tagGroup SexRoom 109

Room 109

byDana Gallagher©

All Ron had told me was to meet him in room 109 at the Amerisuites.

I had been emailing Ron back and forth telling him my secrets, my fantasies.

He promised to help me break out of my shyness, and I’d done some things since that I’d never thought I’d do before. After many secrets exposed, Ron convinced me to join him in a private chatroom, where we started to have cyber sex.

We told each other what we’d do to each other if we were together, I told him he was making me very horny and that I wanted to play with myself. He said he wanted to watch me, so I turned on my web cam for him.

He asked if I wanted him to turn on his web cam as well, I told him no, I had not seen what he looked like at this point and didn’t want to because not knowing what he looked like added to the mystery of him and made me more comfortable with expressing things to him.

With my web cam on and Ron being able to see me perfectly I began to get undressed in front of the web cam.

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, then I unhooked my bra exposing my size c breasts to him. After my breasts were unburdened I began massaging them with one hand while the other hand continued to type out scenarios to Ron.

Ron told me he wanted me to rub my pussy and he wanted watch me while I did it. I stood up and back away from the computer so Ron could completely see me.

I unfastened my jeans, and pulled them all the way down my long legs, then I pulled of my panties reveling my shaved pussy to him. While standing away from the computer I put my finger in between my pussy lips and rubbed down the length of my pussy.

I sat back down at the computer and told Ron that my pussy was so wet that it was dripping down my legs. He asked me to place the web cam down below so he could watch my fingers work at my pussy.

I moved the light down in the direction of my lower half and the placed the web cam down on a shelf under the computer desk.

I opened my legs wide to the web cam, to show Ron my opened pussy. He told me my pussy looked delicious that he’d love to bury his face down inside it, and was wondering what I tasted like.

Then Ron told me that he wanted me to start masturbating. I ran my fingers up and down the length of my pussy, and then showed the fingers to the web cam they were dripping wet.

Ron wrote back that it looked tasty and that he’d love to suck that juice off my fingers. I pushed two fingers inside myself and began to finger fuck, Ron wrote that he wished it was his cock entering me, and that he thought I’d feel amazing inside.

I continued to finger fuck myself, and Ron told me to thrust my fingers in harder. Ron said he wanted me to pound myself with my fingers. I began to punch my fingers inside myself in and out harder and faster, soon I felt I was going to cum.

My body began to shake, and a clear juice shot out of my pussy hole-oozing out around my fingers, my entire hand was drenched in my own fluids. Ron wrote that it was amazing to watch my juices exploding out of me, but was depressed that the juices where wasted falling on the floor, without someone there to drink them down.

He told me he wanted me to cum again, but this time just by rubbing my clit. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy hole, and my other hand left the keyboard. With one hand I pulled back my pussy lips, lifting the hood of skin above my clit, exposing the enlarged bud of my clit to the web cam.

Ron wrote that he’d love to wrap is tongue around that large bud and tease it with his tongue. With the fingers that had been inside of me I began rubbing my clit in circles, with the recent orgasm only seconds past I knew another one wouldn’t be long in coming.

Without much time passing I began to shake all over, and more juices exploded out of me, and I felt that another orgasm would come very soon, so I kept rubbing. Then Ron told me to stop, that he had another step in his plan for me to lose my shyness.

He told me to put the web cam back up on the top of the computer monitor so he could see my beautiful face again. I did this, and he said I looked amazing after I had just came, but he wanted to see that same look in person.

I told him I didn’t want to meet in person, cause he would lose all his mystery to me and I would just end up getting shy around him.

He told me I had to do this, if I wanted to lose some of my shyness, and not to worry he would keep himself in darkness so that I would not know exactly what he looked like, and he told me he had a surprise waiting for me. He told me he was in my town, and asked if I knew where the Amerisuites was located.

I told him I knew exactly where it was, Ron said good and told me to meet him in room 109, and that he promised to make the night very interesting and that I would be pleased far beyond my imaginations.

Ron then told me to get off the computer, and find something very sexy to wear, and met him in that room, in about thirty minutes. I told him that I would, but to be patient with me if my shyness got the better of me, Ron told me he wouldn’t give my shyness a chance to come up.

I got offline and went to the bathroom and brushed my hair and the twisted it to the top of my head and placing a clip in it to keep it in place.

I jumped in the shower real quick and washed all my cum off my legs and out of my pussy. I then got out of the shower and rubbed some vanilla smelling lotion all over my body, and then sprayed some vanilla perfume in certain places.

I walked to my closet and chose a black pin stripped sleeveless dress that was very short and low cut that buttoned all the way up. I kept the clip in my hair and dressed my face up with some eyeliner, mascara, and some maroon lipstick out lined with a brown lip liner; I also chose a pair of strapy black high heels.

Under my dress I didn’t wear anything, no bra and no underwear, the underwear would just get soaked anyways, and with out the bra the textured fabric of the suit dress teased my nipples as I moved.

As I drove to the hotel, I got increasingly hornier. This whole thing was very new to me, I had never done anything as crazy as this. I knew nothing about Ron, his age what he looked like, whether he was married or not, nothing.

He had just begun emailing me, and I was able to reveal things to him, that I was not able to tell anyone else, things deep down that you push aside unable to reveal them even to yourself.

I had told Ron (I didn’t even know if this was his real name and didn’t know his last name) that the impersonality of not completely knowing him enabled me to tell him all the deep dark secrets that I had, it was almost like writing in my journal, though I received a reply. I didn’t know what to expect when I reached the hotel, though the excitement of the whole thing was really making me wet.

Finally I reached the hotel, looking about the parking lot wondering which car was Ron’s. Taking in a deep breath and summoning up all my courage, I walked into the hotel, I walked up the clerk’s desk and told them I had a key waiting for me to room 109.

The clerk gave me a key, along with a cocked eyebrow at the dress I was wearing, I thought to myself ‘hey, buddy this ain’t for you, it’s for Ron.’ I crossed the foyer and reached the elevators, I got an elevator, and pressed the button for the first floor. All the way up, I breathed in deeply afraid I might begin to hyperventilate.

The elevator dinged at the first floor, and I made my feet move out into the hall. I saw a water fountain and stopped to take a drink trying to get rid of my cottonmouth. I looked at my card key that said room 109; I slowly walked down the long hallway. Finally I found room 109.

My hand shakes as I raised the key card up to the slot in the door, I pushed the card into the slot, and the lights on the door went from red to green and the door popped open. I took a deep breath and walked through the door of room 109.

The room was dark; the only light on was a lamp by the bed. I could make out a small living room area along with a kitchenette; I could just see the shapes of this area for it was mostly surrounded in darkness.

The only lamp that was lit was on the night table in the farthest corner of the room, I could see the room had some large windows with the plush velvet curtains drawn. I saw the king size bed, with a satin bedspread over it, and large satin pillows.

Across from the bed were two doors, I figured one was a closet and the other was a bathroom. There was also a large dresser and on top of that stood a large TV along with a VCR. I thought to myself, well we won’t need a TV or the VCR tonight.

I started to wonder if Ron was here or not, I would have started to look around the room, but my legs were frozen to the floor.

Suddenly, I smelled cologne, I recognized it since I sometimes wear it myself, and it was CK one. My nose followed that smell coming from a dark far corner of the living area; I squinted my eyes, and could see the shape of a man sitting in a chair.

“It’s not polite to stand there with the door opened,” said Ron in a deep husky voice.

“Oh yeah,” I stammered as I stepped fully in the room and closed the door.

My body was shaking in a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

“You seem a bit nervous,” said Ron.

“Ah, yeah I’m very nervous,” I said.

“Well, don’t be, we are all friends here,” said Ron. “I’m not going to do anything to you that you don’t want me to do, at anytime you feel scared tell me to stop or not to do that, and I will. Okay?”

“Okay,” I stammered.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, do you want to see my surprise?” asked Ron.

“Yeah, I suppose so,” I said getting more nervous with each spoken word.

“Okay, well here it is,” said Ron as he knocked on the wall next to the chair.

One of the doors opened that were across from the bed, out of the bathroom stepped a man. The room filled with a new scent of Gillette Pacific Light aftershave. I recognized the man instantly it was my friend Ed.

I had been emailing Ed back and forth and he had called me a few times. Ed was about 5’11”, muscular, he had told me he was a trained masseuse and he would tell me of ways he would pleasure my body with his trained hands.

Ed had told me that he was forty-five years old, though he looked more like thirty-five. I had never dated someone twenty years older than me, but in Ed’s case I made an exception since he was very handsome and muscular, plus he didn’t look his age.

In between Ed’s and my email conversations, Ed would call me at my home usually in the mornings before I had gotten out of bed. Ed would tell me of his sexual talents, and the ways he wanted to make me cum numerous times.

These conversations always got me very horny, my mind would be alive with visions of his promised activities. Most times I could not restrain myself during these conversations, and would begin rubbing my very wet pussy.

I would tell Ed what I was doing and he would begin playing with himself on his side of the phone, all the while still explaining the things he wanted to do with me. Our breathing would become heavy and we would cum together over the phone, but my orgasms would last longer than his.

This was the first time I had seen Ed in person, and he was even more impressive in person. Ed was wearing a long sleeved blue dress shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath. He also had on a pair of tan Dockers, and some brown penny loafers.

Through the shirt he wore I could see the outline of the muscles underneath. Ed looks at me with a smile on his face, obviously pleased with seeing me in person as well.

“Ah, how did you…” I said wondering how Ron and Ed had known of each other since I hadn’t shared with either of them that I was also emailing the other one.

“Don’t worry how we discovered each other Missy, just know that we did.” Said Ed. “We both wanted to please you beyond belief, and decided that you required more than one man to please you completely.”

“You have told both of us, how your ex-husband took you for granted and couldn’t recognize the sexual being trapped inside and only thought of you as his personal baby making machine,” Said Ron still sitting in the darkened corner. “So, we are going to show you how a woman should be pleased.”

Ed walked over to me a saw I was nervously shaking. Ed reached up and took out the clip from my hair releasing the torrent of curls down to my shoulders. Ed ran his fingers though my hair, and pulled me close to him, then he locked his lips with mine.

We kissed deeply; I let out a small moan as his tongue explored my mouth. Ed stopped kissing me, his hands went to the top of my dress, and started to unbutton the dress all the way down, he pulled the dress down off my shoulders and off of me completely.

I stood there before both men completely naked, my body shook in excitement, and the tingling sensation in my crotch became very urgent when I wondered which man would enter my pussy first.

“God, you are beautiful,” said Ed.

“Yes, she is, and so much better than on the web cam,” said Ron.

Ed grabbed the back of my head, and kissed me deeply on the mouth. His hand massaged my tit, squeezing the soft tissue in his hand, and then running his thumb over my erect nipple.

Ed’s hands ran down my body, until he reached my pussy and began to rub my clit. I raised my leg up on the bed, opening my pussy to Ed’s roaming fingers.

Suddenly I wanted Ed inside me, I began unbuttoning his dress shirt and pulling it off of him. I then pulled off his undershirt. Ed’s body was well muscled but on his chest was thick tangle of curly chest hair. I ran my hand over that wealth of chest hair, enjoying the texture of it.

Ed’s rubs on my clit increased, I felt close to orgasm, but I wanted Ed inside me when I came. My hands ran down Ed’s chest down to his pants, I attacked the fly of his pants, and finally unfastened them and pulled them down and released his trapped hard on.

My hands wrapped around his erect member, stroking him up and down. I grabbed on to Ed’s shoulder my fingernails digging into his muscle, my hand squeezed hard on his cock, and I let out a loud moan, so close to orgasm.

“Ed, Ed, now you can’t have all the fun. It’s time for both of us to pleasure Missy,” said Ron from his dark corner.

“You are right, I just couldn’t help myself,” said Ed as he pulled his fingers out of my pussy. My hand let go of Ed’s hard cock.

“But, I was so close,” I said turning my head back and forth to address both men. “I need to cum.”

“You will dear,” said Ed. “More times then you can imagine.”

Ed moved me to the bed so I had to sit down, then he gathered my legs up so now I was lying on the bed. I lay on the bed with my legs crossed and my hands crossed over my breasts, feeling the nervousness welling back up inside me.

Ed walked around the bed, his hard cock pointing the way in front of him as he walked. Suddenly the room went completely dark, when Ed turned off the lamp.

My breathing came fast, with anticipation of the men’s approach, my pussy was tingling so hard that I thought I would cum the minute one of them touched me. Both men were very quiet, I heard a bit of rustling, and figured that was Ron getting undressed.

Then I felt rather than heard both men approaching me as I lay on the bed. The smell of the cologne and the smell of the after shave mixed together creating a new smell, so that I could not tell which man was which.

Suddenly there were two pairs of hands on my body; one pair was uncrossing my arms off my chest, and the other pair uncrossing my legs. Four hands touching my body in different areas, suddenly soft lips touched my own, they felt like they could be Ed’s lips since he just kissed me moments ago, but I could not be sure.

The soft lips left mine as quickly as they had come, I raised my head to reconnect with the lips, but found nothing. I lay back down flat on the bed, and closed my eyes, and let out a deep breath taking all the doubt and nervous out of my body and just allowing me to enjoy the sensations these hands were providing.

I felt hands softly caressing my face touching across my forehead and down around my cheek, then softly running over my mouth. I opened my mouth and a finger entered, I closed my lips around the finger and sucked on it, then finger quickly left my mouth.

I felt another pair of hands working down at my lower half, caressing up and down my legs, and then a light touch slightly passing over the top of my pussy, making me breathe in deeply. The pair of hands that had been caressing my face now worked down to my to my neck and softly fondled my breast tissue, but intentionally avoiding my erect nipples.

Both sets of hands seemed to be intentionally avoiding my most sensitive areas, the hands at my legs only slightly ran over the top of my pussy, but never went inside, and the hands at my breasts only lightly fondled the breast tissue, without actually touching the nipple.

At first my body began to cry out for someone to touch either my nipple or my clit, but soon even though those these areas were not being touched I felt an orgasm building in the middle of my body. I felt as if either of my sensitive areas were touched at this moment I would cum at the moment of contact.

My breathing came quick, hands roaming my body, across my shoulders massaging my arms, cupping my breasts, caress down in between my tits.

The other hands moving below my waist were massaging my calves, and then my thighs, and next lightly caressing my inner thighs, and then the hands began to massage my feet.

Suddenly, my body began to shake and shudder, my pussy muscles contracting and releasing, a wave passed through me causing an orgasmic spasm, my pussy juices squirting out of me, and at that moment I thought I felt someone down between my legs, trying to taste the juices as they poured out of me.

Unexpectedly, I felt someone push my legs further apart to accommodate him as he put his face into my pussy. A tongue thrust out and entered my hole, and began tongue fucking me.

Then just as abruptly as before the second pair of hands reached out my breasts massaging the tissue as before then a pair of soft lips took one of my nipples into his mouth and this man’s tongue began flicking my nipple.

The man with his face in my crotch raised his tongue up the length of my pussy until he got to the top were he started teasing my clit with his tongue. My clit pulsed with each lap of his expertly working tongue.

Suddenly his fingers entered me, while he was still licking my clit, his fingers thrusting in and out of my wet hot pussy hole.

The man enjoying a feast of my tits came up for air and passionately kissed my lips, his tongue roaming the insides of my mouth.

My hand reached out to the man at my side and I felt a burly patch of chest hair and I wondered if this could be Ed, I didn’t know if Ron had a hairy chest or not.

I worked my hand down from the man’s chest until I found his throbbing cock. I stroked his shaft, up and down.

Abruptly my body began to shake, orgasmic wave rushing from head to toe. The man at my crotch kept licking my clit and thrusting his fingers inside of me.

I felt a tidal rush of orgasms, one right after the next, and the man at my crotch kept working diligently even as I ground my crotch further into his face and my hips began to rhythmically move with each lap of his tongue.

Next my pussy muscles constricted and I felt an explosion of juices pour out of me, and with each orgasm that crashed into me, another wave of juices exploded out of my hole.

I felt the man at my crotch hungrily licking my pussy from the top to the bottom even as my juices spouted out of me.

The man to my side had stopped doing anything and from what I could see just seemed to be watching me as my body shook.

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