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The author has used a little poetic licence and no mention of contraception is made in this story. It goes without saying that no casual encounter should occur unless a condom is worn. The author does not condone irresponsible sexual behaviour.

Chloe twisted around in front of the mirror, appraising her figure with a critical expression on her face. A petite girl with shoulder length auburn hair and creamy pale skin stared back at her. She was wearing a pin striped black bra, delicately edged with white lace. Complementing it were a matching thong and suspender belt with sheer black lace topped stockings. She turned and stepped into a smart black skirt, a slinky black vest top and threw a pretty jacket on that was deep purple with a floral pattern. Knee high black leather boots completed the look. Chloe ran a brush through her hair and made up her face with smoky dark eyes and a deep plum gloss slicked over her lips. Finally, she placed around her neck a thin, white gold chain bearing a little heart shaped padlock pendant bearing the letter 'B.'

Chloe was visiting her partner Ben, who was away on a training trip for the software company he worked for. It was a week long course and he had been away for three nights. Chloe had missed him so much but tonight she was travelling to his hotel in order to stay with him there. He had requested that she bring certain things from their toybag so she knew that she was in for a night of fun. She double checked her backpack before pulling on a knee length coat in charcoal wool. Her mobile phone beeped importantly at her from the depths of her handbag. After a few moments search, she retrieved it and read the message. It was from Ben.

"Can't wait till you get here. Let me know when you're on the train. I have a surprise for you."

Chloe grabbed her keys and hurried off to catch her train. She didn't want to be late.

Ben met her at the station and they walked back to the hotel hand in hand. Dusk was falling and the sunset cast a pleasant glow as they wandered lazily. Ben paused and pulled her in for a kiss, placing his hand behind her head and holding her still until he had finished reacquainting himself with her mouth.

Ben was six feet tall, a foot taller than she was. He was broad shouldered and solidly built with fair skin, a shaved head and a short, auburn beard and moustache. He had a full, sensual mouth and intriguing eyes that were a mixture of grey, hazel and green. He was in his work uniform; pinstriped trousers, black shirt and a silver-grey tie. He wore a black jacket.

The hotel room was bright and clean. Chloe put her bag down and removed her coat. Ben crossed over to the window and drew the curtains. He switched on a small lamp beside the bed but left the rest of the room in darkness. Chloe walked over to kiss him and they embraced for a long moment. Ben looked down at her and spoke softly.

"Are you hungry? Do you want to head down for dinner yet?"

"That would be lovely." She replied. The look in Ben's eyes darkened and he placed a hand on her shoulder, forcing her to kneel on the floor. She was still smiling.

"You'll be hungry for this then." Ben said. Chloe pressed her face to the crotch of his trousers and inhaled his scent; she rubbed herself along the outline of his erection. Ben opened his flies and allowed his trousers to fall down. Chloe pulled his black boxers slowly over his cock and dragged them down to his knees. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her in towards him.

Chloe licked lazily along the length of his shaft, teasing around the tip. Once his dick was coated in saliva she licked her own lips and slid it into her mouth. Ben kept his hand in her hair but allowed her to control the depth and pace with which she sucked him. Chloe closed her eyes and settled into a rhythm that would fire him up slowly.

"Have you missed my cock?" He enquired. Chloe merely moaned in the affirmative onto his shaft, eliciting a soft groan from him. Ben started to thrust gently, forcing her to deepen her strokes.

"Good, because you're going to be seeing a lot of it." He instructed her to use her hand on the base of his cock and her other hand moved up to cup and stroke his balls. His thrusts quickened and Chloe increased her speed, matching him. She sucked harder, intensifying his pleasure until he gripped her head to hold it still and withdrew until his cockhead was just inside her mouth. His cock pulsed and then spurted hot spunk into her mouth, feeding her just as he had promised. She flickered her tongue over the head as he came.

When he was done, Ben withdrew and pulled Chloe to her feet. She opened her mouth to show him the load of warm spunk she was holding there. He stared at her.

"Swallow." He said and as Chloe drank down his semen, his hand ran over her throat, feeling it go down. Then his grip tightened and his lips crashed down on hers in a deep, possessive kiss. He choked her as his tongue invaded her mouth, claiming her all over again. By the time he pulled away and released her Chloe was left gasping for air.

She knelt again and Ben stepped forwards to push his flaccid cock back into her mouth. Chloe gently cleaned him of any trace of semen and when she had finished, he moved away and dressed again.

Chloe wandered into the bathroom and washed her face, re-applying her make up where necessary. She smoothed her thick, curly hair from where Ben had been twisting his fist in it. He walked in behind her and she watched his progress in the mirror.

"Ready?" He had made no mention of the surprise he had promised in his text and Chloe knew better than to ask. She turned to him and smiled.


They walked down to the hotel restaurant. The waiter who greeted them fussed over Chloe and showed them to a table in a corner. It was right beside the door that the waiting staff went in and out of the kitchen through. Chloe surveyed the half empty restaurant for a better table. She turned to Ben to suggest that they move elsewhere but he was already sitting down. She bit her tongue and followed suit. The waiter, a tall man of mixed race, pulled a chair out for her and handed her a menu.

They ordered a bottle of red wine. Ben asked Chloe if she had brought all the toys that he had instructed her to. Chloe blushed as they were only feet from the kitchen and from a young waitress who was balancing a loaded tray on her arm inexpertly. He held her gaze, awaiting an answer to his question.

"Yes Mas..." Chloe caught herself and then continued. "I brought handcuffs, my collar and leash, a buttplug, some lube, a paddle and the flogger."

The waiter reappeared with their wine and Chloe was mortified. She sat there uncomfortably while the bottle was opened and Ben tasted the wine. Finally, the waiter poured wine for both of them and departed. Ben smiled at her reassuringly across the table.

"I trust you're suitably dressed for me under those clothes?"

"Yes." Chloe replied. She half expected Ben to demand a detailed description but thankfully he changed the subject and started talking about his training and how well he got on with the guy teaching him a new software system. Slowly, Chloe relaxed.

As well as being beside the kitchen door, along the opposite wall they had a view through to the hotel bar. As Chloe looked around she saw a man sat at the bar with a pint of lager. She couldn't tell how tall he was but he had sandy hair and blue eyes. He smiled and raised his glass to her. Embarrassed, Chloe gave a slight smile purely through politeness and turned resolutely back to Ben. Thankfully, he had been reading the menu and hadn't noticed.

The waiter returned and they ordered their meals. In due course their food arrived and they managed to progress through the meal like a normal couple. Chloe talked about what she had been up to the last few days. The meal went very smoothly as they had plenty to talk about. The service was very good and Chloe hardly noticed the empty plates disappearing. When they had finished, Ben charged the meal to their room and they wandered upstairs. Chloe began to get excited. She wondered what her surprise would be.

Ben had her lay the toys out at the foot of the bed and then told her to strip to her underwear. Chloe obeyed, watching Ben as he feasted his eyes on her new lingerie and her slim figure. When she bent to unzip her boots he stopped her. He picked up her collar and fastened her into it. Then he padlocked her into her handcuffs. They were black leather, to match her studded collar and had a chrome bar connecting them that could be unclipped at will to free her hands.

He had Chloe kneel on the bed with her hands secured behind her back. He pulled down on the leash fastened to her collar at the back of her neck, forcing her back to arch painfully. With his free hand he pulled down her bra cups, sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

"You are so fucking sexy my pet. Do you have any idea how much I love you?" Chloe moaned as he bit down on a hard nipple.

"I love you too Master." She replied. Ben pushed his hand into her thong, pressing a finger into her pussy. She was already very wet from anticipation. He withdrew his finger and sucked it.

"How much of a filthy little slut are you?" Chloe smiled as he released his hold on her leash and allowed her to straighten her spine. She looked him in the eye as she responded.

"I will always be your filthy little slut, Master. You know you can use me however you please." Ben smiled at her reply and kissed her, letting her taste her juices.

"You exist to do anything I command you to, correct?"

"Yes Master."

"You're wondering what your surprise is, aren't you?" Ben picked up the blindfold and placed it over her eyes, checking to ensure she could see nothing. "I am going to fulfil one of your darkest fantasies." Ben moved her bra up over her breasts again and told her to present herself; arching her back and keeping her legs spread. Chloe heard him move away to sit in a chair. The television was switched on.

Time passed, she wasn't sure how much time it was. She could hear that Master was watching Top Gear. He was ignoring her. Presently, he left the room.

A few minutes later he returned and she could hear the rattle of ice cubes in a glass. He crossed to the bed and picked up her leash.

"I think your dinner should have settled and you must need a change of position now." Ben guided Chloe across the room and unclipped her handcuffs. He had her get on all fours on the floor. She heard him sit and her head was pulled up by the hair. He placed a cold glass to her lips and she drank; whiskey and coke. He let go of her and then his feet settled across her back. He was using her as a footstool.

Before long, the television programme finished and Ben turned the set off. He pulled Chloe to her feet and walked her over to the bed again. She got up onto it and arranged herself on all fours; back arched, ass in the air. Ben moved towards the toys and then her thong was pulled down. Without warning he shoved a lubricated buttplug into her completely unprepared asshole. She gasped and squirmed. Ben pulled her thong back into place and then gripped her chin in her hands, growling into the side of her face.

"No squirming. You will behave faultlessly. I have a special surprise all planned for you and you will endeavour to deserve it."

"Yes Master. I'm sorry." Chloe stayed still and felt her ass adjusting to the buttplug, moulding round it and drawing it in. She was starting to get wet again. Ben pulled her up onto her knees by her leash and fastened to cuffs behind her back again. Chloe's mind span as she wondered what he had planned for her.

Just at that moment, there was a knock at the door. Ben must have ordered some room service, maybe some champagne with ice? Chloe listened intently. Footsteps came into the room, heavy male footsteps. Chloe's breathing quickened at the thought of being exposed like this to another man. Ben's voice cut into her fevered thoughts.

"This is my slave."

That was all he said. Chloe heard one of them approach her but wasn't sure which. She was trembling with the effort of being obedient and staying still. A hand slipped from her cheek, down over her breasts and into her thong. It cupped her pussy, feeling her moist heat. His scent was different. This was not her Master. Chloe stayed perfectly still.

"I could fuck this for a while. Soaking wet already." Chloe bristled inside at being referred to as 'this.' It was deliciously humiliating though. To this man she was literally nothing more than so many orifices. He withdrew his hand and pushed it into her mouth. She cleaned it for him. Ben spoke again.

"It's tight though, and a fantastic little cocksucker." Ben moved to stand beside the bed and he grabbed her by the hair, turning her head towards where she assumed the other man was. "Tell this man what a little slut you are and how often you fantasise about being used like this."

"I do. I... I fantasise about it all the time." Chloe was almost stammering with fear. Ben spoke again.

"You will address him as Sir."

"Yes Master. I fantasise about it all the time, Sir."

"You will serve this man as though he were me. If you're less than enthusiastic, if you show me up, I'll flog you into the middle of next week."

"Yes Master." Ben let go of her hair and she heard him walk to the door. It opened.

"Its safeword is 'red.' Enjoy." The door closed.

Chloe was speechless. Who the fuck had Master left her with? She thought of yelling her safeword but Master would be disappointed and she didn't even know if this man would take any notice. She tried to force down her rising panic. Master would not leave her alone with someone he didn't trust. Her eyes pricked with sudden tears at being abandoned so callously.

The stranger stroked her hair and then his hands moved down to her bra.

"Let's see what I've got." He said, removing the bra and cupping her pert, B cup breasts, pale fleshed and topped with delicate pink nipples. He stroked and groped them before lowering his head to take one into his mouth. He moaned softly and sucked on it, gentle at first and then harder. He pinched and twisted the other nipple, making Chloe moan and arch her back. "Mmmm, a responsive little bitch. Bet its screams are just as pretty." He dug his nails into the flesh around the twisted nipple. Chloe cried out softly but was careful to stay still.

Chloe decided that if this man was going to fuck her, she may as well endeavour to enjoy it and take up her issues with her Master later. The fear began to dissolve into anticipation and she relaxed a little. Now that she had come to a decision, she was looking forward to seeing what this man did.

The man unclipped her cuffs and moved her back onto all fours. She heard his flies open and a hard cock pressed against her cheek. He was stroking her hair again. He pushed his cock into her mouth, sliding it in slowly but determinedly as far as it would go.

"Suck me." He instructed. Chloe started moving her mouth over him, caressing his dick with her tongue.

"Whack!" A blow from the paddle stung her backside. The man started raining blows on her as she sucked his cock. Chloe was spurred to move faster over his dick. He began to thrust into her mouth, holding her head with his free hand.

"Wonder how much dick it can take?" He said, thrusting against her gag reflex and moaning when she coughed and spluttered. He rammed into her throat and held her head still, asphyxiating her. He was still paddling her poor ass. After what seemed an eternity, he withdrew.

Chloe was cuffed again and pushed onto her back. He pulled off her thong and ran his fingers over her pussy. Then she felt his mouth sliding over her, his tongue flickering over her clit. Obviously he didn't know her body as well as her Master did but it was very pleasurable nonetheless. He reached under her and grabbed her red, sore buttocks, drawing her deeper into his mouth as he went down on her. He moved the buttplug in and out of her ass, fucking her with it.

Chloe began to feel the familiar rise of sensation that heralded an orgasm. She was arching against his face helplessly. He took his cue and increased the speed and pressure of his ministrations to her clit.

"Sir, I am going to come soon. Please Sir." She felt him smile against her sex. He gave her clit a single hard suck that didn't quite send her over the edge. Then he stopped.

"You're going to come all over my cock." He said matter of factly. Chloe gasped quietly. So this was it. He really was going to have sex with her. It was all completely surreal.

He put her on her knees and held her up by the hair as he pressed his cock against the opening to her vagina. With the plug still insitu she knew she would be tight. He moaned as he pushed into her body. She moaned with him, feeling her pussy stretch around his unfamiliar girth. He started to thrust, slow and deep, exploring her.

A hand grabbed her chin and forced her head back. It slipped around her throat and squeezed. Her blindfold was lifted and she blinked up into the face of her Master.

"You fucking slut. You enjoying yourself, getting fucked by a stranger?" The man behind her gripped her hips and increased his speed.

"Lovely little cunt." He interjected.

"When did you come back Master?" Chloe asked breathlessly.

"I never left. I've been watching you whore yourself out for me." Ben replaced her blindfold and let go of her chin. She heard him remove his clothes and then he shoved his cock into her mouth. He gripped her head and facefucked her.

The feeling of having a cock in both her cunt and mouth was incredible. She was buffeted between the two men as they both sought to get as deep inside her as they could. Her hands were still cuffed and she was completely at their mercy. The stranger was holding her by her elbows. She was rendered almost totally immobile. Her orgasm rose up inside her and her hips began to buck erratically. Ben dripped filth into her ear.

"This is what you wanted. This is what you fantasised about and now you're going to get it. You're going to come all over a total stranger's cock while I fuck your face like the worthless little slut you are. Then we're going to fuck your cunt and ass. We are going to rip you in two and I'd better not hear a single sound of complaint. Now fucking come for me."

He yanked her onto his cock and rammed himself into her throat, preventing her from breathing. The other man started spanking her sore ass and drilled into her cunt as though he was trying to fuck his way right through her. Chloe completely exploded.

The force of her orgasm ripped through her and it was all the stronger because she was incapable of movement. She shook uncontrollably, emitting a silent scream that merely served to allow Master to force himself even deeper into her. Her cunt rippled around the man's cock, milking it as he thrust and he groaned in pleasure, gripping her buttocks and holding his dick still so he could enjoy the sensation. One of his hands moved under her to squeeze and twist a nipple. Chloe was gone, catapulted into nirvana.

Master had withdrawn from her and was slapping her face. She was hanging limply from something. Then she felt a penis leave her vagina. The other man was holding her up by her bound arms.

"Get back here you useless little bitch." Ben demanded between slaps. "We're not nearly fucking done with you."

Chloe opened her eyes. Nothing happened. She raised her head slowly. Her sight returned in a blaze of lamplight as the blindfold was ripped from her. Master looked into her eyes.

"There you are." He smiled. "Enjoy that did you?" He stroked her cheek as she smiled up at him.

"Yes Master. Thank you so much." Her voice was ragged from all the facefucking.

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