tagBDSMRonnie's Story Master and Sex Slave

Ronnie's Story Master and Sex Slave


I took my nightly shower and put on my favorite t-shirt.

I must have falling asleep for a little while. I was awaken by a kind and loving voice. He handed me a wine cooler to drink. I finished the drink and then he says in a strong voice go down stairs to the kitchen. I was wondering why I had to head to the kitchen. I know it was cleaned earlier today. I can tell he is close behind me because I could hear him breathing. He pushed me over the table with his strong arms and ties one hand to the table before I could get away and then the other. My heart was racing so fast. He had tied my legs to the table just as fast as he did my hands. Now I am standing bent over onto the table and legs spread. He touched my pussy letting me know he was in charge. Having it expose made me feel a little uneasy. Next, he put a blind fold on me. He pulled my hair and said I will do what I want to with you slut. Started to kiss my neck softly. I thought this might not be so bad. A few seconds later I heard some noises in the drawer behind me wondering what is he looking for. I felt something cold. Snip! Snip! He was cutting off my t-shirt. I couldn't believe what he was doing. This was the very first time he has ever done that. Excitement came over me again. It's quiet all of a sudden. I started to wonder where did he go. I starting to worry about what is going to happen next. I heard a beer can open and a chair move. I can hear him drinking his beer. I feel his eyes watching me as I try to get loose. I felt him next to my body. He pours beer down my back and licks it up making sure to get every drop. He pulled my hair and whispers in my ear. I am your master and you will do what I want. He kisses me again and again. He orders me to tell him every time I cum or I will have more punishment coming. He spanks my bottom and all my sense are awaken.

Pulls my hair again and whispers I am going to make you cum with out touching you beautiful pussy. All of a sudden I felt a smack and another and another. I don't know how many smacks I gotten but it seem like hours. I felt his fingers going to my pussy. He pulls my hair and says your pussy is very wet you didn't follow the masters orders. My bottom was so red from his smacks already. I just wanted him to untie me. I started to beg him to let me go. He opens another beer can and drinks it slowly. He smacks my ass knowing it's red and hurts. He moves swiftly to the floor. He tells me he can see my pussy much better from here. I felt a soft touch on my leg and he runs his fingers softly up my leg and down . I moan aching for him. He says I want you to cum for me and I am going to watch that pussy cum. He pulls lightly on my pussy hairs and excitement runs through my body. I feel something unfamiliar he put something on my pussy. There is one and then two and then three and then four. Whatever it was they pinched but there was excitement filling up in me. I felt a finger touching my pussy. I can't help it and I explode again. I forgot to tell him I had to cum and he knows it. But he puts a toy into my pussy up and down sometimes soft and other times hard making my pussy cum again. He removes the unfamiliar things on my pussy very slowly.

My legs are shaking and I beg him to stop. He finally unties my hands. Thinking he is done with me and I can go but that isn't what happened. He handcuffs my hands behind me before I could say anything. Pulls my hair and whispers I am not done with you yet. You came and didn't tell me. I have more punishment for you. He unties my legs and he takes me to another room. Pushes me on the couch and sucks and pinches my nipples until they are twice the size. His cock is swelling with each moan. He makes me cum one more time and is pleased. I beg no more master. He puts his big hard cock into my mouth and holds my head as I go up and down on his cock. He exploded in my mouth and then he unties his slut and tells me to go before he changes his mind again. I look at him and I know their will be another night of punishment coming soon.

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