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Room Service Fuck Doll


Annie Cheng knew more about female sexuality than most could ever understand. It was the result of a chance encounter with the owner of the cruise line for which she worked.

Quickly, she became addicted to the jarring lifestyle. She was a sweet, young Asian girl from San Francisco, well-mannered and hardworking. Annie's parents were immigrants and could never understand her hunger for such deviance. No one could ever know her dark secret.

Annie's budding sexuality took a striking turn during a summer cruise. It was her second year on the job as an attendant, and her first time extending sexual services to others. The boss made it clear that this was entirely voluntary. No money would be exchanged; it was only about furthering her submissive experience.

So there she sat, completely naked in her private room, opening an envelope to read the neatly handwritten letter contained within:

Mr. Hollace,

You don't know us, but we're guests aboard your ship.

We're an ordinary couple. If we look like teachers, it's because we are. Both of us work at the same university. My husband teaches advanced mathematics and I teach biology and other life sciences.

Tonight is our 20th anniversary. He's 44, and I'm 43. We have never strayed. But to be totally honest, we've both been tempted.

This is our summer break from teaching and we want pursue a dream. For years, we've discussed sharing our bedroom pleasures with another woman. For a mundane couple like us, it's incredibly taboo.

In particular, there are certain activities we'd like to explore. My husband has always been the dominant in our bedroom, and I've always been more than happy with that arrangement. Tonight, I will take charge. Additionally, we want a young female SUBMISSIVE who can handle servicing two adults.

If you can accommodate us, please have her arrive at 9 pm sharp. Let her enter discreetly, without knocking. We also find the cruise ship uniforms to be quite sexy; please instruct her to wear it with nothing underneath.

Thank you,

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Room 305

When she finished reading the letter, Annie's emotions ranged from shame to intense desire. Her hands trembled at the thought of submitting to strangers. She re-read the letter to prove it wasn't a dream.

No, Annie Cheng, this isn't a dream. It's reality.

Was this really for her, she wondered? She was a good girl, a sweetheart! Before taking this job, she had been a prominent member of the Asian community in the bay area. She wasn't born to be a "Fuck Doll."

But she was driven to pursue this experience. Her mind was made and time was of the essence. Annie had a body that was built for submission; a thin figure which was slightly fragile in appearance. Her nipples were especially large and sensitive. While her pussy was petite, it could certainly withstand a pounding. It absolutely had before.

She put on a special submissive collar, given to her by the boss. Then for the first time in her life, she put on her uniform with nothing underneath, which consisted of a short khaki skirt and a white buttoned down blouse. As a final touch, she tied her long black hair into a ponytail.

She left her room and stepped onto the open air deck. It was 8:50 at night, and the atmosphere was still festive. People were talking, flirting, and enjoying themselves with overpriced drinks.

A hot breeze from the summer night blew up Annie's skirt. She had never walked on deck without panties before. The draft brushed her wet pussy, giving her a thrill. She smiled, knowing that she'd like to go pantiless on deck more often.

Annie pulled a special key-card out of her pocket and opened the door to Room 305. Her heart pounded. Pushing the door slightly, she felt like an intruder. This went against her upbringing. To walk in on someone unannounced was just plain rude. But this is what the couple had requested.

She closed the door gently and took off her shoes, the way every good Asian girl should. Only one desk lamp was on, leaving the room dim.

On the bedside table were seemingly innocuous household products: clothes pins, a smooth handled hair brush, a spoon and a small bottle of oil. Annie couldn't help but think that those items would be used differently use tonight...

The real show was on the chair by the wall. She saw a naked man on his knees, eating a woman's pussy. Both of them looked like middle aged teachers. They were mildly plump in the midsection and soft everywhere else. The woman had curvaceous breasts which sagged. Tan lines on her chest showcased her feminine features and the amount of time she had spent enjoying sun.

The man, who was much larger than the woman, had struck a submissive posture. He was on all fours, giving pleasure with his mouth.

By contrast, the woman appeared authoritative as she slouched in the chair, one leg up so that her pussy could be eaten. On her feet were black open-toed stilettos which gave her added sex appeal. Oddly, the woman wore thick framed eye-glasses which had gone out of style decades ago. Annie suspected that those had something to do with the fetish mentioned in the letter.

The woman slowly turned her attention towards Annie.

"How cute," she said in a low voice as her pussy was devoured. "A petite Asian girl. Interesting. What's your name?"


"Full name?"

"Annie Cheng. I'm yours tonight."

The woman smiled seductively. "Well then, I'll call you Ms. Cheng. In return, you'll address me as Mrs. Smith. Understood?"

"Yes, Mrs. Smith."

Annie immediately understood the implication. The woman, who was still being tongue fucked by her devoted husband, had a very particular fantasy, and Annie knew what it was. This epiphany made her pussy tighten.

"Ms. Cheng, have you been a naughty girl?" the woman asked, tilting her head down to peer at Annie over the thickly framed glasses in a scolding manner.

Annie proved she was a bad girl. After unbuttoning the top of her shirt she held it open to reveal a collar embossed with silver letters.

The collar read: Fuck Doll

"The situation is more dire than I thought, Ms. Cheng. What kind of girl would wear a collar bearing those words? What would your family think of that collar, hmmm? Are you really a Fuck Doll, Ms. Cheng? Is that what you are?"

The blood drained from Annie's face as she felt shame and humiliation beyond belief. Cutting through those feelings, however was intense sexual arousal. It was the ultimate contradiction, one she'd never understand.

"Yes, Mrs. Smith," Annie reluctantly admitted. "I am."

"Show me what kind of Fuck Doll you are, so I can better determine a proper punishment."

With shaky hands, Annie unbuttoned her top and pulled it open to reveal her flat chest with its large, dark, classically Asian nipples. They were nearly the size and shape of small erasers. Exposing them always gave Annie a tremendous thrill, whether it was to the handful of lovers she'd had over the years, or to doctors (male or female) for a medical check-up.

Mrs. Smith licked her lips. "Ms. Cheng, you're not wearing a bra and that is very, very naughty. Especially when your nipples are so large. People might get the wrong impression about you. That begs the question; are you even wearing panties?"

Annie felt her thighs clenching. "Mrs. Smith, I'm not wearing panties."

The wife released a highly theatrical gasp.

"Exactly as I suspected," Mrs. Smith said, eyes narrowed to slits. "Lift your skirt, immediately."

Annie lifted the front of her uniform skirt, exposing the dark labia and large clitoris of her cleanly shaven pussy. Mrs. Smith held Annie's gaze for a moment before looking below. Annie knew her pussy was soaking wet, and that Mrs. Smith would surely notice.

"You're sopping wet," Mrs. Smith said, with a perverse sense of delight. "You are not the innocent girl you pretend to be, Ms. Cheng. Good girls don't walk around without undergarments. That makes you a bad girl. And bad girls require punishment, don't they, Ms. Cheng?"

Mrs. Smith pressed the sharp heel of her stiletto onto her husband's shoulder and pushed him away. He remained on his knees, with his head down and cock fully erect. Then she walked to the bed where she picked up two clothes pins.

"For your nipples," the mature woman smiled.

It was rewarding for Annie to see this respectable school teacher act out her kinky dream, especially because Annie had long fantasized about meeting a naughty teacher. But when Mrs. Smith opened a clothes pin and brought it to her nipple, Annie had a moment of panic. As the pin was applied to her breast, Annie made a fist and clenched her jaw to handle the pain. The pressure on her fragile bud was far greater than fingers could ever achieve. She tried not to cry out in distress.

Annie relaxed as she tried to acclimate to the pain and Mrs. Smith proceeded with the other nipple. Both nipples were left throbbing.

"Look down," Mrs. Smith said.

Annie looked down at her chest to see her that her precious nipples bulged at the tips from being clamped. Her body betrayed her. Why did something that hurt so much feel so good?

"Have you ever had anal sex, Fuck Doll??" asked the wife. "Ever take anything up that fresh young ass of yours?"

Annie nodded submissively. "Yes Mrs. Smith, a cock."

"Mr. Hollace I assume," the wife said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, only him."

Mrs. Smith turned abruptly and faced her husband. "You, get on the bed and lay on your back. Give yourself a few strokes to make sure you're at full attention. She must be punished for her transgressions."

She turned back to Annie. "Ride his cock, Fuck Doll. Live up to the name on your collar. Then I'm going to punish your ass. I'll use a strap-on, when the time comes. Per the Code of Conduct for disciplining girls, you're going to be double-penetrated, Ms. Cheng."

Annie gulped. "Yes, ma'am."

Mr. Smith's cock was raging hard as he laid on the bed. The sight of it made Annie nervous and excited. Like most Asian girls, she had a small pussy. She knew the cock would fit, but realized it would be a rough ride. Luckily her pussy dripped with natural lubrication.

She lifted her skirt and climbed on top of Mr. Smith, trying to look sexy, but appeared shy and hesitant. When he held up his erection, she positioned her wet pussy and guided the moist hole to the tip of his cock. Slowly, she lowered herself, taking care to avoid wrinkling her work attire.

Penetration required some work as expected; however, she managed to ease it into her pussy, inch by inch. The stretch caused by the large, stiff cock was shocking and exquisite. She grunted loudly from the effort.

When Annie's small pussy adjusted to the size of Mr. Smith's cock, she slowly rocked her hips. Mrs. Smith prepared at the end of the bed and the sounds made Annie shiver with delicious anticipation. The wife climbed on the bed, causing the mattress to shift.

Soft, feminine hands rubbed Annie's bare shoulders. She knew she was about to be taken in her tight little ass. How big was the dildo, she wondered. The soft hands roughly pushed Annie's shoulders down so that her elbows rested on Mr. Smith's chest and her delicate asshole was exposed, even as the husband kept on thrusting upwards to her pussy. Her skirt was flipped up and over her ass.

Annie was mentally prepared for anal penetration, but not for the harsh spanking that came instead. While she rode the husband's cock, Mrs. Smith swatted her ass with a hard object. Annie looked back in shock to see a brush handle making contact with her now tender ass. Mrs. Smith was wearing a strap on and counted the strokes aloud; she reached fifteen. With each strike, Annie's ass and pussy clenched in pain and pleasure.

"Ms. Cheng, brush handles are very useful for punishments. Spanking is all well and fine, but I want to give you a lesson to remember."

As the brush handle made contact with Annie's pucker, she jerked forward, eyes wide. Pressure was applied steadily until it went just inside Annie's ass. The wooden handle felt wet and lubed against her anus. After making it past her tight sphincter, the handle was completely inserted. Mrs. Smith stepped away to admire her work, leaving Annie mortified. After all, the delicate Asian girl was still pumping up and down on the cock of a stranger, and now had a brush sticking out of her ass. The brush wasn't terribly big, but the humiliation was tremendous.

"Being the naughty girl that you are, I suppose you like this treatment, isn't that so, Ms. Cheng?"

Annie gasped out. "Yes, yes I do like it Mrs. Smith."

It was true, after all. Mrs. Smith suddenly withdrew the handle of the brush.

"Now I'm going to take you myself, Fuck Doll," the wife said, while oozing sexual arousal. "If you relax it won't hurt as much."

The tip of the strap-on was lubricated. The cold sensation caused Annie's loosened ass to clench tightly, despite her best efforts. Nonetheless, it was pushed into her ass and fought until it was all the way in. Then the ass fucking began.

Annie didn't know which hurt worse, the anal penetration, the tight clamps on her large nipples, or the large cock fucking away at her pussy.

She had enjoyed vaginal and anal penetration separately in the past. To experience them together was a new decadent delight. Both holes were painfully stretched, but the agony was overshadowed by an impending orgasm, produced by the drag of the dick and dildo on her most sensitive tissues.

"Oh my God," Annie whispered tensely.

Mrs. Smith remained unforgiving in her thrusts to the rectum, then whispered in Annie's ear. "Cum for me."

When Annie climaxed, an unimaginable pleasure jolted her body, especially when Mrs. Smith removed the clamps on her nipples to heighten the sensation. Nearly all of her previous orgasms had been from vaginal stimulation. This was the first time she had ever orgasmed through the potent combination of a pussy fuck, a sodomized asshole, and nipple torture.

It was the trifecta. And she was in heaven.

Even after the intense climax, Annie focused on her duty. She kept her body composed so that the Smiths could continue ravishing her sex holes. By the look of rapture on the husband's face, he was close to the end as she continued to thrust up and down with her tight cunt.

"Ohh..." the husband moaned.

"Fill her up," Mrs. Smith said in wicked delight, continuing to rock the strap-on into the Asian girl's asshole. "Ms. Cheng, we have a present for you. It may be a cure for your sinful behavior. My husband has been saving it just for you."

The husband howled through a frenzied orgasm. He grabbed Annie by the hips and bounced her furiously, fucking the tight little pussy with all his might, as her Asian cunt was filled with hot cum. Then things slowed to a halt. The pace of the strap-on anal fucking slowed as well. Annie was finally able to breathe again.

The strap-on was pulled out of her anus at a deliberately slow pace, as if to torture her one last time. Her now free rectum felt hollow and her pussy felt full of cum. Was it over, she wondered?

Mrs. Smith patted that tight butt of Annie's. "Up. Keep your knees on the bed."

Annie obeyed. She climbed off the cock, feeling the relief as it plopping out of her cunt. Surprisingly, she had mixed feelings. Annie was sad the double penetration had ended, but also anxious to see what would follow.

"Now for your medicine," Mrs. Smith said with a deliciously evil sense of glee. "I'd say it would cure you, but we both know disgusting girls like you actually enjoy this sort of thing. Spread your legs and hold up your skirt."

Annie remained on her knees, straddling Mr. Smith. Obligingly, she spread her thighs so that her freshly fucked pussy gaped. Holding up her skirt, Annie had great expectations. Sure enough, the wife plunged two fingers inside of Annie's cunt and scooped. This wasn't to give Annie pleasure. No, there was a different intention. When those fingers were extracted, they were drenched with fresh white cum.

Just as Annie suspected, she saw Mrs. Smith pick up a white spoon from the table; it was the final item which had yet to be used. This naked mature women looked the part of a biology teacher, as she peered through her eye-glasses and looked at the cum, examining it on her fingers.

"Your medicine," Mrs. Smith said, wiping the globs of thick white cum onto the plastic spoon. "Open wide. Your mouth, this time."

Annie opened her mouth to be fed like a hospital patient in need of care. Unlike traditional medicine, this was warm and creamy. Although a bit tangy, it was quite delicious. She pressed her lips tightly around the spoon and ingested the elixir.

Mrs. Smith's eyes lit up and she stroked Annie's hair. "That's a good girl. You're a fast learner. I guess it's true what they say about Asian sluts."

The comment sent a lightning bolt directly to Annie's cunt. It cut her deep, hitting her where it hurt most: her family heritage. Nonetheless, she looked the older woman straight in the eyes as she swished and swallowed the fresh cum. The energy between them was so deviantly dirty that she craved more.

Mrs. Smith was certainly one to oblige, and went below for more cum. But this time, she tilted the spoon sideways and inserted it straight into Annie's pussy. More of that rich prize was scooped out when Mrs. Smith withdrew the utensil. Being thorough, she even used the tip of the spoon to scrape the edges of Annie's labia.

"Two spoons are the recommended dosage for a slut of your magnitude," Mrs Smith said, holding up the spoon to feed. "Open up, Ms. Cheng. This is your penance."

Annie opened her mouth again and she was fed warm cum from her used pussy. The degradation could not have been any greater, nor the level of exhilaration.

"How do you feel?" Mrs. Smith asked, with a much more natural voice.

Annie gulped down the cum, licked her lips, and smiled. "I feel like you've disciplined me into becoming a good girl."

"The way all girls should be," Mrs. Smith looked immensely pleased.

Mrs. Smith reached forward, rubbed Annie's chest with the tips of her fingers and flicked the still tender nipples. Then she proceeded to button up Annie's blouse.

It was the end of their illicit tryst and Annie got back on her feet. Mrs. Smith did all the work, making sure the skirt was nice and neat, and that the blouse was wrinkle free. Most importantly, she made sure the Fuck Doll collar was neatly hidden under the top of the shirt.

"Ms. Cheng, you're my favorite student," Mrs. Smith said. "But you were bad and had to be punished."

"Thank you, Mrs. Smith. It was necessary. I deserved everything you did to me tonight."

She smiled and whispered in Annie's ear. "Let the pain in your ass, pussy, and those glorious nipples be a reminder. Now and always."

Their meeting was over, and Mrs. Smith led Annie to the door, where she put on her shoes. After a gentle pat on Annie's sore butt, Mrs. Smith gave her a soft kiss, which evolved into a heated wet cum-swapping exchange.

The naked wife opened the door, unafraid that other cruise attendees would be walking by, and they smiled at each other. Annie felt liberated and powerful as she left to the open air of the ship, knowing she had satisfied the couple. Her self confidence soared, even as cum leaked from her pussy and the warm summer wind breezed up her skirt.

The End

Special thanks to SueDanym and her incredibly kinky contributions.

Your votes & comments are appreciated.

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That was amazingly hot, the right build up and I love submissive Asian girls. Want to see more from her.

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Short and straight to the point, and still enough background to supply a good build-up. Overall I loved the power and intensity from this encounter, and referencing the Asian stereotypes to show Annie'smore...

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Another awesome story

Love your stories
Can't wait for more

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Always enjoy reading your stories thank you keep writing

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