! I took off my cover-up and I thought Jeremy's eyes were going to pop out of his head. My suit barely covered me plus it was thin enough that it really clung to my skin.

Lying on the towel I asked Michael to rub my back with oil, which is not unusual, but instead he tossed it to Jeremy. I asked him to untie my top so I wouldn't have tan lines and also the tie around my neck. The bottoms also had string ties, so I thought, what the heck, and asked him to untie the bottoms as well.

I knew what I was doing as he sloooooowly massaged the suntan oil on my back. Without making this a two or three page story, by the time he finished I was pretty wet and Jeremy had a really nice boner tenting up in his trunks. I guess he got embarrassed but he and Michael dashed off to the water shortly after.

I laid there for about thirty minutes then decided I needed to cool down a bit, so I also got up to get in the water. I could tell both boys were watching me closely as I 'absent-mindedly' raised up off the towel, of course forgetting my suit, both top and bottom, was still untied. Giving Jeremy and Michael a really nice peek, I retied everything then ran into the water where they were playing.

Both boys immediately 'attacked' me, splashing me, trying to dunk me. But I knew what this was about, it was plain and simple, grab ass. Both boys were trying to cop a feel as they roughly grabbed me, hugged me, pushed me under. I could tell by how much attention my tits got, how when Jeremy tried to picked me up he reached between my legs and pressed his arm against my pussy.

But I had a plan! After again being tossed under water I reached behind and untied my bra so that when I surfaced I was topless. I reached the surface and everything stopped! Michael and Jeremy stared at my naked, wet breast. I acted totally unaware as I continued to splash them.

Finally Michael pointed out my nudity. I of course feigned embarrassment, haphazardly covering myself. I quickly told Michael to look for my top, (I was standing on it!) and asked Jeremy to stand behind me to shield me from anyone else that might see me. Jeremy moved behind me as Michael began feeling around the water. I moved back against Jeremy until I could feel his young body.

He was hard! Like really hard. Jeremy wasn't very subtle as he started poking my ass with his dick. Reaching underwater I pushed my hand down inside his swimming suit. Grasping his hard-on, I squeezed his mature meat tightly then pulled it out of his trunks. We were standing in waist deep water as I began to tug on his cock. Michael was still splashing about looking for my top as I turned around to face this young boy with the man-sized dick.

I leaned into him, pushing my bare breasts against him. Roughly, he tried to fondle me, not much finesse but he knew he had to pinch my hard nipples, while his other hand went below the water to find my pussy. Pushing his hand inside my bikini bottoms and finding my cunt he rubbed me up and down like he was sanding a board. I momentarily let go of his rod and placed my hand on top of his to show him how to caress my pussy.

I could feel the strings loosening on my bottoms as he furiously rammed a finger in my hole and it wasn't long before it came untied and I was standing in front of this eighteen year old boy buck naked! I wasn't real sure when Michael caught on to what was happening, because I was oblivious to everything except Jeremy finger fucking my pussy as I jacked him off, I was trying to pull his young cock to the surface; I really wanted to see it! Stumbling, staggering around in the water, I was aware that we had moved towards shore enough that we both were no longer hidden by the water. Standing in knee deep water I couldn't resist as I dropped to my knees and began to suck Jeremy's cock.

My son, Michael, had stopped his search for my 'missing' swimming suit and was now standing beside Jeremy, his own dick exposed, inches from my face. I reached up and gripped his erection and began masturbating him as I sucked his friend. I think Jeremy must have already cum because he seemed to really have some 'staying' power as he fucked my face. It was Michael that let out the first moan as I quickly changed cocks in mid-stroke, catching my youngest son's ejaculate just as it left his cock head. Wrapping my mouth around his dick I could feel my own orgasm releasing as I let Michael empty into my mouth. Filling my mouth with his warm jizm, I reached down to feel my own climax as my body began to shudder.

Regrouping I returned my attention to Jeremy as he finally burst his own wad on my face. Standing up in the water I began to rub his dripping swollen member on my engorged clit. I knew it was wrong, but I knew I would do this again, maybe not in the water, maybe not today and most definitely not just a blow job. I knew I had to feel both of these cocks in my pussy.

I wrapped my arms around both boys, their still dripping hard cocks pressing against me as I noticed the old man with the metal detector putting his own cock back in his pants.

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by Anonymous

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by UncleCharles08/07/18


Sooo hot and believable! Every young guy had a friend's mother or two they lusted for and secretly jerked off thinking about. This just takes our old dreams a step further. Let's have sequels. Thanks formore...

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by Anonymous12/31/17

To this mom you should let them fuck you on beach cock in your xunt and ass then do double vag have them both cum in your cunt. I know we did it to my mom and couple friends moms. We even got are momsmore...

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by Anonymous11/05/17

Like the way you said you had to have both cocks in your cunt if you were mt mother there would of been me and my friends fucking you with 3 cocks in your cunt one in your ass sametime. Even made suremore...

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