tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRooftop Rendezvous

Rooftop Rendezvous


"And just where are we going?" She asked.

"You'll see." I promised.

"It's late, I have to get home."

"And you will. Just not yet." After nearly an hour of being cooped up in the car on the way home from a dinner date out of town, I knew the last thing she wanted was to remain in the car for another moment. My own legs were beginning to feel the effects of confinement. But I also knew the surprise would be well worth it. "Trust me."

We pulled off the highway on the downtown loop—not the exit she was expecting—and crossed two blocks down to a secured parking garage. I pulled into the drive and fished my card out of my wallet.

"What are we doing here? You didn't leaving something at work did you?"

I made no reply as the metal gate trundled up and admitted us to the inside of the structure. I drove up the incline and round and up an incline and round and up again. I passed my assigned spot without slowing down, and finally emerged on the roof level of the garage. I parked under a bright flood light that bathed the roof in a pool of amber.

"Come on, there's something I want to show you."

We exited the car, and walked toward the raised wall that marked the edge of the building. For only nine stories, the garage offered a heck of a view, far taller than the immediate squat buildings on either side, but dwarfed by the skyscrapers that made up the rest of downtown, which was lit for the holidays. Lights gleamed from the windows of buildings, Christmas decorations adorned the streets, and just past the roof of the next building over, we could see the top of the city Christmas tree.

She planted her gloved hands on the wall and looked out over the city. "Okay, this was worth a stop." She said, admiring the view. I was admiring something else, watching her bend at the waist to take the view in. She was wearing her black 'fuck me' pumps tonight, a sure sign that regardless of how tired she was, she still planned to act up tonight. Rising from the black heels were a pair of nice stalking clad legs topped off with a black skirt, a skirt that didn't hide her shapely ass.

Looking at her posed that way gave me a massive hard on. I set about quietly freeing myself from the confines of my pants and walked up behind her.

I put my hands on her hips in a familiar hug, and she sighed. Then I surprised her by hooking my hands up under her skirt and pulling her panties down. She gasped, but I had them stripped to her ankles and planted my face between her legs before she could utter a complaint.

"What... what... oooooh..."

The complementing extremes of the cool night air and the heat radiating from her pussy danced across my face. I breathed in the peach fragrance of her, working my tongue across the soft folds. She was already wet, but I wanted to make sure I'd have no trouble for what came next. She shuddered, and not just from the cold air.

My dick was hard, bobbing out from my groin like a diving board. I stood up and positioned myself behind her. The pumps brought her up to just the right height. I dove and my bulbous head and thick shaft disappeared into the soft pink folds of her in one long smooth stroke. She inhaled with a startled squawk. I gave her a moment to enjoy the fullness, and she responded by grinding back against me, little circular movements of her hips, pushing me in and out of her.

The city felt alive around us. Lights blazed from windows of skyscrapers and radio antenna above us, traffic signals and rolling traffic below. Our own circle of amber lighting was a harsh mimic of candlelight, just as our rough grunts and thrusts were perverted shades of lovemaking.

Across the street, an office building—one of those that never truly closed up shop after hours—blazed its florescent lights into the darkness, turning everything inside into sharp silhouettes. A man, staying late in some thankless job no doubt, stood near the windows making copies. We watched him as we fucked, almost wishing him to look our way.

She removed one glove and moved that hand to her wet dripping snatch, furiously working her clit.

"Ah, ah, ah..."

My hands moved forward, freeing her tits from her blouse. I felt her nipples instantly harden in the cool air as my fingers roamed over them. The man at the copy machine looked up... and dropped his file folder, papers spilling down the hall.

"Wanna give him a real show?" She panted. So she had seen.

"What do you have in mind?" I grunted in time with my thrusts.

She pulled away from me and dropped her skirt, then tore off her blouse the rest of the way. She stood on the rooftop wearing nothing but a lacy black bra her tits were already spilled over the top of, and a matching lace stalkings that ran up her legs to mid thigh, and of course, her fuck me pumps. Her thong had been discarded earlier. She ran one hand over each supple breast while the other fingered the wet hole I had been enjoying. She spun toward me and put her back to him and perched on the ledge.

One hand braced her on the edge, the other beckoned to me. I stepped forward and slid back inside of her, and she moaned, arching her back so that her tits swelled dramatically.

The man at the window had completely stopped what he was doing and stood dumbstruck, watching us.

Her spare hand went back to her clit, rubbing and flicking at the sensitive pearl as her hips moved up and down on me. The sky was clouding over threatening snow, and it was getting colder on the roof, but the combined heat of our fucking kept it at bay. I loved seeing her spread open before me, exposed in that harsh amber light, her nipples standing at attention while my dick worked in and out of her.

I had a hard time deciding what to look at, her or the man in the window across the street. Her hand abandoned its work and returned to the edge to steady her as she threw her legs up over my shoulders. Supporting herself on just her hands, she raised her ass up off the ledge and ground down hard on me. Our pace quickened, her long hair bouncing off her back with each thrust.

The man in the window reached into his pants and adjusted the growing hardness there.

Suddenly she tensed up and bore down on me, screaming my name from the rooftop. It echoed along the parking garage and down the streets until it was lost in the night. Her juices poured down the length of my shaft, squelching with each reinsertion. She smelled ripe, reeking of sex.

"Is he still watching?" She asked when her orgasm had subsided.

"Oh yes."

"Then pull out and come on my tits."

I was almost at the point of no return, and when she talks dirty it sends me over the top. This time was no exception. I slid out of her, and grasped my sticky dick with my hand, pumping once... twice... until my own juice shot forth. Cum splashed across her bare stomach and breasts in splatters and spurts. She smeared it across her, rubbing it into her skin, her nipples. Her body glistened under the amber street light.

The man in the window started picking up papers. She stood for a moment longer then began to pick up and shrug back into her clothes. Faintly in the distance, we could hear sirens in the night. Not for us, at least, not that we thought, just sounds of the city.

"I think maybe we should be going." She said, smiling.

"I think maybe you're right." We returned to the car, spent, just as the first snowflakes began to fall.

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