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Room Service


The noises came through the walls, muffled at first but entirely discernible; someone next door was having sex.

Jake set his book down and listened; hearing her moans of subtle ecstasy, the ruffle of the blankets and...

...Two other voices.

They were more raucous than hers, almost comical. Jake had been thoroughly warned that these business conventions were nothing short of orgies after hours, but his imagination hadn't quite gone so far as to picture something like what was happening in the hotel room right next to his at 2:30 pm, no less.

He didn't want to deny the bulge in his jeans so he got up and pressed his ear to the permanently locked door that conjoined the rooms. Her moans of pleasure were undeniable. He hadn't seen his neighbor but he imagined what she must have looked like this very second:

Sopping wet fingers delicately inserted into the beautiful folds of the warmth between her luscious thighs. An elegantly arched back and a toned tummy that tightened with every gasp, topped with a gorgeous tumble of chestnut curls.

His breath quickened with the pace of his heart as he failed to restrain his hands from venturing down the front of his jeans. He was as hard as the marble columns in the lobby. He needed to see her. Wanted to fill her with the hot, seething desire that she had given him. He wanted to wrap her legs around his head, he wanted to make her climax, and he wanted...

he wanted...

Jake went out the front door, thinking himself positively insane. What was he going to say?

"Hi, I'm Jake...wanna bang?"

He knocked, cursing his absolutely blatant stupidity. Why would she ever—

The door opened slowly.

She was refreshingly naked and shorter than he had pictured. She had straight blonde hair and a lean, petite body with small, full breasts that looked as if they would fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. She was absolutely exquisite and one thing about her was accurate in his mind's eye...

...her sex was soaking.

In the seconds that seemed to span the length of the universe, Jake drunk the sight of her over and over until he felt as if he might burst. He was vaguely aware of his parted lips and discreetly ragged breathing. Words fell quietly from his mouth.

"...I was just next door and..."

"I know," she said as her cat-like, green eyes surveyed him hungrily.

There are inevitable moments in a man's life when he hesitates and watches as the light slips away from a decision that could have altered his very existence...this was not one of those times.

Without another word, Jake picked her up and crushed his lips onto hers, slamming the door behind him with his foot. They remained locked in a deep kiss, her legs wrapped around him, grinding on the front of his jeans. He tossed her onto the bed and she fell with a squeal of delight. After giggling and catching her breath she looked up at him.

He couldn't remember wanting anything so badly. He watched as she crawled on her hands and knees to the front of the bed and started to unbuckle his belt. Taking off his shirt, he measured the gorgeousness of her feminine curves as they lay before him. The gentle arch in her back, the slight hourglass form that widened into the luscious, full heart shape of her butt.

He needed to devour her; to put her in the ecstatic trance that drew him like a magnet to her in the first place. He needed to taste this irresistible creature.

She had succeeded in the arduous task of loosening his belt and had her little hand down the front of his boxers grasped gently around his member. He saw her eyes widen and her tongue trace across her lips in anticipation. He pushed his jeans to the ground so she could get an easier grip but when she went to take him in his mouth, he stopped her, took her hand off his member and kissed it.

"You first..."

Jake shoved her back onto the bed. She tumbled over with a giggle and a sigh as he crawled over the top of her. He teased her pearl with the tip of his shaft for a second and felt her shiver at the contact.

He began at her neck kissing slowly and biting gently, savoring her smell and every inch of her flavor. He made his way to her toned belly and grazed his lips over navel, watching her tummy rise and fall as her breathing became more enthusiastic. He positioned his shoulders under her thighs and gazed at the beautiful, white rose between her legs, kissing the inside of her right thigh, then suckling the inside of her left. He reveled in her scent and moistened his palate with the thoughts of citrus and honey.

With a long, flat tongue he tasted her.

So sweet, so juicy, so gratifying was her flavor that he wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her closer to his face, burying his mouth in her delicious folds. He could feel her wetness soaking his lips but it only made him more excited. He danced his tongue around and around like some wicked waltz responding to her gasps and moans. She followed his lead, grinding her loins against the entirety of his mouth, using him as an instrument with which to orchestrate the crescendo of her desire.

He flicked his tongue across her pearl like a stick on a snare drum, and inserted two eager fingers into her slick center. Her moan rose into a pleasure-filled shriek, he felt her gasp quicker and faster and her walls close tight around his fingers until finally she released in a succulent explosion that left his mouth soaking to the bottom of his nose and his hand wet all the way to his wrist.

She lay sprawled, unable to open her eyes, but with a contented smile on her lips as the waves of her body's aftershock shook her, gently bouncing her breasts.

Jake turned his head, finally noticing the other two voices in the erotic movie on the television. He flopped down next to her and she curled up next to him. He was rock-hard, but had never been more satisfied.

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