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“Hold him still, Gina,” Ms. T. said.

He stopped thrusting and Gina held him tightly against her. Ms. T. spread his cheeks with her left hand and pushed her strap-on against his anus with the other. Ms. T. entered him easily since she had prepared the way previously. Putting her hands on his hips, Ms. T. began thrusting into him. He felt her flesh impacting against him and could not help but be moved into Gina as Ms. T. moved into him. He felt completely consumed by Gina’s arms, legs, and sex, while at the same time felt Ms. T.’s body against his back. After trying in vain to coordinate his thrusts into Gina with Ms. T.’s thrusts into him, he gave up and let himself be pleasured and dominated by each woman. Gina bucked her hips upward and into him while Ms. T. thrusted downwards. He became the center of each woman’s hungry sex and could do nothing but moan as Gina held his head.

Debra, however, stood on the bed and walked behind Gina. She then crouched so that her sex was at the same height as his head. Grabbing the back of his head, Debra pulled it upwards and into her sex. Gina looked up at Debra’s sex and smiled. Debra then forcefully rubbed his face against the transparent material of her bodysuit that covered her crotch. Her sex and clit bulged against the material and soon soaked it and his face. Although both women were having their way with him, he somehow managed to tongue Debra between moans. Debra closed her eyes as she climaxed and pushed more of her weight down onto the bed. The points of her black high heels threatened to puncture the fabric of the bed.

After several intense minutes, Gina began climaxing as the forceful entry and rubbing of her clit had their effect on her. This resulted in Ms. T. pounding into him even faster. He moaned into Debra’s crotch as she rubbed herself on him. To the trio’s right, Candy had recovered and was laying on her side watching. Her hand rubbed her clit and crotch as she observed.

“I want some of his cock,” proclaimed Debra as the bed bounced from their combined movements.

Ms. T. stopped for a minute and looked at Gina. Gina nodded and Ms. T. reluctantly pulled out of him. As she did so, Ms. T. wrapped her hand around the leash still dangling from his neck. He moved backward as Ms. T. walked away from the bed slightly. Next, Gina stood up and Ms. T. laid down where Gina had been. The bed was still warm. Gina held his hips and pushed him backwards and towards Ms. T.’s strap-on. Ms. T. held her strap-on with her right hand as her left spread his cheeks once again. As he laid backwards against Ms. T., he felt her breasts and hard nipples on his back. Ms. T. grabbed his arms from behind as Debra moved to the front of the bed. Placing her legs on either side of him, Debra lowered her sex onto his manhood as she moved the material of her body suit to one side. He was once again pinned between two women.

“Now I know what you were moaning about, Gina,” Debra said as he slid into her.

Gina only smiled as she stood up on the bed and then squatted above his face. She began rubbing her clit as she sat down onto him and faced Debra. Debra then began to slowly ride him up and down as Ms. T. began forcefully thrusting into him again. He felt Debra’s tight sex consume while Ms. T. continued probing him. Gina started moaning again and he felt her ass cheeks against his facial cheeks as he stuck his tongue inside of her. Within minutes, Debra and Gina were moaning loudly and pinching each other’s nipples. His moans were muffled by Gina’s sex. Behind and beneath him Ms. T. clenched her teeth and grunted as her nails dug into his hips.

As each woman satisfied herself with him, he felt his own climax building within him. Debra’s incessant riding, Ms. T.’s insistence, and Gina’s slow gyrations against his face began to have their effect. After Debra slid down him and Ms. T. thrust into him for what seemed like the hundredth time, he began to climax and released a torrent of his fluids into Debra. His body began to shake from the violence of his climax and each woman’s continued usage of him. As the minutes slowed and his strength faded, he could no longer tongue Gina but only be subjected to her sex rubbing itself against his face. Eventually, all three women slowed down and removed themselves from him. Ms. T. pushed him gently off of her and he laid on the bed, catching his breath.

“Debra, I want to eat his come from your pussy,” Gina suddenly declared.

Gina smiled, took Debra’s hand and laid down on the bed to his side. Debra then assumed a 69 position with Gina and began sucking her clit. Gina greedily lapped at Debra and sucked his semen from her sex. Debra responded by licking Gina in return. He now lay between Gina and Debra on his right and Candy looking over at him on his left. In front of the bed Ms. T. was positioning a chair against the window pane. He noticed it was still sunny outside. As Ms. T. bent over to position the chair, he caught a view of her wet sex and shapely rear. Ms. T. then sat in the chair and spread her legs. She removed her strap-on and then faced him, rubbing her clit slowly and seductively. She stared into his eyes and licked her lips slowly. As Ms. T. did so, he looked to his right and saw Debra and Gina lapping at each other furiously. Short, muffled moans filled his ears. To his left, Candy’s body twitched as her attention to her own clit produced its result. After a few minutes of natural recovery time, he realized his manhood had become hard again.

Ms. T. saw this, also, and approached the bed. She took him by the hand and led him to the chair. He sat down with his back to the window and faced her. Ms. T. stood before him, slightly sweaty from the prior activities. He admired her powerful thigh muscles and large breasts. Her red nails drew his attention as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Now, lover, I know you have experienced some expert fucking today from several of my close friends,” Ms. T. said, “but none of that will have prepared you for me.”

Ms. Straddled the chair and him and grabbed his shaft with her right hand. She positioned his head below her sex, squeezed him tightly and looked into his eyes.

“Remember, everything they know they learned from me,” Ms. T. whispered as she lowered herself onto him.

Immediately, he realized how tight her sex was. It was as if Ms. T. was able to contract the walls of her sex at her own command. Ms. T. began a slow rhythm and he watched her thighs flex as she slid up and down his shaft. He realized that Ms. T. was not using anything for leverage but was able to ride him on the strength of her thigh muscles alone. He reached around her and grabbed onto her rear. Her muscles felt rock hard. Ms. T. only smiled and leaned at a slight angle, creating even more friction against his manhood. If he hadn’t climaxed so many times earlier, Ms. T. probably would have had him ejaculating already.

As Ms. T. slid down his shaft again, she changed rhythm and began gyrating her hips against him. This caused her sex to spin his shaft in a counter-clockwise direction. Although it brought him pleasure, it also caused a slight amount of pain that kept him from exploding. Ms. T. pursed her lips and placed her hands on her knees. She was still entirely supported by her thigh muscles. He tried thrusting upwards and into her, but Ms. T. only bore down more aggressively and prevented him from moving. Ms. T. then closed her eyes and continued to circle against him. To his right he saw Debra on top of Gina and Gina thrashing against the bed as she moaned loudly. Candy had now risen from her position and was tonguing Debra’s anus. Behind him, he seemed to sense the sun reflecting on the clear water.

Ms. T. opened her eyes after a few minutes and began riding him in an up and down fashion again. Placing her right hand on the back of his head, she leaned forward and kissed him deeply. Her tongue sought his as he felt her flesh slapping against his thighs. Ms. T. then leaned forward and kissed him deeper as her pace increased. She was now riding him at a the pace of a horse’s gallop. Before long, he broke away from her kiss and started moaning. Ms. T. continued to hold onto the back of his head and rub it.

After a few minutes, his moans increased in volume as his climax approached. Ms. T. sensed this and stopped immediately by sliding up and off him. He opened his eyes in surprise. Using her hips, Ms. T. pushed her clit against the underside of his shaft and rubbed him vigorously. She trapped his shaft between her clit and his stomach while she grinded against him. This brought him intense pleasure, but was not enough to send his climax over the edge. He started moaning again. Ms. T. smiled at him while he held onto her.

Again after a few minutes passed, Ms. T. stopped. She backed her sex away from him and allowed his manhood to stand straight up. She then positioned her sex above his manhood and against his stomach. This enabled her rear to push backwards against his shaft. Ms. T. pushed backwards slowly and forced his manhood downwards as far as it would go. She knew she reached the limit when he began to wince. Ms. T. smiled again and began to rub her rear against the underside of his head. He felt the curves of her muscular flesh against him. It again brought him exquisite pleasure, but prevented him from climaxing. As she rubbed her rear against him, he felt slight traces of her fluids being smeared against him. At times, he felt like he fell into the space between the curves of her rear. He moaned loudly while Ms. T. began pressing her thumbs into his nipples. She was torturing him with pleasure. He was completely and utterly within her control as she worked up his climax like a puppeteer pulling on a marionette’s strings.

Moments that felt like an eternity passed and then Ms. T. stood up and quickly sat down on his shaft again. The tightness of her sex felt ten times more constricting than before. Every inch of his manhood had become incredibly sensitive from her expert teasing. She squeezed him hard, but remained still. Leaning over, she took his head in her hands and kissed him passionately and deeply. Ms. T. held him right on the brink of his climax as her tongue explored his.

Suddenly, Ms. T. broke away from him, slowly exhaled her hot breath on his lips, and rode him at a manic pace. His climax started the moment he felt her breath upon him. Starting at the base of his shaft, he felt a searing bolt of pleasure course through him, out of him, and into her. He then proceed to climax with more force than he had all the times previously combined. Ms. T. moved her hands and pushed down hard onto his shoulders as she violently rode him. His semen flew from his body and flooded her sex. His moans were so loud, Debra, Gina, and Candy stopped what they were doing and looked at him. Ms. T. continued to ride him so hard the chair began to bang against the window pane.

Finally, he subsided and felt Ms. T.’s tight sex around his now super-sensitive shaft. His body felt more drained than after Ms. T. had drugged him earlier. He slumped in the chair and looked at Ms. T. She smiled wickedly, put her arms around him, and kissed him gently, his shaft still inside of her.

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