Room Service Anal Girl


She felt a slight panic as she laid face down with her ass pointed upwards to him. Derek used his fingers to push his cock head inside of Sophia's anus. Before this, the most she had ever taken were a few fingers by ex-boyfriends, and more recently Derek a few minutes ago.

Feeling a thick cock shoved in her asshole was something else entirely. Her feet squirmed as they hung off the bed. Her back felt uncomfortable from her own tensing. She tried to relax. She tried to keep her body calm and her anus unclenched.

With the blindfold on, her senses remained high. She felt every stretch, every push, every centimeter and inch as the hard erection slide inside of her tiny hole. Derek used his hands to guide his shaft in.

"That's it," he said. "That's it. Take it. We're almost there."

It felt extremely uncomfortable and slightly painful in her ass. Yet the feeling was also unique and weirdly pleasurable. It stimulated nerve endings she never knew existed. And she felt a fullness inside her body she had never felt before. When the cock gently continued its journey all the way inside of her, Sophia felt as though her sexuality was pushed to a new, uncharted limit.

"How does that feel?" he asked, with his crotch now firmly pressed against her butt.

"It hurts. But..."

"But what?"

"Fuck me. Slowly."

His hands rubbed her bottom. "I'll give you what you can handle. Nothing more. Nothing less."

Derek slowly rocked his hips. With each gyration, his cock pulled back a little further, giving her a sad feeling of emptiness. With each push, he went deep, filling that tight little hole again.

"I love anal virgins," he said, working his cock in her ass. "It makes things more enjoyable for me."

Sophia struggled to speak as her ass was being stuffed. "Is that what this is about? Oh....uh....your ego and your pleasure..."

He slapped her ass while fucking her. Then he slapped it again. He squeezed her hips and took greater control of her body. With each thrust he stretched and fucked her harder.

"We're in the same business," he said, sliding in and out of her asshole. "The customer service business. I aim to please, just like you. I can tell you're enjoying this. A beautiful, professional woman like you is just what I needed. Go on, tell me you love my cock. Tell me you love having it inside your ass."

Sophia clenched the bedsheets. "I love your cock in my asshole."

He slapped her ass again. This time, so hard it made her body jolt. He reached forward and held both of Sophia's hands, so that she had no support, and her face was buried on the bed sheet.

She cried when he fucked her asshole more aggressively. Cries of pleasure as her newfound nerve endings were being stimulated and stretched and spread in ways she never thought possible. It was intense and it filled up her body in an unparalleled way.

"You're going to cum again," he said confidently, holding her hands tightly as he really went at it.

Sophia couldn't dispute that, but she wondered how it was possible. Sure, she had heard of anal orgasms before, but she had always assumed that she wasn't that type of girl. But as the intense pressure built inside her bottom and those hidden nerve endings were being heated, she began to wonder if she could actually cum again.

"Let it all go," he said, thrusting deep. "I want you to ruin my bed. Relax. Cum for me."

She clenched her blindfolded eyes shut. Her face grimaced and she clenched her teeth while moaning. It took several more thrusts of his hard cock in her asshole before she had her first anal orgasm. Her bottom felt a warm sensation, which was sort of like a tingle. It was an internal feeling at first, and then it was like a spark that set off a flame of divine spasms which she'd never forget. Without having her pussy touched, she trickled fluids onto the bed from her intense anal climax.

"Oh god," she whimpered, before her body nearly went limp.

Derek kept on fucking as Sophia's legs turned weak. He fucked her asshole until it was his turn to orgasm, and he grunted as he filled her asshole with hot, white cum. He pumped into her bottom until he was completely drained, then he collapsed alongside her.

She laid face down while catching her breath and regaining her wits. Her thighs were sprawled on the bed. Derek laid beside her, still marveling at her beautiful bottom.

"What do you think?" he asked, caressing her lower back.

She exhaled deeply, still blindfolded. "I think I've found a new pleasure spot. And you? What do you think about all this?"

He stroked her butt. "Best room service I've ever had."

About 20 minutes later, Sophia was in her uniform again, tidied up after fixing herself in Derek's bathroom. There was a glow on her face and she walked with perfect posture as she took the service cart back to the bottom floor. She had succeeded in hiding the fact that her asshole was sore. If no one was around, she'd certainly be walking with a limp.

When she saw Christine, the room service girl who was supposed to get her ass fucked by Derek, she gave her a small smile. The 'real' room service girl had no idea what she had just missed.

After finishing a few other errands, Sophia needed a quick bathroom break. She still felt Derek's cum leaking from her asshole and she didn't want her panties stained. This was her fault and inexperience for not cleaning herself thoroughly enough after her first anal fucking.

A fellow room service girl was in there washing her hands and checking her makeup in the mirror. They smiled at each other, said their hellos, and made brief small talk.

Before entering a stall, Sophia wetted a paper towel and brought it with her. She closed the stall door and laid a sheet on the toilet before sitting on it. When she heard the other room service girl leave, Sophia immediately went to work rubbing her clit. The aching and neediness had returned a while ago and had made doing her job difficult. She rubbed fast and hard while cum from her anus dripped into the toilet.

She thought of some of Derek's last words to her before she left his room.

Derek had told her: "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm an extremely busy man, even at this hour. And you have a duty to return to. Clean yourself, but not too much. Leave some of my cum in your asshole. It's sexier that way. If there's anything else I need tomorrow night, I'll request it from you personally."

He had planted a firm kiss on her butt before they cleaned themselves.

Sophia came again sitting on the toilet, her third time that night. Trickles of her fluids dripped into the water as she came, mixing with cum dripping from her spread anus. She used the wet paper towel to wipe the cum from her anus, this time for good, and she even pushed her finger inside her ass for maximum cleanliness (and a bit of pleasure too). With the clean side of the wet paper towel, she wiped her cum from her pussy.

She flushed the toilet when she finished, washed her hands, put a smile on her face, and went back to being the 'room service anal girl,' as Derek had so appropriately called her when she left his room earlier.

The End

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by Anonymous

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by crashmatt01/20/18

Love it

Really enjoyed this, but I have a different take on it.

I'd love to see a version of this written where it's a guy who is the floor manager. The director reacts in the same way and tells him to stripmore...

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by sandymonroe12/31/17

What a perfect story! Hot as hell!

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by Anonymous12/31/17

Love anal

I love eating a woman's asshole. I would have spent a lot of time licking her ass and probing it with my tongue before fucking her.

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by kamasutra6912/12/17

Hot, to say the least

Really enjoyed it.

Looking forward to possibly reading more of Sophia's anal explorations. Maybe even a story about Christine?

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by sober7112/08/17


Another convert to anal bliss. Enjoyed the encounter. 5*s

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