tagBDSMRoom Ch. 03

Room Ch. 03


**This is Room 3. You may wish to read Room 1 and Room 2 prior to this edition to follow Jay's experience through the Institution**


Jay followed Maia, still struggling to balance on her heels, out of the hospital-style corridor and back into the octagonal foyer of the institution.

A muscular man - younger and better looking as far as he could tell than the other men he'd seen so far - was fucking a woman on the floor in the centre of the room, her legs on his shoulders in a position Jay recognised as Nirvana. With each thrust forward, the woman slid slightly across the floor with the force. The man was wearing the tell-tale collar of an Institution bull, and also seemed to have a thick rubber sheath over his cock, which was fastened around his waist with a wide leather strap.

He had heard about this, but never seen it. Some of the bulls were pumped full of Viagra, then their cock was bound in a thick flexible sheath. This ensured the erection was maintained and they could fuck - and fuck hard in frustration - without cumming. This training process could last weeks or months and the end result was when they were called upon to perform, they developed the ability to control their ejaculation. There were few bulls at the Institution, but they did come in handy.

The Institution matriarch, Mariella, was seated on a leather armchair watching the debauchery on the floor, with the face of a girl buried deep in her pussy. Mariella had her hand on the back of the head of the girl and her leg flung wide across the arm of the huge chair.

She pushed the girl's head back, leaving her bald pussy in full view of Jay.

"Room Three. That way," she pointed. "Maia, you can come back over here thank you."

Maia tottered back to her mistress, pushing the other girl aside and without hesitation going back to work on the woman's cunt.

Jay stepped over the pair fucking on the floor on and pushed open the door to Room Three.

He found himself in what appeared to be an elevator. As the foyer door closed behind him, he heard a faint 'ding' and elevator doors in front of him opened, revealing the inside of an apartment.

"Come in," a male voice called. Jay did, entering the spacious and tastefully decorated home.

From a room to the side, a man in his 50s came out, and shook Jay by the hand. Through the door, Jay could see a well-appointed study with floor-to-ceiling windows revealing a breathtaking view over a tropical beach. He had no idea if it was real or not.

"Welcome to Room Three. I'm David, I presume you have met Mariella. She runs the operation, I raise the funds. And run this part of training," he said.

"You're business partners?" Jay asked. He didn't strictly care but his senses were reeling, being thrust unexpectedly into an ordinary - albeit beautifully appointed - living space.

"She's my wife. Married 30 years. We are totally devoted, although she prefers women now and frankly so do I. It works well. Come in, I'll show you around."

Jay followed David through to a room with absolutely no light. David hit a switch and the single incandescent bulb revealed a laundry-like room that instead of whitegoods, contained two cages. Each cage contained a woman, curled up seemingly asleep on a blanket although both were now stirring as a result of the light. They each had cuffs on their wrists and ankles, and the now-expected collar. They were also wearing what appeared to be a rubber chastity belt.

David explained they had been sleeping for the requisite eight hours and it was now, as far as they were both concerned, morning. He bent down and unlocked the nearest cage and the girl crawled out. David put a leash on her, and led her straight to the toilet on hands and knees. He then brought the next girl out and did the same.

Once done with ablutions, both girls knelt in front of David, faces towards his cock. "They only get to eat or drink once they've swallowed cum," David said. He brought out his not-insubstantial member, and he beckoned one of the girls to go to work. As she brought her hands up to his cock, David said "uh-huh" and she obediently put them back to her side, working with her mouth alone.

Then clearly losing patience he pushed the back of the girl's head down and she took his whole cock in her mouth. Jay heard her gag a little and saw cum leak out the side of her mouth.

"Would you?" David asked. The other girl was now staring at Jay and he saw a little drool escape the corner of her mouth. She was striking, clearly a graduate of the hormone program with dense, big tits that dwarfed her waist. Jay imitated the beckoning motion and the girl sprung to work, eagerly freeing Jay's cock from his jeans.

While the girl worked Jay's shaft, David filled a dog bowl of water and put it on the ground. Jay watched as the first girl brought her head down to drink, forcing her arse up in the air. As she did so, David removed what Jay had thought was a chastity belt. Up close, Jay could see it was actually rubber underwear that could only be removed with a magnet release at either side at either side of her hips - she couldn't have removed it alone. A thick dildo and long, ridged anal plug were fixed to the inside, meaning the girl had been filled in both her holes throughout the night.

It was enough for Jay - he pulled the hair of the girl back and watched as his cum shot all over her face. She tried to catch it in her mouth, and then greedily scooped in any that had missed. She too went to the water bowl and David removed her penetration belt.

David and Jay went back into the main living room of the apartment, the girls both followed crawling on hands and knees.

David fixed Jay whisky on ice and handed it to him and they sat in armchairs facing the scenery. It might be 'morning' for the two girls living in the apartment, but that was not the time for Jay.

"Tell me about the collars," Jay said. He had noted that up close, they were not iron as he had first thought. A dark metal, unlike any he had seen. He could see no clear fastening - they seemed completely smooth the whole way around. On the side was a faint LED light.

David undid his shirt a couple of buttons and pointed to a scar. "Heart surgery a few years ago gave me the perfect opportunity to test a long-time idea. I had a radio-transmitter planted in my chest, and it transmits my heart-beat.

"The collars are receivers for this heart-beat. We don't have many instances for non-compliance, but they all know the moment my heart stops, every slave in this institution will be killed as their collars detonate with a carefully-placed charge," he said. "It's insurance, of a sort, stops any thoughts of retaliation. The individual charges are also detonated if they go outside the Institution boundary. Of course, when they're sold, we transfer the collar to the new owner who can set their own ground-rules."

"Non-compliance?" Jay asked, as he pushed the prying fingers of one of the girls away from his crotch. She was seated in front of him on the floor, moving her fingers hungrily between his legs and trying to push her face between his knees. The other girl meanwhile was masturbating at David's feet, facing Jay. She had moved on from using fingers and had started fucking herself with the top end of the whisky bottle. David screwed up his nose, and took the bottle off her as though taking a toy from a child.

"Some women do not break," David answered. "It's rare, but it happens."

That, Jay thought, sounded interesting.

Jay asked: "What do you do with them?"

David replied, standing as he said it and pushing the girl out of the way with his legs: "We do Room Four. Shall we?"

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by Anonymous12/10/18

I find myself wondering what I would do if I were Jay. I think I would find a good Room 4 woman, the kind who refuses to break. I’d bring her out with me if she would go. I’d tell David that I’llmore...

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