tagMatureRoom Service in 314

Room Service in 314


As the Director of Engineering for a fairly nice hotel, I occasionally get to take advantage of certain "perks". Recently, one such situation occurred. I had been driving a company vehicle to and from work for a while, but recently bought a new car. I drove the company car in for the last time, but needed a ride home. A lady friend of mine, who I had been admiring for some time, graciously offered to help me out. We have been friends for a while, but nothing more, although I wanted to get to know her better, in an intimate way.

As the time of her arrival approached, I decided to take advantage of a situation at the hotel. We have had a room out of order, (OOO), for a while due to a problem with some windows. A few days ago, we needed to move a bed from another room, but the crew moving the bed took one from the OOO room instead. When they were told of their mistake, they took the bed back to the original room, but did not call the housekeepers to have them re-make the bed; the sheets, mattress pad, blanket and bedspread were on a heap on the floor.

The afternoon of my friend's arrival, I went to the room and put the mattress pad and a clean bottom sheet on the bed, being certain to get all of the wrinkles out. I secured some clean pillow cases and set out the pillows. Then I searched the hotel and found some candles, which I placed in strategic locations on the fireplace mantel and night stands.

I sent a text message to my friend as she was on her way to pick me up, suggesting what I had in mind. I told her, if she were interested, to meet me in room 314. At the time, I didn't know if she had the same feelings for me as I did for her, but I had an inkling she might; certain small phrases she had used in conversations had subtle sexual overtones. At any rate, I certainly hoped she would be receptive to my advance, as bold as it was.

As I prepared the room, I thought of all of the times her image had crossed my mind, and how, invariably, I would need to be careful to conceal the bulge that would develop in my pants. Just the thought of her got me sexually excited. I couldn't wait to find out if the actual experience would be as fantastic as the fantasies I had been enjoying had been.

She responded to my text message indicating that, indeed, she was interested. She asked, "Will I get "room service?". I replied in the affirmative. I also cautioned her not to talk to anyone as she entered the hotel; most of the front desk staff had met her before and I didn't want to alert any of the staff to our clandestine meeting.

I went to the room and finished my final preparations; lighting the candles and putting a CD into the player. I then tried to wait patiently, but it wasn't working. I was pacing the room in anticipation, my hard penis begging for action. I turned off my phone, took off my shirt and tried to remain calm.

Finally, I heard a very faint knock at the door. I opened it, and there she was, wearing a long winter coat and holding her purse. As she entered the room, she dropped her purse as I locked the door. She turned her back to me, indicating she wanted help taking her coat off. Being the gentleman that I am, I eagerly complied.

Much to my delight, she wasn't wearing anything under the coat! It was fantastic! Still standing behind her, I put my arms around her, cupping her firm, full breasts. She moaned with pleasure, and bent her head back. Within an instant, our lips met in one of the most passionate kisses I have ever experienced. She turned around and I pulled her tight to me, out bare chests being forced together by our embrace.

At this point I thought I was going to explode. She pressed her hips against me and felt my hard-on against the lower part of her stomach. She instantly reached down and grabbed me, again moaning with delight. We were still kissing as she unhooked my belt and then unbuttoned my pants. She forced my pants down and seemed even more excited to find that I wasn't wearing anything under them.

She bent down and pulled my pants down and off, licking my manhood as she went, both on the way down and back up. I grabbed her beautiful, round butt and, forcing her backwards, moved her towards the waiting king size bed.

We fell onto the bed together, still locked in our passionate embrace. I was tempted to just push my rock-hard penis into her right then, but I had told her in my text message that I wanted to "eat something" when she arrived. Performing cunnilingus is one of my greatest pleasures. I believe any woman I have sex with should be aroused to fulfillment, and this is one of the most effective methods I have found.

I pulled my lips from hers and kissed her neck and ears. I slowly worked my way down her body, licking her erect nipples and caressing her breasts in my hands. She continued to express her pleasure through moaning and sighs. She also heaved her vulva up to press on my penis, and then, as I moved lower, my stomach and chest.

I continued to move lower on her body, kissing all of her glorious skin that I could. I moved my hands under her ass, grabbing it firmly and pulling her tight against me. She expressed intense pleasure as she whispered "Oh, yes!" I knew I was on the right track, but had to force myself to move gradually, letting the excitement of what was to come build for both of us.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity for me, my mouth reached her waiting lips. She was so moist that her juices were literally dripping from her hot vagina. I dove in, too fast and hard at first, licking and sucking at a rapid pace. I consciously told myself "slow down, make it last, make it happen for her first". I was so excited I worried that the pressure of the clean sheets on my penis was going to make me come, so I rolled a little onto my side to relieve the pressure.

I pulled off of her vulva, licking the inside of her thighs and the outside of her blood gorged lips. I could tell she was in ecstasy! She was rotating her hips, as well as slowly moving up and down. I fell into her rhythm, licking and sucking her erect clitoris as she lifted, letting it go as she dropped down. It was like I was fucking her clit with my tongue, but softly and slowly.

I then pulled her left leg up a bit, allowing my tongue access to her opening. I ran my tongue all over the stimulated hot, damp flesh around her vagina, ecstatically taking in the smell and taste, wishing I could make this moment last all night.

She began thrusting harder with her hips and I knew she was getting close. I licked from her vagina, slowly up to her clitoris, where I paused, running my tongue around the bud and taking it into my lips and gently sucking on it. She was really into this, moaning with delight at each slight tug of my lips. I pressed my tongue flat against her clitoris, pressing firmly and moving from side to side and up and down. Her thrusts were getting stronger and more rapid.

Again, as at first, I pressed my mouth firmly against her, moving rapidly as she began to come. I could barely hang on; she was thrusting up off the bed and screaming with delight. I kept my tongue firmly placed on her clit, alternately moving in all directions and sucking. When I would pull it into my mouth, I flicked it with my tongue, which put her over the edge! She thrust up and down several times, grabbing the back of my head and holding me tightly against her. This went on for almost a minute, and then she slowly relaxed. I continued to lick and suck, and she moaned softly with delight.

At last she pulled on my head, indicating she wanted me to move up. I complied, again, kissing my way up her stomach to her full breasts, her nipples still erect in excitement. As I moved my lips to hers, she whispered, "Fuck me!" I slid into her and, again, she moaned with pleasure, relieving my male fears that I wouldn't be enough for her. I thrust in and out, slowly at first, several times. Then I stopped, holding myself inside her as far as I could go. I lifted my right leg and moved it over her left one, allowing me to put more pressure on her clitoris. I kissed her neck, and then moved to her open, waiting mouth.

As I began to thrust again she yelled out "Oh yeah, give it to me". For a brief second I worried that someone in an adjacent room or the corridor would hear and, if it were an employee, would wonder why these sounds were coming from an out of order room. But I was enjoying this way too much to care about getting caught; at that point, it was worth losing my job over.

I plunged in and out of her hot pussy over and over, amazed at how long I was able to last. Finally, as my strokes got shorter and more rapid, she realized the inevitable was about to happen and egged me on. "Come in me baby, come in me" she moaned. Just as I let loose, she screamed, letting me know she was coming as well.

We thrust against each other several more times, then relaxed back onto the bed. I continued to move in and out of her, as we lay there, soaked with sweat and drinking in the excitement of what had just happened. She thrust her hips up one more time and, in a shutter, came again. I kissed her neck as she stroked my back, letting the energy of our encounter fade. "Wow", she said, "that was some room service!"

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