tagBDSMRoom Ch. 02

Room Ch. 02


**Note to readers: If you have not done so already, you may wish to read Room One, the first chapter in this story.**


Jay entered the octagonal foyer of the Institution. Each of the eight sides included a door. One was the way in to the building. The others were numbered one through seven, and he had just returned from Room One.

Almost the entire floor of the foyer was made of transparent perspex, making it possible to see through to the level below.

Jay could see a huge inverse dome -- a room-sized bowl - on the underside of the perspex floor which spanned the size of the foyer. In it, covered in oil (or lube? Jay wasn't sure), were five writhing naked bodies, four women and one man. He could see the women attempting to climb up the smooth sides of the dome but they slipped back down to the lowest point each time, never quite escaping the reach of the man.

For his part, the man indiscriminately shoved his cock -- even from above, Jay could see it was a huge appendage - into the nearest hole available to him, and through the floor Jay could hear the women cry out as they were overpowered and impaled on full display of anyone who cared to look down. As Jay watched, the man wrapped his hand around the long hair of one women, forced her face down then pulled her hips towards him. Jay heard a "thwack" as he thrust into her cunt.

Back on his level, Jay was greeted by the Institution matriarch Mariella. Tall, lean with a mane of jet black hair and one lock of grey at her temple, Mariella had long ago given up men, preferring instead to be accompanied by a handful of young women wherever she went. Her companions were normally girls born and raised within the confines of the Institution, making them more reliable and less likely to cause difficulty than the very many who were brought here for training prior to sale.

One young woman, perhaps of Asian descent, was standing with Mariella now, wearing a sheer lace bodice that accentuated her taught apple-sized breasts high on her chest. Through her panties he could see the outline of her defined labia and he felt his cock involuntarily twitch.

He had seen her before -- on a previous visit, Mariella had taken Jay to her private quarters as part of an introductory tour. On that day, as today, she was wearing a cream flowing silk jumpsuit. The room featured a huge four-posted bed where Mariella explained she usually slept with five or six girls each night. The posts were thick, sturdy, reached the roof and had anchors for straps. The day Jay had first visited, the girl now before him was in the bed, chained to one of the bed posts by a heavy-looking iron collar. She had been naked, and Jay could see a wide, gold booty plug embedded in her anus.

"Maia misbehaved, so she has been bound to the bed and her voice has been taken from her," Mariella had said, stroking the black hair of the girl who was lying face down on the bed, sulking.

"It will be a temporary thing, but I see this interests you," Mariella had said, noting the bulge in Jay's jeans. Mariella slipped her hand between the legs of the girl, working her clit and gently raising her hips up off the bed. Jay needed no further invitation, his cock was already hard from the sight of the chained girl and thought of thrusting deep into her and forcing the booty plug even further was enough. His cock sprung from his jeans and he placed his hands on either side of the girls hips. She bucked back against him --

The memory was interrupted by a sound from the dome below and Jay realised he'd momentarily forgotten where he was. And he was becoming hard, again.

He glanced down and saw the source of the sound -- one of the women had yelped as another forced her entire hand into her vagina, leaving only the wrist visible.

Mariella spoke, ignoring the scene below: "I presume you're ready for Room Two. Maia will take you."

The girl stepped forward gingerly and Jay noted she was wearing impossibly high heels. Her movements were graceful but cautious -- balance was clearly an issue.

She crossed the octagonal foyer and pushed against the door marked "2."

Unlike the previous room, the door opened on a brightly lit hospital-like pristine white corridor. At the end, the room expanded out and Jay took in the sight.

The room contained what reminded Jay of dentists' chairs, ordered in a circle in the centre of the room. On each chair was a woman, with her face covered with a Virtual Reality display.

The legs of each woman were spread wide to either side, and their wrists were connected to their ankles. Positioned between their legs was a large device that rhythmically pumped each woman with a self-lubricating dildo and clit-stimulator. He noted there were also electrodes attached to their nipples and a cannula in their right arm.

"This is the induction room," Maia whispered hoarsely. Jay presumed her voice had not yet completely returned. He raised an eyebrow. "The room numbers are for your benefit, not ours," Maia said, appreciating his confusion.

She held out to Jay a Virtual Reality display sitting unused on a nearby table. Jay held it to his face, so he could see what the women were seeing.

He found himself in what looked like a ballroom. In front of him were two fully-clothed men having a conversation about global lithium prices. Well, clothed except for their cocks which were both being serviced by a woman kneeling between them. She had her mouth around one, and was giving the other an enthusiastic handjob. Another woman wearing nothing but rope which fastened one arm behind her back, and a pair of very high heels approached the men carrying a tray of drinks with her free arm.

"Our new inductees are shown two types of videos. Ones like this, showing women in subservience, acting appropriately. These clips are rewarded with stimulation and a dose of hormone that increases the intensity and duration of orgasm," Maia said.

Jay kept watching. In the next video, he saw two clothed women in a café talking together. In the real world, he heard some faint cries.

"This is the other type of clip: women wearing clothes, speaking to each other, asking questions, or any other inappropriate behaviour. When clips like this play, all pleasure is removed and our inductees receive an electric shock," Maia said.

Inductees spent as long as necessary primarily in this room, Maia explained. For some it was a week, for others it was months. Food, sleep and exercise were carefully regulated to help stamina, and reduce body fat. Conversely, the hormone intake resulted in a permanent, irreversible increase in breast size and sensitivity.

"I want to fuck one," Jay said, removing the VR player from his face.

Maia worked some controls on an ipad, explaining she was ensuring all were in a maximum stimulation cycle.

She approached one of the women, flicked off the machine and pulled it away. The woman's hips bucked, missing the rubber cock that had been working at her.

Jay plunged his fingers into her cunt and covered them in lube, then slowly circled her anus, working one, then two fingers into the tight hole.

His already-hard cock was straining against his jeans and he pulled it out, lining it up with the unknowing woman's anus and slowly, slowly pushing the throbbing head in. Jay could see the shock on the woman's face as her mouth gasped open. Jay continued, working up to a rhythm and eventually slamming his whole cock inside the woman's anus.

Maia was still looking at the ipad. "This is a first for her, we have no record for anal," she whispered.

Jay smiled, pulled out and blew hot ropes of cum all over her the woman's breasts.

"Good." He said.

"Clean me up."

Maia approached, kneeled and licked his cock clean then replaced it in his jeans and zipped the fly.

Jay asked: "Where is Room Three."

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